10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation

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  • PlasticFruit The Whack Shack Man

    *When you eat lots of sweet corn*

  • Ikbal Ikbal
    Ikbal Ikbal 2 hours ago

    hade lahh

  • Ram Kumar
    Ram Kumar 3 hours ago

    is 3 rd expirement will burn our hands

  • Mohan Verma
    Mohan Verma 18 hours ago

    the last one hurt or not

  • Mario Farrugia-Borg
    Mario Farrugia-Borg 22 hours ago

    does number 3 burn the hand

  • Anokhi Goyal
    Anokhi Goyal 23 hours ago

    the end one is true or not

  • short squad
    short squad 1 day ago

    I'll lite my hand on fire and make a fire ball if I get 20 subscribers

  • M3nt4l
    M3nt4l 1 day ago

    At 4:55 I was like "wtf crawled out of the gapes of hell now."

  • M3nt4l
    M3nt4l 1 day ago

    At 3:45 its me thinking of... you be creative

  • Ronaldo Menezes
    Ronaldo Menezes 1 day ago

    manu eu amei esti video

  • elsa jexin
    elsa jexin 1 day ago

    wow... this video is so amazing

  • James Morris
    James Morris 1 day ago

    i watch it because i am a sciencitist and i am studding and i found led inside figet spinners so tell your kids to throw them away

  • koo kiat
    koo kiat 2 days ago

    1.40 it is not pain?

  • Meonah Da Cuber
    Meonah Da Cuber 2 days ago

    Will it hurt if u try to touch the hand sanitizer and it is still burning 7:58?

  • The Kawaii Bean
    The Kawaii Bean 2 days ago

    7:33 for those who came for the thumbnail and the thumbnail only

  • Tova Jeppsson
    Tova Jeppsson 2 days ago


  • Yan Tindel
    Yan Tindel 2 days ago

    I got so scared at 1:46 but it was cool

  • Zobro 34
    Zobro 34 2 days ago

    Go to 5:48 is like a butt

  • Kenvin Squirtle
    Kenvin Squirtle 2 days ago

    6:55 Like a hot coca cola

  • Panos Fusu
    Panos Fusu 2 days ago

    about the sixth experiment, does it work with regular chlorine and coca cola?

  • Kyle Echarri
    Kyle Echarri 2 days ago


  • Arafat Hossain
    Arafat Hossain 3 days ago

    is it safe to touch those fire which y were touching in this vdo ?

  • Ope Ope
    Ope Ope 3 days ago

    I wish I could do one of this.
    but in need the instruments

  • Simon Bosul
    Simon Bosul 4 days ago

    ciao Simone,sei italiano?

  • Diamond Noodles and cheese


  • Play A Game pl
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  • Play A Game pl
    Play A Game pl 5 days ago

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    Play A Game pl 5 days ago

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  • Iulia Sanfira
    Iulia Sanfira 5 days ago

    Can someone explain me why soapy water protects from burning?

    MARIAN LAUREL 5 days ago

    i sub the video and like beacuse this is a good experiment and so safty =))))))

  • rebymarie tinio
    rebymarie tinio 5 days ago

    Put a warning if its dangerous

  • Kim Kimon
    Kim Kimon 6 days ago

    Number 10 is that hot?

  • TBNR pup
    TBNR pup 6 days ago

    0:21 we did that and it exploded and it was loud omg

  • Ramiro Roman
    Ramiro Roman 6 days ago

    Is there a special way to dispose of the aluminum and drain cleaner?

  • Rahul Wavare
    Rahul Wavare 7 days ago

    the sugar and sulfuric acid one is so cool

  • Mobile Gamer
    Mobile Gamer 7 days ago

    imagine you looking at the beach for 20 mins seeing a monster come in through your towel

  • Aishu Pradeep
    Aishu Pradeep 8 days ago

    will our hand burn while doing the butane gas experiment

  • Hazzel LaMontagne
    Hazzel LaMontagne 8 days ago

    5:02 Opening the gates to hell be like

  • mankee tv and fishy tv

    Como não queimou a mao

  • BizzareGaming Roblox And More!

    on number 3 he look like scorpion from Mortal Kombat

  • Vernie May Levy
    Vernie May Levy 8 days ago


  • Walija Rao
    Walija Rao 8 days ago

    amazing video.....love such dangerous experiments 👍👍👍

  • Brianna Bunker
    Brianna Bunker 9 days ago

    these experiments were lit

  • akul jaiswal
    akul jaiswal 9 days ago

    Please support this growing channel ..... Thank you .....

