Man finds woman living in his attic

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    A homeowner investigating odd noises in the attic found a stranger living inside his home.

    He said the woman disappeared before police could arrive.

    Davis Wahlman said he noticed some lights on when he arrived home Tuesday night, but he didn't think much of it until a strange noise startled him the next morning.

    "I am kind of jolted out of bed," Wahlman said. "I hear rummaging around above me, which I know is the attic. So I'm like, 'That's kind of weird.'"

    Noticing a light on in his office, he knocked on the door but received no response. He knocked again and heard a woman's voice.

    Wahlman immediately called 911. Then a woman, a complete stranger, opened the door and came face-to-face with him.

    "I'm like, 'Who the heck are you? Why are you in my house?'" he said. "And she just keeps kind of going, 'This is my house. I live here. I've been here for three days. Jimmy said I could live here. Jimmy said I could stay here.'"

    Wahlman tried to keep the woman inside the house until police arrived, but she got away.

    He's puzzled as to how the woman got in. Nothing appeared stolen, just a few things out of place.

    The family is changing the locks and taking extra precautions.

    For Wahlman, it's hard to believe someone was staying here without anyone noticing. His family has lived in the home for nearly 90 years.
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  • tha vvolf
    tha vvolf 2 days ago

    Think Jimmy has some explaining to do

  • Senior Fuchs
    Senior Fuchs 3 days ago

    maybe she copped the house

  • Fuzzyscarfandmittens

    Jimmy told her she could cop the house.

  • mike h
    mike h 5 days ago

    was she fit ??

  • Mark Mc.Lovin '
    Mark Mc.Lovin ' 7 days ago

    This happened at Walmart

  • Gyro Xaver
    Gyro Xaver 8 days ago

    lmao she her own escape ladder im done

    JOSEPH JAKUBEC 11 days ago

    I would have hit that a$$ before she left.

  • randy kinch
    randy kinch 12 days ago

    The real crime is the size of that attic access hole. yikes.

  • MrRedxarcher
    MrRedxarcher 18 days ago

    Damn that Jimmy, slimy troll!

  • MrCyclejay1967
    MrCyclejay1967 20 days ago

    I am going to take a guess that he is a photographer, which would explain all those pictures of different young women on his walls. Most likely if he is a photographer, he does senior portraits. So he is just displaying his work. As for Jimmy, that could be someone he knows, perhaps. Maybe a roommate..... Houseguest, or friend staying with him. etc.

  • Arky  Dark
    Arky Dark 25 days ago

    dont let me find you in my house i will fuck you

  • Almighty So
    Almighty So 27 days ago

    He had the chance to kill her and he blew it wow

  • denmark555
    denmark555 28 days ago

    I wrote a short story similar to this years ago. A few months after writing it, I read a story about "frogging", it happens more then we think.

  • Michael
    Michael 28 days ago

    I would've slept that bitch on sight

  • German Princess
    German Princess 29 days ago

    Fuck the comments is what always brings me to these Bizzare videos 😂😂

  • dat boi
    dat boi 1 month ago

    lol 3 days

  • LukiBoy
    LukiBoy 1 month ago

    UFO at 1:18 up left corner

  • CitizenOWorld
    CitizenOWorld 1 month ago

    Why do you superimpose four videos over the end of the video? That is a real turn-off and makes me not want to watch any more of your videos.

  • Horatio
    Horatio 1 month ago

    That IS bold.

  • Reece Lawson
    Reece Lawson 1 month ago


  • Mctod59
    Mctod59 1 month ago

    She got away, what total wimp Jesus.

  • I am a Cosmonaut
    I am a Cosmonaut 1 month ago

    wtf is up with all those pictures on the walls?!

  • Anthony Elliott
    Anthony Elliott 1 month ago

    the only fucked up thing I saw was him wearing sandles inside

  • Tyler Hensley
    Tyler Hensley 1 month ago

    they have no idea how she got in yet the escape ladder is out and the screen to the window is in the tub! great investigators!

  • Musicmann1022
    Musicmann1022 1 month ago

    HI wife works at Michael's and gets a big discount on wood frames and photo paper!!

