BOXING BOBBY | Rudy Mancuso & Mike Tyson

Watch this funny comedy sketch with Boxing Bobby played by Rudy Mancuso and his trainer Mike Tyson!



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Runtime: 4:16
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Author Awkward Puppets ( ago)
Fight me bro.

Author carla hadeel ( ago)

Author Stacey Abrahams ( ago)
Rudy, trainer: ...............................
trainer: f**K you

Author ban Al Dalw ( ago)
Amazing video

Author Danni Hume ( ago)
Did anyone get his name or what

Author alex jones ( ago)
im weak

Author Mannix Coca ( ago)
Chipotle 😂😃😄😅😊😆😊

Author Abdoul Nasser ( ago)
hahahahahahhhg bobby

Author Davin Moua ( ago)
I like the name bobby

Author hector sauceda ( ago)
Fight me i dare you to swing at me bro

Author Timothy - Minecraft & More! ( ago)

Author Connor Oberle ( ago)

Author GorGob ( ago)
You're fucking dead that's what's fucked lol

Author James Dunnington ( ago)
So what's his name lol

Author lPHl XinXio164 ( ago)
Pablo Juan Carlo Alexandro Gonzales Maria Lucia Mendoza Chipotle Tapatio Quankeso Guacamole Ferreias Santiago Rodrigez

Author Elijah Diallo ( ago)
Wat a waste of 4 mins

Author Gaby Carrillo ( ago)
my dad might put me in boxing

Author Lilian Sanchez Martinez ( ago)
omg ilysm ur halarious rudy u inspire me so much and ur just the funniest guy! tf yes

Author Elena Kolarevic ( ago)

Author Joanne Alsoub ( ago)
Who carries a pillow and blankets when they are going out

Author Raven Jimmy ( ago)
that guy built a castle in his pants when he saw tyson

Author Glowin2kBoy ( ago)

Author NamZo ( ago)
Umm 3:19 I'm Speechless...

Author prince Wilkie ( ago)

Author Evanhairgelion ( ago)
How is Tyson so lovable and so intimidating at the same time?

Author Tatiana Smith ( ago)
Mike Tyson is my uncle true fact

Author Hailee Ramos ( ago)
0:15 I love his name

Author ROBO_5000 ( ago)
..... .... fuck you 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂that part had me dying

Author Im up next ( ago)
im schleeep😂😂😂

Author Xozero ( ago)
That guy was like
Rudy's trainer : .................... Fuck You
Me : XD bro that was so random -falls of chair-

Author Faith Bowes ( ago)
omg mike Tyson my dads friend is a body hard for him

Author Poxy Productions ( ago)
rudy bad tattos

Author tareg Matrlx R ( ago)
😛😁1:27 🌈🍻

Author Atyana Navarro ( ago)

Author Perfectdon 12 ( ago)
' ... ... FUK YOU' Hahahahah😂

Author I AI_2507 I ( ago)
He needs more subscribers

Author Olive Ndikum ( ago)
Lolz pp, Mike killed me. He's lit!

Author tomcornwall83 ( ago)
3:04 to 3:20 :-D

Author Nika Belieber ( ago)
when he said "but everyone calls me bobby" at first I heard he said "but everyone calls me pappi" 😂

Author Yo I'm Cool Yeah That's Right ( ago)
Mike and Rudy just staring "😐"
Mike "FUCK YOU!"
I died lmao
Like pls lololol

Author Gaming Productions ( ago)
"Tapatillo con queso" 😂😂😂

Author Ubaid Shah ( ago)
guacamole lol

Author Μεη Μεης ( ago)
bring Mike Tyson in comedian movies hes awesome hahahaha <3

Author Skip Barrows ( ago)

Author laure Beguedou ( ago)

Author chuzi la pweza ( ago)
wooow....what a punch

Author Valentin Angelov ( ago)
fight me bro

Author Niiiko ( ago)
fite me m8

Author THUG Life Boy ( ago)
2:40 what????????????????

