Respect Trans Women

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  • Stacy Brooks
    Stacy Brooks 1 day ago

    This is disgusting. I can't even believe this is not banned. This is the equivalent to bashing an entire minority group for the sake of humor. This is sad.

  • Preston Rhodes
    Preston Rhodes 3 days ago

    this is gay, fag,ew,bla,*gag*

  • Rum Mug the Orc
    Rum Mug the Orc 9 days ago

    Where's Milo???

  • Amber Anthony
    Amber Anthony 13 days ago

    Meh. I chose this for myself as I'm more comfortable this way, and unlike most trans women I pull it off so fuck you XD have a good day. Love you Milo!

  • Jenny O
    Jenny O 24 days ago

    shoeonhead is trans?

  • Bernie 4 life bruv
    Bernie 4 life bruv 1 month ago

    don't be hating on Blair White, everybody loves her, she's coooooool!

  • Moist Towelette
    Moist Towelette 1 month ago

    idk what they're even talking about but this is the funniest shit I've ever heard in my entire life

  • Augustine Benitez
    Augustine Benitez 1 month ago

    >Respect trans women
    Good one homos

    Also, fuck your pronouns

  • RedandBlue
    RedandBlue 1 month ago

    who are these guys? they're hilarious

  • Patrick Galas
    Patrick Galas 1 month ago

    ban trans

  • Patriot
    Patriot 1 month ago


  • Marvin Gardens
    Marvin Gardens 1 month ago

    This isn't even a discussion. I have the "gross chills" just thinking about this shit. I hope it's a joke that these guys are playing.

  • Robby Lewis
    Robby Lewis 1 month ago

    Just randomly came across this channel. No offense, but you guys are fucking cringy... I'm transgender and can't bring myself to be offended because you guys are soooooo fucking weird.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 months ago

    Fuck transgenders.
    Sex chromosomes:
    simple science

  • richard buckley
    richard buckley 2 months ago

    These r jokes

  • ManWithTheMoustache
    ManWithTheMoustache 2 months ago

    I'll fuck a trans if that guy gives me his hat #supremelivesmatter

  • Evan Blenkinsopp
    Evan Blenkinsopp 2 months ago

    Hmm... A lot of weed went missing earlier that day. Totally no connection.

  • Afro Monkey
    Afro Monkey 2 months ago

    "it's 2017 bro... dick ain't gay."

  • Antrobus Gina
    Antrobus Gina 2 months ago

    Bok Bok

  • Housa Daigo
    Housa Daigo 2 months ago

    this guys are disgusting xdd

  • Weatherdude
    Weatherdude 2 months ago

    I don't get it, I thought Milo was against transgender

  • mr1bienvenu1
    mr1bienvenu1 2 months ago

    If Im a man a say i feel like im a fish you would say im crazy. And you would be right. If im am man and say I feel like a woman they would say im normal. WTF

  • lehua nani
    lehua nani 2 months ago

    He needs to get his pimple face cleared up

  • Alex Orsi
    Alex Orsi 2 months ago

    "Trans women like ShoeOnHead"

    😂😂😂 I'm fucking dying

  • lehua nani
    lehua nani 2 months ago

    Can you make a discussion on recessive white race! ?

  • lehua nani
    lehua nani 2 months ago

    Its funny watching struggle genes! Talk about something they have no clue about...but the jokes on them and their pig pink white( DNA)... And their pathetic race.... Recessive! Pig skin.... Sociopathic (DNA) and their trying to talk about conditions? Lol... With the millions they got? To funny

  • lehua nani
    lehua nani 2 months ago

    God! A bunch of recessive white struggle genetics! Trying to make a mockery over a condition? They dont understand? Clearly entertaining..... The white race is the most sexually perverse, mentally unstable, recessive! And physiological deranged.

    • Muhammad The Prophet
      Muhammad The Prophet 7 days ago

      No, it's because of jewish men. Whites built nothing. All inventions are jewish. That's why the worst white country are eastern europeans with no jews.

