Last Day of Exams: Expectation Vs Reality - POPxo Comedy

Don't we all make the most exciting plans for the last day of exams??But the reality is mostly VERY different from the expectation isn't it? :P

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Runtime: 1:18
Comments: 589

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Author yasra khan ( ago)
finally my exam is finished today

Author hydra gel ( ago)
I am like reality .I do the same

Author Mksiraj Tayyub ( ago)
Yes yaaa

Author Leela D ( ago)
My last exams
Expectations- I ll play cricket , badminton etc....
Reality - Sleep till tmr

Author seph school ( ago)

Author Pragati Pradhan ( ago)
Your videos are always the same things which happen in my life and that's why I luv watching them....

Author Vanya Arora ( ago)
Today is my birthday pls give 59 likes

Author Salima Bhojani ( ago)
exams finish.... result!

Author rosy life with rachana ( ago)
I have just finished my exam yeahh

Author Manisha Yadav ( ago)
sabse cute komal hi h ye achi ni h

Author Mita Dutta ( ago)
today my exam over yyyypppp

Author Lokesh Ranjan ( ago)
tomorrow is my last exam 😃😃😃😃

Author Princess Iba ( ago)
I am the expectation because when my exam ends I am just sooo happy and I feel not stressed at all

Author Itisha Tripathi ( ago)
Now I also can say that my exams are going to be over tomorrow. When I first time watch this video I was preparing for my second exam and when I read the comments I felt really jealous because all were saying that there exams are over or going to be over and at that time my exams had just been started. So it was really heart burning but now I'm happy.

Author Dance Love dance#satisfiying dance ( ago)
can u all Pls add the date when u have posted it

Author Sara Magar ( ago)
my examss is finished

Author tanvi album ( ago)
komal i think ....cherry pairs good wid u ... :-/
wat say guyz?

Author Surendra Ranjit ( ago)
Tomorrow is my exam so me to I am watching popxo 😅😅😅😉😉😋😋

Author Shahithya Mohan ( ago)
This happened to me a long time ago

Author Sanjeev Bahuguna ( ago)
hi komal can you make a video on expectations vs reality going to school pleaseeeeeeeee can you upload this video????!!!

Author Priya Prajapati ( ago)
finally my exams are over today.....☺☺☺☺☺☺

Author Sandipan Roy ( ago)
the vids are too small but good

Author Soma Mondal ( ago)
listen u r amazing but please extend your videos .

Author angel of peace ( ago)
tomorrow us my last paper so hapyyyyyy😄😃😄😄😄😄

Author Vs Tiwari ( ago)
My last exam is over I am only watching TV, Playing, sleeping 😴

Author Hard Kalyani ( ago)
love this video..

Author Naffiyah Mahek ( ago)
tommorow is my first day of exams 😢😢😢😢😢

Author Mamta Mathpal ( ago)
Today is my last exam...

Author Ariba Ali ( ago)
today is my result😁💆

Author Jayu HEMNANI ( ago)
if i had a time machine i had definetely used it and went to the last exam my head get totally relaxed💆💆💆💆

Author Rekha Prajapati ( ago)
I'm just 11 and I did the same as komal did in REALITY

Author Kalpana Mukherjee ( ago)
iDIYS you are going to fail haha

Author Penumatsa Ananya ( ago)
Please do long vidios!😐

Author Kavyashri Naveenarathinam ( ago)
Things u will get if u r a South Indian 😂😂plz..plz..plz...

Author palak palak ( ago)
tomorrow is my last exam

Author Sadia Shahid ( ago)
Board exams going on 😭😭

Author Nawal Karim ( ago)
😂😂tomorrow is my last exam....

Author Jyo Tota ( ago)
My exams finished today and the expectation became reality

Author ak sharma ( ago)
my last day of exam is like: bus se utro,ghar me jao and just eat,sleep and watch pop xo

Author Veera Grover ( ago)
mere to 18 ko hi khtam Hogye.. h. bss result ka tension.. raam jii.. pass to ho hi jaaungi bss persentage achhi aajay..😇😇😇^_^

Author Kriti Sisodia ( ago)
please make a video on modelling:expectation v/s reality. hit like if u agree

Author siona Dsouza ( ago)
Oh god this is the comment box nt begging for like box

Author Daksha Joshi ( ago)
who yawned after seeing komal.yawn? ;)

Author Md. Helalur Rahman Bhuiyan ( ago)
so true

Author Razi Khan ( ago)
my exam has not started only it will start on 24

Author radhika deshmukh ( ago)
hahaha nice vdeo ... finally today mere b khtm exams 😊😊

Author Yash Khatri ( ago)
thnk god.. my exams are over...finally😥😥😥😥

Author priyanka gupta ( ago)
komal wears so cheap clothes

Author Nimisha Banerjee ( ago)
Day after tomorrow my exams will get over! Then on 6 April new session will start! Yahoooooo!

