Russia says its tie with US is damaged after US struck Syria

푸틴 "美 시리아 공습은 주권국 침공…美-러 관계에 타격"(종합)

Russian President Vladimir Putin says U.S. missile strikes in Syria seriously hurt its ties with Washington.
In response, Moscow has suspended a key agreement with the U.S. regarding the Syria conflict.
Cho sung-min has the latest. Russian news agencies cited the Kremlin as saying Friday that the U.S. missile strikes on a Syrian airbase violate international law and hurt U.S.-Russia ties.

Putin's spokesman was cited as saying that -- according to President Vladimir Putin himself -- the U.S. action was an "aggression against a foreign nation" on a "made-up pretext..." and an attempt to distract from civilian deaths in Iraq.

The U.S. launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Shayrat air base in Homs, from which Washington said the Syrian government had launched a deadly chemical weapons attack that killed over a hundred civilians.

It was America's first direct action against the Assad regime, a close ally of Russia's,

Russia has dozens of warplanes and air defense batteries in Syria and was warned by Washington ahead of the strike. No Russians were hurt.

In response to the strike, however, Russia has announced it's suspending a deal with the U.S. under which the two sides exchanged information about flights in the region so their planes would avoid collisions

Cho Sung Min, Arirang News.

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Author Kazy ( ago)

Author Jack Knight ( ago)
Get rid of Assad.

Author scott william ( ago)
Putin is the cause of tens of thousands of people killed in Ukraine and Syria..

Author Razz_Productions ( ago)
it's not our fault... just kill trump😭

Author Roman Darius ( ago)
America is the bully of the world!   Leave Russia alone!

Author poirei angom ( ago)
american are too much !

Author Matt Williams ( ago)
funniest shit is that nobody knows what happened, all you guys think you know but you don't, P.S. not saying that i do

Author Darin Walker ( ago)
No, the tie between us was damaged when Russia backed Assad's actions.

Author Asparuh Balkan ( ago)
The bets are off. Mr. Trump had one weak card and dropped it on the table. I doubt this Tomahawk nonsense will happen again (measures are taken). By the way, how did the USA military contractor dear to use the word/name Tomahawk - reminds us of the greatest GENOCIDE in human history - the extermination of the North American indians (USA)...then this quickly remins us of the 'great empire' (USA) that was built on African SLAVES - yes, the 'blacks' who were chained, put on ships, and made to work for their American masters...'Freedom is Not Free' says a monument in Washington! What does it really mean!

Author DeX YaBøI ( ago)
us Americans are fucked

Author PotatoNugget ( ago)
Welp, we're fucked.

Author Yuri Fyodorov ( ago)
Putin is going to outplay America again. Right now there aren't any longer any intelligent people left in the US government, so we are basically fucked.

Author Wolveskrieg Feuersturm ( ago)
I think it says something when one feels it more legitimate to get news from an otherwise foreign news channel, than trust any of those from one's own.Country. I will talk with my E-Friends from Korea, China, Lithuanian and Japan to hear what the general consensus is from within their Countries.
I stand with the many who disbelieve Assad was involved in this at all. Another example at a farce given reason to start a desired conflict.

Author Kodiak and Grizzly Bears ( ago)
Putin will be six feet under very soon.

Author Power50505 ( ago)

Author George Blisson ( ago)
PUTIN YA PUSSSYYYYY, LOL, words, just empty, weak, words, LOL the shameeeeee.

Author Ira Fedorova ( ago)
Show us any photo of some kid with the oxigen mask and you can do all you want.. bomb, kill, rob. Its ok, no problem. Looks like American nation dont need democracy and laws anymore, all people need is a good show and fake news.

Author Ellen Buck ( ago)
where in history of the world has there not been ties that have been damaged. There can also be reconciliation as well if they so choose. Assad wanted Putin to cut ties with US. That is why he issued the attack on his own people so putin would blame the US for destroying the remains of those bases. I don't see how it compares with killing your own people. That"s Just plain despicable.

Author Ali hiji iddi ( ago)
That's not true its wastin did to find how they can go in by force to over russia after wastin loose to russia powers tramp you open rong dor when you know putin that's was not isis you in to again trick RUSSIA

Author Vladimir not Putin ( ago)
USA will be in flames soon. Die, mother fu****s. America is scum!

Author Robert Schrader ( ago)
Our military has weapons we have not seen or dreamed of . This is small potatoes .