    • potvw 93
      potvw 93 2 months ago

      lehua nani the white race has also contributed more than any other race. The only reason you're able to type this comment is because of a WHITE MAN. Fucking stupid trash.

  • Jack Allen
    Jack Allen 2 months ago

    fuck Trans..

  • i stole the beans
    i stole the beans 2 months ago

    Whose the dude on the left ?

  • N S
    N S 2 months ago

    shoe0nhead is not trans???

  • Panodphantion
    Panodphantion 2 months ago

    Trans pussies don't come pre-lubed. Ya ain't a dame until your pussy lubes itself.

  • Ciaran Quinn
    Ciaran Quinn 2 months ago


  • Akon Fenty
    Akon Fenty 2 months ago

    Ppl not agree with trans ppl especially women, but they should learn to respect since Jesus teaches love, kindness, caring, and accepting ppl for who they are...trans women can have kids if they get the uterus transplant surgery which a trans woman did and it was a success.

  • unUSEFUL idiot
    unUSEFUL idiot 2 months ago

    Wow. At least 1/3 of the people in the comments didn't get the joke

  • Island Life
    Island Life 2 months ago

    Blair is attractive but you've gotta be a f*cking retard to say men should be attracted to her. BTW, you two are a f*cking pair of total retards. Thanks, but anyways...

  • Backward Palindrome
    Backward Palindrome 3 months ago

    As a trans woman, Milo fucking murders me with laughter. Love you Milo. I'd fuck you.

  • Hugo Sabato
    Hugo Sabato 3 months ago

    Everyone should be gay and end the human race!

    GEEZER 3 months ago

    My eyes are finally opened, Thank you, (SOB)

  • evilashxero
    evilashxero 3 months ago

    Chad Warden needs to show up on here. "Mad gay!"

  • ErsatzEngelReborn
    ErsatzEngelReborn 3 months ago

    Do I detect shoe0nhead shade?

  • JakeTheSnake1133
    JakeTheSnake1133 3 months ago

    Is this a troll or...?

  • A Mut
    A Mut 3 months ago


  • Canyon
    Canyon 3 months ago

    trans ppl don't have ovaries and cannot produce eggs therefore are still just a man with a mutilated penis lmao

  • Alvin Thompson
    Alvin Thompson 3 months ago

    If ShoeOnHead is a trans then.... I'M GAY AF.

  • nwoka
    nwoka 3 months ago

    Bunch of Eric Andre wannabes.

  • Coon Dawg
    Coon Dawg 3 months ago

    Who are these fuckboys 😂

  • DIYdarling
    DIYdarling 3 months ago

    I mean they aren't asking you to fuck them, so let them live there life. Thanks.

  • Ayy Linder
    Ayy Linder 3 months ago

    Milo, you're headed in the right direction with this. Take over comedy, and great american accent btw I hope that was really you. You could be a youtube comedian celeb and get famous enough to troll hollywood eventually?

  • Random
    Random 3 months ago

    Shoe on head used to be called Boxxy.

  • Haha Hehe
    Haha Hehe 3 months ago

    what are you really saying??

  • Kat H
    Kat H 3 months ago

    "It's 2017 bro dick an gay"

  • Richard Oshea
    Richard Oshea 3 months ago

    I fucking love you guys

  • Ashen S White
    Ashen S White 3 months ago

    Fuck you. Don't tell me who to respect. Bigots. ;)

  • Isssabella's Cloud
    Isssabella's Cloud 3 months ago

    Trans people could spend all the money they use on themselves for the good of others. That is why they are not remotely useful to society. Does this mean we should hate them? No. But maybe we should help them to understand how they are harming themselves and others.

  • Mr. StayClassy
    Mr. StayClassy 3 months ago

    Yeah I am not fucking some cunt with dick. I don't give a fuck if thats mean. Yeah it is 2017 so fuck off special little snowflakes.

  • Paul Michael
    Paul Michael 3 months ago

    Fuck the trans humanism agenda. It comes from the KABBALAH. Fuck these occultists trying to decimate families and create a new race.

