NEW: Milo Yiannopoulos Owns Obama Live on TV

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  • Milo Yiannopoulos owns a Obama on live TV.

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  • Daily Liberty
    Daily Liberty 6 months ago


    • Reality Check
      Reality Check 1 month ago

      VS30131968, uh!!! what !!!??

    • VS30131968
      VS30131968 1 month ago

      Reality Check Practice what you preach and learn to spell you stupid liberal twat.

    • Reality Check
      Reality Check 2 months ago

      oh common, again!!!?!!?

      wait a second, WHAAAT!!!!???!!

    • Joshua Moyer
      Joshua Moyer 4 months ago


  • Bob Dillion
    Bob Dillion 9 days ago

    Nice click bate title doesn't even talk to Obama

  • j newb
    j newb 11 days ago

    milo the priest dick taker lmao nobody cares what this fagget says beside mental ill people

  • Ema Ema
    Ema Ema 15 days ago

    I'm so glad to see this independent news channel be live!!

  • Diego De Atienza
    Diego De Atienza 18 days ago

    The movie is bad

  • DrSasuke1
    DrSasuke1 19 days ago

    It saddens me, but what the majority of the people who are commenting "We don't live in a democracy; we live in a republic" are missing is that while we do live in a republic, we also live in a democracy. As matter of fact, we also live in a federation. These three terms are a part of three different forms of government: Power structure, power source, and power ideology.

    The power structure part is the "federation." The power source part is the "democracy." That leaves but one: the power ideology part is republic.

    I'm in no way defending Obama for I don't give half a shit about political power struggles, but this is important to point out so everyone knows exactly what we live in instead of pointing fingers and going, "Haha, what kind of president says we live in a democracy?"

  • John Toland
    John Toland 22 days ago

    Donald Trump is the champion of the working class my bollox, have you seen his tax plan? he screws over the working class to get ahead in life. Donald trump is about Donald Trump

  • Twilight Mac
    Twilight Mac 24 days ago

    OMFG I freakin LOVE Milo!!!!

  • Lenroy Herman
    Lenroy Herman 24 days ago


  • bobby hilljr5
    bobby hilljr5 27 days ago

    I'm sorry the us is a republic

  • conrad artchannel
    conrad artchannel 29 days ago

    Click bait once again.

  • Metalmike 626
    Metalmike 626 1 month ago

    Their is a reason why Obama would never debate an intelligent. well fact checked, consernative. cause he would choke so fucking hard, you'd think a he was a lawn mower refusing to start.

  • biozesuck
    biozesuck 1 month ago

    Guy in the middle is really creepy, guy on the left isn't better. They look like reptiles.

  • Confetti Medic
    Confetti Medic 1 month ago

    The middle guy said ugh, umm, and uhh, 100,000 times.

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia 1 month ago

    females are the biggest killer of babies of children.. if your black female 75% more likely then females of other races... we tried every avenue. pro, non pro... bottom line cunts are still not happy... here an option... if you know you never want kids... do the responsible thing and cut out your uterus...

    the clearing female selfishness. has got to stop...

    if a cunt doesn't want the baby.
    because your to irresponsible. before the female skills the baby.

    the biological dad has right too,
    females have no more rights as he does...

    if female claim she doesn't know
    who the dad is. then the baby go to orphanages. if it come out the female did know where the biological and never told him. and you lied to the courts.... murder will be the charges....

    no less

  • Hillary Warton
    Hillary Warton 1 month ago

    Pres Trump knows this, do you?
    Research GEORGE WEBB. There is 200 plus days of in depth work to find PROOF relating to child sex trafficking and much more. Haiti PNE, human organ theft and trafficking of the body parts in the USA. HRC, the DyneCorp connection and so much more. See how the Awan Brothers have been allowed to infiltrate the most secret areas of the US intel by Debbie Wasserman Shultz.
    Seth Rich is just the beginning.

  • Aj Brown
    Aj Brown 1 month ago

    all these god danged faggots!
    they gonna bring down the wrath of God on all our heads with their sodomy an such

  • Jo Peskett
    Jo Peskett 1 month ago

    Milo we love you, can you have a word with mr trump, tell him to get his son in law and princes ivanka out of the White House Kushner can not be trusted he's a demonic democrat his building has 666 on it out out out

  • VS30131968
    VS30131968 1 month ago

    Nancy Pelosi is a perfect example of the liberal communists in this country. They have done everything in their power to kill your free speech rights and to disarm the American citizens. She is nothing more than an asshole liberal communist who is running scared because the true patriots in this country are waking up and are disgusted with the way the liberals are destroying their country. FIGHT BACK AMERICA

  • Gazza 'rafale mozzy'

    my twitter account..deleted...

