Cassius - I Love You So (HD)

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Author daniel rosa ( ago)
amazing tune

Author melissa rachel ( ago)
Omg this song gives so many memories

Author Tatia Kalatozishvili ( ago)
is this lips app?

Author Tatia Kalatozishvili ( ago)
is this lips app?

Author Jay Drought ( ago)
I love you back Cassius

Author unasensualita (1430 years ago)

Author Добро Добро ( ago)
хуйня для пидоров

Author Kamil Skubis ( ago)
This song reminds me of life.

Author bella napolie ( ago)
Cassius - I Love You So (HD) :

Author manuela cortesi ( ago)

Author chico malo ( ago)
como se llama la aplicacion?

Author Strongest Soul ( ago)
Is there something like this for android ;3?

Author Michał chcieobchodzi ( ago)
why sooo krótkie ;( fuck mać ! 

Author Vagans ( ago)
The girl at 0:33 seems like Lady Gaga , and the video is absolutely great

Author Алексей Григорьев ( ago)

Author Nicolas Coignard ( ago)

Author Стас Фомичев ( ago)
как сделать такое видио

Author Uschi Sam ( ago)
hehee very gooood

Author Arth Juarez ( ago)
muy creativo video!

Author mishbubz ( ago)
anyone know where i can find the "lips" video playing on the iphone in this

Author xxKnocky7xx ( ago)
I <3 u so 

Author nana chan ( ago)
Such a good song <3

Author Sofía Anapios ( ago)
como se llama la apli ???

Author Marcos Everywhere ( ago)
0:51 SebastiAn :3

Author Da Bomb ( ago)
0:41 looks like gaspard auge
1:28 looks like pedro winter

Author Sara Nicole ( ago)

Author raşit dursunoğlu ( ago)
clip look like les enfoires, song like kavinsky :)

Author Xabby Mtzz ( ago)
sale kavinsky<3

Author jef biot ( ago)

Author dianne datuin ( ago)

Author Micah Garcia ( ago)
but why i love u ill never know

Author Gianni Petino ( ago)

Author Bob dylan ( ago)
LOL these top comment shows everybody likes a good love story.

Author Angela “multiangz” van Kesteren ( ago)

Author ainka ainka ( ago)
uuuuuuuuuuuuu i love u sooo

Author CristyBoy97 ( ago)
To short.

Author Kate Mosqueda ( ago)

Author MarDesire ( ago)
How are you doing after the travel?

Author Isaac Hernandez ( ago)
toda la republica energietica es una mierda bien
parada,,,,,,,,,,,mierda.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, para todo mexico,,,,

Author Nastiya Medvedeva ( ago)
Позитивный )))

Author KermitCwalk ( ago)
can I download this on android ?

Author KunoichiGuitarist382 ( ago)
this reminds me to 2NE1 new mv....

Author SRGTKICKASS ( ago)
Like if you saw Katy B. at 1:08 : P

Author Laniluvsmusicgirl ( ago)
OOOOh I love this song so...much.

Author SerSar insaf ( ago)

Author Kristina Milenkovic ( ago)
I love you so,but why i love you,i'll never know..story of my life..

Author JESSICA RIOS ( ago)
Cassius - I Love You So (HD)

Author mossburgcreek5star ( ago)
if you like your songs this short u probably really dont like listening to

Author yaareeliitaa ( ago)
cassius I <3 you so

Author Justyna Poczobut ( ago)
Too short. Amazing song... so true

Author andypandi20 ( ago)
But Why I love you ? I never know ....... I wish I did

Author Seamus Counihan ( ago)
haha....maaaaaaaaaaan, you are one major lurk.

Author Chris McG ( ago)
OOOoh I love you so, but why I loved you Ill never know :D *BROfist*

Author Brian Noguez ( ago)
Cassius - I Love You So (HD)

Author Jayson OBrien ( ago)

Author weronika skonieczna ( ago)
love love love

Author Tommy Fernandes ( ago)
sponsored by iPhone

Author astroboy3507 ( ago)
Cool idea

Author Natalia Soler ( ago)

Author Santiago Jm ( ago)

Author Jesse Pernilä ( ago)
You go xXZvangelisZXx !

Author Ann Donaldson ( ago)
I've got the app

Author Ples Sa Bojama Art Studio ( ago)

Author xXZvangelisZXx ( ago)
Truth said it didn't work out but I learned a lot from that girl and I'm
really grateful to her, on to the new life guys and girls don't let
anything get you down!!! thanks for the thumbs up btw!!! XD

Author felicita dreamer ( ago)
i love you so ....... Ε Λ Λ Α Δ Α <3 <3

Author Iblis Johansson ( ago)
Sooo... how did it go? :)

Author Anders Pedersen ( ago)
#edmfamily #trancefamily #officialmusicvideo #cassius 

Author gagatsaf ( ago)

Author Dan Downing ( ago)
Sugar lips!

Author Vesta Biliakeviciene ( ago)
tai zinoma ;D

Author George Spyropoulos ( ago)
I love you so...its kind of magical..and you can't explain magic..:)

Author OMGsheep1 ( ago)
holy shit this song needs to be so much longer!

Author olivia ferreira ( ago)

Author Laura Juodelyte ( ago)
yes, Lithuania! ;)

Author Nataliiamusic ( ago)
I love you so Basti <3

Author xnewtone ( ago)
This application is it only from apple or is and for android

Author nikos markou ( ago)
All thE same;

Author Inga Igiełka ( ago)
love it!!

Author Sergey Magel ( ago)

Author ;A; ( ago)
I got it its SOOO COOL

Author Trina Lyn ( ago)
I found this to be unusually amusing :)

Author gina charlot ( ago)

Author Roman F ( ago)
клип понравился )

Cassius - I Love You So (HD)

Author Gabija Gab ( ago)
Lithuania* :p

Author Gabija Vogulytė ( ago)

Author Anis Hassen ( ago)

Author Henry Cedeño ( ago)
MAJESTIC and Mr. Suicide Sheep has musics like this one too.

Author Justin Alvarado ( ago)
Fucking love it !!!!!!!

Author Zenith Geist ( ago)
apple iphone viral.

Author Ефим Галетий ( ago)
Крутяк, ваще зашыбись)

Author Lalo Ro ( ago)
me encanta !!

Author Sinan Aptekin ( ago)
so amazing

Author nattasarocks ( ago)
I'm so in love with this song...

Author stereototal78 ( ago)
French touch, french sucks.

Author Jens De plancke ( ago)
available on android ??

Author sarsafaty ( ago)
Well, you never know with girls...Just don't give up on your feelings! If
you do the right thing, she will be yours-you have to believe that! I wish
you good luck once again.

Author xXZvangelisZXx ( ago)
i dont think it worked, apart from the thumbs :/

Author Alexyss Kirby Kirby ( ago)
xxyyxx| about you just search clams casino and go to that channel and

Author sarsafaty ( ago)
Good luck!

Author Melinne Colette ( ago)
Love it !

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