Author lebgend2009 ( ago)
If I was going to use chemical weapons on my people in Syria I would hit Damascus not a unknown town outside idlib. Why would he hit the same people who support him? Your a fucking dumb fuck if you believe anything that comes out of the mouth of trump.

Author MGB ( ago)
Aw, poor Putie, meantime Crimea and Ukraine in the bank, and it just might be time to revisit the Boston bombing (just a couple of Chechen rogues, eh heh...............), Crimea river bitch.

Author борис бритва ( ago)
Блять с каким удовольствием я буду наблюдать, воющих от страха и боли наглых изнеженных американцев когда "орудие бога"- Русская армия их уничтожит

Author tv hooll ( ago)
russos bando de Nazi-Warteschlange Hündin.

Author Asid Khan ( ago)
putin is backing assad because putin nos there is no proof of asaad attacking his own people.
America wants to take over Syria for ulterior motives.
Pure propaganda.
Putin backing the right horse.

Author Dohn Joe ( ago)
please start ww3, I'm ready, I just finished my basic scouts training.

Author Battlefield Front ( ago)
putin supporting a dictator who gasses civilians wtf !

Author Fun Time Foxy ( ago)
if usa Cars about inecent children's Why they never attack Isis that killed so many children's they should have used this misile go Isis long time ago

Author its me223 ( ago)
who the fuck cares, the Russians are protecting a asshole....

Author Tim Horn ( ago)
oh wow to bad. damn it man.

Author Christian Alvarez ( ago)
People are saying that America destroyed an airfield protecting a Christian church and others are saying that assad was killing innocent people.

Author Gamer Politics ( ago)
Russia says we violated International law. Want to know what REALLY violates international law? Using chemical agents on civilians. 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles were completely justified.

Author Grant Wingate ( ago)
The truth

Author Octo Pus ( ago)
no war is happening!

Author MR BASS HEAD ( ago)
Putin is pissed guess what theres going to be a us engagement on a russian jet Us is going to say it was an accident and putin wont buy that shit. Question though what the fuck is in syria that everbody is fighting over?

Author Jr buddy ( ago)
send a message to US with them nukes but first build NATO up in a area and put a nuke on the arseholes. I will fight alongside Russia. please send me a ticket and I will join your force and so will others

Author aleksa99se ( ago)
Russia says, China says and USA acts. Russia and China if you really want to be taken seriously start doing staff instead just stating the obvious. If you believe that international law is broken by cowboys then stop every cooperation with them.
If you don't stop them today in Syria, you will fight them tomorrow in Moscow and Beijing. Yours regimes are on their to do list too, just wait your turn.
Rules only make sense if all are following them. In last 20+ years USA has pissed on UN security council resolutions so many time and you still discussing with them? How many more years will you wait before you actually do something about it? Another 100...

Author Empress Empress ( ago)
Zionist Jews in Washington DC dragging us to another WWII!! Americans: when will you learn from history that you cannot be enemies with Russia?! Nor have many wars?! I'm an American I love my country but HATE THE GOVERNMENT!!😡 Our government the real threat to world peace!!

Author YUSKHAN ( ago)
ameriKKKa has murdered 500 civilians in Mosul just a few days ago

Author Avalynn Waller ( ago)
....u just cannot write this stuff, pretty much robbed the poor left of any more dead horse kicking around Trumps being in cahoots with Putin. Their eyes are glazing over.....

Author Zilueta ( ago)
There is no investigation and people have closed their mind...

Author A. Rod ( ago)
this shit is a FALSE FLAG! TRUMP has been compromised. The U.S. government has gone rougue.

Author April Wind ( ago)
It reminds me the situation in Iraq . They left tanks , basukkas, gums and bombs by accident. That's what US said. The thing was clear it was not accident . They already had plans to train and create ISIS. Their plans were to conquer all those countries including Pakistan . I think it will be the next target. Now, they accused Syria of chemical weapons without proof . Where is the evidence? They introduced those chemical gases with the help of Turky, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Why? Because they want to invade Syria for the natural resources and install their Central Bank . Globalists are behind this! And our President looks like he is part of the NWO. Very sad!!!

Author scoobydoabccba123 ( ago)
fuck you putin

Author Chris Chung ( ago)
Putin, do I need to spank your ass for being a bad boy?

Author Kumar Rajan ( ago)

Author Andrew Prideaux ( ago)
so what if he did use those weapons? fuck it..