  • Ragna De Rijcke
    Ragna De Rijcke 3 months ago

    Dick ain't gay

  • Tony  Stark
    Tony Stark 3 months ago

    Evan McMullan lol

  • David Soberg
    David Soberg 3 months ago

    This video was one minute and three seconds too long. Mocking (trans) people works if the acting is good & the material is funny.

    The acting in this video is wretched and it was painfully not funny; I was too embarrassed to watch it to the end. I don't know which of the two is more obnoxious. I guess I'll go with the guy on the right. No, I couldn't do a better job, but then I don't pretend to be a comedian.

  • Julian Potts
    Julian Potts 3 months ago

    They should make this an ongoing series.

  • GH98
    GH98 3 months ago

    "it's 2017 bro, dick ain't gay"

  • avehein
    avehein 3 months ago

    These guys are hilarious. Where can I find more?

  • Naho Saenoki
    Naho Saenoki 3 months ago

    I may be a faggot, but I'm one grounded in scientific reality you loons

  • Sasha wjw
    Sasha wjw 3 months ago


  • AlabamaJRB
    AlabamaJRB 3 months ago

    Y'all fuckers in the comments need to learn something. "Agree to disagree" and stop slandering each other and making yourselves look like a bunch of fucking bigots.

  • Gary McCaffrey
    Gary McCaffrey 3 months ago

    Girth Vader

  • Die4Metal
    Die4Metal 3 months ago

    Cant do it. Blair is awesome and hot but a penis is a turn off. Come back to America Milo.

  • youmaus
    youmaus 3 months ago

    This video and the comments section is the best laugh I've had in a month...but that being said I hope SHOEONHEAD gets a good lawyer...a dyke who is a Cornell alumnus preferably...but hey...aren't they all...and sue you pair until you have to sell your asses on craigslist....

  • Angel Bowman
    Angel Bowman 3 months ago

    Trans women are important not for their bodies/body parts or what they do or not do, but due to their virtue of being human; which all of us are endowed with. This is the foundation of our human rights, the acknowledgment that we are human, right from conception till death.

  • john barcus
    john barcus 3 months ago

    Yo Mike! Evan McMullin doesn't have a dick! He is a tranny though!

  • Oswald
    Oswald 3 months ago

    "it's 2017, dick ain't gay" I spilled my coffee all over the keyboard bwahahahhahaha

  • jimy dsadf
    jimy dsadf 3 months ago

    these r funny af

  • Monkey Music
    Monkey Music 3 months ago

    Should respect people even if they are trans, and unless they make an ass of themselves most people do respect them.

  • Jake G
    Jake G 3 months ago

    Lol fuck shoe on head and her fag bf

  • capone70
    capone70 3 months ago

    who chose these geeky pock-marked actors?

  • Moonlight
    Moonlight 3 months ago

    what is that piano song...

  • Sir5iking
    Sir5iking 3 months ago

    fag is offensive to buttpirates

  • Honest Comments
    Honest Comments 3 months ago

    Everyone will receive respect from me if they are not obnoxious, entitle, leftists (third way aka libturds), feminazi, illegals, and kinda torture me with their presence :D

  • T Slaytonic
    T Slaytonic 3 months ago

    OMG! What fools!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago

    This video has a high concentration of homosexuality. I couldn't finish watching it. Sorry.

  • Angelo Luna
    Angelo Luna 3 months ago

    ░░░░░▀▄░▄▀█░░░░░█░░▌░░░░▀▄░░░░░█ heil hitler

  • malle peche
    malle peche 3 months ago

    Who are these pair of cretins?

