Pens blank Caps in Game 7, advance to ECF

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  • Thedogontop
    Thedogontop 1 day ago

    i can pretty much say the that next time caps make it to 3rd round they will win the cup but could out imagine them making it to the cup final and getting swept

  • poneyroux
    poneyroux 1 day ago

    The performance of Fleury was truly amazing these playoffs. The guy has lost his place to a younger guy and he accepted it and played like a #1 when he was asked to.
    And then, just to help the franchise he spent his life with, he accepted to cancel his non-movement clause and you could see a geniune surprise when Vegas crowd cheered for him.
    Fleury is a class act and a great goalkeeper. Maybe not all year long, but you know that he could play amazingly when he's confident.

  • Mr. Mustachio
    Mr. Mustachio 2 days ago

    0:22 he said Murray, it was Fleury

  • YAOmighty - Gaming and More

    Another win against Washington. Is there ANY WAY the Capitals can beat the Penguins?

  • TBrizzle01
    TBrizzle01 5 days ago

    Flower is gone now but I'm glad we had 2 series wins with him this year, including a shutout in road game 7. Best of luck to you Flower.

  • Matthew Tkach
    Matthew Tkach 18 days ago

    Capitals aren't making the playoffs next year

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson 19 days ago

    Caps next year. After pens win anoter cup tommorow

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson 19 days ago

    I love that THUD sound the second goal made lol. Holtby should have covered that puck seconds before but he played it. Ooops lol

  • Kyle Kemmler
    Kyle Kemmler 19 days ago

    Congratulations, your team STILL can't get past the second round!

  • IceCRAZY 10
    IceCRAZY 10 1 month ago


  • Rosario Balsamo
    Rosario Balsamo 1 month ago

    let's go pens

  • JKC
    JKC 1 month ago

    I've defended the Caps for a long time as a lifelong fan. In 2015 we blew it. We were up 3-1 and we blew it. But you know what? The Rangers were better. In 2016 we won a huge Game 1 on a game-winning goal by Oshie. Then we lost the next three. We won a Game 5 at home, and then we lost a hard-fought Game 6. But you know what? The Penguins were better that year too. They were faster, they got to the puck before us, and they ended up winning the Stanley Cup. But this year there was no excuse. We were down 3-1. We won TWO do-or-die games. We came back from being a goal down in Game 5. We CRUSHED the Penguins in Game 6 on the road. We didn't let up in those two games. But for some reason, we let up in Game 7. We choked. Plain and simple. The Penguins were banged up. We were completely healthy. And we lost. In the second round. Again. It's been really hard for me to be a fan, but I'm only 15 years old. What really upsets me is the fact that there are people who have been fans of this team since the beginning and supported them through thick and thin. And what do they get? Nothing. This was our last chance to win in this era, and we blew it.

  • TheBrandonK12
    TheBrandonK12 1 month ago

    i like dicks

  • Cinema Classics
    Cinema Classics 1 month ago

    Losing to the Cup Champions in 7 is not a choke. Sorry it's not. All the trolls can come out but honestly, just because you finish first doesn't mean you'll win the Cup. Caps have a good team. Some grit, some scorers, maybe need a little more from the back end. I wouldn't blow it up.

  • hateUmankind
    hateUmankind 1 month ago

    Pittsburgh Penguins are going to take the 100 year of the NHL Stanley Cup this year bless Sidney Crosby of a great player he is truly a MVP player

  • ratha muthusamy
    ratha muthusamy 1 month ago

    At least Sullivan put that lying crook, Trotz, in his place.

  • Jonathan Entz
    Jonathan Entz 1 month ago

    Could someone please shove a big rag into the caps play by play caller he's so focused on all the little things the pens are doing wrong but is forgetting what the caps are doing wrong like scoring more goals than the pens winning more games and also winning the series I don't mind the caps but for his sake i'm clad there eleminated please comment if you agree if you don't agree please keep opinion to yourself thanks

    BLACKHAKWS FAN 1 month ago

    and I also hate the Senators

    BLACKHAKWS FAN 1 month ago

    okay Penguins let's beat the Senators today so we can win another Stanley Cup

  • michael hegyan
    michael hegyan 1 month ago

    The president cup, means nothing. Crosby and Co, just to good.