  • Anne Wedell
    Anne Wedell 1 month ago

    Go Milo

  • Autobot-Jedi-Iron-man

    1:35 Wait, WHAT?! Must have missed that.

  • Marilyn King
    Marilyn King 1 month ago

    Wow! He hit the nail on the head when he spoke about the hate and independant thinking.

  • munchkin42
    munchkin42 1 month ago

    Needs glasses

  • A & J C
    A & J C 1 month ago

    How many would vote for a killer, liar and a traitor? Not me!

  • LegacyKnight3000
    LegacyKnight3000 1 month ago

    Milo should have his own talk show. It'd be nice to see a conservative host for once who roasts the extreme leftists

  • Handel Your Shit
    Handel Your Shit 1 month ago

    Milo looks like a gay Daniel Tosh

  • Make Sense
    Make Sense 1 month ago

    I like Milo, but holy cow he could not have been more wrong. Donald Trump is the champion of absolutely nothing other than his own ego and self-interest. There is absolutely NO denying this, in light of everything that has happened leading up to and now during his 100 days in office. Donald Trump has the cognitive capacity of an emotional 10-year-old.

  • lucy cat
    lucy cat 1 month ago

    Ozero is so stupid he does not know United States is a REPUBLIC. not sure why DEMOCRATES say democracy.OBAMA STUDDERS ON EVERY WORD WHAT A RETARD

  • Paul Sack
    Paul Sack 1 month ago

    I wonder what else Milo has in his wardrobe? I bet he has a rainbow outfit for when he runs for prezz

  • Rights And Liberty
    Rights And Liberty 1 month ago

    guess no-one saw be hand symbolism

  • Surya DharMata
    Surya DharMata 1 month ago


  • Chris Parker
    Chris Parker 1 month ago

    Really enjoyed this ! Thank you

  • Chris Parker
    Chris Parker 1 month ago

    Champion of the forgotten man

  • razorback144
    razorback144 2 months ago

    democracy = two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.

  • Topo Graphic
    Topo Graphic 2 months ago

    wtf, we do live in a democracy. it is a specific type of a democratic governmental system yet still a democracy

  • Rickard Rakkoon
    Rickard Rakkoon 2 months ago

    we live in a representative republic, not a democracy.

  • sevenjuly87
    sevenjuly87 2 months ago

    Obama is a Muslim nigger

  • Tiaan Strauss
    Tiaan Strauss 2 months ago

    off topic: you know how in each poll you always get those "3-5% undecided" people - like really, I would love to see who those people are, because it seems that its always the same 3-5% - who cant make up their a poll, question, situation. just imagine how those people go through life and what a day in the life of an "undecided" (millenial) is like?!?.

  • Conrad Van Rhyn
    Conrad Van Rhyn 2 months ago

    lol Steve looks like his face has been photoshoped onto his head...kind of like the first max payne video game

  • Otis Driftwood
    Otis Driftwood 2 months ago

    SJW slayer Milo.

  • Lord Kek
    Lord Kek 2 months ago

    Obamas a stupid lying nigger.

  • CrowShaman
    CrowShaman 2 months ago

    XD, we all make the decisions, how does he think America works???

  • SportsCourt716
    SportsCourt716 2 months ago

    Milo didn't talk to Obama ... click bait

  • W Jansen
    W Jansen 2 months ago

    Thunderbirds show

  • Randy Kowal
    Randy Kowal 2 months ago

    excellent. as a conservative I never thought I would have a faggot as my idol 😬😂😂😂 love you Milo!!!

  • Mr T.
    Mr T. 2 months ago

    How can you say that Milo since Obama was the first Homosexual president? Hell if he married Michael aka Michelle then that's all that needs said...

  • Mr T.
    Mr T. 2 months ago

    Hey J.D. Maybe the 57 states that clown thinks we have confused him thinking we live in a democracy instead of a constitutional republic? Who knows right?

  • heyb0ss 69
    heyb0ss 69 2 months ago

    im a conservative, but honestly this was just circlejerking, not a single critiqueing question, just questions that let milo rant on and on about feminism, pc, etc.

  • Dr Remulack
    Dr Remulack 2 months ago

    0:18 this guy is such a piece of shit it makes me sick.

