New muslim

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Author Md Sahidul Islam (1 year)

Author hassan nooree (1 year)

Author parayadesh (1 year)
Jesus can not be God because he ate, shit and slept. God don't do that.

Author T Brown (1 year)
Where is the atonement for your sins. We all have sinned against God, so we
will be punished unless we ask God for forgiveness (repent and turn away
from evil) and accept Christ as Savior to take our place for our
punishment. Ask yourself, what you going to do about your sins. Christ is
God, but he is also a man. Only God can do this, so as a human he could
identify with us and pay the price.

Author Dizzyish (1 year)
Mashalla.....keep it up!

Author farido dado (1 year)
god bless u sister

Author SadisticSultan (1 year)
Masha''re very smart....and very pretty too.

Author Phantom451208 (3 years)
@proudfemale As a matter of fact I have READ the Quran AND the Hadith's and
I know fully what it is about. Watch some videos by Dr. Zakir Naik, he'll
have the answers to clear up your ignorance. I don't know my religion? no,
YOU don't know my religion. You take these verses out of context, twist and
manipulate them then spit it into our faces. I don't think you even know
what your talking about. "3 out of 4 leave if they can" really? then why is
it one of the largest religions of the world?

Author 11clarks (2 years)
Nice video :-) x Guy below needs a lollipop to suck on..

Author adhitya rizal (1 year)
Allahu Akbar,god bless you! became muslim women stronger your

Author Niyaz Ahmad (1 year)
sister alhamdo lillah .

Author a7mdcresent (2 years)
ma sha allah you're very brave ! :)

Author Religion Et Culture (3 years)
lol The cross on wall behind you...

Author Makhdum Ali. (1 year)
w/salam masha allah

Author parayadesh (1 year)
beautiful sister in a beautiful religion.

Author fawaz2141 (2 years)
Masha alah keep going sister

Author catfishblue03 (2 years)
You look very pretty with a hijab!

Author Shameem Javid (1 year)
Hi Julie the thing you say, I dont know from where you heard these things
which are not at all true.Islam is a very beautiful religion.The first
thing is not to hate Islam it is to be understood...

Author T Brown (1 year)
most people need to ask themselves why before they do this. does it answer
life's questions?

Author Ali Reza (2 years)
You really should try to be more respectful of peoples choices. Hijab is
not oppressive and praying 5 times a day is a blessing. I look forward to
praying and sometimes pray more than 5 times. I am very happy and so are
most sisters that practice their faith. We Muslims want the best in this
life and the next. We want that for ourselves and we want that for you.

Author miladmeah (1 year)
What is Allah that Muslims believe in?! A Pagan deity that existed before
Islam. Pagans kissed the Black Stone that Muslims also kiss, 7 rounds of
Ka'aba, run from Safa to Marwa, pray facing Ka'aba all that Pagans did A
perverted entity that likes to see men with permanent hard-on, see Quran
44:51-55, 52:17-20 and seven more see @ islam-watch.(org) Who is qualified
to have instant sex with these permanent virgins? Muslims who kill
(non-Muslims) and are killed says Quran 9:111 by suicide bombings

Author ledeej (1 year)
I wanna take her muslim virginity :(

Author Khairul Azrul (1 year)
the history of my religion is beautiful :D

Author angus1000001 (3 years)
@LeylaAlSa3ida paedophilia is paedophilia, you can't excuse a child
molesterer. You are probably one. There are plenty of childbrides in north
africa, horn of africa and Pakistan.Your point is moot....try again paedo

Author Traces1000 (1 year)
i bet this guy already lose her virginity to her's a arab thing

Author Cherno Bah (1 year)
Sister you are beautiful without all the make-up. It's not necessary

Author John Sommers (1 year)
allah akbar as a new convert seeing this video makes me happy

Author miladmeah (1 year)
Dear Muslim brethren. I hope by my writings you will clearly see how our
prophet played all kind of tricks in formulating Islamic doctrine &
rituals. There are clear examples of deceptions & contradictions in our
sacred scriptures. Once you start studying the original Islamic scriptures,
I’m sure you will discover all these, and share them with others. There are
numerous such deceptions, lies and contradictions spread all over the
sacred Islamic scriptures. By Mirza Ghalib @ islam-watch.(org)

Author max rav (1 year)
lol! Can't see the wood for the trees. I can't be bothered I am not paid to
be a physiologist but I would advise you to go and see one. The sooner the
better my friend.

Author BenSeviyorumSeni (2 years)
MashaAllah sister, welcome to Islam, May Allah bless you and Guide,

Author casanova casanova (1 year)
God bless you

Author Mohammed Illiyas (1 year)
dear sister may ALLAH bless you with all the blessings throughout your life
and the life hereafter.