  • Johnny Rife
    Johnny Rife 1 month ago

    Heard Crosby will be the new spokesboy for KLEENEX and TAMPONS.

  • ManWithALife 11
    ManWithALife 11 1 month ago

    And then Washington "crapitals" are out again ;)

  • Brandon Fox
    Brandon Fox 1 month ago

    Ron Hainsey has made it to the ECF more times than Ovechkin

  • sports_0522687194 Behind The Scenes

    I got Pens in 5 vs Ottawa

  • Johnny Rife
    Johnny Rife 1 month ago

    Someone hurt Crosby, please. Thank you.

  • Gaming Guy
    Gaming Guy 1 month ago

    Caps CHOKE

  • Jonathan Entz
    Jonathan Entz 1 month ago

    Good morning good afternoon and good night you peace of garbage Washington play by play announcer Your caps choked AGAIN Time for golf EARLY AGAIN

  • john b
    john b 1 month ago

    Cant believe I'm saying this, GO OTTAWA !

  • Net Hoser
    Net Hoser 1 month ago

    wtf was Malkin thinking not going to his backhand?!?!?

  • Bigfoot270
    Bigfoot270 1 month ago

    Fluery grew a extra armLast night he was great . Pens will need him to stay sharp the Sens are going to be tough . The Pens are still not 100 percent. Crosby looked weak after game 7 . Hope he recovers with the rest of the crew .

  • Rdon357
    Rdon357 1 month ago

    We ate Ovenchickin for dinner tonight tasty

  • Russell Westbrook
    Russell Westbrook 1 month ago

    *1 like and ill show you how to do this*

  • Finn Bálor
    Finn Bálor 1 month ago

    Senators Better Beat Pens

  • Willie G
    Willie G 1 month ago

    not use to seeing opposing fans giving credit to the winner no matter how much you don't like the other team, very classy and I know its a tough pill to swallow but good on you take the bad with the good and get on with your life , Its just a game but a damn good one

  • ROME Bleachy
    ROME Bleachy 1 month ago

    Call me salty but I don't care tbh. I think the pens didn't deserve the win. Marc Andre Fleury played out of his mind. If we kept playing like the first minutes in the first period we would've won tbh. Hopefully they fix the playoff format. Just stating my opinion

    • BritIronRebel
      BritIronRebel 1 month ago

      iBleachify: If you're good, you shouldn't care. The Caps would just have to face the Pens in the conference finals and still lose.

    • ROME Bleachy
      ROME Bleachy 1 month ago

      The thing is, it's just stupid for the 1st and 2nd place team (IN THE WHOLE NHL) to play in the second round...

    • BritIronRebel
      BritIronRebel 1 month ago

      iBleachify: The Penguins actually had a tougher playoff matchup than did the Caps. The Pens had to beat the #1 & #4 team in the league and 2 Vesina nominated goalies. I don't hear the Pens or their fans crying about the playoff format

  • Shehzad Khawaja
    Shehzad Khawaja 1 month ago

    Pittsburgh is a sucky team

  • Shehzad Khawaja
    Shehzad Khawaja 1 month ago

    Go Ottawa senators

  • Shehzad Khawaja
    Shehzad Khawaja 1 month ago

    I hope Pittsburgh does not win the Stanley cup

  • Andrew J
    Andrew J 1 month ago

    Ovi should go to Edmonton next season and win the cup with McDavid.

