BOXING BOBBY | Rudy Mancuso & Mike Tyson

Watch this funny comedy sketch with Boxing Bobby played by Rudy Mancuso and his trainer Mike Tyson!



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Runtime: 4:16
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Author Awkward Puppets ( ago)
Fight me bro.

Author WWe#1fanlover 101 ( ago)
Rudy got Tyson on one of his videos Amazing!!!!!!!

Author Riad Hushan ( ago)
Dat name tho

Author Amsal Zia ( ago)
can anyone tell me what the song is .....I mean the one he listens to on his headphones.

Author jayy pk ( ago)

Author Serenity Mainguy ( ago)
I hop you win

Author Yuri Bispo dos Santos ( ago)
What is the name of the song 0:24 PLSS

Author Shilpa Chowdhury ( ago)
1:26 wtf look at the big ass glass right dere

Author RetrO Aka dedsec ( ago)
At 0:25 he ran so fast😂😂😂

Author Wwe Lover ( ago)
....................................................................................."fuck you."

Author Cefims Soas ( ago)
what an idiot

Author Sam Mosta ( ago)
Mike is funny so is the clip
Good on u guys

Author vimlesh kajot ( ago)
He took 9 seconds to say his name!!!!!!!

Author rw19901 ( ago)
"No your dead...You told me to be honest...Honestly you will not fuck him up". PMSL!!!!!

Author Yves Uwineza ( ago)
This is awesome

Author Sugar_Kitty _ ( ago)

Author TheMixStop & Vinyl ( ago)
That name tho lol he could've just said junior lmao

Author UnderGrount TYT ( ago)
Chipotle? is your name XDDDDDDDDD

Author KidzWithNoSkillz ( ago)
This vid was released on my b day

Author Danisha Chery ( ago)
when he said chipotle i died😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

Author Jolie Lim ( ago)
"My name is Pablo Juan Carlos Alejandro Gonzales Maria Lucia Macarena Chipotle Tapatillo Con Queso Guacamoly Ferrera Santiago Rodriguez, but everybody calls me Bobby."

Author EGTrucker1990 ( ago)
Mike Tyson: FUCK YOU 😂

Author John Doe ( ago)

Author Jadah Pinnock ( ago)
I keep repeating 3:19

Author Joselyn Guerra ( ago)
4:04 I died 😆

Author WholeWheatBread ( ago)

Author Stephen ( ago)
hello babe when he calls his wife

Author amaan ahmed ( ago)
Anwar is thousand times better than you

Author Wolfie Art ( ago)
Best full name ever

Author Hermione Snape ( ago)
I do boxing

Author Poeticbladezero ( ago)
LOL upper fucking teeth

Author Tamara J ( ago)
Beautiful log long long long name or for short bobby

Author Raven Mitch Taningco-Yu ( ago)
3:20... XD

Author Raven Mitch Taningco-Yu ( ago)
HAHAHA!!! Mike... LOL XD

Author An onymous ( ago)
"So it turned out I am not really that good at boxing"🤣

Author Aaron Morris ( ago)
Hit the fuckin bag you fucker

Author WhyDidYouReadThisAllTheWayToTheEnd?? ( ago)
2:28, they way he says you fukker lol

Author chesniy porin ( ago)
vot eta dalbayob

Author DiamondTriggerX MC ( ago)

Author Ziggerzon Studios ( ago)
Pin this comment plz Rudy Mancuso

Author Ziggerzon Studios ( ago)
The long name 😅😅😅😅

Author gamer1 Yilmaz ( ago)

Author gamer1 Yilmaz ( ago)

Author Alejandra Ventura ( ago)
awkward silence.......................

Author Nicolas Ferrg ( ago)
What music?

Author Utfngc Hggb ( ago)
you are so shape of boxing and my Prada he will B&Q of boxing and f*** off showbox

Author XxChloeMartinxX ( ago)
I live for his name #chipotle

Author PRINCE ( ago)
haha BEST PART 3:06 .....nice one bro :)

Author Rene Quintero ( ago)
What is up with his hair line tho

Author NoVa-Tutorials,Gaming And More ( ago)

Author luka gaming ( ago)
''fuck you''

Author Dylan Lee ( ago)
When u only train for one day and u think ur the best

Author SMITTAL ( ago)
2:19 "shut your fuck up"

Author Leila Rahif ( ago)
i subscribed

Author Dj Stress ( ago)

Author Lincoln Bailey ( ago)
That's name tho

Author Grave Star ( ago)
Mike is a savage

Author AA of Hearts The Faulty Deck ( ago)
(intense eyeballing followed by long silance)................"FUCK YOU!", cracked me up man :P

Author Shui Dongliu ( ago)
Lmao this is hilarious 😂😂😂😂

Author Sunday Nathan ( ago)
wow...nice name bro

Author Duck printer4 ( ago)
i used to punch people in the face too

Author Mexican American niko ( ago)
it's the Hispanic little mac

Author 21 Ballerz ( ago)
Make more videos like this great job 🥊👍

Author Zoe Adams ( ago)
hahah yes! i love this vid

Author Domaciano Dmello ( ago)
u r joker

Author Miguel Lopes ( ago)
thats so cool

Author Shana Gilbert ( ago)
Bet his. Ass

Author Wendy Yap ( ago)
Mike Tyson scene saying 'fuck you' to Tonio was the best xD

Author Shana Gilbert ( ago)
Michael is a good man

Author chfar072281 ( ago)
This is brilliant! Keep it up Rudy.

Author Cole Roxbury ( ago)
Hes actually kinda fast. Peep him running in the beginning.

Author Aditi Jain ( ago)
I feel like the "Bobby" joke has been taken from nigahiga. (How to be ninja)

Author Yoselin Luevano ( ago)
wow got a long name there

Author Daniell Anderson ( ago)

Author Kazer ( ago)

Author Ash SykOh ( ago)
I watched this in school and laughed so hard

Author Sikronima Entertainment ( ago)
I heard chipotle in his full name

Author Alex Tsai ( ago)
what is that music in the beginning introducing Bobby?

Author JU1CEL0L ( ago)
rudy your not mexican dude ur Portuguese

Author Josmar Miguel ( ago)
make a video about deigo roasting u rudy and u roasting him

Author Josmar Miguel ( ago)
man this man is funny

Author Mariana Arvizu ( ago)

Author Can Ahmed ( ago)

Author HEVEL T ( ago)
who tf u think u are u sas

Author HEVEL T ( ago)
fuckin suck

Author queen okl ( ago)
i miss videos like this! all i see on his channel now is musical this and music that!

Author Pussy Destroyer ( ago)
Fuck you! 😂

Author BLUE TUBE ( ago)
oh shit tonio was a south paw

Author PIGSTER84 ( ago)
I love the coach😂😂😂 "fuck you"

Author Fraser_ Gaming ( ago)
ossas loses

Author Ali Memmedov ( ago)
i laugh at the eye contacy and tyson says FUCK YOU XDXD

Author Mille Krog ( ago)
I lost it when he said 'fuck you'

Author Thomas Fejarang ( ago)
3:20 oml I'm dead😂💀

Author _neko_ _jam_ ( ago)
"........................................FUCK YOU!@

Author Jolene Mooney ( ago)
did anyone hear him say wakamolli at 19:00- 21:00

Author minx girl ( ago)

Author Fluffy Bunny1721 ( ago)
3:56 I DIED LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author Fluffy Bunny1721 ( ago)

Author פטריסיה סבג ( ago)
0:14 when you figth khalessi

Author Caffeinated Nation ( ago)
Wow, that's a long name. He's got Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez beat.

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