My Race/Ethnicity? DNA Results

its $100 for regular DNA testing and $200 to include health checks too. DNA testing 23 and me website :
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Author Itsakeykeylife ( ago)
I guess being black I could tell instantly

Author John Bohr ( ago)
Very entertaining, instructional. You introduced us to your mother, father, your baby picture, and your cat. Hooray for diversity.

Author Sugarbunny ( ago)
DNA test are crap like yeah I agree that she is black since her daddy is black BUT American blacks are not like African people genetically speaking they are lying to yall.

Author Danielle E. ( ago)
Hi Megan, I have never commented on anyone's page but felt obligated to send some positive words your way. You are a sweet, intelligent and hilarious young woman who is accomplishing a lot. Whether you come across this message or not I just want you to stay strong and don't allow others to steal your joy. This is your life and you were made exactly the way you were meant to be. You are part of the reason why I really wanted to learn Korean. I saw you teaching some words in your earlier videos and thought "Why don't actually learn what those symbols mean".  It's hard at times but I'm not going to give up. Stay strong and sweet! ^_^

Author andreastar ( ago)
now i want to do a dna test as well, but no way i am spending 200 bucks on that. ^_^

Author Korean Peninsula ( ago)
Did anybody say you look Half Korean???

Author Shlatz McLeod ( ago)
You can pass for white with the right wig and you're 65% black. Genetics make no sense sometimes. Glad you finally shut the haters up.

Author docelephant ( ago)
I don't ask out loud, but I'll admit I get curious about it, especially if I'm attracted to the person. It's almost like, "what ingredients went into this visually-appealing appearance?"

Author Stef G ( ago)
I like to know what people are just because I am curious and I think heritage is important. I'm still going to ask people if I really want to know

Author Gökhan Zengin ( ago)
You should associate your South East Asian ancestry with your Native American ancestry. Many NA have also some SEA. Early peopleing in American continent happened through East Asia-Siberia via Berring.

Author SirReptitious ( ago)
The next time someone asks you what you are, you should say "Well usually people say I'm hot, so.... ;-)". After all, it's the truth. ;-p FWIW, if I had never seen you before and met you, I would just think you are a white girl. And when I would hear you speak, I would probably be very confused as to why the white girl in Korea usually sounds "white" but sometimes randomly sounds "black". ;-)

Author Crystal Child ( ago)
The DNA test aren't 100% accurate. They leave out a huge part of your ancestor is. For more information search on YouTube: AnAmericanDeception: DNA Testing THE NEW ONE DROP RULE Eps8. They break down how the testings go and how by leaving out those family members basically rigs your result's. You're not getting your full DNA ancestry, and remember people have been reclassified over and over again just like the whole West Africa theory is not 100% currect due to the fact those who do get test done have ancestry from multiple tribes all over Africa, not specifically West Africa. Then you add human migration and you have a blending of all types of different tribes of people. Our DNA test are not going to give you your full ancestry.

Author Chrystal ( ago)
This has been the most eye opening DNA test that I've seen so far. Wow!

Author TheColorOfCaramel ( ago)
First of all, I can't believe she has to do another video to prove her ethnicity to people who live under a rock...come ON we're in the 2000's, doesn't anybody go to school with any mixed races or people of different ethnic backgrounds???
Second, I actually want to try that 23&me for the hell of it...

Author oberdamujigae ( ago)
this test is so cool! I'd like to take one of these. some of my friends said to me that I look either Dutch or Arabian even though I'm fully Padangnese race of Indonesia. I know there's some arab blood from my father's side but I'd like to know more xD

Author Remy Mafia ( ago)
Well, I'll be damned.... She's actually blacker than most "black" people.... My mom didn't even believe that she was mixed. XD

Author dani ok ( ago)

Author 7saany ( ago)
what language is that in the beginning

Author Dragonetta ( ago)
FYI, black people can produce offspring with skin tones from bright white to dark black. I have a female cousin whose father is dark-skinned black and her mother is light-skinned black. Her and her five sisters are all different skin tones from light to dark.

Author liberty2011able ( ago)
I'll admit I was a little shocked when I saw you had about 65% African blood, but then again your mother's mixed and your dad's black. I always wondered how 23andMe worked., though, actually tells you what present day nations your genealogy comes from. I so wanna take an ancestry test so bad. My mom was black and my dad's white. Dad swears up and down that he's all white, but I often wondered if he had ancestry from the Caucuses region (they're practically white, but situated in between Europe and Asia just before Iran). Says my grandmother's German ancestry is mixed in with Dutch and that my grandfather's ancestry is straight from Russia (now Belarus). But, I wanna know for myself. I'm guessing I have about no more than 40% African ancestry from my mother's side (she was pretty dark). European is probably somewhere between 51-59%....probably a little less than 59.