Author Anil Sharma ( ago)
Can you make a video on types of students on exam days

Author Hassan Nawaz ( ago)
my exam is coming on 27 march

Author Aishu Dimple ( ago)
komal wearing only underwear and forgot to wear pants 😁😁😁 wat the hell

Author Namratha gurikar ( ago)
so true

luv ur videos !! hopefully waiting for the next video!👍

Author srujana r ( ago)
tommorow is the last day of man exams

Author Navya Kumar ( ago)
me and my friend are just waiting for the exams to get over so we could sleep for hours

Author Aditi Kasare ( ago)
my exam is going on ..plz wish me good luck

Author Pragati Tripathi ( ago)
today's my exam over

Author Vibha Gupta ( ago)
Tomorrow is my last exam .i am so happy ☺️✌️

Author Ameya Sharma ( ago)
tomorrow is my last exam finally & this is what exactly happens

Author Jyoti Agarwal ( ago)
please go and see my video in Abishta Agarwal channel and if you like it so please like share comments and subscribe to my channel. I love you popxo so nice video

Author ZYNAB KHAN ( ago)
My exams finished today

Author Love Activities ( ago)
Popxo make one video on types of 10 students on exams
Popxo plz reply
If u like so hit the like button

Author Jasmine Muchhal ( ago)
coz I spend my afternoon from 3 to 5 with ur videos ...

Author Jasmine Muchhal ( ago)
guys plz post 4 5 videos a day

Author azharaziz66 ( ago)
Feel so happy exams are over but the day before results

Author Vinodini Madri ( ago)
hey pop u
wat a awsm coincidence ....tht amazing bcoz today was my last day of exams ....I finished my exams today... hurrayyyyy ....
I'm so happie ....
now whole day I'll watch pop xo videos u pop xo its true video...
plz reply mee

Author imisha juneja ( ago)
This is soo me
My exams finished on 14 March n since I am on TV

Author Sunita Dochania ( ago)
today my exams was also over

Author Sunita Dochania ( ago)
today my exams was also over

Author Sanjana Rauth ( ago)
my exams are going on it will finish on 30 march

Author cute girl ( ago)
yesterday there was also my last exam on 19 March

Author sanjana sharma ( ago)
On 22 there is my science board exam can I get some wishes for my exam please,p lz plz ☺

tomorrow my exam will be over😁😂😀

Author Hajra qamar ( ago)
Who else hate exams and love to watch YouTube

Author yaarali meer ( ago)
you should put a video of excuses every child make to their parent if they get less marks in exam

Author Manroop Kaur ( ago)
whenever she says "wooo" it makes me wanna cringe so hard..

Author cutesy world ( ago)
tomorrow is my last exam

Author santosh gautam ( ago)
hey same here my exams r also over 😁😁😉😉😙😙😚😍😍😇😇😐😐

Author Diksha Durgani ( ago)
My exarms are over

Author Mahek Sota ( ago)
Totally true 😘😘

Author tanu tyagi ( ago)
that's true ...that's exactly what happens with me

Author Shruti Bhardwaj ( ago)
I m having my board exam on Wednesday and I'm busy on YouTube

Author Faiza Eag ( ago)
OMG! I just came back from school attending my last exam and i saw this video on my notifications!! What a time, popxo.

Author surf man Hi ( ago)
my last exam done on 19 March 2017

Author Ishika D ( ago)
plz make a video on types of social media users...!!!!!!.....

plzzzzzz plzzz

Author kawaljeet kaur ( ago)
Where is that mirror from?? 😍😍

Author U.N. Maisheri ( ago)
Today my exams are finished☺☺
Just came by giving exam

Author Rit Chakraborty ( ago)
my exams are going on ...and i am watching popxo

Author svikriti kashyap ( ago)
this expectation and reality both happens wth me...i am going out with my frndz on last day of exam....tmrw is maths exam....nd i hate it so so so very much....nice video guyz...lvu

Author Sonam Soni ( ago)
my result is today i am nervous

Author Dr Sitanshu Kar ( ago)
my exam are over
yaaaa I free 😀😀😀👍 please like me 👍👍👍to make me happy 💗💗💗💗🎁🎁🎁🎁

Author Megha Khatun ( ago)
This too happens with me !

Author Mizba Shaikh ( ago)
first day of exam 😭😭need wishes 😁

Author mackenzie foy ( ago)
Popxo please do a video on 'Types of Nutella Lovers' or 'Things only Nutella lovers will understand'..xoxo<3

Author dhanu shree ( ago)
my exams are still going on yaar, I wish they should get over very very very soon...🙇

Author Beauty Suman ( ago)
komal....i like yr haircolor..its really suits u....

Author neelam anand ( ago)
exams ending on 27th march

Author Grisha Tyagi ( ago)
today is my second exam and that also science

Author Jinat Gazi ( ago)
my exam gonna start on 22nd ! 😞

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