What's inside FACEBANK?

We CUT THE FACE OFF of Facebank coin bank!! How does it eat money?

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Filmed in 4k on this camera:

WARNING: We do not recommend you try what we do! Only do things the we do in our videos IF you are assisted by a qualified adult under proper safety measures. Always think ahead, and remember that any project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. Remember our motto "We cut things open so you don't have to." so we do not recommend you try anything we do.

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Author Michael Akhidenor ( ago)
where did you get the face Bank

Author Khadariツ ( ago)
what's inside of my depressing life

Author IHaveNoName NoName ( ago)
What's inside a facebank? DEMONS! DON'T LET THEM FREE!!!!!!

Author Mohammed Karim ( ago)

Author Mohammed Karim ( ago)

Author Mihnea Andrei ( ago)
Hooror race

Author Sara Isola ( ago)
when you take face of facebank it only bank:D

Author Reasonable Racer ( ago)
*Face bank*

*Faze Banks*

Author Lindsay Reid ( ago)
What's their family channel?

Author J-Hope's missing manhi manhis XD ( ago)
It looks like a pink Voldemort

Author Olivia Jean Hurd ( ago)
creepy face

Author Kopniak :D ( ago)
i usually watched videos in 480p.
I toggled 2160p at 4 pm.
it started playing at 5 pm.

Author deejay savage ( ago)
whats inside a nerf gun

Author iverlitt life501 ( ago)
can you guys please check out my other Youtube channel its Iverson puga please I only have 1s I need more!

Author Aubree Jones ( ago)
Idk why but I want 1

Author Alan4D ( ago)
that is so creepy

Author Jose Alvarez ( ago)
What's inside a walkie talkie

Author Spring Trap ( ago)
Cools man🎅🎅🎅😜😜😜😜🙏🙏🙏💝💝💝😂😂😂😇😇😇😭😭😭😍😍😍🎂🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈👬👬👬💪💪💪💪🐜😝👫🎊👭😝👫😄😃❤️🙏💝😇😇🎷🙏✊👏😃🎅😄😪😘😄😘😄😪😃🎅🎊👭😊👭👏😃😘😄😘😄😘😄😘😄😘😄😘😄😪😝😂🐜😂🎉🎅😃😃👏✊👭💝🐜😇👍😭💍💝🎊👫😜🙏😊😂🎂😇👬👬😍👬👩🙏👏👭😊😂👍😁👬😭🎷🎊👫❤️😂💍😭😁💪🎈😂😊🙏😜👏🎅🎊😂😭😁😍😁🎈👩😊😝😪👫🙏🌹😂🎂👬😍💐😭🐜😝👫🎅😝😂👬😍👬😍👍😭😭🐜🐜👍😭👬👬😁💪😍

Author homie eagle ( ago)
so creepy

Author Alexis Crank ( ago)
facebanks are.....creepy

Author Daddy Beebo's Dog ( ago)
To me it looks like a monkey.....idk why

Author Aracelis Morales ( ago)
what's inside a tv

Author Rylee Hoffman ( ago)
What is inside a nerf gun

Author Hayden Hedrick ( ago)
that is creepy!!!!!

Author Inara Rising ( ago)
whats inside an xbox controller

Author GGamer0987 ( ago)
These peopl get so much money I assume

Author FNAF GIRL ( ago)
But you don't need to cut it open! It's pretty obvious that the answer is nightmares. Just nightmares.

Author Rainbow Sheep ( ago)
Only clicked for the facebank...
Not to see what inside

Author GoldWolf -313 ( ago)
Dumb face bank

Author clementime xx ( ago)
what's inside a face bank?

your worst nightmare...

Author A V ( ago)
Imagine if you saw this is your dream and you woke up and you found it right next to you

Author patrick mckeon ( ago)
do whats inside a TV or electric guitar

Author Juliana Zietsman ( ago)
what's inside a hockey stik

Author Brayden Brockmiller ( ago)
0:37 #screensaver

Author Jet Panskinski The Third ( ago)
Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope


Author Alexis Greene ( ago)
msybe he's just anorexic

Author Babygirl Chelsie ( ago)
rose are red violets are blue the part your looking for it 2:52

Author Alexis Greene ( ago)
it's just scarryyyyy

Author نورة عبدالسلام ( ago)
اذا كان فيواحد عربي داخل الفيديو لايك

Author Dabster 123 ( ago)
whats inside a pound

Author Jeffy TM 2.0 Carpenter ( ago)
hi Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

Author Zoar and or clash ( ago)
חחחח קטלני

Author TheRobloxRusher // TRR ( ago)
(FaceBanks face gets taken off)

-Money spews out-

FaceBank:I was rich one day....