  • Akt 0173
    Akt 0173 2 months ago


  • ray g
    ray g 3 months ago

    im gay andi liked trump

  • MacDee the executioner

    was about to say that this is a republic.. but I was unsure because everyone calls it democracy and republic

  • peter-john de jong
    peter-john de jong 3 months ago

    SJW hate free speech
    BLM hate free speech
    Islam hate free speech
    They only like free speech for them self

  • Paul Bridgewater
    Paul Bridgewater 3 months ago

    "gays" are treated like cripples and retards by PC liberals, not equals or individuals... and the muslims will NEVER get any support from the american people as long as they oppress their women and mutilate their sons

  • Blobby Blob
    Blobby Blob 3 months ago

    Milo can tweet me all over

  • VinessaGaming
    VinessaGaming 3 months ago

    "We don't live in a democracy" in my head all I was like "we live in a cheeroracy" lol

  • kaylashalaylaaaaa
    kaylashalaylaaaaa 3 months ago

    the middle guy looks like hes falling in love with milo lol

  • emozgay srnm
    emozgay srnm 3 months ago

    I can't believe twitter banned Milo. What he said doesn't fall under hate speech. Even if it did it's not a reason to ban someone from a website. Freespeech should be preserved even if its hate speech.

  • Christina x
    Christina x 3 months ago

    This was a great interview, they all respected each other and listened! Unlike disgusting feminists who speak over everyone!

  • Tom Leykis P1
    Tom Leykis P1 3 months ago

    Milo Yannopoulos is Gay & Pedophile LOL

  • Laura Voyce
    Laura Voyce 3 months ago

    yes all gay people Milo are bombastic, loud, they say what they think and all gay people hate political correctness. You of all people should know historically, that being a loud, bombastic, say what you think, politically incorrect gay male or female would get you either chemically castrated ( if you were a homosexual male) or imprisoned.  Not all gay men or women would want to vote for Trump on the BASIS of his bombastic, loud and politically incorrectness- that's quite abhorrent to some of my gay friends. And to be frank, most on the alt-right despise homosexuality, they are not supporting it. They are not shaking hands with the LGBT community and allowing the trans community use any bathroom they choose because it is not part of their agenda. The  Right are usually not in favour of the LGBT community and will usually very often not support them EVEN if they promise to, as displayed by Donald Trump quite recently. I just don't buy it. The LGBT community will be protected under trump? in the next few years we will slowly watch as their rights slowly diminish.

  • Thomas Murray
    Thomas Murray 3 months ago

    Exactly Milo is god damned right. Come out as a gay guy and you'll get mollycoddled and get special treatment and all this stuff but come out as a Conservative and my god you might bet shot by the left.

    • Tom Leykis P1
      Tom Leykis P1 3 months ago

      Milo Yannopoulos promotes Pedophile behavior.

  • Norma Trimble
    Norma Trimble 3 months ago

    Love Milo!!! Keep up the good work Milo......

  • Mims Zanadunstedt
    Mims Zanadunstedt 3 months ago His fucking upper lip reminds me of this

  • mame eisenhower
    mame eisenhower 3 months ago

    yeah I hope milo can come back for the accusations on him regarding the "pedophile" video. WE will probably find out it was spliced to make him say that. I am still not sure what he said. NO it is not OK for a 13 year old to be with an adult. IF THAT is what he said. BUT thinking something is OK and be wrong. WELL Milo would not be the first. I don't think he was promoting anything. I think he was speaking his mind. AND LUCID as he can be at most times. I am not sure where he got this idea....probably because of how he has been treated. HE has disavowed being a pedophile or trying to get anyone to do anything like that. So I am on the fence here. IF he believes in it he is wrong. IF he does not the people who tried to pin this on him is wrong. HE made a wrong statement. HE was wrong about something. YES he was wrong about a very controversial subject. BUT if he does not believe in what he was saying as an absolute truth...something he was trying on for size to see what he believes. THAT is something we all do. Usually not about pedophilia but this can happen. AND we should not lose our minds over it if that is all it was. HE was musing on a taboo subject. AFTER all like he has said a million times. THE pushes the envelope. AND the deals with the taboo. I would believe that is what could have happened.

  • john poore
    john poore 3 months ago

    I never liked this guy" Milo" until I saw this one I saw on You Tube I changed my mind this guy knows what he is talking about

    • Tom Leykis P1
      Tom Leykis P1 3 months ago

      Milo Yannopoulos promotes Pedophile behavior.
      Has your mind changed one more time?

  • magesticmaniacc
    magesticmaniacc 4 months ago

    Twitter signed their own death warrant with this. hahahaha. Calm the fuck down milo. You aint that big.

