Kong Skull Island End Credits - Godzilla King of Monsters

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  • supbrotv
    supbrotv 2 days ago

    I did not recognize any of those monsters other than godzilla. But they looked huge, so yeah they got my money.

  • Charlie McIntyre
    Charlie McIntyre 15 days ago

    Grace I was "Sqweeeeeee!" Kong was a success! Loved Godzilla 2014 and they were successful! loved the end Credits. Godzilla rules! "RRRRRrrrrrrrr"

  • Pablo Rodriguez Cabrera

    Batman and Superman VS Godzilla and King Kong

  • Esteban badass garcia

    we can hear u no need to scream plus dam cut the voice down

  • Arthur Duda
    Arthur Duda 1 month ago

    no Gracie, Godzilla killed Kong's parents and it's a revenge thing and Kong gets to grow so he will be big enough to fight Godzilla, Kong,.. ok skull island is just a juvenile and they show his parents Skeleton

  • Arthur Duda
    Arthur Duda 1 month ago

    like the Raquel Welch one billion b.c. look Gracie,... or is that Wilma Flintstone? either way it makes you even more sexy Gracie....😎

  • Liam Brant
    Liam Brant 1 month ago

    "Weak Kong Skull Island box office"
    $560 million is weak? Not every movie should have to reach 1 billion to be deemed successful :)

  • OmegaKingHyperionPX9

    @MrMenziahTV agreed.

  • HELLASgate7
    HELLASgate7 1 month ago

    I'm tired of your SJW bullshit Grace. You would be a much better YouTuber if you ditched that. Such a turn off. I'll try resubscribing at a later time if you stop it.

  • HELLASgate7
    HELLASgate7 1 month ago


  • Joe Young
    Joe Young 2 months ago

    If King Ghidorah isn't in Godzilla: King of Monsters, I believe he'll be in Godzilla vs Kong the two will fight, Godzilla and Kong, but they will realize some how that, King Ghidorah is the real threat and they'll fight him together.

  • Angus Mayo
    Angus Mayo 2 months ago

    4:54 omg doctor who literally copied grace 😂

  • Jesus Perez
    Jesus Perez 2 months ago

    I disagree on the recruiting part. Your a parent
    on an island for 28 years and have a son you never met, I doubt you are going to join Monarch on the hunt over spending the rest of your life with the son you never got to raise and the wife you didn't get to be a husband to? I Highly doubt he would've accepted even if they had tried.

  • nowcj
    nowcj 2 months ago

    This video has more cringe worthy jokes, than real analysis points.

  • THEMEMEkid 1457
    THEMEMEkid 1457 2 months ago

    Toho actually did do a King Kong vs godzilla film in 1962

  • Stephen Allaway
    Stephen Allaway 2 months ago

    Godzilla is a huge iconic movie character in North America. And very well loves by fans. However I don't think Rodan or Mothra standalone movies will really have much success. Can someone tell me l' Legendery has the rights To the Gammera franchise as well? I think perhaps a Gammera movie may gather more of a following. The monster would be a bit more interesting to North a American fanbase. IMO.

  • Dellaluna13
    Dellaluna13 2 months ago

    I wondered if Skull Island was a setup for a Vs Godzilla thing because of this recent trend- such as Universal recently drumming up it's classic monsters to the tune of the Marvel/Avengers franchise. Great to see all the great monsters (big and small) back in theaters, I just hope Universal doesn't botch things.

  • CrypticWilson
    CrypticWilson 2 months ago

    Personally I'm much more excited to see Godzilla fight Rodan and Ghidorah with the aid of Mothra in King of Monsters than I am to see him fight Kong in Godzilla vs Kong.

  • BatsBoyRoblox _
    BatsBoyRoblox _ 2 months ago

    Is not asking godira its king ghidora

  • Josh Likes To Play
    Josh Likes To Play 2 months ago

    I am a HUGE Godzilla fan that I never watched the American version of the original Godzilla movie I only watched the Japanese and I did it by choice and I'm proud so I went nuts when they revealed Mothra Rodan and King Ghidorah

  • Ragin Cajun Gambit Smith

    she pronounced Ghidorah so wrong, i laughed so hard XD, i love you Grace

  • xAeroSpaceKnightx
    xAeroSpaceKnightx 2 months ago

    Godzilla VS Kong crude potential plot: Godzilla is hypnotized or controlled by a device made by the alien Simians who are trying to gather materials from places they have Godzilla attack to build something dangerous. The humans find out that the way Godzilla is controlled is that he is part reptile and only reptiles can be controlled. So they decide to drop Kong in to knock out the source of control for Godzilla somewhere and they end up fighting but the humans use their fight as a distraction to disable the device. That's when the alien Simians drop MechaGodzilla in made from all those materials Godzilla made available and Kong teams up with the now freed Godzilla to take it down.