  • Joshua
    Joshua 9 days ago

    O wow its not click bait

  • Nithish Kumar
    Nithish Kumar 9 days ago

    so much beautiful

    FIRE TO MINECRAFT 10 days ago

    is the flammable hand sanitizer very extremly hot coz i wanna try it is it 10x hot or 5x hot or 1x hot

  • Lestari Arion
    Lestari Arion 10 days ago

    Really, Just Use Hand Sanitizer ?? (ending video)

  • Maggie Logston
    Maggie Logston 10 days ago

    Me: hey mom can I light my hand on fire
    Mom:wait wha-
    Me:ok thanks


    Greetings from the Philippines! wow, cool science tricks! we can use some of these experiments in our show.- Science Magic Philippines

  • Oliver Blomster
    Oliver Blomster 10 days ago

    Yo what

  • Black Hack
    Black Hack 10 days ago

    7:44 omg!!! wow

  • Angi Shah
    Angi Shah 10 days ago

    It is amazing

  • Kanga Koot
    Kanga Koot 10 days ago

    Does the fire hand sanitizer burn???

  • Miłosz Nowak
    Miłosz Nowak 10 days ago

    ostatnie było fajne

  • Kian Cupcake
    Kian Cupcake 10 days ago

    Number 3 does it not hurt??

  • TheToxicCarnage007
    TheToxicCarnage007 11 days ago

    0:24 Me after I have Taco Bell

  • CR7 fangZ farisbricks

    this is so cool

  • BikeFight
    BikeFight 11 days ago

    Didnt worked for me :(

  • Jhon Camilo Lozano
    Jhon Camilo Lozano 11 days ago

    rastro de pipi y cuca culo

  • Lakshmi Kumari
    Lakshmi Kumari 12 days ago

    1:35 does it burn your hand

  • Darkness
    Darkness 12 days ago

    Number 10 was the best!

  • Extreme Challanges
    Extreme Challanges 12 days ago

    I want a fight spinner give it or I'll delete your channel you fukin bitch

  • Cookie Kookie
    Cookie Kookie 12 days ago

    Don't worry I will not imitate that... cuz I don't have those ingridients

  • Valena Campbell
    Valena Campbell 13 days ago

    does number 6 put a hole through the table

  • Travis Root
    Travis Root 13 days ago

    What was the fuel for the first one? Just alcohol?

  • Julia Cielecka
    Julia Cielecka 13 days ago


  • Firdhea 02
    Firdhea 02 13 days ago

    0:45 i did not see that coming

  • Gaurav SAINI
    Gaurav SAINI 14 days ago

    this is pure scientist and science expert

  • Aldi Cayang Dia
    Aldi Cayang Dia 14 days ago


  • Chevonn Apere
    Chevonn Apere 14 days ago

    does the fire even burn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????

  • Derek Malke
    Derek Malke 14 days ago

    Is it hot to touch the fire with hand sanitizer?

  • Fuyuki Matome
    Fuyuki Matome 15 days ago


  • Legit Gamer 632
    Legit Gamer 632 15 days ago

    That fart sound in the first part though😂🤣

  • ME Mucraft
    ME Mucraft 15 days ago

    the thing I like about this video the beat

  • Dave da Smupp
    Dave da Smupp 15 days ago

    does the flammable hand sanitizer hurt exactly?

  • Marie Isabel
    Marie Isabel 15 days ago

    não queima a mao na mágica do fogo????

  • Dog Dog
    Dog Dog 15 days ago


  • Nikolai Reznov
    Nikolai Reznov 16 days ago

    isnt the number 10 very hot?

  • Eun Lim
    Eun Lim 17 days ago

    some of these look dangerous😰

  • nouman qaisar
    nouman qaisar 17 days ago


  • Aetherisk
    Aetherisk 17 days ago



  • Uzma Khan
    Uzma Khan 17 days ago

    wow fire i have tried expirement of fired hands and i done wow amazing anything does'nt happen to my hand wow so amazing wow wow wow

  • Hannh Gooden
    Hannh Gooden 18 days ago

    the fire in hand i just caused a 2 degree burn...

  • Ashutosh pandey
    Ashutosh pandey 18 days ago

    Does flammable Hand Sanitizer require any precaution?

  • Rogue Master
    Rogue Master 18 days ago

    Number 7 looks like a big poop just came out of a butt hole and this person's poop was so big it could not fit in the toilet so he pooped here

  • Alicia Alcaraz
    Alicia Alcaraz 18 days ago

    i'm going to try one but dose it burn up your hans

  • Aryan Balwani
    Aryan Balwani 18 days ago

    someone coppied you home science

  • Victor.exe
    Victor.exe 18 days ago

    I used the cola and pool clorine so i could get an A on my volcano project

  • krishna kumar
    krishna kumar 18 days ago

    do more and more videos

  • Paul Scanlan
    Paul Scanlan 18 days ago

    7:27 it looks like the heart of sauron

  • Mattie Wong
    Mattie Wong 18 days ago

    isnt the hand sanitizer hot?

  • Robinson Technologies

    im waiting LearnTo Fun

  • Team underground
    Team underground 19 days ago

    Very exclusive

  • Saltine American
    Saltine American 19 days ago

    some of these shouldnt even be shown.. some are bomb making tips ffs

  • Saltine American
    Saltine American 19 days ago

    wy play music on something like this? cant hear all the cool sounds and the music sucks

  • Deimos
    Deimos 19 days ago

    but does the first one produces a trust ?

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