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Author bodysuit2 (3 years)
Thanks Mr and Mrs Rubberton for your candor and videos. Maybe people will
see this and become less uncomfortable about people wearing latex.

Author Will Latex (3 years)
...if you don't mind my saying so. Difficult typing with gloves on :))

Author lw85381 (1 year)
This is great. I just got my first latex hood, bra and panties. I really
like this stuff.

Author dexelflot (3 years)
Thanks for posting the vids, please keep it up! I wish more plus size women
would be brave enough to do this! But I need to warn you there are some
mean people out there that may try to discourage you, please ignore the
mean comments, only pay attention to the positive ones. Our Youtube account
(fetishkimmy) got banned at one time, I think some mean people on the
youtube community flagged a lot of our vids.... hopefully, people like you
will help plus size women be less shy!

Author Masterhood Rubber (1 year)
Sexy ;)

Author cathy j (3 years)
Your words are so true Mrs R and as a female rubber lover I endorse all
that you said, rubber is wonderful and more females should venture to that
wonderful life thank you again

Author foxfurniture (3 years)
(( A note from Mrs. Rubberton...)). Hello everyone. Thank you so much for
your comments. You all certainly make me smile when I see the nice
comments. I know there are those who may not be nice or may say some
hurtful things to me. Just so you won't bother me. It's ok.
Everyone has an opinion and I respect it totally. I am only here to please
Mr. Rubberton and our friends on Youtube. You will see more of us in the
future. Many Blessings to you all :)

Author minimaf (3 years)

Author kumipete (3 years)
Excellent speech! You look wonderful and I very much enjoy seeing videos on
your loving relationship and your lifestyle! Keep up the good work!

Author Gina Miller (3 years)
Thank you. I have purchased my first rubber cast suit. I am new to the
scene, by boyfriend is a rubberist and we hope to begin a latex lifestyle

Author LatexTech (3 years)
I really liked Mrs Rubberton talking about the latex lifestyle. It was very

Author Will Latex (3 years)
Thanks again. It was nice to have the music off and to hear your voice. A
very pleasant and refined voice it is, if you don't main may saying so.

Author JPRubber2 (3 years)
Awesome! Thanks for posting! Odd how women trust women even more than their
own spouses on issues like this! I often refer females who need information
or advice to my wife, either beause of this apparent fact or because the
communication style is different. But , whatever it takes to advocate the
awesome benefits of this lifestyle or even to wearing latex fashion, is
just fine by me!

Author rommi1 (3 years)
Superrrr !!!! Sie sind meine liebe paar !!!!

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