  • Eagletotravel101
    Eagletotravel101 1 month ago


    DREY DA BOSS 21 1 month ago

    That was amazing congrats fleury for the shutout

  • Nisaxo13
    Nisaxo13 1 month ago

    I'm a Rangers fan and I was really looking forward to this game. I honestly thought that the Caps would have a chance to move on, but the Pens were the better team. Man, poor Ovechkin. He and our goalie, Lundqvist, are 2 of the best players in the NHL that have still not won a cup yet. Time is ticking for both of them, but I hope they both get the rings they deserve before they both retire!
    And as much as I despise the Pens, congrats to them for moving on! Hope Ottawa beats u in the conference finals tho ;) but if they don't, let's go Preds/Ducks! 😊😂

  • Yes Now
    Yes Now 1 month ago

    It annoys me the title has the game result on YouTube

  • cooltrini1000
    cooltrini1000 1 month ago

    ovi it's time to move on to another team & place . hate to say it's not the team is the place

  • Jas Aujla
    Jas Aujla 1 month ago

    at the end of the day, its just like my raptors, lebron keeps stopping them from getting to the finals, in the same way the pens will keep stopping capitals from getting their, if they want a chance they have to hope they dont face them at all on their path their

  • Jas Aujla
    Jas Aujla 1 month ago

    ovi, one of the best individuals players i have ever seen but will never be a winner, will retire ringless, crosbys son, im a canadian kid i want ott to win but this series will go 7 games but i think sid the kid will take game 7

  • Suckit EZ
    Suckit EZ 1 month ago

    ANAHEIM DUCKS vs Pittsburg Penguins. The Stanley cup is Goin to belong to a bird...

  • Bigfoot270
    Bigfoot270 1 month ago

    One thing I found out through the years watching hockey . Cap Fans have class and I know you all agree Flyer Bruin fans could be the worse fans in sports Not all of them . For my Pens fans stop rubbing it in . This isn't high school please show some class .Most of you have and you guys Rock but I had to take a aspirin after 2 nd period my heart was pounding . I love hockey and enjoy watching other teams . But watching my Oens can not be a healthy thing . O My Damn the stress of it all . I would not change it

  • Daniel Cimino
    Daniel Cimino 1 month ago

    I really enjoy watching the Penguins beat the Capitals but I like watching Ovi back checking more. As a bonus all world goaltender "wink, wink" Holtby with a .896 save percentage.

  • HBF SportsCards
    HBF SportsCards 1 month ago

    call me crazy but I don't know whats gonna happen. what's with all these hockey fans thinking they really know who's gonna win?

    • HBF SportsCards
      HBF SportsCards 1 month ago

      Beth -182 they aren't. I'll easily give Ottawa a chance against the pens

    • Beth -182
      Beth -182 1 month ago

      HBF SportsCards I don't know, mostly Pens fans thinking Ottawa is a joke and easy.

  • Michael Bruck
    Michael Bruck 1 month ago

    Fleury is $$$$ in big games

  • Michael Bruck
    Michael Bruck 1 month ago

    After game 6 where the Pens went down 5-0 in the third in Pittsburgh at that... I was super concerned about gm 7. But they took care of business. Well coached team.

    GSATUNIVERSE 1 month ago

    Not trying to cause drama or anything but I never want to hear that Ovechkin is better than Crosby. This happens to the Caps every year there's no excuses. Washington might want to make some changes.

  • Christian Wolf
    Christian Wolf 1 month ago

    Penguins back to back champs. Calling it now!!!!!!!!!!

  • InFAMOUSx42
    InFAMOUSx42 1 month ago

    I would say gg to the caps but they tried to end crosby's career multiple times this series

  • angelo .88
    angelo .88 1 month ago


  • Roja Duvoor
    Roja Duvoor 1 month ago

    I would just like to point out that Flower is basically the only reason the Caps weren't able to advance. I love all my Pens but seriously Flower is the best.

  • robert rowe
    robert rowe 1 month ago

    I kept on saying ,"why can they not score on this guy" the guy on the other side of my mind said,"cus he is not human, dumb dumb"

  • gdiggedy9
    gdiggedy9 1 month ago

    Ovi the only Capital that was -2. That says it all. Time for him to hand the captaincy to somebody else. He's not a leader. Never was.

