Mysterious Cases Of Time Travel That Can't Be Explained

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  • top 10 photos of unusual people who traveled through time
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    People are obsessed with time travel. After all, who hasn’t dreamed of hooking some form of flux capacitor up to the family car and heading back in time to see what things were really like? Unfortunately, those pesky scientists have argued time and time again that time travel is simply not possible. What do they know? OK, so in order to make it possible we’d have to travel faster than the speed of light which is theoretically impossible to do. We’d probably need a DeLorean because it would make things just feel right – and they are getting harder and harder to find in good running order. Finally, you’d need some uranium to power your time machine – if the movies are anything to go by – and given the way the way the world reacts to certain countries handling the radioactive stuff we’re thinking that might be pretty near impossible.
    Still, none of this ‘proof’ has stopped us from thinking about time travel and dreaming that one day we could go forward or backwards in time. Until then, we’ll just have to let our imaginations run wild as we search for any shred of ‘evidence’ to prove that time travel is possible. And searched we have. Recently, there’s been a big trend of searching out old photos to find anomalies or things that just don’t fit. Whether objects or people who seem out of place, some have taken this as proof of some sort of time travel ability. We’ll let you take a look and be the judge of it all.

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  • Asutosh nanda
    Asutosh nanda 17 hours ago

    The Russians did it

  • whiterottenrabbit
    whiterottenrabbit 20 hours ago

    I can explain that: You make half-assed videos with lame overhyped klickbait titles and don't care about how actually shitty your content is, as long as you get some ad revenue.

  • Michael Bourne
    Michael Bourne 1 day ago

    if you could travel in time you could go to the white house and tell the gaurd that J.f.keneddy will be shot and he will let you talk to him and you could change his death but these time travellers don't change things, i would try to stop the worst things that we now know

  • steve gale
    steve gale 2 days ago

    Genetic traits get passed down the generations, nothing mystical about it.

  • Mihaela6476
    Mihaela6476 3 days ago

    I wish so much to time travel! Into the past!

  • sal christy
    sal christy 4 days ago

    Conspiracy jackoffs are dozey!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom Dockery
    Tom Dockery 5 days ago

    You could start your own religion if you could time travel.Who wouldn't follow someone who was right 100 per cent of the time?

  • shaida kadwani
    shaida kadwani 5 days ago

    "the experts say no but what do they know?"


  • sixbilliontoone
    sixbilliontoone 6 days ago


  • spinefex
    spinefex 6 days ago


  • Maryam
    Maryam 6 days ago

    WTF did I just watch!

  • The One
    The One 6 days ago

    Michael Cera is not a Female.........!

  • Amanda S
    Amanda S 7 days ago

    What if your actually in the future and some of us are in the past?

  • Aniela Zalewska
    Aniela Zalewska 8 days ago

    They were just Doctor Who's companians.

  • XQCmoi
    XQCmoi 8 days ago

    Computer says no.

  • Natascha Andersen
    Natascha Andersen 10 days ago

    It could be in 3019 you chould time travel and Them they travelt back in time😬

    RAY WATCHER47X 10 days ago

    mind blown.... i just dont know what to believe.. i will just have to find the truth myself........

  • Marlon Rodriguez
    Marlon Rodriguez 11 days ago

    Michael Cera hahaha wow they need to make a movie on that hahaha!

  • Shian K
    Shian K 11 days ago

    the charlie chaplin thing was some dude promoting his video studio or whatknot, debunked

  • - CookieArttz -
    - CookieArttz - 12 days ago

    We all 100% agree that the man who rides horses shirtless and had a pigeon salute to him Vladimir Putin is clearly immortal right?

  • Rita Ann Secrease
    Rita Ann Secrease 12 days ago


  • Emmas VeeLOG
    Emmas VeeLOG 12 days ago

    I travelled also 1860

  • Dana Lorenzo
    Dana Lorenzo 12 days ago

    "is time travel possible!??,the experts say no but what do they know?" ME: wat? ° _ °

  • Dana Lorenzo
    Dana Lorenzo 12 days ago


  • Daria Morgendorffer
    Daria Morgendorffer 12 days ago

    Putin is just a big dick, he's not time traveler.

  • Hessica Jamilton
    Hessica Jamilton 13 days ago

    Is it possible that during astral projection your soul can be seen by others if your connection to the setting is strong enough? because I've heard you can time travel during astral projection.

