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  • 5 cans of tuna fish? Nah....Pearl Dig kits......Enjoy and go exploring and tell me what you found..
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  • manam zehra
    manam zehra 6 days ago

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  • Jing Wang
    Jing Wang 46 minutes ago

    I got pearls for free in China like if you believe me

  • Jessica Salguero
    Jessica Salguero 2 hours ago

    can you do a Pearl collection video

  • Diona Speer
    Diona Speer 5 hours ago

    you are a bech 🖕👎

  • Robloxplayer 08
    Robloxplayer 08 6 hours ago

    Are they real oisters?

  • reuben 00
    reuben 00 6 hours ago

    are they alive

  • Nightcore Gamer
    Nightcore Gamer 8 hours ago

    This is more of an open and find something if ur lucky.

  • Rko reh
    Rko reh 8 hours ago


  • Gloria Quezada
    Gloria Quezada 9 hours ago

    is. it. rile

  • Josh Kukus
    Josh Kukus 10 hours ago

    where did you get those oysters

  • FrankM714
    FrankM714 11 hours ago

    WOW 😮☺💙

  • Babygirl_2
    Babygirl_2 11 hours ago

    the sound at the beginning was terrifying 😠

  • itsNaima XD
    itsNaima XD 12 hours ago


  • WolfLoverEmmy Taylor
    WolfLoverEmmy Taylor 14 hours ago

    Wait why did you put sand down?

  • Orange :girl inkling:
    Orange :girl inkling: 16 hours ago

    Notice me?

  • Powers of Beauty
    Powers of Beauty 16 hours ago


  • Loly Mint
    Loly Mint 19 hours ago

    I love holo💿💿

  • G G Gamboa
    G G Gamboa 21 hour ago

    i think we all know not to jrank it

  • Christy Ragbir
    Christy Ragbir 1 day ago

    that can be real

  • ShortageVlogs
    ShortageVlogs 1 day ago

    Next time I recommended not to use sand

  • Nancy Jennifer
    Nancy Jennifer 1 day ago

    Wow sorry but FUN HOUSE why do you sound so sarcastic

  • Evelina Fabianski

    Dude stop killing sea animals!
    pour sea animals suffering cause of people like you!

    • Evelina Fabianski
      Evelina Fabianski 5 hours ago

      FUN HOUSE TV sorry i over reacted and i didnt see the whloe vid cause i was over reacted

    • Evelina Fabianski
      Evelina Fabianski 5 hours ago

      RickySals sorry i over reacted and didnt see the whole vid

    • RickySals
      RickySals 5 hours ago

      Evelina Fabianski dude , educate yourself, the oyster is already dead long before they packaged it into the container.

      FUN HOUSE TV 1 day ago

      it was already dead if you watch the whole video

  • Oscar Garcia
    Oscar Garcia 1 day ago

    mm you still can stab your self

  • char801a
    char801a 1 day ago


  • ArtisticalFoxGamer 23

    i just love that she did " wow .... oh so much fun....." it looks like shes not haveing fun XD

  • JIN GU
    JIN GU 1 day ago

    Btw they are not real pearls because it would be a lot of money and your just trying to get more attention

    • Annalise
      Annalise 5 hours ago

      JIN GU they are real

  • Sofia Worthington

    she got it from tiger I have them to

  • ingrid greiner
    ingrid greiner 1 day ago

    are they real pearls

  • Cindy and pisika Cute

    can you sub me because I sub you 😊❤😊

  • Cindy and pisika Cute

    wow pearl 😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏

  • Rylee Grace
    Rylee Grace 2 days ago

    Is the sand for decoration or does it help the oysters?? Btw LOVE your vids!

  • Grace Moana
    Grace Moana 2 days ago

    Such an entertaining video.!!!!!!😍😍😍😍

  • Hhjjj Hhjjj
    Hhjjj Hhjjj 2 days ago

    but i had drunk it how

  • Hhjjj Hhjjj
    Hhjjj Hhjjj 2 days ago

    she take one hundred year to take out one clam

  • Hnin Pyu
    Hnin Pyu 2 days ago

    How do pearls even get inside it? Orr it grows on it??🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Jamie Mann
      Jamie Mann 6 hours ago

      Hnin Pyu actually, it's some kind of bacteria that messing up the process in which it makes it's shell. Basically, it's it's shell in sorts that becomes the pearl

    • LPS Gwen
      LPS Gwen 15 hours ago

      Hnin Pyu when and oyster closes and a grain of sand is in there than the oyster will cover it with a mucus and than it will harden and bam you have a pearl

    • ShortageVlogs
      ShortageVlogs 1 day ago

      Hnin Pyu they grow inside the oysters

  • Scott Sandfort2
    Scott Sandfort2 2 days ago


  • Leah Membreve
    Leah Membreve 2 days ago

    I don't like you

  • Snivy The lazy one23

    You're Canadian! The only reason I know that is the way you say because 😁

  • dennis juab
    dennis juab 3 days ago


  • CupCAKE QUEEN## Escobar

    I did drink it😂😂😂😂👎👎👎👎👎 no I didn't drink it😷😷😷

  • Guava Juice
    Guava Juice 3 days ago

    You are not even fun BOII!!!

