Elements - Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)

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Music Produced By Marko G. He can be reached at:

Thanks to Devin Graham for his cinematography. He is amazing and you have to check out his channel:

Vest from "Fire" created by Kerrie Kordowski

Directed, and produced: Lindsey Stirling and Devin Graham
Edited by Lindsey Stirling
Violin Performed by Lindsey Stirling
Produced and Mixed by Marko G

Water- Laura Watkin with NS Makeup (assistant Todd Davis)
Fire- Joanna Bishop
Wind- Alexandria Murillo

Thanks to the Dyer Family for letting me use their driveway for the water scene. Also thanks to Ensoul for letting us film outside their warehouse:

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Runtime: 4:7
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Author Kimzy Jade A ( ago)
I love you!

Author ABOODY OMAR ( ago)
Why she don't have shose..? May can you give my shose

Author Ellie Hoose ( ago)
You are such a talented violinist, and I hope we get to see your other talents, as wonderful as this... I've always been enthralled with violin music, and have always wanted to learn how to play this magnificent instrument of musical magics.

Author Joanna Janicka ( ago)
Ms Stirling is my biggest inspiration. I feel her spirit, her way of sharing her love towards the world and expressing her beautiful soul.

Author Feri Yanto ( ago)
"............just enjoy the music........Terima kasih Lindsey !!!......

Author 7-11 bunny girl Cute ( ago)
My favorite element is WATER

Author *PICKLE* *SING* ( ago)
Beautiful work as always!! Keep it up Lindsey!! 😄

Author Yes :D ( ago)
Lindsey, you are so much talentless!!! I love this song and the yours ours musics! I really love you! You are my inspiration! Be this every!

Author Dulce Leal ( ago)

Author Mike Dotter ( ago)
Lindsey... you are unique, you are refreshing, you are positive, you are uplifting, you are a BLESSING. Listen to me... NEVER get a tattoo, NEVER get a body piercing, NEVER go cheap on us. STAY clean, STAY wholesome. I just love you as you are, NEVER change. Watching you perform is so much fun. I could just give you a great big hug girl!!! YOU are adorable. God Blessed you, and YOU bless us. THANKS SO MUCH.

Author андрей назаров ( ago)
just gorgeous!

Author Lisa de Bruin ( ago)

Author David Yee ( ago)
I wonder how hot it was in the fire one, it looked like an oven in there.

Author Firewall Films ( ago)

Author Qveen Shan ( ago)
This is so satisfying to watch

Author Life الحياة ( ago)
She moves too much oO

Author Tiago Oliveira ( ago)
Algum Br aqui?

Author V N ( ago)
Perfect performance,artist

Author Mayachi ( ago)
Anybody else here love water?

Author Kirill Kotov ( ago)
выше всяких похвал! аплодирую стоя!!!

Author keylli luis castro castro ( ago)
nossa muito lindo agora estou com vontade de ter um violino 😍

Author RM Ali ( ago)

Author Shaniayah Chatman ( ago)
shes a princess

Author صفاء صفاء ( ago)
سيتم إخفاء كل شيء سلامه لكي وللمان من المتطفلين

Author lucas lima ( ago)
sou brasileiro e amo as suas musicas ❤❤❤

Author Alisha Karriem ( ago)
I NEED that outfit from the air scenes can anyone tell me where I can find it?????

Author TCGBattling Master ( ago)
anyone else wanna see Lindsey do Beethoven's 5 secrets?

Author Popescu Dennis ( ago)
such a fan :)

Author James Guthrie ( ago)
Short women rule.

Author BLACK-TIGER ( ago)
If you're reading this, I'm either near the top of the comments or you're wasting your time reading comments;)

Author Stephane Guillain ( ago)

Author The unknown YouTuber ( ago)
I think Linsy is great I've listened to her albums tons of times she is a solid good violin player😎

Author BioNichole ( ago)
This is the first song of yours I heard/video of yours I saw, and while Master of Tides is currently my favorite of your original songs, this one will always be special for the aforementioned reason. You're amazing, Lindsey, keep up the great work. =3

I look forward to working with you one day.

Author Trisha Nichols ( ago)
could you please play edelwise

Author Thalia Zoë Grace ( ago)
The real question is, would APH Austria approve?

Author Martina Kothgasser ( ago)
good job

Author Ghada Ali ( ago)
Everything was slow and beautiful.. Until the fire nation dropped the beat

Author maxima Holze ( ago)
This is so cool!!
Very good!

Author Денис Костров ( ago)
Это охрененно. У тебя есть поклонники в России

Author Christina Ruggia ( ago)
You are bad

Author Trailermaker Wattpad ( ago)
May i use this song for a harry Potter tribute?

Author FrozenWarrior ( ago)
Ya know what sucks about this video? The dislikes.
(Yes, I stole this. Come at me.)

