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Author unasensualita (6 months)

Author jeanluc Garcia (7 months)

Author bella napolie (8 months)
Cassius - I Love You So (HD) :

Author Kamil Skubis (7 months)
This song reminds me of life.

Author dj vagans (11 months)
The girl at 0:33 seems like Lady Gaga , and the video is absolutely great

Author manuela cortesi (8 months)

Author chico malo (8 months)
como se llama la aplicacion?

Author jef biot (1 year)

Author Алексей Григорьев (1 year)

Author Peace (9 months)
Is there something like this for android ;3?

Author Nicolas Coignard (1 year)

Author Michał chcieobchodzi (11 months)
why sooo krótkie ;( fuck mać ! 

Author Добро Добро (6 months)
хуйня для пидоров

Author Amanda Frazier (1 year)

Author lexo mil (6 months)
i love you so_os uoy evol i
ı ןoʌǝ ʎon so‾os noʎ ǝʌoן ı

Author Anders Pedersen (1 year)
#edmfamily #trancefamily #officialmusicvideo #cassius 

Author Gianni Petino (1 year)

Author Стас Фомичев (1 year)
как сделать такое видио

Author mishbubz (1 year)
anyone know where i can find the "lips" video playing on the iphone in this

Author Roman F (1 year)
клип понравился )

Cassius - I Love You So (HD)

Author Uschi Sam (1 year)
hehee very gooood

Author Giacomo Giordano (1 year)

Author JESSICA RIOS (1 year)
Cassius - I Love You So (HD)

Author CARMEN PEREZ (1 year)

Author Vukolaj Zakula (1 year)

Author Ples Sa Bojama Art Studio (1 year)

Author Brian Noguez (1 year)
Cassius - I Love You So (HD)

Author nana chan (1 year)
Such a good song <3

Author olivia ferreira (1 year)

Author Kate Mosqueda (1 year)

Author SerSar insaf (1 year)

Author xxKnocky7xx (1 year)
I <3 u so 

Author Natalia Soler (1 year)

Author Camilo Pinochet (1 year)

Author Sofía Anapios (1 year)
como se llama la apli ???

Author Da Bomb (1 year)
0:41 looks like gaspard auge
1:28 looks like pedro winter

Author Sara Nicole (1 year)

Author Anis Hassen (1 year)

Author Angela “multiangz” van Kesteren (1 year)

Author Dan Downing (1 year)
Sugar lips!

Author Nastiya Medvedeva (1 year)
Позитивный )))

Author Arth Juarez (1 year)
muy creativo video!

Author dianne datuin (1 year)

Author Marcos Everywhere (1 year)
0:51 SebastiAn :3

Author astroboy3507 (1 year)
Cool idea

Author Aaron Yelnats (2 years)
μονο αγαπη παιδια

Author alohaafromberlin (2 years)
cassiusssss motherfuckers ♥

Author Ann Donaldson (1 year)
I've got the app

Author Laura Juodelyte (1 year)
yes, Lithuania! ;)

Author TamataruKo (2 years)
last person isn't kimbra?

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