  • Miriam Juarez
    Miriam Juarez 13 days ago

    I do believe in time traveling

  • Just Shelby
    Just Shelby 14 days ago

    I wanna go back and not marry that asshole alchy

  • Laken Riley Campbell

    yes i think it is

  • Kostis Konstantinou
    Kostis Konstantinou 15 days ago

    you think that ancient greece had laptops it is just stone that the were writing on.Dont ask who i know it because i am greek

  • Sylvia Carlson
    Sylvia Carlson 15 days ago

    What were those two women talking into?  It certainly isn't a hearing device.

  • KatzyHamiltoe
    KatzyHamiltoe 15 days ago

    I guess that celebrities aren't allowed to look similarly to other people from the past without it being time-travel, right??

  • Maddie Simmons
    Maddie Simmons 16 days ago

    1:25 XD

  • Maddie Simmons
    Maddie Simmons 16 days ago

    best friends whenever's storyline is right!

  • Neil
    Neil 16 days ago

    Zubaida tharwat just died 6 months ago how can u say that she is jennifer lawrence.

  • Wesley Adams
    Wesley Adams 18 days ago

    Once you've mastered time, you've mastered the universe. There is no going back. The future becomes the past the present the future. There is no limit to the destructive or creative power of your experience.

  • Max 14672
    Max 14672 19 days ago

    It is cloning

    RNZIRBAT6XCOY2002 21 day ago

    this video is fucking full of shit.

  • Sarah Green
    Sarah Green 21 day ago

    When you're in bed waiting to get sleepy and stumble upon this shit.

  • Benny Nkosi
    Benny Nkosi 21 day ago


  • kan cli
    kan cli 22 days ago

    experts say no but what do they know what the hell

  • 4korvlogs ayh
    4korvlogs ayh 22 days ago

    I wish I can time travel back in time so I can show a guy my best shot😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖

  • Nightmare Art
    Nightmare Art 22 days ago

    5:05 don't believe this shit !!!! I'm Greek and this is just a box and the 2nd one is a kind of book

  • Harlee Hampton
    Harlee Hampton 23 days ago

    reply if u think time travel is possible.

  • Karina Castro
    Karina Castro 24 days ago

    or hes a vampire

  • Cintya Cervantes
    Cintya Cervantes 24 days ago

    who just came because of Jennifer Lawrence

  • mixedmultitude
    mixedmultitude 24 days ago

    Why time travel instead of reincarnation?

  • Andy Aesthetic
    Andy Aesthetic 24 days ago

    I want to build time machine so bad!

  • Chris Hass
    Chris Hass 25 days ago

    what if they live in the present but we just live in the past?

  • Chris Hass
    Chris Hass 25 days ago


  • Patrick Farkas
    Patrick Farkas 25 days ago

    Ok, let's say it's real and someone send them from past to future, would you be a fuckin Hollywood star if you came from past ?

  • Sayeri Hossain
    Sayeri Hossain 25 days ago

    LOL this is such a trash

    OPSHORA RIA 25 days ago

    amar sathe amn akjon er onk mil...

  • KamiChan Smith
    KamiChan Smith 26 days ago

    one of my best friends told me that he could time travel and that he was at the momuent when martin Luther king Jr. gave his speech

  • Jedd
    Jedd 26 days ago

    Ever heard of coincidental activity?

  • Mirabel Madukwe
    Mirabel Madukwe 26 days ago

    Really 🙄

  • Maryem El Tahan
    Maryem El Tahan 27 days ago

    I really really want to believe so badly that this is true. But I can't.

  • amal raj
    amal raj 27 days ago

    Im a time traveler

  • the dude
    the dude 28 days ago

    michael cera is that nazi women reincarnated

  • Emperor Penguin
    Emperor Penguin 28 days ago

    I'm from future where penguins have evolved and rule over humans. I've come back to facilitate the process.

  • Iris Van de Nieuwegiessen

    Travelling back in time would kill everyone because you carry bacterias they arent immune for and travelling forward in time will kill you because they have bacterias/virusses/illnesses you arent immune for...

  • Tom J
    Tom J 29 days ago

    these argument are equal to a monkey fart

  • Destiny Lewis
    Destiny Lewis 29 days ago

    6 minutes and 20 seconds of bull shit

  • Maryam choudhary
    Maryam choudhary 29 days ago

    According to Stephen hawking time travel is not possible if it is possible than why the future people are not coming in the past???

  • Siddu Marihal
    Siddu Marihal 1 month ago

    We it is not possible.
    but no one of us has visited the future to say correctly and confidently that it is not possible.
    I think it may be possible

  • hairy style
    hairy style 1 month ago

    WHY does this have 14M views?!