  • Bigpopop16
    Bigpopop16 2 months ago

    Pretty sure it's King gee-door-ra Not go-dee-ra. Drove me crazy.

  • xfx vizzi xfx
    xfx vizzi xfx 2 months ago

    godzilla will beat the shit outta kong lol

  • The PAW
    The PAW 2 months ago

    Let's not forget 1976s King Kong movie starring Kurt Russell and  Jessica Lange ...which for me was the best  next to Kong Skull Island which has now taken first place in my mind as the best Kong movie... lets forget about Peter Jacksons long ponderous plod of a movie... never was into it... ..looking forward to the matchup.....I'm betting King Kong and Godzilla eventually do a team up against the other  monsters...:)  EPIC!

  • Elroy Toribio
    Elroy Toribio 2 months ago

    Just put shin Godzilla against kong An watch shin Godzilla destroy kong

    NARUTO UZUMAKI ™ 2 months ago

    godzilla is very popular here fun fact He has his own Hollywood star on the walk of fame thats just how popular he is.

  • Muhammad Arif Reza Yusof

    Hail, King Ghidorah!!!

    • Muhammad Arif Reza Yusof
      Muhammad Arif Reza Yusof 2 months ago

      Hope Gamera will make the cut, eventually. And that they won't do anything weird to spoil this e.g. Ultraman

  • Christian_Country_Boy I love Jesus Christ!

    What did people not like about King Kong 2005?

  • kristján Hallsson
    kristján Hallsson 2 months ago

    Iron fist was not whitewashed

  • Travis Preuninger
    Travis Preuninger 2 months ago

    is it me or dose the island look like a head \ face.

  • caimbus
    caimbus 2 months ago

    Sorry...but you pronounced King Ghidora wrong lol

  • 25102701
    25102701 2 months ago

    Oh Fuck off. It says end credits scenes, not a explanation.

  • Roland Taylor
    Roland Taylor 2 months ago

    What happens when Easter Eggs hatch?

  • Shakaku001
    Shakaku001 2 months ago

    KCU - Kaijū Cinematic Universe

  • Lord Mazdamundi
    Lord Mazdamundi 2 months ago

    what do you mean, Iron Fist? The original character was white so how is that appropriating anything.

  • Thug Man
    Thug Man 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who cringed when she butchered King Ghidorah's name?

  • Shootem Down
    Shootem Down 2 months ago

    white people run the movie scene

  • Christopher Kolozsy
    Christopher Kolozsy 2 months ago

    i think godzilla will win because every name that comes first in the "vs" most likely wins

  • DapperFlounder 4
    DapperFlounder 4 2 months ago


  • Mathew Williams
    Mathew Williams 2 months ago

    I'm really like squeeeee

  • You don't want these ninja hands bruh

    Who tf is Godzilla?

  • Mario Parra
    Mario Parra 3 months ago

    at 7:10 you put Bring two times.

  • Midyin
    Midyin 3 months ago

    Prediction; Monark captures Kong and helicopters him in to where Godzillas gonna be in hopes to "Let them fight"(despite the fact that Kong is only 100ft tall and Godzilla is somewhere around 350 ft tall), BUT It turns out Godzillas is really a lady(a forgivable mistake. its hard to tell a boy lizard from a girl lizard after all). 'Goddess'zilla finds the tiny gorilla cute, they fall in love, and Goddesszilla merries Kong for a greencard...

  • lowprofile82
    lowprofile82 3 months ago

    it's. Ghidorah. Not Go-dora.

  • BMV The Movie Fanatic
    BMV The Movie Fanatic 3 months ago

    I watched this and I freaked the hell out! I am one of the biggest Godzilla fans on this Earth, and I just freaked out when I saw all those monsters from my childhood and I cried.

  • wildevil
    wildevil 3 months ago

    I love that Kong killed the Kraken for breakfast.

  • DLG_CowKnight
    DLG_CowKnight 3 months ago

    I was definitely like: squeeeeeeeeeee! 😆

  • Veknes Waran
    Veknes Waran 3 months ago

    Taking pictures in an unknown Island with Kaijus walking about, bad idea.

    Also Godzilla lives off of Nuclear energy and Kong lives off of biological organisms, so I am saying odds are on Godzillas favor with his healing factor and potential with more feats than Kong.

  • Tyler Granget
    Tyler Granget 3 months ago

    this could mean that it will be Godzilla 2.

  • ferofax
    ferofax 3 months ago

    Hey look, it's that dude from Cloverfield Lane! Cloverfield Monster confirmed in Pacific Rim 2 X King Kong X Godzilla X King Ghidorah X Mothra X Rodan

  • Nick Fletcher.
    Nick Fletcher. 3 months ago

    uh, there's no cultural appropriation in the wall or iron fist you fucking moron.  as a comic writer you should know that, especially with iron fist

  • BanditIncorporated
    BanditIncorporated 3 months ago

    Yeah forget about Godzilla 2, just make Kong vs Godzilla. That's where the big money is!

