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Author Lennard Mcintosh (1 year)
Looks good. I'd like to try it.

Author jason hullihen (3 years)
watch out breathing the air around the hot can.. aluminum has thousands of
hazardud chemicals in it.. they make pans from aluminum but read carefully
they are anodized... can cause cancer read the hazmat sheet... better off
with tin or some thing.. or even go with a canteen cooker.. just a little
info i thought you might like to no..

Author Bj Smith (5 years)
nice stove build.... If you have alittle spare time and place an inner wall
(chamber) with 4 notches cut at bottom to allow fuel to soak thru to outer
chamber.. fuel then has smaller amount of room to vapourize and should push
out a little more heat resulting in a quicker boil time...Great little
stove for black outs, camping, emergency etc.. nice job :)

Author Ryan Stein (3 years)
@offthegridsurvival look at tcabner alchol stove best one ive seen

Author Ilovelazers (3 years)
@lukeshoot I will mak a video on that tonight.

Author lukeshoot (3 years)
look easy and cool, but why don't you show us how do you fill it and most
importantly use it? or do you have it on another vid? thanks...

Author MatoNupai (2 years)
Why do so many people think insulation is needed in an alcohol stove?
Repeated burns fuse the fiberglass and the stove stops working because of
the melted fiberglass

Author offthegridsurvival (5 years)
I made one of those evil stoves... I had a heck of a time trying to get
mine started... ;-P lol

Author thundafcker (4 years)
@Supersecretfilms ITS OK TO BLOW UR FINGERS OFF caps srry

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