Ethiopian Music Ephrem Tameru

Ethiopian Music Ephrem Tameru Huala Endayqocheshe

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Author Suzane 2015 ( ago)
U have no idea how much i like these song

Author Solomon Yemane ( ago)
Thanks for uploading slowly music Efriem teamru best

Author Hagos Andom ( ago)
Waaaawu teamr

Author Ruth Antonio ( ago)
Great vioce !!!

Author Mohammed Rajeh ( ago)
የእጅ ይደረሳልና ተይ ተይ ግፍ አትስሪ ።

Author Mesfin Adam ( ago)
I can't say anything already I lovvvvvvvvve it

Author Azeb Azeb ( ago)
Omg love love this music

Author Dejen Hailmichael ( ago)
I from Eritrea. I liked this music thanks for sharing. 

Author sirajul islam ( ago)
Ethiopian Music Ephrem Tameru:

Author Rasdashen x ( ago)
Wow!..what a vocal..he is just phenomenal. .

Author carmal simth ( ago)
I think all Ethiopian singers should go to American got talent and show
their amazing natral voices, I am blowing away.

Author Niat Yekalo ( ago)
He has sexy voice I love him! 

Author mewael dawit ( ago)
I like this song

Author mensur mahmud (1417 years ago)
Ethiopian music Ephraim Tamera tamema my love 

Author Ermi YeHirut ( ago)

Author SpiritPantherAJ MIkias ( ago)

Author ‫משה‬‎ ( ago)
Ethiopian Music Ephrem Tameru‏:

Author Rahel Rori (1286 years ago)
Aref mrit

Author Senait Debebe ( ago)

Author hlena admashu ( ago)

Author tsedenia demisse ( ago)
Expressed excellent massage on this song. So impressed. 

Author tsedenia demisse ( ago)
Expressed excellent massage on this song. So impressed. 

Author Replicated Cypher ( ago)
Ephrem has a beautiful voice..I love his music! 

Author melkam dagnaw ( ago)
All Ethiopian music too much like thanks YouTube

Author Aleyna “Lydia Martin” Benderli ( ago)
very nice song

Author Hana Hani ( ago)
Hulem 1gna

Author Martha Joseph ( ago)
I love it <3

Author ziya akkocaoğlu ( ago)

Author YEAH Jay ( ago)

Author Natu Teddy ( ago)
1,227.575 view 

Author SpiritPantherAJ MIkias ( ago)

Author Ibrahim Kedir ( ago)
Yatizita zafan

Author safia safya ( ago)
Betam konjo I liket all u r music
I admired u 

Author Selam Lekulu ( ago)
Ephrem Tameru is one of the legend Ethiopian musician .I love all his
musics specially the full album 1981 E.C . 

Author mehari kidane ( ago)

Author Abadi Asrat ( ago)
You have to nice voice

Author tsehay beyene ( ago)
It's too good to hear your voice I love it

Author awot Desta ( ago)
I love it

Author Main Shaft ( ago)
الحقيقة يا ايمن ان الاخوة الاثيوبيين لديهم اجمل الأصوات وهم يغنون من
الاعماق ومن ليس لديه موهبة حقيقية فلن يصمد في عالم الفن لديهم وهم ليس مثلنا
يملكون نصف فنان وربع فنان وخمس فنان فإما فنان كامل او لا فنان. كما تعرف نحن
في السودان ورغم قرب المسافة الا نعرف إلا اغاني الامهرا لأنهم كانوا يسيطرون
على الاعلام بصفتهم كانوا هم الطبقة الحاكمة ولكن هناك اغاني جميلة جدا لقومية
التجراي والمشكلة اننا لا نؤمن بالتعدد العرقي وبتنوع الثقافات


Author Teshay Tarku ( ago)

Author Bayesh Bayech ( ago)
מחשבה יוצרת מציאות

Author Saado Saada ( ago)
Konjo zafan naw wdGawlahu yaf

Author Azassi Yizengaw ( ago)

Author Yesuf Mohammed ( ago)
ephram hule gizem ephram

Author dankaj586 ( ago)
החזרת אותי כמה שנים אחורה.. התמימות , הכאב ואהבה גדולה שאיכזבה. אפריים אתה
זמר גדול אין לי מילים רק מורידה בפנייך את הכובע.

Author Ayman Alsadig ( ago)
اتصلت بصديقه اثيوبيه ، فجاءني هذا الصوت الجميل والموسيقي الرائعه ، فساأتها
عن اسم المطرب الذي سمعته عندي اتصالي بها ( رنة متصل ) ؛ وكان هذا الإفرام
EPHRAM حقآ رائع ويغني بشجن .

Author שלומי פאנטה ( ago)
אלוקים ישמור אחד הזמרים הטובים שיש ..

Author filmon Haile ( ago)
i remember turkey this song!

Author نعووم الاحمدي ( ago)
وايد يهابل

Author نعووم الاحمدي ( ago)
hjdbkdvld;s fbklsdb gbpdvdvksclbbkdblx gbldc;shkdbvpdfrodvmeverlnvkbpfvkfvpd

Author LILY LOLLIPOP ( ago)
this song is so good x

Author hamza Rose ( ago)

Author joshua stephenson ( ago)
This guy has such a breath taking beautiful voice. I am in love with this

Author salemaaaa20 ( ago)

Author Mahdi Ahmed ( ago)

Author Tigist sisay ( ago)

Author Amanuel Tesgay ( ago)
Ephrem Tamru's music never dies always new cause he is Great man long live
Ephrem & Girma Gebreab 2 !!!

Author Mulubirhan-Hagos Tedla ( ago)
Ephrem Tamuru is a great Aritis.

Author Mulubirhan-Hagos Tedla ( ago)
I realy like his lyrics song.