  • Loto Drandel
    Loto Drandel 3 months ago

    Beyond the Trailer
    in regards to the end credit sequence, in regards to Kong and Godzilla, back in the Toho times, in case you may not know, they had Godzilla and King Kong fight before, along with Godzilla vs King Ghidorah. I can't remember if Godzilla has ever come to blows with Mothra (Godzilla and Mothra had met after Godzilla defeated Ebirah in Godzilla vs The Sea Monster aka Ebirah, Horror of the Deep, and all Mothra just smacked Godzilla to the side) or Rodan; Legendary Studios did acquire the rights to King Ghidorah, Rodan, and Mothra from Toho; if you hadn't seen much of their movies, if you want to check out some clips from Toho's days, you could search for some here on Youtube; pretty cheesy animations for movies from the 50s, 60s, even 70s forward, but I still enjoyed them a lot

  • josh walker
    josh walker 3 months ago

    I've been trying to find the right way to leave a comment without being totally offensive (strange for the internet I know) so try not to take this the wrong way. I don't think the whitewashing in Hollywood really applies to Godzilla. As a fan of Godzilla, I could care less about the actors in the movie as much as I do the monsters kicking the ever loving crap out of each other while knocking down buildings. A movie like this only really needs a simple story line (in the background) that makes sense and is easy to follow without getting in the way of big as monster fights. Should they diversify the cast a little more? Yes, but this may be the wrong movie to log a complaint against. These movies aren't about the Asian characters being played by white people (See Mickey Rooney in, Breakfast at Tiffany’s) they're about the big f-ing monsters.

  • Blue Ninja
    Blue Ninja 3 months ago

    Did Kong kill Godzilla, 'cause "Kong vs Godzilla" might take place years ago after Kong: Skull island and before Godzilla. I'm not sure, but I think that if Godzilla dies, he comes back to life, and shows up in 2014's "Godzilla". 👍👍

  • tim matthews
    tim matthews 3 months ago

    I have a theory! Kong vs. godzilla will be like superman vs. batman they'll fight at first then together fight Mothra King G and rodan

  • Thor Kipperberg
    Thor Kipperberg 3 months ago

    monarck symbol was also used in Kyle XY,.

  • ArtuR_K
    ArtuR_K 3 months ago

    And what about dat 3 headed hydra ?!??!?:

  • Awakened Unit
    Awakened Unit 3 months ago

    MCU and DCEU were not the first cinematic universes. I keep hearing people call the MonsterVersw an MCU copycat. I think it's ridiculous. Btw If anyone technically established a cinematic universe first (before the term existed and as far as I know) it was Toho with the release of Destroy all monsters and the whole monster island concept. Again, that's as far back as I can recall about there being a shared universe.

  • acesb24
    acesb24 3 months ago

    Will King Kong win in the US version and Godzilla win in Japan?

  • Tobey Starburst
    Tobey Starburst 3 months ago

    Kong's box office is doing better than they thought it would be not worse. WTF are you talking about?

  • Aldo El Apache
    Aldo El Apache 3 months ago

    i like more this cinematic universe, there's no superhero bullshit, it nails the monsters and it doesn't have 3-4 movies each year. One step at the time folks.

  • Darryl Jack
    Darryl Jack 3 months ago

    The GMCU

  • WTFwasthat?
    WTFwasthat? 3 months ago

    They are all MUTOs, Grace. They mentioned it in the movie.

  • James Somerton
    James Somerton 3 months ago

    Hey Grace, do you think there could be a Skull Island sequel where maybe Kong fights Mothra or something like that? Like in 1975 or something. Something easily covered up. I kind of liked Tom and Brie's characters, and wouldn't mind seeing another movie with them. I actually want them to bring back the blond soldier whose dad was a mechanic. Not sure why, but I really liked him.

  • Darylifill Ifill
    Darylifill Ifill 3 months ago

    Love Godzilla and King Kong going to Love This Movie

  • emmsnake
    emmsnake 3 months ago

    I was squeeeee

  • Thoughts of the Depraved Minds

    Let's just say " No one knows what will happen because Godzilla actually flopped. So this is just an attempt to raise enough people to support a sequel so corporate can feel right in paying for it."

  • john Spartan
    john Spartan 3 months ago

    11min and 10 sec of my life wasted

  • Mark Plott
    Mark Plott 3 months ago

    @ Beyond the Trailer. - Why cant America leave Godzilla alone, Leave it to the Japanese to make Kaiju films and Let America have Mighty Joe Young and King Kong and let those be SEPERATE franchises. I hate the American Godzilla films they just don't get how to make a Kaiju film RIGHT. What America should do is REMAKE American monster movies like the Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, the Preying Mantis, the Giant TARANTULA, ............ETC . Let the Japanese REMAKE all the Mothera and Gamera ETC.......MOVIES they want.