    • gdiggedy9
      gdiggedy9 1 month ago

      +super penguin he's not a natural leader. They gave the C to the best player on the team and now he's not even that anymore. The team has been built around him for 12 years and they've never passed the second round. He's 3-7 in game 7's. The Caps need to move in a different direction. He's gonna be 32 soon and will only decline from here.

    • super penguin
      super penguin 1 month ago

      gdiggedy9 Yeah because he was a -2 for one game means he's not a leader. Let's just forget about all the other things that he has done. Stupid

  • John Miller
    John Miller 1 month ago

    Nice save on that back hander holtby, don't worry your team didn't even get a goal.

  • Mitchell A
    Mitchell A 1 month ago

    Maybe it's time to trade Alex. Time for a fresh start for him...

  • Vapour3on
    Vapour3on 1 month ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Caps will never make it
    Past round 2

  • YouTube Sucks
    YouTube Sucks 1 month ago

    I don't get why people act like the Pens crushed them. This is the first time a team has won a series while being outshot every game since the Coyotes against the Blackhawks in 2012. Fleury STOLE like every game.

  • Victor Rocky
    Victor Rocky 1 month ago

    Maybe ovie needs to recruit more new players in his team to build around him to win a cup or be like that college dropout leflop . Go to another team win some championships , then go back to dc and win one it worked for that lewhiner lebron James Cleveland Miami back to Cleveland , what a headache of travel that be for me if I did that I pride on loyalty to my team not championships playing for my home team and city good enough.

  • Jack Daniel
    Jack Daniel 1 month ago

    Time for Ovi to leave, DC sports are just cursed.

  • magerageful
    magerageful 1 month ago

    And here I thought the leafs are the biggest joke in the league.

  • Elaine Moorman
    Elaine Moorman 1 month ago

    Happy day for Pittsburghers.
    Love the Pens and hats off to a tough Capitol team.

  • Complexticc
    Complexticc 1 month ago

    i love the comments on game 6 recap "Caps 100%" literally every comment

  • Graham White
    Graham White 1 month ago

    I'm still suprised the caps made it past the leafs

  • Shindler39
    Shindler39 1 month ago

    Washington is curse right, not only the Capitals but don't forget the Nationals who always played great in the regular season but always choked in the MLB playoff, Redskins too against the Giants in the NFL. Let's see if Washington can beat the Celtics in the NBA, they are more talented...

  • KeusFrench
    KeusFrench 1 month ago

    Holtby played great, his defense let him down big time - way too many turnovers right in front of the net.

    • KeusFrench
      KeusFrench 1 month ago

      Generally when you have an opposing view you present arguments for why you think that way. So, why do you think he didn't play well?

    • super penguin
      super penguin 1 month ago

      KeusFrench No Holtby didn't play great

  • Angelo Maiorano
    Angelo Maiorano 1 month ago

    I am a pens fan and I honestly have to say whats lacking for Washington is their bottom 6 has been horrible and haven't had a shut d man in ovechkin era. I think everyone expects ovie and backstrom to do all the damage. You need 3 lines that can score. You look at pens of the mid 90s to late 90s their bottom 6 was terrible and d wasn't so good.

  • Lorrell Hanson
    Lorrell Hanson 1 month ago

    Capitals gonna Capital.

  • MrCat
    MrCat 1 month ago

    Caps choke worse than my cat chokes on fur balls.

