Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - Movie Review

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  • Mango
    Mango 1 day ago

    Black Pearl is my favorite.

  • Talon Diwisch
    Talon Diwisch 1 day ago

    I never really have a full opinion on a movie 'til I watch it twice, but I was kind of disappointed in this movie. Jack Sparrow was a little too much of an idiot. They made the bad guy to look so threatening but Jack Sparrow didn't even know who he was the whole movie. The whole thing with the astronomer and Barbossa happened way too fast, and I don't believe Barbossa would have died from water. The Poseidon thing was interesting for a bit but then all of a sudden right when they found it, they destroyed it, and it just felt anticlimactic. I did really enjoy both the new character's performances though. Will Turner needed a bigger role in the movie. Totally thought he was gonna save the day at some point. They made him seem like some unimportant character that no one knew about. It didn't even explain why he got all barnacley. I didn't hate the movie, but so far, I wasn't a huge fan. Salazar killing more pirates though was completely pointless though.

  • Diego R-D
    Diego R-D 1 day ago

    The most clear problem is definitely the unnecessary scenes that are everywhere throughout the film.
    Also most of the performances were pretty good, except i didn't like Henry too much. He just felt so bland and generic

  • jime6688
    jime6688 1 day ago

    I like your reviews, but please put your hands in your pockets. You're verbal enough without having to hand talk.

  • Debuzzy
    Debuzzy 1 day ago

    The one thing I hated most about this movie was exactly what Jeremy said that they took away Jack Sparrows cleverness and left only the buffoon. It works together brilliantly in the first three with Jack clowning around but always being a few steps ahead of everyone else. This one however felt very lacking.

  • IfyouBelieve
    IfyouBelieve 1 day ago

    I agree

    I liked some of the elements
    And unfortunately I wasn't really into his character this time :/

  • Nick Raeff
    Nick Raeff 1 day ago

    1. Curse of the Black Pearl
    2. Dead Mans Chest
    3. On Stranger Tides
    4. At Worlds End
    5. Dead Men Tell No Tales

    My sister and I have watched the first 4 back-to-back, in order to watch this 5th film in theaters.
    I so wanted to enjoy DMTNT, but, I just can't. There's just scenes that just aren't necessary, the humor isn't bad, but the characters, and delivery just aren't there.

  • Andrew Goode
    Andrew Goode 1 day ago

    favorite movies from worst to best (I haven't seen the fourth one yet)
    At World's End. 6.5/10
    Dead Men's Chest. 8/10
    Dead Men Tell no Tales 9/10
    Curse of The Black Pearl 10/10

  • Nicholas Manzano
    Nicholas Manzano 2 days ago

    on every scene with Turner, they play the music from the Third movie so you get fucking nostalgic when you notice it

  • Jarl Balgruuf the Greater

    Where is the thumb thumb?

  • Leafar Zerep
    Leafar Zerep 3 days ago

    When you speack like salazar is because of the leanguage he is spanic and have a f... black liquid in his mouth was tha f... you spec?

  • Jaci Lyn
    Jaci Lyn 3 days ago

    yeah i liked salazar actually

  • Penny Kite
    Penny Kite 4 days ago

    I do agree with your analysis

  • David Hilow
    David Hilow 4 days ago

    I wake up at 2AM.

  • jose alvarado
    jose alvarado 4 days ago

    Your voice gives me a headache

  • nicelyfaithful
    nicelyfaithful 4 days ago

    I wish personally they didn't show Will or Elizabeth in the trailer at ALL, that would of been a bigger surprise.

  • pozzibleMovies
    pozzibleMovies 4 days ago

    I agree with this review 100%, everything you said about this movie was just as you said, though you left out that the main girl in this movie was very, very annoying and shoe horned in.

    That said, to answer your question the pirate movies started great and got worse with each iteration, so, number 1 was awesome, number 2 was good, number 3 was boring, number four was pointless, like this one.

  • Brandon Gregory
    Brandon Gregory 4 days ago

    This is how it goes for me, from best to worst:

    1. "Curse of the Black Pearl"
    2. "Dead Man's Chest"
    3. "Dead Men Tell No Tales"
    4. "At World's End"

    47. "On Stranger Tides"

    JOHN BOKO SHOW 4 days ago

    The Pirates of the Caribbean movies I enjoy/ I love
    1. Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl
    2. Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest

    The Pirates of the Caribbean Movies That is My Least Favorite
    1. Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End
    2. Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides

    Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales (Please Stand By )

  • Ayreonaut 16
    Ayreonaut 16 4 days ago

    I never thought I'd say this but the worst part of this movie was Jack. He was just a coward useless comic relief character. So out of character

  • Police 159
    Police 159 4 days ago

    I love it

  • themaster408
    themaster408 4 days ago

    Order of Pirates of the Caribbean in order of best to worst with 1 being best and 10 being worst.
    1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.
    10. The rest tie.