Author Sam Enrique ( ago)
First vid I watch with no tequila

Author Hassan ( ago)
3:18 lmao i love mike tyson XD

Author Janna navaja ( ago)

Author Shatrah Zziwa ( ago)

Author Beelze boss ( ago)
Legendary Mike Tyson's face is so much of hardworking,aggressive, pitiful as well as funny.

Author BryantTheBoss 21 ( ago)
3:16 my name is Jeff

Author Riahh Stacks ( ago)
...............Fuck you!.......

Author leri lez ( ago)
cuando tu apellido es González
y tienes un amigo con un nombre casi tan largo

Author Deek Gordon ( ago)
dude my pish will hit the pan harder than you

Author Yasmina Habib ( ago)
My name is .........................….…………………………………………………………………………………………… but people call me Bobby

Author Reira Howard ( ago)
"I am married... I do have a wife... unfortunately." BOI WHAT DO U MEAN HAHAHHAHA

Author tinhtoo aung ( ago)
3:20 Fuck you

Author Gyara Charles ( ago)
Bobby sound like barbie jajaja 😂😂

Author TimX12 ( ago)
3:15 made me lmao

Author all about jugad ( ago)
so awesome brother

Author VictoriaDivaDance ( ago)
The random " F*K YOU!" By the 'trainer' for Bobby 😂

Author Analisia Johnson ( ago)
...................Fuck you

Author Philip Moise ( ago)
Rudy and Mike are so funny

Author hiteris AŠ ( ago)
0:27 what music is this????

Author yemane Baryia ( ago)
Mike Tyson we will miss for you boxing

Author saloum malang ( ago)
He got the best name ever

Author Its meh Sassinzz ( ago)
You wanna muay thai bro

Author Eleazar Hernandez ( ago)
what is your nob

Author حسام الدين هاني محمد ( ago)
i like yhat video bro

Author Jessica Lopez ( ago)
Order for Pablo Juan Carlos Alejandro Gonzales Maria lucia Mendoza Macarena Chipotle Tapatío Con Queso Guacamole Ferrera Santiago Rodriguez! or Bobby...

Author tala show ( ago)
OMG I loooooove you

Author Coach Rambo ( ago)
Hey Rudy you should team up with Charlie Z. He beats up trash cans too!

Author Jamyah Booker ( ago)
hahaha yo ass got kick i still love you

Author Galaxy Univeres ( ago)
If Rudy doesn't listen the mike is gonna bite his ear

Author Keisaun Carano ( ago)
tapatio 😂

Author Mateus Moreira ( ago)
Coloca legenda para Português , sou do Brasil , seu canal é top

Author Jillian Cortez ( ago)
That intro got me weeeaaakk

Author Amran Abdi ( ago)
in the first few minutes I did not get a world.😕

Author Serginho Lunche ( ago)
lol these is funny

Author Horsemen the web ( ago)
Mike's a savage

Author footballer's 23 ( ago)
subscribe and I'll subscribe back

Author footballer's 23 ( ago)

Author David Toledo ( ago)
That was hilarious

Author XxrngbatlesXx XxrngbatlesXx ( ago)
Rudy cash me outside how bou dat

Author FiendTasy ( ago)
It's still bright outside and it's 8pm?

Author ReKicks ( ago)
3:19 had me laughing so hard!!

Author Tonantzin Trujillo-Delgadillo ( ago)
your funny guy😀😀😀😀😀

Author Tonantzin Trujillo-Delgadillo ( ago)
never mind😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Author Tonantzin Trujillo-Delgadillo ( ago)
I like you 😍😜😜😜😛😛💙

Author Tonantzin Trujillo-Delgadillo ( ago)
rudy mancuso I am your biggest fan ever since I saw your first with lelepons 💜👍👑🐹🐢⚽

Author The Randomness Show ( ago)
u have a long last name😂😂😂

Author JAVA CHANNEL ( ago)
what did Mike Tyson say FUCK YOU

Author Mr Green eyes ( ago)
Great channel greetings from England uk 😎

Author Mr Green eyes ( ago)
Really funny name

Author emanuele321 ( ago)
I usually don't remember names so it's embarassing but I guess this time it's fine

Author winter storm ( ago)
Tyson is fucking awesome he has the best sense of humor he's funny af

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