Author alireza alizadeh ( ago)

Author Bontu T.E ( ago)
i love this music :D

Author Daniel Teshome ( ago)
Go to and choose Ephrem Tamiru, you will have a chance to
listen to all of his records.

Author Lam rof ( ago)
ድምፁ ይርገበገባል። በጣም የተለየ ነው።

Author Abdin Zarroug ( ago)
He is the KING of African Music, hands Up. My hat off 4 U, Ephrem

Author ana33able ( ago)
batam kongo

Author Gay Jambere ( ago)
Gossaye Tesfaye - Wegen Tesebseb

Author yhesyhes ( ago)
@Rasdashen1 Can you not be ignorant and say Eritrean. When you say Eritrean
you put them all in the same boat. I'm half Ethiopian half Eritrean. Stop
being so small minded and get an education before bashing others. Bad
Eritreans my butt. There's no feud in reality, only in peoples heart. You
give good Ethiopians a bad name! There's good and bad people everywhere.

Author GoldogobBoy ( ago)
Eframe the piano of qonqo, sound like pian adam ethleh

Author Rasdashen x ( ago)
My good people of Ethiopia, please never say a word to the bad Eritrean.
They are here 24/7 to let out their hate and spoil anything about us. It
sounds like a campaign. I don't get it why all these cruelty and meanness!!
To get what?? The good and hospitable people of Ethiopia, I advise you
never to say a word to them. Keep your cool and be focused on what you
doing!..If possible, let's pray 4them 2b good people like us!!.. Anyway,
enjoy this great performer, Epherem from z land of Abyssinia!

Author Hiwotable ( ago)
cheeters club

Author ethiobeaut ( ago)

Author tewwa74 ( ago)

Author Ashangulit ( ago)
ugh! Eritrea is one of the most poorest country in the world as well. How
about you lfuys et it go off this discussion and enjoy the vidoe. Afterall
we're here to enjoy the work of Ephrem :) Cheers

Author samcookeethio ( ago)
Response to MsEthio4life "Your language, food, culture is from Tigray. So
you are people Tigray? You must be some stupid and mindless
irrational brute who says so.

Author samcookeethio ( ago)
Response to MsEthio4life Your language, food, culture is from Tigray. So
you are people. + Ypu must be some stupid and mindless
irratinal brute who says so. use your mind and take time to understand that
it is not where you are born but who you are that matters

Author samcookeethio ( ago)
Efrem Tamiru is the best , if not number 1of all Ethiopian singers of all
time. I don't know why people appreciate those that are over exposed in
media and who speak too much but poor voice, poor music composition.

Author Batseba Seifu ( ago)
Response to EritreanK. You have no identity. Sometimes you act like
Ethiopians, other times like Italians, other times like Arabs. Who knows
what you want to be next?! You are one confused bamboozled people. Your
president does not even know what language he should use. Your language,
food, culture is from Tigray. So you are people.

Author Desta Keremela ( ago)
haha amazing you guys still barcking. what don't you listen your music i
wonder why your eyes is always on ETHIOPIA . we let you go so go go
go....funny pple

Author salmon berke ( ago)
Ladies always hypocrite even someone ask her for commitment. but when she
got 40, she beg 4 marriage. After z hynea gone, z dog barks.

Author Fikirye (1510 years ago)
I love this song so much, I think we all lost someone that we regret after
wards, I do betam betam

Author Amanuel Berhihun ( ago)
The girl is beautiful

Author tal ( ago)
i like it' Eprim i think backe ehiopia cuse of you. thenk you atalele aylin
from Israel

Author aberashki ( ago)
To janavius,very,very,sad!!! You are right even though we think we are free
from slavery and colonization but mentaly we chain...Europeans have done,
did/ they are responsible 4africa mess,train,arm to kill each other
4centuries. This young people are calling to each other name hurt, pain
facing. Please spread and preech until the people get it,I like your
comments.There is no such Eritreans,Ethiopians, west,north east
south,africans,we catch the same hell/racism/ poverty all over the world

Author israelagette ( ago)
i luv the song & i luv u Ephrem : ]

Author israelagette ( ago)
The besssssssssssssssssssssst

Author Nibeyu Tesfaye ( ago)
Soresatina, do you know what u r saying stupid.

Author nina0911nina ( ago)
umm Ephrem almost always has kind of unique but similar style but he is
always good it has such a nice melody

Author Yeshiber F ( ago)
u wright endaykochat

Author hawizakedereyti ( ago)
Ashangulit trust me this song got nothing to do with Arab. It is simply a
beautiful love song by one of the ethiopian great vocalists. ppl are just
trying to spread their hate using this clip. Just ignore them enjoy the
song. Peace.

Author Ashangulit ( ago)
umm these comments make me wonder if this song has anything to do with
Arab. Enlight me if it does.

Author EritreanKing007 ( ago)
You fucking afro-american go to pick your cottons, why arab?
Ethiopian,Eritreans,Somalians are not arabs but proud black africans. We r
not like u, denying African ancestry.

Author negestsaba ( ago)
Love this music.

Author AtLqU33n04 (1146 years ago)
batom batom quoncho!! afrem is most def the king!!

Author hagerawit ( ago)
I agree with all who say that he is the king amharik musik !! Ephrem..u r
the singer i love

Author kidist21 ( ago)
i agree with all who say that he is the king of our music!!!

Author Yohanneset ( ago)
simply the best

Author ahmddin ( ago)
Ephrem....u r de singer i love...u know ur game man..wee appreciate every
song u put out there..grew up listening to espically this was the
best then and still is !!

Author soresatina ( ago)
too let for clip you are 65 year old!

Author super86man2 ( ago)

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