  • generalblackout
    generalblackout 1 month ago

    she want that free wifi

  • Stephanie Arroyo
    Stephanie Arroyo 1 month ago

    My brother used to say that a creepy woman lived in our attic. He said that she only came out at night. She had puppets that she dangled from the attic and she made them talk and laugh. Also, she watched me sleep every night 😖😱😭😭😭😂

  • Skankhunt42
    Skankhunt42 1 month ago

    this is not so unusual in Crack head infested areas

  • Aaron Rohrer
    Aaron Rohrer 1 month ago

    his cute

  • JuneMarie Liddy
    JuneMarie Liddy 1 month ago

    that is second story i heard like that

  • Kevin Devine
    Kevin Devine 1 month ago

    she copped that house.

  • Mike D
    Mike D 1 month ago

    thats so nice of jimmy to change the locks for him..

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 2 months ago

    She Copt the house.

  • Jay J. Bennett
    Jay J. Bennett 2 months ago

    i would have made her suck my dick as payment for rent.

    XoREALDEALoX 2 months ago

    In Seattle: confront intruder face to face
    In Texas: confront intruder with gun

  • Duke Wellington
    Duke Wellington 2 months ago

    She copped it

    I AM ICON 2 months ago

    Did he maybe meet her in a bar or club three days earlier? Maybe he's Jimmy...... just doesn't remember?

  • joelombrdo
    joelombrdo 2 months ago

    What state is this in?

  • Rock Man
    Rock Man 2 months ago

    Jimmy is the guy u bullied in school bitch.....payback is a Jimmy


    there is aslo someone in my house 😡😡😰😱

  • About Gabriel
    About Gabriel 2 months ago

    why does he have pictures of boys all over his wall lol

  • justa relaxa
    justa relaxa 2 months ago

    I would have put some buckshot through that door first then opened it

  • Kiechawn Bush
    Kiechawn Bush 2 months ago

    I would have played crazy with her. When she started calling for Jimmy. I would have said here I lol

  • Kiechawn Bush
    Kiechawn Bush 2 months ago

    there is no Jimmy. That chick was playing crazy.

  • Military Surplus
    Military Surplus 2 months ago

    Psychopath who didn't want his sex slave in his attic no more

  • Metro metheus
    Metro metheus 2 months ago

    Is she the woman who's been copping random houses?

  • anmie enthusiast
    anmie enthusiast 2 months ago

    I think the writing is on the walls this guy doesn't even seem like he knows what was wrong with her obviously she was insane she kept saying Jimmy obviously she has schizophrenia because he wouldn't use statements like bold I think it's more along the line that she is delusional not bold

    • anmie enthusiast
      anmie enthusiast 2 months ago

      Justice comments made him sound clueless to me it if somebody came in there and said Jimmy said I could live here I would start think maybe she's not right in the head versus she just broke in the break-in he did the right thing by calling the police but come on man get a clue what's wrong with her if she's insane she schizophrenic

    EARTH ONE 2 months ago


  • Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh 2 months ago

    This guy could use a few pictures on those walls

  • Moé Ramirez
    Moé Ramirez 2 months ago

    always do a routine inspection of your homes people! weekly is better.. and be armed when you do it (use a taser instead of leathal force), just in case. this story could of ended in murder. if you see anything suspicious, just call your local authorities to deal with the situation.

  • Brno Ladeira
    Brno Ladeira 2 months ago

    who the fuck is jimmy

  • Père Nestor M'Bilou
    Père Nestor M'Bilou 2 months ago

    According to the thumbnail I thought it was H3H3

  • Hanan Muse
    Hanan Muse 2 months ago

    Biggest fear of any homeowner😥

  • Alona Manoharan
    Alona Manoharan 2 months ago

    lock all doors

  • notleftbehind
    notleftbehind 2 months ago


  • Edgardo Wall
    Edgardo Wall 2 months ago

    thats probably his

  • Tony Montano
    Tony Montano 2 months ago

    You Never Know About Them Attics....

  • Agera Kahn
    Agera Kahn 2 months ago

    He wants back rent.

  • David B
    David B 2 months ago

    whats up with all the photos frams on the wall

  • Violent Rooster
    Violent Rooster 2 months ago

    The question is how did her body look

  • Brian Wilson
    Brian Wilson 2 months ago

    love how as soon as she is caught what the first thing out her mouth? Jimmy said I could live here (a man's fault), go figure. Yeah all the pics are a little weird / creepy lol.