  • Max Zart
    Max Zart 5 days ago

    Overall I didn't like it. Too much slapstick shit and it messed up the canon and timeline. Order is 1 3 2 4 5

  • Wobasaurus
    Wobasaurus 5 days ago

    Didn't like this one very much

  • Terrance Whitted
    Terrance Whitted 5 days ago

    well jack sparrow has gotten older and is more of an. alcoholic

  • Shakim Adams
    Shakim Adams 5 days ago

    I think they should stop now...don't make any more...i agree with Jeremy

  • Mr.2ndAmmendment
    Mr.2ndAmmendment 5 days ago

    i gotta disagree, my bro and I had a ton of fun watchin this.

  • joelm33
    joelm33 5 days ago

    looking forward to P6 :D

  • Skits And Giggles
    Skits And Giggles 6 days ago

    I really liked this one way better than the fourth. Although I hate when they kill off characters in these movies because we've all see multiple characters come back from the dead in this movies constantly. It's like "aw they died... but technically wasn't the first time "

  • Pato :P :P
    Pato :P :P 6 days ago

    From Worst to Best
    5-In Stranger Tides
    4-At World´s End
    3-The Curse of the Black Pearl
    2-Dead Men Tell No Tales
    1-Dead Man´s Chest

  • emilee meagher
    emilee meagher 6 days ago

    I completely agree with this review. This movie is trash. they definitely should've stopped at the original trilogy because the last two have been garbage. jack went from an interesting, funny and clever character to a drunk just stumbling on through. Even the guillotine scene was fucking ridiculous. There was no holding your breath moment at all. We know by now he was never going to actually die. I could go on and on about this movie and all its plot holes but I'll just say this. The movie was fucking awful. Don't see it.

  • Alabama Rama 22
    Alabama Rama 22 7 days ago

    Best Movies in order:
    1 A+
    3 A
    2 A-
    4 B-
    5 C+

  • ponchomkr
    ponchomkr 7 days ago

    I chalked it up to Jack becoming out of touch with piracy. He's been on so many adventures leaving so few left to go on which is why *SPOILERS* his crew leaves him in the first half of the movie. They say he's lost his luck or rather his Jack Sparrow-ness. You can tell the "pirate's life" is fading away from the world. Which is why he acts a bit more drunk than usual and seems almost exhausted. But by the end he realizes that the "pirate's life" still has much in store for him. Though I must admit, I think Jack honestly kind of took a back seat in this film which mainly focused on the two new characters. In the end, I don't know if this what the writer's meant or they just went really lazy for some of the writing but I enjoyed the movie nonetheless.

  • Ben Stewart
    Ben Stewart 7 days ago

    Loved it, my order is : 5,3,4,2,1

  • geezeweezebabypls
    geezeweezebabypls 7 days ago

    I liked it. far better than the previous one.

  • SouthpawSatch
    SouthpawSatch 8 days ago

    I actually quite enjoyed Dead Men Tell No Tales. My only problem with it was how Captain Jack was written, he was more or less just there for comedic effect. There were glimpses of the original Jack who was witty and a badass but he could have been so much better. And that isn't Johnny Depp's fault. Pirates 6 needs some better characterisation for Jack.

    Other than that Salazar was amazing, Barbossa was great too and I liked the rest of it.

    I love your videos Jeremy but I do wish critics would stop comparing it to the first movie. We know it won't beat the first movie, nothing will.

  • Kyle Welsh
    Kyle Welsh 8 days ago

    Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl - 8/10
    Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest - 7/10
    Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End - 7/10
    Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides - 5/10
    Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales - 5/10

  • userunknown203
    userunknown203 8 days ago

    my favorite part of this movie was the Jack/Salazar back story scene. I actually really liked seeing jack get all his stuff. That was cool. But great review Jeremy, as always. Keep up the great work man!

  • matthlowder
    matthlowder 8 days ago

    i can't believe you respected this movie enough to see it. What a trash franchise.

  • Voldemort's Nipple
    Voldemort's Nipple 9 days ago

    Barbossa dies

  • izzad ibrahim
    izzad ibrahim 9 days ago

    i like it a lot. i like it more than 3 & 4.