  • Michael Planidin
    Michael Planidin 1 month ago

    they should think about making some off-season moves

  • Michael Planidin
    Michael Planidin 1 month ago

    capitals don't have players that can score big goals when it matters most even when your facing a hot goaltender you still have to put the puck in the back of the net

  • Bigfoot270
    Bigfoot270 1 month ago

    11.42 cross check to The back of Crosbys head . I get it the game is fast but a cross check to the back of the neck should be 4 minutes And that player should be sent to the locker room and a stiff fine on topIf it . They need to really change things to all the players that a cross check to the head is 4 minutes a cross check or the neck you should be kicked out of the game with a 3 game suspension . and a fine . This is why the Caps can't getOver the The bump . They can't Focus on the prize and let anger get to their way. I have seenIt before when Flyers would get in the Pens head being physical and cheap shots . The Pens would return by getting physical and get off the game . With a new coach they take a lot of cheap shots but still play the game and win . For the Caps changes must be made but it could be to late . They had the best teamIn hockey but not the best coach .

  • Brian Puleo
    Brian Puleo 1 month ago

    Hats off to Coach Sullivan. What an incredible job he has done with out team.

  • The Real Canadian Bacon

    go pens

  • Kaeden Gable
    Kaeden Gable 1 month ago

    Nashville for the sweep!

  • S Pet
    S Pet 1 month ago

    Caps tried by a cheap shot on Sid. He said he had to play to stop the critics.

  • mickser101
    mickser101 1 month ago

    Another playoff choke, nothing new for the Caps. Ovechkin will win nothing in Washington if he stays

    • Jack Daniel
      Jack Daniel 1 month ago

      No one wins in Washington period

    HTTR4LIFE21 1 month ago

    Caps fan. Hats off to the classy Penguins fans. Y'all deserve this moment. You guys outplayed us. Plain and simple. No excuses. Good luck the rest of the way. Hope Kessel can get two cups. I really did think this was our year. Time for some big offseason changes. One last time for this season, go caps go

  • Barbie Reynolds
    Barbie Reynolds 1 month ago

    shattenjerk and OVER-rated...2 stars give up the puck for the backbreaking insurance goal. bunch of loser idiots.

  • Barbie Reynolds
    Barbie Reynolds 1 month ago

    caps are such a garbage "team" ..worst bunch of failures around.

  • Blaine Rouault
    Blaine Rouault 1 month ago

    Twice in this game with the caps running circles around the penguins in their own end the refs just blew it dead...

    God the reffing in this league sucks!

  • asianwweblissfan
    asianwweblissfan 1 month ago

    Go pens we need that cup this year

    • MrCat
      MrCat 1 month ago

      why this year?

  • Brick by Brick
    Brick by Brick 1 month ago

    Hey ovechkin you thirsty

    Yeah to bad YOU DONT HAVE A CUP!

  • madratthemighty
    madratthemighty 1 month ago

    The Pens are now 9-1 vs the Caps in the playoffs.

  • euroaaRON1
    euroaaRON1 1 month ago

    pens fan here. washington is one hell of an adversary. i could care less about pitt philly rivalry. pitt washington will always be the best of east coast rivalries. thank you for making it an epic 7 game battle. washington fans you have a great team to be proud of.

  • Pamm Meee
    Pamm Meee 1 month ago

    did they put up the 'Thank you fans for a great season ' banner on the Capitals Facebook Fan page???

  • MCB1988
    MCB1988 1 month ago

    Over the past few decades, I have seen many Pens with Caps. After a short time, there are only Pens left while the Caps have all gone away.
    Some things just don't change.

  • Pamm Meee
    Pamm Meee 1 month ago

    Flower was inhuman...

  • SteelCity1981
    SteelCity1981 1 month ago

    2:56 that was just a sick goal

  • danrg26
    danrg26 1 month ago

    now its up to ottawa to beat the pens GO SENS GO

  • Kay Klas
    Kay Klas 1 month ago

    Who do you protect? Fleury or Murray? Clearly Murray but what a problem to have!

  • Riha Dons
    Riha Dons 1 month ago

    Lets do this!

  • Justin Kobs
    Justin Kobs 1 month ago

    Fleury is a God

  • Justin Kobs
    Justin Kobs 1 month ago

    Where's the 3-1Choke comments I don't see em.

  • Matt_ Thompkins
    Matt_ Thompkins 1 month ago


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