Here’s how much damage a stun gun does to your brain and body

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  • The effects that stun guns cause to your body are — literally — shocking. Following is a transcript of the video.

    Stun guns don't just affect your body.
    Your brain also takes a hit.
    Stun guns shock you with 50,000 volts of electricity.
    That's 5X stronger than the maximum voltage allowed for electric fences.

    When that much electricity enters your body...
    ... it hijacks your nervous system.

    Normally, nerve cells use electricity to send information from the brain to your body... and vice versa.
    If you stub your toe, for example, neurons fire electric signals to your brain which interprets them as pain.
    But the human body generates at most 100 millivolts.

    When you're shocked with 500,000X that amount...
    ... it's like a power surge to your nerves.

    The shock overwhelms your nervous system, causing your muscles to lock up.
    As a result, you can't move and will likely fall down.
    But mobility isn't the only thing you lose.
    Your brain's ability to process new information is also impaired.
    Plus, you have a harder time remembering that new information later.
    Don't worry, the damage is only temporary.
    Brain function returns to normal after about 1 hour.
    Luckily, your body bounces back much faster.

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  • Osman Rivas
    Osman Rivas 5 days ago

    How to degrees the volts jump in water when your getting stuned

  • Alt Account
    Alt Account 5 days ago

    Can it cure autism?

  • StormRage MC
    StormRage MC 9 days ago

    Imma shock myself with 10000000000000000000000000000000 volt electricity
    Correct me guys:
    0.00000000000005 % chance of death.
    lemme group up the electricity!
    i want cables from the whole world zapped to my skin..Tasers aimed right through my Cerebrum, and also all power plan zappinig my i want real electricity cutting my hair XP!
    Give how much percent chance i might explode in any way :D

  • Don't watch muh videos and don't scrubskribe

    but when people use stun guns on me in roblox it can glitch me into floor and enters void, or flying out of nowhere

  • Bono1470
    Bono1470 12 days ago

    When you get shocked by a stun gun not all 50,000 volts enter your body, a lot less do

  • Dark Genie
    Dark Genie 18 days ago

    Now I kinda want to be shot by it

  • Neekolai Blackhawk
    Neekolai Blackhawk 19 days ago

    The bodies AMAZING!!! especially how it regenerates its self back to normal

  • Cayson Hardy
    Cayson Hardy 21 day ago

    would you weather get shot or get taxed have permanent damage or temporary damage just think through that for a moment

  • shortfuse87 •
    shortfuse87 • 22 days ago

    What about 2 STUN GUNS?

  • Ben The Bean
    Ben The Bean 23 days ago

    better than being shot

  • Zigy Ben
    Zigy Ben 23 days ago

    can somene

  • Zigy Ben
    Zigy Ben 23 days ago

    david needs to watch this

  • SmokeMemes Everyday
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    Sub to my channel to be electrified with laughter

  • Andrew De Jesus
    Andrew De Jesus 24 days ago

    The narrator sounds like MacGyver.

  • Peacy Pisces
    Peacy Pisces 24 days ago

    Great video! I like tue fact that I learn things thru ur vids!

  • SmokeMemes Everyday
    SmokeMemes Everyday 26 days ago

    So a taser basically makes you temporarily a retard

  • matthew robinson
    matthew robinson 28 days ago

    I saw some bitch cop yell at a black guy she was tazing to put his hands up while he was being tazed, I already knew this shit, but how could the cops not know?

  • Bah gawd it's The Undertaker

    Stunning Steve Austin?

  • rod balos
    rod balos 1 month ago

    I'm selling my taser pulse almost new for $300

  • ArkanianRush f
    ArkanianRush f 1 month ago

    wait my brain isnt part of my body? nice so that shit can get out

  • Sharar Muir
    Sharar Muir 1 month ago

    sounds a lot like I feel after a seizure

  • Lars
    Lars 1 month ago

    wonderful, some information that will never matter to me

  • Th3FirstOrd3rGRVP
    Th3FirstOrd3rGRVP 1 month ago

    Me after watching the video:
    Goes on amazon
    Orders tazer
    Waits for it to arrive
    Opens it
    Tries to get into a fight with someone
    Tazes them
    Smacks chest like king kong
    Gets tazed by myself
    Wakes up feeling savage because it is was worth it

  • billytheripper4
    billytheripper4 1 month ago

    So the answer is no damage

  • joule400
    joule400 1 month ago

    yeah that scary 50000 volts, unless you are aware that its amps that kill not the volts, a static electricity spark (like what happens when you during winter touch something metallic and see a quick flash and feel short sting at finger tips) can release upwards of 25000 volts, half as much as the scary stungun.