  • Dakota Bridges
    Dakota Bridges 9 days ago

    I enjoyed it for a pirates movie but you did bring up what I was thinking while watching the movie. They've turned him into just some clumsy drunkard who keeps getting saved and is lucky. They aren't playing on him being clever. Which is really what made the character Jack Sparrow so loveable. Yes. It is like 60% luck, but at least in the first when he pulled off some stunt you knew he considered it and said "With a little bit of luck. I can pull it off." Now he's just getting dragged about like a ragdoll.

  • Annie Secret
    Annie Secret 10 days ago

    OMG I agree with this video sooo much!!!! He spoke my thoughts out!!!! I admit that pirates of the Caribbean is getting worse and worse especially after they switched director from the 4th one it started to get worse and worse, and now in the fifth movie something just seemed a bit off for me, jack was a little different and very much fallen from his golden ages, I felt like he's just a lazy pirate now gave up on his future, and there was soooo many mistakes in the movie for example the compass, from the second movie it stated that he got the compass from calypso and now it's saying that his captain had gave it to him!! A lot of it just doesn't make sense! I wish this is just the producers trying to make jack into this hopeless character and later on in six or seven he'd return to his usual self. The fifth movie was just too much emotional acts and no cool and amusing act which made this movie a little off topic from what was presented in the first place, and it was also a lot less adventure and epic ship and sword fights, I wish this is just a hallucination the movie production is trying to crest for the audience and make a big come back in the next movie😭

  • filmneek
    filmneek 10 days ago

    I personally had a great time with the film. Thought it was better than the fourth and third one

  • Sean Davidson
    Sean Davidson 10 days ago

    I think they missed some chances that could have sold it. Some explanation (like *spoiler* how did Salazaar get cursed?) was needed at times and they should have made it longer. But in the end I had an enjoyable time watching it!

  • zeusbacchushades
    zeusbacchushades 11 days ago

    I thought it was just average and I'm gonna forget about it. I only liked the first one, the rest suck.

  • Yandere Senpai
    Yandere Senpai 11 days ago

    1. Dead Man's Chest
    2. Curse of the Black Pearl
    3. At World's End
    4. On Stranger Tides
    5. Dead Men Tell No Tales

  • Bozzy446
    Bozzy446 11 days ago

    This movie had some good parts in it but overall I didn't like it.

  • Jack Sparge
    Jack Sparge 11 days ago

    Scientist: Theres a witch and a pirate in my house!
    Drunk Jack: Well it must be your lucky day

  • Karla Terese
    Karla Terese 12 days ago

    So annoyed about Jack's compass - I thought the gypsy/moneypenny lady said she gave/sold it to him in the 2nd movie - now this one says he gets it from a random captain? Does not make sense.

  • Marty
    Marty 12 days ago

    1. Black Pearl (obviously) -MASTERPIECE nuff said

    2. Dead Mans Chest - Funny fighting scenes, and Davy Jones was actually intimidating as a villain..

    3. Stranger Tides - Quirky but a little weak storywise, fun all way through and felt like an adventure!

    4. At Worlds End - Too much going on (that's what tend to happen I know) and bad guy no longer bad :/

    5. Dead Men.. - Just stop with the puns and cartoon humor, everyone except maybe the astronomer (because of the stars on her book I guess - why didn't they include like a star-puzzle-thing or challenge..) are 1-dimensional, Javier just happened to be cursed and got cool hair from it... ok...
    Somewhat pedophile-ish Jack went full retard too 😓

    Instead they should have made the full story of young jack, it was the best part after all, (and the cgi enhancement to his face was fine) then end it as a cliffhanger after the curse and opening of his eyes, and then in the next movie make him relentless.. killing innocent people and even becoming a ruthless pirate, then have him and jack switch view of the whole pirate deal!
    Say Jack had a daughter and he saved her by getting cursed himself enabling him to grab salazar and pull him on land with himself 👀

    The impact would be bigger than Barbossa cuz Jack is the "beyond-help/return" ultimate selfish pirate

  • Chromazone
    Chromazone 12 days ago


    OK i can't be the only one who wanted henry to get hurt in someway by salazar and then Will and the flying dutchmen would fight them. In this way they have henry, Jack, Will, whatever the flop the horologist name was, all interact with each other and we would get a cool scene with jack and will after probably around 20 years not seeing each other.

  • Chromazone
    Chromazone 12 days ago

    I'am a huge Pirates of the Caribbean movie (World's end is my favorite), but i was pretty bumbed out that Jack throughout the ENTIRE movie seemed like he was straight up drunk and just how much of CGI there was in the movie. Also i noticed a scene didn't make sense since they changed some things from the previous (SPOILER: Tia Dalma sold the compass to Jack Yet in the film, the captain gave it to him). Just like jeremy i missed his cunning and his wits but the film won me back with Will Turner and that end credit scene.