Author S l ( ago)
Look at Putin getting all moral and referring to "international law". What a fucking hypocrite. What was he doing bombing Georgia and invading Crimea (Ukraine) and supporting Assad. Syria will never be the same, he got caught using barrel bombs, chloride bombs, targeting hospitals and starving his own people and Russia approves of all of this.

Author xXpanda_bearXx ( ago)
They want some too ?

Author kim cardwell ( ago)
Should be because the US does this stupid ass shit without asking what happened with the chemical weapons

Author Muqri Yahya ( ago)
fuck u all weapon in the word

Author swampratzozzle ( ago)
Duh. Trump really really f'd up

Author Shean Crane ( ago)
Absolutely no proof of a gas attack by Assad; none whatsoever, and a profoundly irresponsible move by Washington. Dismally fucking stupid.

Author Shaun Linehan ( ago)
Russia just wants to suspend the plan to share plans with U.S so that the United States can accidentally kill or injure Russians in the next attack which is one step closer to war. And just one question what are Russians doing in our war get out of their like tf idc if Putin wants to participate in it the Russians just somehow want to feel like they are the superpower.

Author Captain Harlock ( ago)
Ahhh poor poor Putin.  Lol for Russia to say anything about interfering with another country is laughably farce when they invaded Ukraine and illegally annexed Crimea.  Screw  you Putin,   we arnt going to ignore bullies and be intimidated be empty headed fools in the frozen wastes.

Author H I V E ( ago)
Do not read these comments.

Author Nio Jacobs ( ago)
Thanks Don.

Author beethovensbeloved ( ago)
Mr. Putin, now that you're mad about the US baboon-in-chief's missile strikes in Syria, do you mind to air his dirty laundry?

Author Tommy Pence ( ago)
He should know Obama, Clintons, and the bushes are pussys. Lets not forget they should be jailed... Trump aint afraid of there shit. nuke there asses. every time one sticks there head up shoot them

Author TWISTED ( ago)
Putin can eat a dick.

Author Tommy Pence ( ago)
poor Putin lets his allies murder and women. blow his ass up. and gas him with nerve gas. he dont tell our troops where his planes are he going to get his pilots hurt or killed what an ass hole

Author Sherill George ( ago)
america is lying to the world

Author TJH ( ago)
Thank god Putin made this response and not send missiles to the U.S

Author IzzyG ( ago)
@brettwilliams us don't hardly have any allies anymore, with trump in office all they've been doing is distancing themselves from every country. Russia and China provide most of Latin America with military weapons and since Brazil, venezuela,Colombia and cuba dispies the us all russia has to do is pick up the phone. these countries are itching to get a shot in, then your bitch ass will get blown away.

Author IzzyG ( ago)
what you guys don't seem to remember is that is that China is ..well, china and they'll tell one thing and in a split second turn around and spit in your face. being on a ww3 stage all agreements would be off. why would they care about trade when they could bring down the top country and put themselves on top of the world, that is what they've always been wanting.

Author Jim Gillikin ( ago)
Why is Russia always on the wrong side of history?

Author Yousef Imran ( ago)
Fuck Assad and fuck Russia

Author Franko ( ago)
Russia doesn't want problems with the US and we don't want to trouble them we both know we don't want our countries people to die so they will probably come up with something soon

Author inkblot131 ( ago)
This event is staged. The intention is to put 'distance' between Trump and Putin -as in, "See, World, Trump and I (or) Putin and I" aren't in cahoots (pardon my slang; it means, 'partners in crime'). It will work, too, because most people are eager to be lied to and do not want to accept the truth; There IS a Traitor sitting in the Oval Office (or, in a Trump Golf Kart somewhere).

Author O-Dog Yall Want a Hamburger ( ago)
russia doesn't want problems with the USA

Author George Timmerman ( ago)
come on Mr Putin you know there is no honor in killing innocent civilians have we as a civilization not learn anything from our past? World War II should have taught us that. I don't care if you're American or Russian or any other country we are all human beings and to have a government commit genocide on its own citizens it's not acceptable in any country. if you have rebel then fight there must be a reason why they are not happy that is how we Americans did we fought the British our forefathers could have lost they were rebels to the British government but no country has the right to commit genocide. I think my government for taking the actions that they. and if the Syrian government did do this then I need to be Stamped Out of existence by all the world governments

Author George Timmerman ( ago)
come on Mr Putin you know there is no honor in killing innocent civilians have we as a civilization not learn anything from our past? World War II should have taught us that. I don't care if you're American or Russian or any other country we are all human beings and to have a government commit genocide on its own citizens it's not acceptable in any country. if you have rebel then fight there must be a reason why they are not happy that is how we Americans did we fought the British our forefathers could have lost they were rebels to the British government but no country has the right to commit genocide. I think my government for taking the actions that they. and if the Syrian government did do this then I need to be Stamped Out of existence by all the world governments

Author Alucard Hellsing ( ago)
Oh and Russia attacked Syrian rebels, you think you are innocent too? Deal with it.