  • Alfonso Castro
    Alfonso Castro 2 months ago

    meanwhile in the free USA she wouldve been ventilated by 8 9mm rounds. stupid hippies that knock the door on a person invading their property.

  • clsman89
    clsman89 2 months ago

    Photos on the walls are of all the young men that lived in the house before him. The last one was Jimmy.

  • Archie Bunker
    Archie Bunker 2 months ago

    Just feel lucky that she didn't cop your house!

  • Josh V
    Josh V 2 months ago

    Sounds like the same chick who copped that other house

  • Andrew The Dev
    Andrew The Dev 3 months ago

    Homeless woman stays in your house and still can't TURN OFF THE DAMN LIGHT!

  • OpTic FaZe
    OpTic FaZe 3 months ago

    Wtf bro I would have deckt that bitch in the throat

  • quackasaurus rex bob
    quackasaurus rex bob 3 months ago

    did you not think to pin her to the ground? 😂

  • kemolowlow
    kemolowlow 3 months ago

    Ah! ... Jimmy doesn't like misunderstandings...Jimmy and misunderstandings kinda clash...Well, Jimmy's very unusual.

  • LipX x NeoZ
    LipX x NeoZ 3 months ago

    I would have taken my baseballbat and swang her on the ground

  • Katerezzza Mack
    Katerezzza Mack 3 months ago

    hell no

  • Kenneth D. Aston Jr.
    Kenneth D. Aston Jr. 3 months ago


  • Kenneth D. Aston Jr.
    Kenneth D. Aston Jr. 3 months ago


  • TrickeryClown
    TrickeryClown 3 months ago

    the recommend videos for me at this point are cancer
    Nigger shit
    fake monsters
    cheating wife videos
    ect ect

  • Saraha
    Saraha 3 months ago


  • Niry Marquiz
    Niry Marquiz 3 months ago

    The guy is hit

  • Tony S
    Tony S 3 months ago

    Creepy af!!!!

  • Invoke article 50 petitions/133618

    Welcome to America 2017 the Jew said I could live here.

  • WilliamBrothers
    WilliamBrothers 3 months ago

    Um. Why are there so many pictures of young boys on that wall?

  • nirvgorilla
    nirvgorilla 3 months ago

    Stop telling me to subscribe, FAG.

  • Harzburgitic
    Harzburgitic 3 months ago


  • wiseman 1965
    wiseman 1965 3 months ago

    If the woman looked like Christina Aguilera this would be an empty space on youtube.. 😝

  • WhooFlungPoo
    WhooFlungPoo 3 months ago

    did she copp it tho?

    xFINISHxHIMx 3 months ago

    Cool Story Bruh

  • Dan Pham
    Dan Pham 3 months ago

    She copped the house

  • We Rise 2 Inc.
    We Rise 2 Inc. 3 months ago

  • Lord Freiza
    Lord Freiza 3 months ago

    woman who are you,
    suck my cock

  • Andy 앤디
    Andy 앤디 3 months ago

    she copped this house from jimmy

  • dogsitter68
    dogsitter68 3 months ago

    big dogs, big big dogs

  • jay Jay
    jay Jay 3 months ago


  • Highschool Gossip
    Highschool Gossip 3 months ago

    This happened to me also... a guy was in my attic .. I packed up my pets, books, clothes and got the heck out that house for good...

  • Mark Lopez
    Mark Lopez 3 months ago

    dammnit Jimmy

  • MrGMoney1944
    MrGMoney1944 3 months ago

    It would appear I finally found a use for my rubber bullets.

  • Black Trump
    Black Trump 3 months ago

    scarey ass house with all those pictures watching

  • Corvo@AZ
    Corvo@AZ 3 months ago

    If this was a horror film, it would've ended in 5 minutes.

  • redrum murder
    redrum murder 3 months ago

    i know rent is high but come on now

  • Simone G
    Simone G 3 months ago

    that's so scary Omg

  • Raghead Mcgee
    Raghead Mcgee 3 months ago

    pop ups advertising other videos completely blocked the screen 3/4 of the way into this video.

  • Nicholas Kudin
    Nicholas Kudin 4 months ago

    shoulld have punched that bitch in the face right when he opened the door

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