  • Nikola
    Nikola 12 days ago

    From best to worst:
    1: POTC The Curse of the Black Pearl
    2: POTC Dead Man Tell No Tales
    3: POTC At World's End
    4: POTC Dead Man's Chest
    5: POTC On Stranger Tides

  • Kobe Wan Kenobi
    Kobe Wan Kenobi 12 days ago

    I liked the movie, it was the plot was good, the cgi was on spot, and it was very funny. I think some people over look it because
    they loved the first 2 so much. But I think the writers were making it like there can be sequel in the future. I liked it a lot more than Strangers Tide and At world's end

  • horstdieter10
    horstdieter10 12 days ago

    I agree with Jeremy on this one. I really like the second and third one, too though.
    Curse of the black pearl
    at world's end
    dead men's chest

    dead men tell no tales
    on stranger tides

  • Lam Ham
    Lam Ham 13 days ago

    I left the theatre half way through. Fucking terrible movie.

  • Jeffrey Graham
    Jeffrey Graham 13 days ago

    Movie was awesome. I loved it. Some great action scenes and the typical Jack Sparrow humor had my laughing out loud in the movie theatre. Javier Bardem one of my fav actors too 9/10

  • saint boot
    saint boot 14 days ago

    Meanwhile, is Penolpe's character still stuck on that island with the effigy of Jack Sparrow?

  • Sam Carpenter
    Sam Carpenter 14 days ago

    My faves in order:
    (Haven't seen 5 yet)

  • barbiquearea
    barbiquearea 14 days ago

    I still liked it better than On Stranger's Tide.

  • BroBroNelly
    BroBroNelly 14 days ago

    The movie could be a complete turd (haven't seen it or Stranger Tides despite owning it on DVD for years so I can't comment) and I'd probably still enjoy it because I'm quite frankly becoming really tired of being a cynical bastard like so many YouTubers and being critical of everything. It's too much unnecessary stress on top of all the other shit I have to deal with.

  • Brady Kristoff
    Brady Kristoff 14 days ago

    Order for me is probably 1, 2, 4, 5 and 3. At Worlds End was just way too long and convoluted. Like Jack is the only good part about it. The scene with him alone in Davy Jones' locker is the best part. The rest of it? Meh.

  • Donatory Thrall
    Donatory Thrall 14 days ago

    i agree Jeremy, Jack Sparrow sucked at this film, he wasnt the cool smartass pirate, as he used to be

  • ErJ Gameplay
    ErJ Gameplay 14 days ago

    The movie was average good.

  • Connor Stroh
    Connor Stroh 15 days ago

    The first one will always be the best. Am I the only one who still really liked 2 and 3 though?

  • hulk fan
    hulk fan 15 days ago


    • hulk fan
      hulk fan 15 days ago

      thats my ranking of the Pirates movies

  • Bassem Elmehdawi
    Bassem Elmehdawi 15 days ago

    Anyone who thinks this is a good movie i feel bad for.

    • Bassem Elmehdawi
      Bassem Elmehdawi 12 days ago

      +MG3 i said i feel bad for whoever enjoyed this movie doesnt mean they cant like it judt means i dont think anyone should like it.

    • Bassem Elmehdawi
      Bassem Elmehdawi 12 days ago

      +MG3 i didnt put anyone down

    • MG3
      MG3 12 days ago

      Nope I have no reason to feel bad for myself I only feel bad for those who have to put people down just because their opinions don't match theirs

    • Bassem Elmehdawi
      Bassem Elmehdawi 12 days ago

      +MG3 so you feel bad for yourself? Or....

    • MG3
      MG3 13 days ago

      Anyone who can't handle people having different opinions on movies I feel bad for

  • Jintaro Kensei
    Jintaro Kensei 15 days ago

    I really wish they bring old jack back.

  • Eve Lavellan
    Eve Lavellan 16 days ago

    I just don't care about Pirates anymore. They lost me after 3. A friend tried to show me 4 and I just did not care.

  • Joseph Stealin
    Joseph Stealin 16 days ago

    my order is black pearl, worlds end, this one, then the second one and then the 4th one

  • Scottish Guy
    Scottish Guy 16 days ago

    I love all the pirate films, but johnny depp's acting in this was a bit off and went too far with the whole drunk talk in some scenes lol.