  • Polemoxaris Blackmetalas


    • Kyle Mylo
      Kyle Mylo 3 months ago

      Polemoxaris Blackmetalas How original. not

    • Polemoxaris Blackmetalas
      Polemoxaris Blackmetalas 3 months ago

      wtf? ^^ what happens when the embryonic abortion fails

    • Kyle Mylo
      Kyle Mylo 3 months ago

      wtf? ^^ what happens when you don't breastfeed your kid

    • Polemoxaris Blackmetalas
      Polemoxaris Blackmetalas 3 months ago

      Answer my bloody question you fucking worthless cocksucking retard! What are you gonna do? Take off your bras? HAHAHAHAHAHA In YOUR case, it's not where YOU stick your dick, it's how many people stick their cocks up your filthy gay ass! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Just because everyone is wiping your (widely-spread-from-cocks) ass because you are a little sissy girl doesn't mean that's what happens to real men as well! Yeah, exactly, you are a total stranger to me just like I am a total stranger to you too you fucking gay douchebag! I repeat, if you haven't cut off your balls pass by Rhodes, and I'll so you who is going to get his ass kicked (I guess you are used to it). And if there's ANYONE who needs help, that is you, you fucking inbred! You're the total perv in here for being nothing more than a gay little bitch! All of you are a fucking disgrace to mankind! I bet you even like going to thailand to suck little boys cocks for free, just like your transexual dad did! Fucking retarded gay loser!

    • Kyle Mylo
      Kyle Mylo 3 months ago

      What makes you think a gay/bi person is weak or something just because they are bisexual dumbass? you do know there is no link between who you stick your dick in and strength right? There are even gay/bi MMA and UFC fighters who BTW would whipe the floor with your faggot ass for disrespecting them.
      Now are you sure you want to meet a total stranger in person who might easily be able to fuck you up? Be careful what you wish for kid I live close to greece.
      And for the last time: "cocksucking" is not an insult, I wish I had a cock to suck right now.
      Oh and as for the rest of what you help bro, you have serious mental issues, maybe you were raped by your dad when you were little or something that you keep talking about sucking your dad's dick or sucking animals' dick, yuk.

  • Walter Ferres
    Walter Ferres 3 months ago

    I don't respect anyTHING that slaps my Father in the face by drawing up his/her own design. This is not your body. It is here to serve God. It is not up to you to re-design it the way you want it. That really also includes piercings tattoos and any other disfigurements. They are just more accepted for they have been around a lot longer and have become more socially accepted. Doesn't mean they (the designs) have Gods approval. God knows our hearts and judges us by our actions and our love we show him and others. We don't have to LOVE someone that re-designs their body.

  • Talking Fish
    Talking Fish 3 months ago

    The first ten seconds. I spit the food out of my mouth laughing.

    "It's 2017, bro. Dick ain't gay."

  • DragonJarvis
    DragonJarvis 3 months ago


  • PepeTheFrog
    PepeTheFrog 3 months ago

    You know what I love? Faggots. I love some good old sick piles.

  • Dixi Riese
    Dixi Riese 3 months ago

    You are truly sick dude ( or what ever "it" you are), next you tell me fucking a goat is the hight of your sexual experience💩👎💩👎💩👎💩👎💩👎

  • miguel gonzalez
    miguel gonzalez 3 months ago

    the white boy's skin looks like shit, like the surface of the moon upclose. Bring back milo's beautiful face

  • CaptnYestrday
    CaptnYestrday 3 months ago

    Blair White is based AF!~ Very common sense messaging.

  • LeksServices
    LeksServices 3 months ago

    as a transwoman, i approve this message! ♥

  • Pablo Emilio Escobar
    Pablo Emilio Escobar 3 months ago

    I thought milo was British ?

    PROPHET TRUMP! 3 months ago


  • AlFromBayShore
    AlFromBayShore 3 months ago

    Bro! Keep doing this! I like the potential of these two dude-Bros trolling under the guise of sincerity. PLEASE CONTINUE THIS!!!!!

  • AlFromBayShore
    AlFromBayShore 3 months ago

    Did that nigga say Evan McMullin? I'm fuckin' dead!!!!!!!

  • Majestic whale
    Majestic whale 3 months ago

    In the words of the all mighty idubbbz

    What are you fucken gay?

  • john barcus
    john barcus 3 months ago

    How is Blair White's penis? Anyone?

  • BritBit
    BritBit 3 months ago

    Is Justine Beiber a girl to boy trans or turning into a girl? I'm confused every time I see her/him!

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