Author Daniel Price ( ago)
Sorry to say but She looks so white to be 635 white

Author piratestonesandbones ( ago)
you look like nana from the anime nana

Author Erin Stratman ( ago)
😂 this video

Author Haunted Mushrooms ASMR ( ago)
I love your clothes! Would you be willing to do a video talking about your favorite clothing stores? :D

Author MsBlacKat ( ago)
Gosh i hate when ppl do that to me . . . "Are you fully White? Are you Black? Are you mixed and with what? Are you Italian? Are you Spanish?" and a whole bunch of other ones. I usually just reapond by saying "I'm a patch work puppy." 😂🐶💟

Author Renee Aldersey ( ago)
Ooh, I think I might do one of these tests as well. Could be cool!

Author 태연종 ( ago)
I know how you feel but everyone seems to see what they want to see. People who are Asian see me as Asian people who are Spanish see me as Spanish etc.

Author Christine Kim ( ago)
I'm full Korean, and I even get ask what are you? They think I'm Mexican, or Filipino. When I say I'm Korean, they ask South or North? Really??! *sigh*
The best part was when your cat jumped on hour stomach. lol
You're beautiful,  so keep the good work.

Author bring_me the_levi ( ago)
Dude, I feel u . My complexion is very light but I'm a Mexican born in America

Author Penny691 ( ago)
that top looooks so good on you !!! where did you buy it ? 😊

Author Maggie Cullimore ( ago)
native americans and east asians have very similar dna

Author Edith Thompson ( ago)
Sierra Leone West Africa in the House. Love ya girl.

Author Peachy♡ ( ago)
i just love her face. call me weird. 😋

Author Lizzy m ( ago)
I'm mixed too so I feel your pain. hehe (pakistani, german, Mexican (or technically Spanish and Mayan))

Author AleSims ( ago)
guuuurl yas..I know the struggle...before they get to know you.. they want to know' what are you or what are you mix with' does get annoying

Author ANAMOON ( ago)
I do understand you! Gosh! Ppl asking about others race is really annoying. But is worst when they doubt your answers ¬¬"

Author MildlyObsessed ! ( ago)
"That's why I claimed you and raised you..." 😂😂👌🏻

Author Emily Small ( ago)
I'm going to have to do this. It makes me crazy when people just assume what you are based on what you look like.

Author lamb ( ago)
why do you use a filter to make your eyes bigger?

Author Amber Matthews ( ago)
People trying to figure out what ethnicity she is and I'm over here like "where she get that shirt?!"
Love your channel!

Author sarah li ( ago)
It's so amazing to see that u look nothing like a black Person like ur literally so white

Author Trish Lee ( ago)
Wish I could do the test I'm so curious

Author Havelock Vetinari ( ago)
All these low-creativity trolls coming in from the trending topics 🙄🙄🙄

Author Tiana LaRue ( ago)
I'm Biracial.Meaning I'm mixed with Amerindian,African and European

Author Llóyd ( ago)

Author Llóyd ( ago)
You have to understand you are so beautiful with your white skin is so GORGEOUS! wish you can join a beauty pageant damn

Author BelanceM ( ago)
I'm happy she didn't dwell on this yes so much. I felt like it was more so for those to shut up like see she's black Damn. Why does she have to keep telling everyone what the hell she is? It's probably so she doesn't have to keep explaining it to people and now she can just refer back to this video and not speak on the subject anymore. She knows she's white because of slavery and also west African because of slavery but she was African since way wayyyy back in the 1700. Leave her alone. Her complexion is just the product of her past and what they went through. Damn people always trying to look deeper into something. "She has to be mixed" she don't HAVE to be mix. Damn, both parents are black she's black the end.

Author Cerise Min ( ago)
I wish I got the "what are you?" Question, from people everyone just thinks I'm black but I'm not at all

Author Senpai G ( ago)

See this is why I follow her. America has created this twisted concept of race, so that we can no longer live without trying to label what our ethnicity is. Going to other countries especially Asian ones give you such an eye opener on your own country's norms. It's a culture shock for real! I find that English speaking countries focus a lot more on race rather than nationality, and it creates margins within the culture that are almost always negative ones.. I wish she would make a video on the concept of race in Korea, because it's for sure something you should know before you go to any asian country or foreign country.

Author kikiprettylife18 ( ago)
I think geography and biology class can be such a wonderful thing for ignorant people.

Author deishenny alfaro ( ago)
I love your cat, can you gift me your cat?

Author misscubic ( ago)
omg this look very interesting i'd love to try it if it wasn't 200 bucks lmao

lmfao im mexican and i look asian fjdkm it sucks people make fun of u all the time

Author Rosa Estanli ( ago)
Native American's have Asian DNA

Author The Pettiest ( ago)
I legit thought she was East Asian LOL 😂

Author H. Marsh ( ago)
Man crazy. I'm half white half asian and people often think I'm 100% white. Just goes to show you really can't necessarily tell what race someone is based on appearance, especially with mixed people.