  • ItsComedyTime
    ItsComedyTime 16 days ago

    better than the last one

  • Firestar99156
    Firestar99156 16 days ago

    I fangirled at the ending hahahahahahahaha

  • The Joker
    The Joker 16 days ago

    I don't care what people say I loved this movie wayyy better then stranger tides

  • Vapory Tiger
    Vapory Tiger 16 days ago

    I haven't seen 5 or 4 but here's my list
    3. At Worlds End
    2. Curse Of The Black Pearl
    1. Dead Man's Chest

  • Gemini's Twin
    Gemini's Twin 16 days ago

    I left the theater today completely satisfied. It started off a bit cheesy, but quickly redeemed itself.I would definitely watch it again and I plan to own it.

  • John Hoover
    John Hoover 16 days ago

    My opinion, best one since the first. Excellent

  • OmegaCooper Gaming
    OmegaCooper Gaming 16 days ago


    for why davy jones returns; we all know that jacks compass has a two sided mythology to it, via if you betray the compass, then the very thing you fear will come back. WHAT IF......jack sparrow diddnt fear Salazar, but he actually feard Davy jones! it would make great sense as to why he rrturns in the end credits! like if you support this theory!

  • OGSavage Ethan
    OGSavage Ethan 16 days ago

    I thought the movie had a good plot and action scenes but too many jokes were in the movie.

  • Helen Belen
    Helen Belen 16 days ago

    "Eh"....that was my verdict. I agree with pretty much everything you said, tbh.

  • Mary42877
    Mary42877 17 days ago

    just become a voice actor already, your impressions are always amazing.

  • jim gray
    jim gray 17 days ago

    This was a good movie i liked it

  • Humaysha Khan
    Humaysha Khan 17 days ago

    I completely agree with you. I was super disappointed with Captain Jack. I've watched every Pirates movie I in theatres but have always been disappointed. The first one was gold and always will be.

  • Nel Aldrin Alcantara

    Yоu cаn wаtch Рirates of theeеe Cаribbeean: Dеаd Мen TTTell Nооoо Tаles here https://twitter.com/69b6683d49cd97f25/status/864663245444923392

    STEEVEWES 17 days ago

    pirates movie list

  • Mark M
    Mark M 17 days ago

    I could not agree MORE about the "wedding scene"...my God it is TERRIBLE!! such juvenile humor...the only good part of it was how it ended (Thank you Hector! lol) . Another dead-on review by Jeremy...keep on being awesome! (SO glad to see you on Collider now!)
    List of Pirates Movies from best to worst (IMO only):
    1. Curse of the Black Pearl
    2. Dead Man's Chest
    3. On Stranger Tides
    4. At World's End
    5. Dead Men Tell No Tales
    ...sadly I wanted to list AWE last but overall you could just feel that DMTNT is going through the motions to finish up that whole storyline. Sadly JJ is spot on when he says the Jack character seems witless this time around...and very much just going through the motions. The Guillotine scene might be the only "old Jack" we get to see in this one!

  • Andrew Farr
    Andrew Farr 17 days ago

    I loved the movie. It had some flaws but every movie does. I gave the movie a B-

  • Force0fWi11
    Force0fWi11 17 days ago

    If I'm being honest, I really liked this movie.

  • natshenkin
    natshenkin 17 days ago

    This film was worth the £3 the ticket cost me, but i wont be picking this up on Blu-ray. RIP The pirates universe.

  • robano bobano
    robano bobano 17 days ago

    the first one is amazing
    second one good
    third ok
    fourth no

  • David Smith
    David Smith 17 days ago

    i liked it

  • Maikel Parra
    Maikel Parra 17 days ago

    That movie was freakin amazing

  • Joshua Shoulders
    Joshua Shoulders 18 days ago

    You should do reviews for the other 3 Pirates of the Caribbean movies

  • Shaelyn Brielle
    Shaelyn Brielle 18 days ago

    Hey, great review! I agree with everything you said. It was entertaining and I loved the villain, but I also felt there were scenes that didn't add anything to the movie and didn't need to be there. I think the people responsible for the script and the directors should have looked back and questioned what it was that made the first movie such a hit and why the next few didn't do as well. For me, personally, they were just too long and with too many side plots happening in just one movie. All in all though, I thought this movie was great. It's definitely worth watching; whether in theaters or at home. I liked it and I didn't notice any bad CGI unless I was looking for it.

  • Simple
    Simple 18 days ago

    how can you say that was bad cgi on salavasar (idk how to spell his name)

  • WarpChaos
    WarpChaos 18 days ago

    I actually like #4 the best.

  • Chris A.
    Chris A. 18 days ago

    That movie was freakin amazing

  • Jackmerius Tactheratrix

    This movie fuckin sucked

  • Silvermist Art
    Silvermist Art 18 days ago

    My only complaint is that jack barely did anything...he was just there

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