  • James Steww
    James Steww 1 month ago

    just because they look alike doesn't mean they time traveled

  • Nermeen Shata
    Nermeen Shata 1 month ago

    I love JENNIFER LAWRENCE so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Breaking News
    Breaking News 1 month ago

    "don't believe everything that you see on the Internet" Abraham Lincoln - 1862

  • AnimeOtakuGirl 101
    AnimeOtakuGirl 101 1 month ago

    Time travel would/is really cool, but you could really fuck up history with it

  • Gnanaraj A
    Gnanaraj A 1 month ago

    photos proof i can see oddness,cant feel the suspected person is among them ....
    and lastone i think its not a laptop it may be jewel box

  • Ava's Show
    Ava's Show 1 month ago

    Or they just look similar??

  • Dustbunnie
    Dustbunnie 1 month ago

    Time travel won't be possible until 2157. Believe me - I know!

  • Dana St. Pierre
    Dana St. Pierre 1 month ago


  • jaybird echoallaround

    the old lady with an ear infection

  • jaybird echoallaround

    the talet is a wooden make up box

  • Eve The Unicorn
    Eve The Unicorn 1 month ago

    Time travel would destroy the world.

  • Guernicaman
    Guernicaman 1 month ago

    There's only so many combinations of physical features you could possibly have before people start looking similar to one another. It's a mathematical inevitability.

  • Aingeal Jackson
    Aingeal Jackson 1 month ago

    maybe Hetalia is real and Russia finally got fed up with idiots running him so he took charge himself

  • Salma Morales
    Salma Morales 1 month ago

    If you are reading this stop watching the video. Trust me, you'll wish you could travel back in time to skip this.

  • David Epps
    David Epps 1 month ago

    fucking genious XD

  • Hardy Marty
    Hardy Marty 1 month ago

    This all bullshit time traveling is nearly impossible with technology science has today and it will remain impossible in the future too there are lots of limitations attached to it. It is not easy to escape time boundaries.

  • Aqsa Khan
    Aqsa Khan 1 month ago

    it is said that till today in the world all the inventions,science that human made, its only 25% human brain is when with just usage of 25% of human brain all this can happen,what will happen if human use their 100% brain..n on the other side relate to that any thing which human brain can thought is possible in future or some other... so today we r thinking of time traveling so keep believe on it, this will gonna happen in future if it is still not exist :p....

  • FunLife TV
    FunLife TV 1 month ago

    is it real?

  • Sheala Kennedy
    Sheala Kennedy 1 month ago

    PHOTOSHOP! ! dear Lord lol

  • Hyungnam Gu
    Hyungnam Gu 1 month ago

  • Hyungnam Gu
    Hyungnam Gu 1 month ago

  • Hyungnam Gu
    Hyungnam Gu 1 month ago

  • Harikrishnan P V
    Harikrishnan P V 1 month ago

    Idiots, without network towers.. how can they speak in mobile phone???

  • alex dreamer
    alex dreamer 1 month ago

    this ladys voice is so nice. without watching the video i can point it out from the voice thats its the Richest

  • Julio Ang
    Julio Ang 1 month ago

    i want to travel in the futur

  • Nermeen Soliman
    Nermeen Soliman 1 month ago

    This is the stupidest video I've ever seen! I'm Egyptian and Zubida Tharwat died long looonnnggg time ago wtf is even this! Would've been better if it was Celebs look alike not time traveler wtf?

  • Dante X Bryan
    Dante X Bryan 1 month ago

    this my favorite channel just love it especially the lady"s voice

  • Jay Wagenaar
    Jay Wagenaar 1 month ago

    i saw miljard fillmore!

  • Avery Pelletier
    Avery Pelletier 1 month ago

    Egyptian on laptop: *OH MY RA, ANUBIS! Did you hear Cleopatra fell while walking up the pyramids??*

  • Sheela Rao
    Sheela Rao 1 month ago

    Dwarf houses of hemming Guddu stone structures of hire benakal

  • Fetus Muncher
    Fetus Muncher 1 month ago

    Zubaida died in 2016.

  • Michael Lombardi
    Michael Lombardi 1 month ago

    It's fun to think about but the only time travel is the speed at which your car, bike or feet will get you from point A to B. Also the lady in the video has a transistor radio and is talking to her friends while walking. Visit any antique shop and you will see many types of small transistor radios. The speakers were small and not at all loud so if there was a lot of background noise it was easier hear the radio by holding it to your ear, they were the hot thing to have in the 50's and 60's.

  • 21 News
    21 News 1 month ago

    It is so nice

  • Jackie Morales
    Jackie Morales 1 month ago

    Its not a TimeTravel i guess.....cause when his/her mom and dad died maybe there match by his/her mom and dad...and they have all the secret pictures that they hide to his/her children and they dont want to know its that they we're match together
    zairelyn cariño
    12 years old

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