How to escape quicksand

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  • The first step to getting stuck in quicksand: Don't freak out. Humans actually can't drown in the stuff, because we float in it. Getting out can be simple, if you follow these instructions.

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  • Aca Ran
    Aca Ran 4 hours ago

    fall thru ice...roll away....quick sand roll away...why not always roll than

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 18 hours ago

    But what if they're Y E E Z Y

  • 3世 村正
    3世 村正 1 day ago

    i dont have legs...

  • Exo Magic
    Exo Magic 1 day ago

    Is this a joke?

  • Dead Kid
    Dead Kid 2 days ago

    I'm watching this even though I know I stay at home 90% of the time and live in a city where there is no sand

    WILLORCHILL 2 days ago

    I always wanted to be stuck in quicksand

  • meme kid
    meme kid 2 days ago

    how to get out quicksand: become a beached fish by flopping around

  • seuss malourny
    seuss malourny 2 days ago

    Imagine falling in there and getting out without any pants on. oof

  • Ang Gonzalez
    Ang Gonzalez 2 days ago

    there is another great video than this it seems more easier... the person is called nguyen ... on their channel

  • Mr. Thompson train driver

    this is most horrible animation of all time.

  • Zane Taylor
    Zane Taylor 3 days ago

    Never skip leg day

  • moist clog
    moist clog 3 days ago

    This actually saved my life

  • käsna kalle weed
    käsna kalle weed 3 days ago

    but shoes!!😂😂

  • ben93 Shadow
    ben93 Shadow 4 days ago


  • lol xd
    lol xd 4 days ago

    1: You CANNOT create a pocket of water because it will stick to your legs
    2: Sticking your back into the surface will make the problem even worse, again, because of its stickiness.
    3: You CANNOT do swim in backstroke because you know it.
    4: How?

  • Kylah Jnae
    Kylah Jnae 4 days ago

    His little sandals were so cute

  • Puji Santoso
    Puji Santoso 5 days ago

    then what will happen to your shoes if you left them insider ?

  • ectoBiologist
    ectoBiologist 5 days ago

    wow disney level animation

  • Hectic Vortex
    Hectic Vortex 6 days ago

    thank you for teaching me how to break my back and lose my shoes.Really appreciated

  • Liam Starinieri
    Liam Starinieri 6 days ago

    Why is the music so fucking intense 😂

  • Sunshine Girl
    Sunshine Girl 6 days ago

    you don't get your shoes back why

  • Janitaa
    Janitaa 6 days ago

    But what if you're a potato

  • Shadsy The Hedgehog

    But what if the guy in the animation wants his shoes back?

  • Galaxy Caramel
    Galaxy Caramel 7 days ago 999/911...

  • GalaxyStar5
    GalaxyStar5 7 days ago

    Guys the comment section is killing me....lmfao😂😂😂😂

  • GalaxyStar5
    GalaxyStar5 7 days ago

    Guys make sure to backstroke with your arms going forward.......otherwise u will die

  • Hylife Gt
    Hylife Gt 7 days ago

    But my Shoes is expensive 😢

  • sagar kk
    sagar kk 7 days ago

    The rotation of backstroke which shown in video is wrong, it should be the opposite. but yaa by backstroke we may get out of quicksand. (Y)

  • Voltz
    Voltz 8 days ago

    im gay

  • Charles Strong
    Charles Strong 8 days ago

    this music

  • Romeo Forcos
    Romeo Forcos 8 days ago

    what happends if I have nike flip flops on ? 😂

  • Antholo G
    Antholo G 8 days ago

    Sometimes quicksand is really deep

  • Luillipop
    Luillipop 8 days ago

    who in the hell would be able of moving theit legs and back like that

  • Jack Harvey
    Jack Harvey 8 days ago


  • Owen Campbell
    Owen Campbell 9 days ago

    Yeah sure, I can snap my spine then become spider-human demon. Seems like it will work.

  • ternitamas
    ternitamas 9 days ago

    oh no my louboutins!

  • Kamal AL-Hinai
    Kamal AL-Hinai 10 days ago

    Wish I can see this real people

  • Death Knight Plays
    Death Knight Plays 10 days ago

    Don't worry "It's impossible to drown in quicksand" yeah but if you stay in there long you'll get deep vein thrombosis and your legs will hurt then if you get to your head or above your neck basically chances are you stop breathing and bite the dust. That is if theres no one to help you also I don't get how people get stuck in it.
    If you're just stepping on it just fall backwards :/ (because if you're at the edge behind you is safety :/)

  • Theme Park Enthusiast

    1:20 what if I'm wearing brand new J's?

  • Anastasia Klyuch
    Anastasia Klyuch 11 days ago

    That will not work for air quicksand, and I don't advice you to try. It CAN easily engulf all of you. This is only for bog/riverbank quickMUD, not for quickSAND.

  • Teddychaos :3
    Teddychaos :3 11 days ago

    Oml his spine. GET THE HOLY WATER

  • MLG
    MLG 12 days ago

    i just watched this documentarg about quicksand, the part were he lays back does help a bit but i saw them bring in big fucking machines to get the guy out

  • Katerina Konzuk
    Katerina Konzuk 12 days ago

    Did they realize that they were doing the backstroke the wrong way?

  • Silvia Trzebiatowski

    and then get new shoes

    JUST LAUGH 13 days ago

    1:46 when a fish gets out of water

    JUST LAUGH 13 days ago

    instructions unclear, died from heat stroke.