  • Sarge
    Sarge 1 month ago

    see kids, this is why you don't run from cops

  • Cool BOY Gamer 3
    Cool BOY Gamer 3 1 month ago

    DOES it change our DNA and change us in mutain

  • Cypher XY
    Cypher XY 1 month ago

    Can it defeat Thelegend27?

  • whaleblue
    whaleblue 1 month ago

    this video is false! i able to kill my enemies in CS:GO using Zeus_x27 everytimes..

  • datCoolCiu
    datCoolCiu 1 month ago

    Well then dont run from the damn cops. Its simple.

  • Doctor Wollin Richthofen

    it is alot more different when you have analgesia

  • thermobollocks
    thermobollocks 1 month ago

    Source: slate

  • Justowner
    Justowner 1 month ago

    If a stun gun can ruin your ability to think clearly for up to an hour then why are law enforcement still allowed to question you or even use what you say against you at all? The legal case could be made that by tazing a suspect and then getting information out of them that person was coerced by force to speak against themselves.

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  • Ultima Nexus
    Ultima Nexus 1 month ago

    amps, talk about amps

  • oVelx
    oVelx 1 month ago

    Yeah this is why I just prefer to shoot black people running from cops.

  • kevin000909
    kevin000909 1 month ago

    starting off.. 50k volts isn't a real measurement for power, that's just the current speed

  • joyeux rouge
    joyeux rouge 1 month ago

    so, none?

  • GSpotter63
    GSpotter63 1 month ago

    Ever see what a 45Mag will do to your brain? I would choses the stun gun any day.

    Better yet... Just don't do anything that would ever get you tazed. Problem solved.

  • Oscar v
    Oscar v 1 month ago

    explain to me how some people who are doped up on whatever drug, get tazed and are what seems to be immune to the shock, why does that happen?

  • Segloa Marti
    Segloa Marti 1 month ago

    did they rwink about creating less powerful ones?

  • Kieran
    Kieran 1 month ago

    Better a stun gun than a gun

  • IkusaTakuma
    IkusaTakuma 1 month ago

    Another thing you didn't mention is if you use a pacemaker or have a heart condition... Which, well, there's a reason tasers are called "less-than-lethal" and not "non-lethal", it's not as deadly as a bullet, but if you got a heart condition and you get zapped, that's bad news for you.

  • Toxic Bubbles
    Toxic Bubbles 1 month ago

    In other words, perfect for non lethal defenses

  • SuperiorCuber
    SuperiorCuber 1 month ago

    We can learn from this that if your being chased by a cop,don't run.

  • Zachary Maneja
    Zachary Maneja 1 month ago

    So when cop asks you questions its unfair after tazing?

  • NobdyInfinite
    NobdyInfinite 1 month ago

    I like this video more than i like what a 9 mm bullet does to your body.

  • carlos conde
    carlos conde 1 month ago

    so basically exactly what you expect from getting hit by a stun gun.

  • Thien Lai
    Thien Lai 1 month ago

    They stun you. Duh.

  • I_nonSCOPED_JFK_69699696


  • animateclay
    animateclay 1 month ago

    How do drug users sometimes defy having any issues getting tazed? It seems like no matter what they should get locked up muscles - but not all do.

  • Jon Hughes
    Jon Hughes 1 month ago

    :55 colossal titan

  • MasterofDoges
    MasterofDoges 1 month ago

    Let me inform you of something, 50000 volts is a lot, but it won't kill or hurt you as much as you think, you need to worry about how many amps that it's putting into you, the more the amps the more the damage, voltage won't do anything without its amps

  • happy wolf
    happy wolf 1 month ago

    I'm eating a cookie
    Never mind

  • captainrobots
    captainrobots 1 month ago

    could this make you smarter.

  • Steve Govea
    Steve Govea 1 month ago

    so no brain cells die....nice!

  • Michael Lacoste
    Michael Lacoste 1 month ago

    next theyre gonna say you cant tase niggas no more bc it hurts their brains! ha what braind

  • Eating Pringles
    Eating Pringles 1 month ago

    Here's a revolutionary concept: Don't get shot by a taser

  • quinnls
    quinnls 1 month ago

    Stun guns have a high voltage but remember it's the amperage that can really hurt you.

  • Dusty Pines
    Dusty Pines 1 month ago

    the video didn't mention how low the amperage is though

  • Manpet Epetrop
    Manpet Epetrop 1 month ago

  • Peter Smythe
    Peter Smythe 1 month ago

    TASERs are also very different from conventional stunguns. Stunguns are normally pain weapons. TASERs are not. They physically override nerve impulses.