Author Odai Hammad ( ago)

Author Silent Deadly ( ago)
here before 90M

Author Israel Rivera ( ago)
This is Israel's daughter:Hi im Abigail and i love her music... god bless you

Author 303 BMXer tru skool ( ago)

Author PATRYK.POMPA Woliński ( ago)
This is elementalist lux?? 😀

Author Ina MissesVlog ( ago)
this is a huge piece of art love to dance ballett to it

Author Salome Geiser ( ago)
This is why when doing research for wood used in fingerboards and pegs, they are subjected to several hours of soaking in water in order to examine the behavior of the wood..

Author ThorThor 10 ( ago)
Poor bow in the rain you might need a new one Lindsey lol

Author Jaunius Judackas ( ago)
Is it me, or all these elements reflect all the emotions we carrt within us ? Amazing performance!

Author Ramesh Ramasamy Pandi ( ago)
Out of the world ! :)

Author David Dominoski ( ago)
Lindsey you were the reason I got a YouTube account and the first follow ever. You are so wonderful to listen to. keep them coming.

Author Bella Comparato ( ago)
I just love the beautiful scenery and costumes Lindsey has

Author Sertaç Akbaş ( ago)
come to taksim trio 😀

Author İclal Kahraman ( ago)
Perfect *_*

Author iuna solar ( ago)
alguien habla español?!

Author Mohamed Elgibaly ( ago)
i love you

Author AC 計算機 AC Calculator ( ago)
There's hydrogen and helium and lithium beryllium

Author Dyanna Villaseñor ( ago)
It really looked like it was really raining

Author Sans The Skeleton ( ago)
Does anyone think this is calming? Because I think so🎻🎻😴😴😝😝

Author Lily Rhinelander ( ago)
do you like dogs or cat

Author Xeni ( ago)
Fire is the force that makes us run...
Water that makes us hide...
Ground that makes us feel atached...
Air makes us stay is preasure...
And Space that you can feel...

Author keep being yourself ( ago)
wow,just wow

Author Anirad V ( ago)
amo estas melodías

Author Royal Savage ( ago)
She is a woman who has music that goes with your emotions which are VERY awesome and relaxing, do you guys think? And it is really cool that she dances while playing Violin

Author Deny aaa ( ago)
1:31 --What?!? Wow, amazing!😵😵😵😁😇

Author & Cameron & ( ago)
Ktoś z Polski ? XD

Author chaos_chaomaster_phoenix_poof ( ago)
lindsey stirling, you are my role model.

Author Rubén González ( ago)

Author Ridempai X ( ago)
How do make this move of "Matrix"?

Author ocerberuso ( ago)
YOU are amazing, in so many ways, Lindsey! Keep up the beautiful and extraordinary work!

Author Fady Youssef ( ago)
That's not how you hold the bow! But I still like the music.🌝

Author KokoBirdSings ( ago)
This song is amazing! How do 10,000 people not like this?

Author Dominique DUPONT ( ago)
Les saisons, les éléments, la nature...cela va avec la danse, la musique, les chants, l'amour, l'énergie positive...

Author Zeynep Şenol ( ago)
o mey Allah yani çok güzel çalıyo masAllah

Author Turtlebricks 101 ( ago)
I listen t ur songs when I'm :
Need motivation
Having high sprightly
What I do and feel after l hear the songs
I feel like I can conquer the world
Do parkour
Climb trees

Author Abdullah Asif Promo ( ago)
Fantestic here is not a time gap for mistake really awesome i am also musiciam but that violance wow thatts great and girl is also nice to do it

Author MrCHEEEEKY ( ago)
im the repair man

Author King Charles ( ago)
All you need now is a bold kid with a blue arrow😏

Author Ramila Devi ( ago)
jst awesome

Author Dominic Hardy ( ago)
she's like look at me now

Author Rossmyli Arias ( ago)
Simplemente bello

Author Jeremy Maliglig ( ago)
you are amazing with music!

Author Alice de Jesus ( ago)
muito bom

Author Steven Lloyd ( ago)
talent and beauty that is Lindsey Stirling

Author zenzuu ( ago)
is that elementalist lux?

Author Nader Adel ( ago)
i love you

Author Maddie plays msp! ( ago)
avatar the last airbender!

Author Liz Hanks ( ago)
I love te fire element part its so cool I wish we saw more of it. Still beautiful though

Author david parance ( ago)
Sais là meilleur

Author Carrie Adams ( ago)
You Are So Gifted... I Love Your Music👌✨🎶

Author Jacob Brough ( ago)

Author D verriere ( ago)
trop chouette clip musique magnifique bref j adore

Author D verriere ( ago)
a quand un duo avec armin ou tiesto?

Author Norbert Kawiorowski ( ago)
wyjebane w kosmos😀

Author Rayne Hemingway ( ago)
I look kind of similar to her

Author Jose Arriaga ( ago)
amosus musicas en serio

Author xErzaAFx ( ago)
anyone who plays violin knows that the violin she's using in the vid was totally destroyed by the rain 😂

Author Kaleena Gartee ( ago)
hey Taylor Davis does the same thing

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