  • peacefulgirls_ 1601
    peacefulgirls_ 1601 3 months ago


  • Ricky Vang
    Ricky Vang 3 months ago

    Toho did it first with Godzilla destroy all monsters!

  • MahMahAfro3000
    MahMahAfro3000 3 months ago

    I can't wait till Phase 2 of the monsterverse where Jet Jaguar gets his own movie.

  • Miguel Segura
    Miguel Segura 3 months ago

    get down to the point,stop making weird noises

  • ZECTCustomUnit
    ZECTCustomUnit 3 months ago

    You think Legendary is crazy enough to talk to Kadokawa/Daiei in regards to a certain flying turtle with an obnoxious theme song?

  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer 3 months ago

    I screamed when Godzilla roared in the end credits

  • Ant The Vloger
    Ant The Vloger 3 months ago

    I love your name it's catchy

  • manilacheese39 _
    manilacheese39 _ 3 months ago


  • Apt Gun
    Apt Gun 3 months ago

    It's Ghidorah Grace!!!

  • Astral Gaming
    Astral Gaming 3 months ago

    King go-dir-uh?

  • Tony B
    Tony B 3 months ago

    no way that Kong can beat Godzilla

  • Jason Musquiz
    Jason Musquiz 3 months ago

    One word to describe her voice UNBEARABLE ; 2 words that describe her demeaning attitude towards any possibility of a rehash of an outdated joint monster flick desperately needing a new image... FUCK YOU 😒🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️👩🏼👀🤦🏽‍♂️

  • touchtapgo
    touchtapgo 3 months ago

    Grace, Hollywood will push "white" leads since there are more "whites" in the U.S. going to the movies. To be real, most movies I see are full of "white" people. Remember After Earth?

  • dankAssBaloney
    dankAssBaloney 3 months ago

    Fuck, this lady is crazy and annoying

  • JustTrynaGraduate
    JustTrynaGraduate 3 months ago

    Hope they don't give King Ghidorah fire breath... In the ToHo films, he doesn't shoot fire or atomic breath from his mouths, but "Gravity Beams". Hence why he is able to lift Godzilla, objects, or other monsters at times. They are also electrified.

  • wkanost
    wkanost 3 months ago

    Criminey! I've been watching and following Godzilla and the other monsters for 45 years!! It's the young people who are just catching up.

  • Internite Land
    Internite Land 3 months ago

    "Cult" following for Godzilla? THE Godzilla?

    .......Let me introduce you, my very uneducated Grace, to something that you don't seem to know about....


  • Jon Murphy
    Jon Murphy 3 months ago

    you need to do your research Grace definitely not your best topic to Dive Right into

  • Jon Murphy
    Jon Murphy 3 months ago

    you do realize that Godzilla King of Monsters will be a rehash of the classic King Ghidorah The Three Headed Monster, with Godzilla and Rodan quarreling / fighting, while King Ghidorah fucks shit up else where, and Mothra will bring them together for all three to fight King Ghidorah, that's clearly what they're hinting at and what they're presenting.

  • RM Viagem
    RM Viagem 3 months ago

    Godzilla and Kong are actually pretty popular worldwide. If you are referring to the comic verse the monster verse as you called does not put out movies as regular as the other guys. I think it is a guy to build up the match between the two. The issue is the writing for the scripts

  • Nery Garcia
    Nery Garcia 3 months ago

    Seeing King Ghidorah in full cgi for the 1st time will truly be a sight to see can't wait

  • melodramatic7904
    melodramatic7904 3 months ago

    I actually really liked 2014's King Kong. I don't get why people didn't like it. I just saw Kong Skull Island and LOVED IT. I told my friend to see it. She was on the fence.

  • Tyler Sproull
    Tyler Sproull 3 months ago

    also its 2018 not 19

  • wei in the membrain
    wei in the membrain 3 months ago

    I squeed pretty hard

  • Tyler Sproull
    Tyler Sproull 3 months ago


  • Laguy211
    Laguy211 3 months ago

    this version of kong can give godzilla a good fight

  • JDAwesome
    JDAwesome 3 months ago

    I'll have you know, that I scream like the littlest girl there is at the post credit scene. I love these monsters that shared a universe before marvel did it.

  • Blind Truth
    Blind Truth 3 months ago

    Kong Vs Godzilla will end with them both realising that their mothers have the same name.

  • alek clark
    alek clark 3 months ago

    I almost shit when I saw the end credits. I even knew it was going to happen and I still lost all of it. I was not expecting the other monsters.

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