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi 1 month ago

    better than getting shot with a bullet

  • The SMMDH
    The SMMDH 1 month ago

    I Cant Skip the 30 Second Ad
    So i Use Adblock Deal with it

  • Mark Molenaar
    Mark Molenaar 1 month ago

    So the question of how much damage it does still isn't answered..

  • MoronicArc
    MoronicArc 1 month ago

    So it can't cure my anxiety nor my tourettes?
    Waste of money.

  • adamsrealm
    adamsrealm 1 month ago

    Stop calling nerve signals electric, they are ionic chemical charges that travel through the nerves via an ionic imbalance within the cell.

  • RepKING g
    RepKING g 1 month ago

    who else thinks a dummned down electric gun would maybe make you smarter or something superhero-ey

  • MrMudNugget
    MrMudNugget 1 month ago

    And then you fall over and smash your head into the ground like icing on the cake.

  • The Warpten Show
    The Warpten Show 1 month ago

    Would you prefer a bullet inside your body ?

  • The Fox
    The Fox 1 month ago

    But brain is a part of my body...

  • Miguel Saraiva
    Miguel Saraiva 1 month ago

    "When that much electricity enters your body"
    voltage isn't an indicator of quantity, Intensity of current is.

  • G Car
    G Car 1 month ago

    They should be banned these are very painful and no inhuman maybe for some

  • dax3m
    dax3m 1 month ago

    So the answer is "none". Could have fitted the answer in the title right next to the question.

  • Brian Su
    Brian Su 1 month ago

    if it fires 2 probes connected by wires it's a taser rather than a stunt gun.

  • D H
    D H 1 month ago

    What would happen to someone with a spinal cord injury

  • Toppers
    Toppers 1 month ago

    thats interesting

  • Lovelling Streaming
    Lovelling Streaming 1 month ago

    I don't care about the volts, how many amps are in it

  • D Hawthorne
    D Hawthorne 1 month ago

    So there could be a legal argument that if a person is stunned, nothing they say for up to an hour after the arrest is admissible in court due to the clouded judgement and lack of realization or understanding of their rights.
    Come to think of it, in the moments following, the person would likely say just about anything to get the sensory overload to stop.

  • Jayyy Zeee
    Jayyy Zeee 1 month ago

    Didn't talk about the barbs that stick in the body.

  • Lazurkri
    Lazurkri 1 month ago

    now what happens when you get tased in the nuts...?

  • shyboy 1992
    shyboy 1992 1 month ago

    And you're heart

  • K T
    K T 1 month ago

    So the effects of sticking a kirby grip in a bathroom socket as a squidlet? #xavierschoolforthegifted

  • chris pine
    chris pine 1 month ago

    50,000 volts??????? how do you not automatically die wtf.

  • Destroyer_Radford
    Destroyer_Radford 1 month ago

    Ah, typical. Shout about voltage but neglect current.
    It isn't the volts which kill ya dingus, it's the amperes.

  • PurpleGRAPES and Billyfax0r Second account

    So when I tase rawblacksian in prison life..... they get their peanut brain broken?

  • Pelicancan
    Pelicancan 1 month ago

    That's why in GTA V if you shooter someone with a taser they die

  • Graham Bunton
    Graham Bunton 1 month ago

    50,000 volts?????
    Here in France I can buy pocket stun guns that deliver up to 4 million volts or a baton with an 8 million volt capacity.
    So what would that do to the assailants nervous system, supposing he survives?

  • Nikhil Kumar
    Nikhil Kumar 1 month ago

    Look like I need to make these type of explainer videos too xD

  • AndreasIndustriePro
    AndreasIndustriePro 1 month ago

    no permanent damage and certainly better than getting shot

  • 3GM65D
    3GM65D 1 month ago

    how much damage a stun gun does to your brain and body

    result: nothing

  • BlackCat 3041
    BlackCat 3041 1 month ago

    How about someone shot my head with a taser?

  • wittuck
    wittuck 1 month ago

    You should say "How much damage it does NOT make"
    Fake title!

  • panchito1993eljc
    panchito1993eljc 1 month ago

    yeah unless the asshole cops keep teasing you like they have done many times and killed multiple people, then don't worry you'll be dead in a matter of minutes. All while the cops who caused it wont be incarcerated while still beating your ass, but then don't even worry they'll even use the word resisting arrest or threat to public officer. Now that sounds like a scary word while unarmed, so yeah fuck the police their lives don't mater more than a rats ass.

  • Dirty Plumbus
    Dirty Plumbus 1 month ago

    so when cops say " *PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS BEHIND YOU BACK NOW!!!* " remember this video.

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