Author Don Harris ( ago)
I've been denying it for the longest but now I am starting to believe the media is reporting fake news. CNN is now reporting that Assad gassed his people to test Trump. BS!!!!

Author Jas // Jimin Trash ( ago)
lmao why just why

Author Mobama Mbushladen ( ago)
jewmerica strike again

Muslims are good people.
They hate Muslim Terrorists too.
Muslims are not terrorists just some Fuckboys who happen to be muslims are terrorists.
Thats like calling me a Terrorist Because that joker dude shot up that Colorado theatre
just cause he was also white and catholic.

Author silverbud ( ago)
Putin: Oh shit, I shouldn't have helped Trump to win, Hillary wouldn't have done that. Trump is uncontrollable like me. Where are my advisers? I want to kill a few. ;-)

Author Daniel Malice ( ago)
Nobody knows shit!

Author John Smith ( ago)
This attack was so minimal to Assad, but cost the US tax payers over 100 millions. There have been only 9 planes damaged, but the airfield is still in working condition, so that Assad launched his planes from there today.

60 missiles have been launched, but only 23 reached the airfield since Syrian SAM´s destroyed more than half of it. Thats a fail ! Americans are just big and fat losers thats what they are. You can start 10.000 Cruise missles over Syria and wont change a thing.

The only thing you do is killing innocent Syrian people and wasting money, while Assad is sitting in his palace and doenst hear a sound nor cares about it. You make the Syrians even more angry and on tie with Assad.

Assad is not like Gadaffi or Saddam. You cant simply cant get rid of him.
Weniger anzeigen

Author Keynan Warner ( ago)
This man gonna get us killed why you guys gotta elect him 😭

Author G.O.C CORP ( ago)
then fck Russia and anyone else that stands will radical.
Trump is not playing. radical is OVER! every nation will be civilized

Author bill rogers ( ago)
There's no proof of anything, this is false flag bullshit. Putin should nuke the USA for their war crimes, and target the states that have the largest concentration of Trump sycophants.

Trump supporters = Zionist scum, commie kikes, globalist faggots, braindead subhumans. Keep pushing towards the Jew World Order, you Shlomo rats.

Assad is a lion, and he will die a hero. True nationalist spirit, HAIL!

Author Sup Sero ( ago)
Two months was enough for Trump is being crushed by the wheels of the state. Remember his earlier speeches and tweets about Syria.

Author Anti-Antifa Movement ( ago)
we never had ties..never will.

Author Billy Kelen ( ago)
Putin is not stupid he knows where Trump's heart lies. He knows Trump was forced to retaliate against anyone who uses chemical weapons against civilians especially children. As of now Putin will do anything he can to avoid war against the US. Since Syria is Russia's ally he will do anything to defend them but at the same time avoid an all out war with the US, primarily because he knows Trump is not the enemy.

Author Derogatory Name ( ago)
They thought Trump was a pushover.

Author Dildo Swaggins ( ago)
about time! fucking sink the US navy in the region! unacceptable acts of agression agains one of russias most important allies. let's hope the world takes the war to the american mainland this time.

Author Scott Cozart ( ago)
Fuck Putin. anybody that can stand by and watch little children get killed is fucking shit!!!! if Russia stands for this kind of crap then fucking bomb their ass too!!!!!

Author Edwin Rodriguez ( ago)
no nick names i aint got nothing to hide. Haters killing people is war!

Author Edwin Rodriguez ( ago)
grow up guys shit is going down chose a side or fuck off!

Author TheSilverazo ( ago)
turns out Putin is an asshole who supports chemicals attacks on civilians

never really liked trump but he did the right thing

Author TheHikingnut ( ago)
When Putin says his ties with US is damaged, He's refering to the puppet strings he uses to control tRump.

Author OBEN Sammy ( ago)
Go to hell

Author NMMXIII ( ago)
Nobody gives a fuck about progressing our species or saving the planet but sure as fuck quick to hop on the hype train and cry about some WW3 shit.

Author briannxx ( ago)
Trump's foreign policy is don't start nothing won't be nothing

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