Author miladmeah (1 year)
EIDUL FITRI: Although there is no bloody activity on this holiday, it
celebrates "incredible" victory Muhammad achieved at the Battle of Badar.
An occasion of killing and beheading of non-Muslim relatives, old friends
and neighbours by Prophet Muhammad and his pious disciples. That day
brother killed brother, nephew killed uncle, cousin killed cousin, son
killed father, and old friends and neighbors killed each other Muslims, to
this day, follow this prophetic tradition of killing kuffars. Contd

Author parayadesh (1 year)
Do you know who are gentiles swines and dogs. You and me. Jesus PBUH wasnt
here for us. He said I have to go so that the comforter will come and he
shall speak the words of God and praise me. Only Islam praises him. If you
say you hate muslims than I am with you but see what Islam is saying about
orphans, women, neighbours rights. I was an orphan but was deprived of
these rights. Muslims are the worst followers I agree but dont judge by the
followers. See whats written in Quran .

Author luke benross (1 year)

Author McGuywer (2 years)
Did you meet a muslim boyfriend, that's why you converted, tell the truth.
Or just being a masochist.

Author parayadesh (1 year)
See Jesus PBUH only came to Jews. He was asked to preach in another tribe
and he said why would I caste my pearls onto swines. Once he asked his
deciples to go preach and said go not into the way of gentiles and into the
city but go yee rather to house of Israel. Another occassion a greek lady
comes to Jesus PBUH and said could you heel my sick daughter. He turned his
head away and said I am not sent but to the lost sheep of Israel.continued

Author max rav (1 year)
You're welcome buddy but actually I am very knowledgeable about Islam from
an historical prospective. That's why I see your religion clearer then you
who through no fault of your own have been cultural indoctrinated into what
basically amounts to a 14th century cult with very dangerous theocratic
political aims which is actually pretty unique to this particularly nasty
religion. I say to the you as I would this confused girl, come and join the
rest of humanity in the 21st century.

Author max rav (1 year)
lol! Why did he send his apostles out to in the world to preach the gospels
if his message was only for the Jews? Why is there 2.5 billion Christians
in the world if he was only preaching to and for the Jews? If a prostitute
was about to be stoned to death by Jewish law, which leader would show the
most courage? Jesus or Madhamed? Put yourself in that position. The taliban
are about to execute a women accused of this, would you or your prophet
have the guts to stand in their way? Jesus would.

Author ludvie effendy (1 year)
Assalamualaikum....alhamdulilah ..Allahu akhbar....

Author Jesus Christ (1 year)
I have a lot of faith that you are lost.

Author wahab hafiz (1 year)
ALHAMDU LE ALLAH that u get in Islam , ALLAH bless u welcome to islam ,

Author crusty7208 (2 years)
she looks pretty with a hijab to backward hairy faced fanatics who like to
think of woman as chattel. she looks like a young living in a pink body
bag, a zombie to pedophile prophet.

Author Simovato (2 years)
Selamu Aleykum Sister Alhamduilillah you have become a Muslim and inshallah
you vill inspire others to do also :) Sister you should know: The veil
Muslimins are soposed to wear have to reflect islam on the instant twinkle,
and it must not reflect femininity. And you know that all this talking on
youtube are really no matter, Don't focus on people, instead focus on you
relationship with allah . It is said that it isn't about you and them, but
rather you and Allah. Allah give you Hidayah ins.

Author Eli Elias (1 year)
my sins do good deeds and Allah will wipe our sins.have you asked yourself
where the justice in father sacrifice his beloved son for others sins? how
justice this father why did not he sacrifice himself instead of his son?
even the sin of Adam is not a sin, God wants to show us that Satan going to
cheat you in earth as he cheated Adam in the heaven so this is a lesson,
but Satan is still able to cheat people as he makes you guys to worship the
creature (Jesus) not the creator (The only one God)

Author miladmeah (1 year)
While all other religions celebrate colourful festivals in which men and
women socialize. Islamic holidays are about killing, commemorating deaths
and massacres. Expl: EIDUL AZHA. Every Muslim is required to cut the throat
of a goat, cow or a camel. While men cut the throats of these animals, the
women and children celebrate the sight of gushing blood from the dying
animal by the shouts of “Allah u Akbar”. ASHURA Ashura commemorates the
bloodshed and killing of Muslims by other Muslims. Contd:

Author miladmeah (1 year)
DEATH Violent jihad is the requirement of being a Muslim and the only
guarantee to get paradise is by killing and getting killed for Allah. See
Quran 9:111. ISLAM CELEBRATES ONLY DEATH. While everyone loves music,
singing, dancing, socializing and watching TV and movies Islam strictly
prohibits all these fun activities and insist on salat (prayers) and
reciting the Quran instead. More by Ayesha Ahmed @ islam-watch.(org)

Author Joseph iroabuchi (1 year)
you Are insane to say that

Author Mega Dwell (1 year)
muhammad cannot be prophet. Isaiah 42:1

Author max rav (1 year)
I thought mohammed liked them a bit younger like 9 years old They can use
any attempt at justification of the evil an immoral acts of this old
perverted man they want but the proof is in his own writings that he is
nothing more than a lecherous self important rapist and murderer of
innocents in the most brutal fashion possible. It incenses me this
disgusting little religion is allowed spread it's vile doctrines around the
world with impunity. This must stop if we want to live in piece.

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