Ethiopian Music Ephrem Tameru

Ethiopian Music Ephrem Tameru Huala Endayqocheshe

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Author Replicated Cypher (2 months)
Ephrem has a beautiful voice..I love his music! 

Author Senait Debebe (1 month)

Author hlena admashu (1 month)

Author tsedenia demisse (2 months)
Expressed excellent massage on this song. So impressed. 

Author tsedenia demisse (2 months)
Expressed excellent massage on this song. So impressed. 

Author melkam dagnaw (3 months)
All Ethiopian music too much like thanks YouTube

Author lydia martin (5 months)
very nice song

Author Hana Hani (6 months)
Hulem 1gna

Author Martha Joseph (6 months)
I love it <3

Author ziya akkocaoğlu (6 months)

Author YEAH Jay (6 months)

Author Natu Teddy (7 months)
1,227.575 view 

Author Habtamu Mulat (7 months)

Author Ibrahim Kedir (8 months)
Yatizita zafan

Author safia safya (10 months)
Betam konjo I liket all u r music
I admired u 

Author Selam Lekulu (10 months)
Ephrem Tameru is one of the legend Ethiopian musician .I love all his
musics specially the full album 1981 E.C . 

Author mehari kidane (11 months)

Author Abadi Asrat (11 months)
You have to nice voice

Author abqula (7 years)
How old is Efrem? When I was a junior high school and high school he was
rocking Addis. I guess he was in his 20s then. Now I am in my early forties
and feeling the effects of age myself. I mean he looks remarkably young for
his age. Does any body knows his age?

Author mikealemu (7 years)
efrem menew ligetwan kechelema bek adergat enji

Author ana33able (3 years)
batam kongo

Author AtLqU33n04 (7 years)
this is a classic

Author ethiopiancake (7 years)
ohh my god ephrem love all ur music...the best artist ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author maali718 (1 year)

Author byrne76 (7 years)
--williwrouge-how do you know that he is a fag? you must slept with him,

Author Fikirye (5 years)
I love this song so much, I think we all lost someone that we regret after
wards, I do betam betam

Author Robel beyene (7 years)
Ephrem and Aster are the two ethiopian love song "icons" for the last

Author xmerochalaa (7 years)

Author syenew (7 years)
The most wonderful music to represent my feeling.i like it very much.thank
you ephriem for singing this kind of music.

Author Amanuel Tesgay (2 years)
Ephrem Tamru's music never dies always new cause he is Great man long live
Ephrem & Girma Gebreab 2 !!!

Author alireza alizadeh (2 years)

Author tutu tegene (7 years)
very good song keep it up brother love to all

Author garedtito (2 years)

Author Haile Selassie (7 years)
good to see him ... and a classic tune

Author Bayesh Bayech (1 year)
מחשבה יוצרת מציאות

Author MMOGE (7 years)
i love this song, but i don't know what it's saying- can someone tell me
what this song is saying?

Author yohannes1997 (6 years)
ya it's all gud dat your song all the time is very memorable nd very touch
song keep it up boy.

Author sweetlibra09 (5 years)
ain't he cute???.....n got a nice voice....ewiy

Author ethiodallas (7 years)
good job!!keep up

Author salemaaaa20 (1 year)

Author arifabesha (7 years)
The best amharic singer thus far. Add more videos man!

Author mikealemu (7 years)
Is trying to be R kelly, I met this cat in addis he is rude mf.

Author Mulubirhan-Hagos Tedla (2 years)
Ephrem Tamuru is a great Aritis.

Author Bontu T.E (2 years)
i love this music :D

Author etiosoul (7 years)
wow this is such a nice music,but i wish people will only comment on the
music i am so tierd of this race esue being bought up in ever video.

Author martadambra (7 years)
I love you Epheremiye, you are still gorgeous. your best and old friend
from high school Z from Atlanta.

Author tedaaa (7 years)
what is th name of the song. nice vid!

Author QHamar (7 years)
One of my favorite musician of all times! You are the best! You bring back
beautiful memories of romance and youth! You are the best, keep it up!!

Author Lalibelaw (7 years)
fantastic SONG...brillant artist....very smart video!!you just can not beat
that!!!Thank you Ephriem Tamru ..and by the way the girl in the video seems
real..and that is something priceless.THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Author alemayehu85 (7 years)
selamtaye yidresih alex negn efrem kegermany astawesk?

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