  • monedita de plata
    monedita de plata 4 months ago

    Milo Yiannopoulos! Little biatch troll! The holocaust never happened

  • jimmybusk
    jimmybusk 4 months ago

    Thank You Milo ,For helping to put our new Savior in the White House ! God Bless You. you are also a breath of fresh air.

  • Rob Margolin
    Rob Margolin 4 months ago

    Milo Y. says that he loves that people kill Elephants for fun. PLEASE HELP STOP THE SLAUGHTER. WATCH THIS NOW.

  • GirlWithAnAccent
    GirlWithAnAccent 4 months ago

    I want Milo in the European Parliament

  • Mesmerized 4Life
    Mesmerized 4Life 4 months ago

    I used to date Milo

  • Drink Bleach
    Drink Bleach 4 months ago

    I love Milo

    • Tom Leykis P1
      Tom Leykis P1 3 months ago

      Milo Yannopoulos promotes Pedophile behavior. Your SICK.

  • Streamtrooper
    Streamtrooper 4 months ago

    Which Obama?

  • The Indigo Child
    The Indigo Child 4 months ago

    These Protesters are NOT Americans! Their Communists! N they should be BANISHED! Pitchforks N Torches are soon to come!

  • Ron watt
    Ron watt 4 months ago

    Fakebook and Twatter both suck

  • Crag Boone
    Crag Boone 4 months ago

    Holy SHIT!!! Someone who knows the USA is NOT a Democracy. I am so damned tired of ignorant people saying DEMOCRACY!!!!! All you out there in LaLa land please read The Constitution and the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers.

  • James Collins
    James Collins 4 months ago

    Sums up liberals in one word - hypocrisy

    • Tom Leykis P1
      Tom Leykis P1 3 months ago

      Looked up hypocrisy found a picture of Trump.
      BTW Milo Yannopoulos promotes Pedophile behavior.

  • michael collins
    michael collins 4 months ago

    everyone just like in your Executive Orders

  • Edward st.antoine
    Edward st.antoine 4 months ago

    we DO NOT LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY! It is a republic with a constitution.

  • HardRockMiner
    HardRockMiner 4 months ago

    Click bait!

  • TheRelentlessPPL
    TheRelentlessPPL 4 months ago

    I literally watch milo for fun

  • R Johnson
    R Johnson 4 months ago

    Owns? Hardly. He's cute though, and he's found his own little niche, more as a personality than as a convincing debater. Really my only problem with him is the twitter troll thing. We've all become so rude and it only serves to further polarize people with opposing views.

  • robert holden
    robert holden 4 months ago

    To the fat mouth who "corrected" Obama, what the fuck is the difference between a democracy and constitutional monarchy? Very little.

  • john mannering
    john mannering 4 months ago

    snicker licker.

  • Malibu Dolphin
    Malibu Dolphin 4 months ago

    if obama was about working together, why did he force over 200+ executive orders on us ?

  • Brendan
    Brendan 4 months ago

    Obamais , was a joke

    JONAH 4 months ago

    Why is a Greek gay bastard with a British accent so important?

  • robert holden
    robert holden 4 months ago

    Just ignore the stupid, little fag. He's a walking pin cushion with a fat mouth.

    • Tom Leykis P1
      Tom Leykis P1 3 months ago

      Milo Yannopoulos also promotes Pedophile behavior. LOL

  • maskaleynne
    maskaleynne 4 months ago

    Obama should have been a miscarriage.  One of the greatest waste of flesh in the history of this Earth.

  • loren roberts
    loren roberts 4 months ago

    Actually no Obama we live in a republic

  • Aaron Richard
    Aaron Richard 4 months ago

    I liked Steve. He's very non biased, asked good questions that weren't to prove a point or hidden attacks, and he didn't add his own opinion to try and move the audience

  • Klotze Kehrt
    Klotze Kehrt 4 months ago

    WOW, this is how logic beats culture marxism / mind control tactics, go guys !!

  • ritch l
    ritch l 4 months ago

    Milo looks high. Just finding this guy, love the dude!!!

    • Tom Leykis P1
      Tom Leykis P1 3 months ago

      Milo Yannopoulos promotes Pedophile behavior. YOU love this dude?

  • Anders Moe
    Anders Moe 4 months ago

    Milo is again getting high on his own ego....

  • Timothy O'Brien
    Timothy O'Brien 4 months ago

    Yo, Obama, moron, we're not in a Democracy.

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