  • Yap Zhenxin
    Yap Zhenxin 4 days ago

    the pearls looks beautiful! !!

  • stephanie clark
    stephanie clark 4 days ago

    Those are fresh water pearls because they're broke

  • Roxyonmars gippson
    Roxyonmars gippson 4 days ago

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  • puppies rescue
    puppies rescue 5 days ago

    thank you for doing this video I have been subscribed for a long time now and I know you won't read this but can you please sub back

  • Bobby Haisma
    Bobby Haisma 5 days ago


  • Paige Joelynne
    Paige Joelynne 5 days ago

    Are these real?

  • Jersey Lang
    Jersey Lang 5 days ago

    230ith like

  • Jeni Perez
    Jeni Perez 5 days ago

    Where do you get the pearls from ?

  • Emmet 2017
    Emmet 2017 5 days ago

    How much is a pearl worth anyone ???

    • Jamie Mann
      Jamie Mann 6 hours ago

      Emmet 2017 Depends on the quality. Most is dirt until it is refined into jewelry

    • dahmani lina
      dahmani lina 13 hours ago

      Emmet 2017 uhh a lot of money?

  • Dnae Tillery
    Dnae Tillery 5 days ago

    ummmmm........that is so...........😕😕😕😕

  • Johnson Apollo
    Johnson Apollo 5 days ago

    Wow they look like great quality pearls !! Nice job

  • exitwounds
    exitwounds 5 days ago

    pearl does not grow that big in a small mollusk..planted in there by deng xioaw peng..sorry u been had..

  • Alyssa Evey
    Alyssa Evey 5 days ago

    please do a pearl collection video

  • Pretty Much Anything

    It was "kinda" stuck because u were taking it out wrong

  • Fb F
    Fb F 6 days ago


  • T 10
    T 10 6 days ago

    can you do more of these videos

  • Md Shahin
    Md Shahin 6 days ago

    You are the best.

  • Everygamenl
    Everygamenl 6 days ago

    is it a reak pearl or ???

  • Watermelon Productions

    Are the pearls real?

  • Jerica Stanley
    Jerica Stanley 6 days ago

    Plzz pin this I love u

  • Rainbow Unicorn
    Rainbow Unicorn 6 days ago

    You know you are really rich because you get so many pearls while you make a collection of pearls you can make yourself some necklaces or bracelets

  • Under Gamez
    Under Gamez 6 days ago

    Just a little tip. You should break off a little pice of the oyster then stick the knife in the little hole then cut! Just a little tip! 😃. And maybe clean the pearls! Thank you for reading.

  • MisterBassBoost
    MisterBassBoost 6 days ago

    Excellent video

  • Brooke Fitzpatrick
    Brooke Fitzpatrick 6 days ago

    Pin this plz

  • Terra Martinez
    Terra Martinez 6 days ago

    I am back again hey steph

  • Gemma Oliver
    Gemma Oliver 6 days ago

    Love you vids keep it up can you do a nother give away

      FUN HOUSE TV 6 days ago

      there is one for june going on.....go on home page to uploads and it's there..

  • Katlyn Worex
    Katlyn Worex 6 days ago


  • Brenna Kenney
    Brenna Kenney 6 days ago

    I love your videos so much and they make me so happy whenever I am sad

  • Max Simmons
    Max Simmons 6 days ago

    1st love u teph

  • Brenna Kenney
    Brenna Kenney 6 days ago

    I was the first like on the video 😱😝😝😝😝😝

  • Hakeem Johnson
    Hakeem Johnson 6 days ago


  • joejoe Vlogs
    joejoe Vlogs 6 days ago


    • joejoe Vlogs
      joejoe Vlogs 6 days ago

      FUN HOUSE TV nothing

    • itz Seren
      itz Seren 6 days ago

      FUN HOUSE TV I love your videos as always I could watch hours and hours on these

      FUN HOUSE TV 6 days ago

      what you doing?

  • Pawsometv Gamer
    Pawsometv Gamer 6 days ago

    FIRST and btw this video is awesome and if you get a dislike well who ever will dislike your video they do not know how much work you put into your videos because your videos are the best

  • manam zehra
    manam zehra 6 days ago


  • Ava Good
    Ava Good 6 days ago

    Love it

  • Laurianne Toro1
    Laurianne Toro1 6 days ago

    1st like

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