  • Elijah Jesus Imperial

    how about the shpe

  • Smack Dab
    Smack Dab 13 days ago

    What's the song

  • BENDY and the ink machine

    jesus can walk in water
    chuck norris can walk on quicksand

  • Apocalyptic
    Apocalyptic 13 days ago

    i thought the title was
    "How to escape fucking quicksand"

    now i can only imagine quicksand having sex with you as you try to escape

  • Yolo King
    Yolo King 13 days ago

    1:02, if I saw this in real life I would run for my fucking life and get my eyes removed.

  • Pepper
    Pepper 14 days ago

    lol here's an idea, don't fall it

  • Ward Houben
    Ward Houben 14 days ago

    1:39 he is swimming in the wrong direction when you're looking at his arms

  • Winnie The Pooh
    Winnie The Pooh 14 days ago

    what about his shoes..?...

  • Toxic aura
    Toxic aura 14 days ago

    Here is another way call 911

  • jesse vu
    jesse vu 14 days ago

    200 views away from 1mil

  • BMHater12 The Useless User

    Get this shit to 1 Million views

  • Ibrahim Khalid
    Ibrahim Khalid 15 days ago


  • Will Wesley
    Will Wesley 15 days ago

    Fuck this musics intense

  • Theforged gamer
    Theforged gamer 15 days ago

    R.I.P sandals 2017-2017

  • I am stupid
    I am stupid 15 days ago

    But if you lay your back on it it will collect that so you have all your hair,back,and clothes stuck in it

  • Lilly TessAJ
    Lilly TessAJ 15 days ago

    Lie on ur back and to back stroke XD i thought he said if you touch it it would stick to you

  • Phemus
    Phemus 15 days ago

    Thanks I'm going to try it rn. (EDIT: Farewells, I'm died)

  • JVYvette Universe
    JVYvette Universe 16 days ago

    omg lol

  • cooldragon58
    cooldragon58 16 days ago

    instructions not clear quicksand got mad at me for trying to leave it, took all of my belongings, and trashed my car

  • poloskier1967
    poloskier1967 17 days ago

    RIP to his back!

  • Raishin Egg
    Raishin Egg 17 days ago

    I searched this on YouTube because I was drowning in quicksand

  • Azry Husaini
    Azry Husaini 18 days ago

    what about the shoes?the shoes not cheap at all!😨drown in the quicksand😢😢

  • Sheux
    Sheux 18 days ago

    Tried it didnt work :(

  • Melon
    Melon 19 days ago

    How to be a fossil 101

  • mos ab
    mos ab 19 days ago

    idt he was breaststroking in the right direction

  • Allen N/A
    Allen N/A 19 days ago

    this is actually not true. dont wiggle your legs or you will just sink farther

  • CrunchySalt
    CrunchySalt 19 days ago

    Wish I knew about this when I got stuck in quicksand.

  • Phishtacheo
    Phishtacheo 19 days ago


  • Josef Plata
    Josef Plata 20 days ago

    Me; *gets stuck on quick sand*
    video; JUST DO IT!
    Me; FUCK!

  • Im A Birdy WoW
    Im A Birdy WoW 20 days ago

    WTF that girl didn't help him.

  • RyCa HS
    RyCa HS 20 days ago

    When i was 6 me and my mom and brother where walking by the lake next to my nanas house and my brother got stuck and my mom tried to help him but she got stuck. She told me to get help and i ran to this family amd they helped them out

  • XxThe_KrafterxX
    XxThe_KrafterxX 20 days ago

    "Now, backstroke"
    teach me how to swim plz

  • Yolp HD
    Yolp HD 21 day ago

    1:40 umm that isn't back stroke

  • Rfmckport Gameplays Mana90

    Click The and see what I see

  • Grammar Nazi
    Grammar Nazi 24 days ago

    1:26 *looks at the part of the shirt that looks like it is is separated from the legs*HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO PULL THAT STUNT?!?

  • Ozair Rao
    Ozair Rao 24 days ago

    wow this is new and interesting.. hmm how to try this.. is there an app to find quick sands?

  • Oliver queen
    Oliver queen 24 days ago

    How to escape quicksand.

    Step 1:

    Don't fall into quicksand

  • Alice X
    Alice X 25 days ago

    what if u fall with your head first tho.. into the quicksand

    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf 24 days ago

      Alice X you'd just suffocayr

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 25 days ago

    Jesus quicksand tutorial

  • Daniel Pogosyan
    Daniel Pogosyan 25 days ago

    Fail the backstroke, get your head into the quick sand and you'll die a horrible death.

  • Lysol Bleach
    Lysol Bleach 25 days ago

    So if u stick ur head in u won't drown

  • paul holroyd
    paul holroyd 25 days ago

    Nick on Corrie should watch this 😂

  • John Samuel
    John Samuel 25 days ago

    Rip Shoes

  • Muhammad Naufal W
    Muhammad Naufal W 27 days ago

    how to escape darude - sandstorm

  • cijoged post
    cijoged post 27 days ago

    to make it easier. just pray before u sunk

  • BTS Vkook Fan Girl
    BTS Vkook Fan Girl 27 days ago

    How do u even swim in quicksand 1: 45

  • Sweet Melissa Smith
    Sweet Melissa Smith 27 days ago

    will I have a bad fin

  • ssf turnip
    ssf turnip 27 days ago

    I got my dad to tell me jokes and scare me so I pee and I know it sounds bad but it works

  • Hudson Ferreira
    Hudson Ferreira 28 days ago

    Thank, i liked a lot =+)

  • TrapsterJ
    TrapsterJ 28 days ago

    This music tho.

  • Theo Volz
    Theo Volz 28 days ago

    So... You do a weird moonwalk-backstroke, where your arms move in the opposite direction to the way your body moves?

  • Athina Tsakona
    Athina Tsakona 28 days ago

    Lmao at 1:49

  • TheXTutorialsx
    TheXTutorialsx 28 days ago

    Someone is gonna die because of this lol

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