Author crystal wolf ( ago)
that is so scary I am gonna have nightmares😟

Author Naeema Salah ( ago)
whats inside money

Author PlatinumAngel33 ( ago)
Dad: its a fun gift i think people would like
Me: *laughs* um no..

Author charmed032002 ( ago)
looks creepy

Author Manuel Catalan ( ago)
Que es eso parece que es SU PROPIA CARA CARAAAAAAAAAAA🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

Author Manuel Catalan ( ago)
jaja porque no abren algo de miedo👻

Author Manuel Catalan ( ago)
Que rayos es esa tiiiiiiiiiiiťtttt🐤

Author Alice Manlabao ( ago)
am not buying dat ting now...he creep me out

Author Gilberto Neri ( ago)
you gus are fuctup

Author pokeball thief ( ago)
they were really breaking in to the bank

Author Aliholic ( ago)
You're supposed to touch him lightly on the bottom part, under the mouth

Author Eva Solano ( ago)
what's inside I like your son

Author Vizionzzz z ( ago)
What's inside FaZe Banks...I mean facebook...ffs i mean Facebank

Author Riky Cappe ( ago)
chi e italiano?

Author black pinky11 ( ago)
whata scary face facebank

Author M0bstos ( ago)
Pewds did it even i guess

Author n0v4 003 ( ago)
1:31 when your phone freezes at the right time

Author LucaTheGod 7717 ( ago)
its scary😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😱😱

Author Angel9pika 0907 ( ago)
the guy sounds like evantubes dad's voice from Evantubehd

Author Premier Health Minneapolis ( ago)

Author K.B Buck ( ago)
well we have to *face* the fact that he cut his face off and does this for fun...

Author The Darken Wolf ( ago)
That's bank is creepy

Author Silvestre Gerardo ( ago)
what's inside a alarm clock

Author Autumn Rodriquez ( ago)
how old is Lincoln?

Author The Emerald Stealer ( ago)
You just love killing robots

Author TheJGame 123 ( ago)
thats so creepy
looks weird

Author Nurul Afina ( ago)
what inside the sun

Author BetaBlaxterMC ( ago)
dios que creepy que puto miedo

Author Celeste Mayalena ( ago)
nah, its fine, i didn't even feel like sleeping anyways, its cool, its totally fine

Author nicole orellana ( ago)
you old

Author Danielle Ceja ( ago)
what's inside a 3DS

Author Danielle Ceja ( ago)
Are you guys mormon?

Author KAYLA A ( ago)
KILL IT!!!! lol

Author Briege Byrne ( ago)
what's inside a toy car

Author luke Smeda ( ago)

Author adan ruiz ( ago)
open a stikBot

Author Sandra Weger ( ago)
What's inside Facebank? Nightmares.

Author Ollie Thomas ( ago)
If what's inside pin this I'll...

Lie down on meh couch!

Author Michele Gilenardi ( ago)
What that is the toy?

Author Mr Melon ( ago)
what's inside face bank


Author Van dayton ( ago)
Lincoln go grab double AA batteries ok
Here's my coin collection

Author Achazia Donaldson ( ago)
brush like just push the button why do you not know what to do

Author Miley Ferch ( ago)
that is creepy

Author Minecraft Lover and other stuff to ( ago)
What's inside a hover board

Author asriel dreamurr ( ago)
so horrorfic

Author Gustavo Nobre ( ago)
I could never imagine what i had inside that toy!

Author GodzillaTPP [TMIZ/GMLPA] ( ago)
finally we have revealed the secrets of the nightmarish FACEBANK!

Author BigFatLoserDude ( ago)
"Moisturize me!"

Author Amaya Chaires ( ago)
What's inside a race car

Author SuperSapphireX Gaming ( ago)
What's inside a short

Author Deny Moreno ( ago)

Author Sierra_Wow _Its_Meee ( ago)
Dad:2 double A batteries.Get on it.

Lincoln: *gets a bag of coins instead*

Author Quqa Sguish ( ago)
what's inside a nend..... wait, we all know what's inside of these tiny figures.

Author Death Man ( ago)
welp, I didn't need to sleep.

Author Patscha ( ago)
what´s inside in what´s inside ?

Author Pes Muth ( ago)
I think dads son is cute I wish he's was my boyfriend if I see him I'll kiss him on the cheek

Author Jack Ryan ( ago)

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