Author Gorgeous Princess ( ago)
I just recently subscribed to this channel and I would of never guessed she was mixed. People always assume I mixed just because im light skinned. I find it very annoying. Although I know im black I would still like to take one of these DNA test. I found it very interesting.

Author Miriam Villanueva ( ago)
She's so funny !

Author JetStream195 ( ago)
African is more than just skin color. Facial and body features count. With that said, I am shocked you have so much African in you and have such light skin.

Author chemical subscript ( ago)
being half-white and half-hispanic (and maybe some other races idk yet) has caused a lot of confusion about my race too. i've had people ask if i was white and sometimes even asian because of my pale skin and whenever i take those surveys for school i never know what to check off because there is never a biracial or multiracial box

Author roxslide ( ago)
omg!!! I can totally feel you as a biracial person the "what are you" I fucking hate that. I guess it brings a good conversation up that some people need to know "what I am" before they want to know "who I am" it's like they don't know how to treat me if they don't know my race.

Author Lydia Majin ( ago)
lmaoo West africans in the building...heyyyyyy😂

Author vickersfan ( ago)
sounds like mine. my family swore up and down we had native American but then I ended up having just European and Asian and no native american and they were like LIES! lol. never know XD

Author Tah Layyah ( ago)
I'm lighter than both my parents

Author Millie Dragon ( ago)
I just thought you were bi -racial close tho you're mixed racially, the lighter skin must be a kind of recessive trait.

Author Elise Verheuvel ( ago)
haha your cat!! <3

Author BaboPandaSubs Bj ( ago)
I have a solution for everyone, how 'bout instead of focusing on race, we focus on other shit.

Author Raccoon Zuki ( ago)
Blooming heck your gorgeous. :3 I so wanna do one of these tests!

Author x zy ( ago)
reminds me how in my family we have random hair colors... my hair was flaming red as a kid, no one recalls any redhead in the family at all up to great-grandparent level. there are all sorts of hair colors and textures, though, so everyone just ended up ignoring the random color lol

Author Lerushka Suey ( ago)
lmao homosapien...

Author sarah ( ago)
Just wondering where your accent is from....southern/Louisiana? You look beautiful, btw. 🙂

Author rainytae ( ago)
ppl kno that i'm brown but they all assume that i'm indian . hello not all brown ppl are indian

Author chocolate angel ( ago)
I kept telling these damn people you were black. this one girl went in to all your videos telling people you were half white and that your mom wasn't your mom.😑 fucking idiots. kept on saying you've already expressed you were black and even if you have mixed ancestory you still have been identify as black.

Author DalDal the Destroyer a.k.a. 달달 ( ago)
so many people fail to realize that black people are one of the most ethically diverse groups in the world. within Africa there are so many cultures, tribes, ethnic make-ups, etc. and then with slavery and war throughout history these already diverse people moved across the globe and were then mixed with even more groups. the multitude of Native American nations, the native Injuns of the Caribbean, the Mayans, the Spanish, the French, the British, the Dutch, the Arab dynasties, the list goes on. The various textures of our hair, the tones of our skin, the colours of our eyes all attest to our diversity and history.

Author Liz Neptune ( ago)
I want to do the DNA test so bad!!

Author RHY STARR ( ago)
Idiots are idiots...they can just keep on keeping on. Stay beautiful inside and out! ^_^

Author Meg Ayebah-Coffie ( ago)
hello my west African sister you are welcomed. Don't listen to he haters because the haters are going to hate.

Author Bea Co ( ago)
Well, to my knowledge , Indians , Koreans, Japanese , Chinese , and groups such as this all are Asian .
You may be a black person, from America, Haiti , or any country that has black people. Whoever they are and reside, the DNA will show African roots. True for those of European descent, Irish, English, etc , will find their DNA rooted in some European country. Also there is some complexity with tracing Native American DNA, think it is called hapalogs, tend not to appear . You may have more Native American DNA, than what can be shown with this test. Native Americans are allowed to claim they are via traditional oral history, and other ways to show they are part of certain tribes. Contact Bureau of Indian Affairs, who should be better able to help you more. You know the tribe your family is from, means you can contact the tribe . They can help you see if your family ever registered to be officially recognized to be members of that tribe, by being " on the rolls. "

Author Yuta's Anus ( ago)
gangnam unnie looking ass

Author Tamuska Chloe ( ago)
"ima homosapiens mother... " :DDD

Author Nerd Relic ( ago)
You know what you are? Beautiful. Period.

Author Massiel Durán ( ago)
your top is sooo gorgeous.. where did get it from?

Author Lisa Amaro ( ago)
You're so pretty. Those eyes! :D

Author The Sea Priestess ( ago)
I know what you are. Cute. You're really cute!

Author izzycares ( ago)
i love how you do your eyeliner.

Author Danny Direwolf ( ago)
I'm mixed, Asian and European. Chinese people think I'm completely white, white people think I'm something "exotic" but they can't figure out what I am, just that I'm not white. The only people who can tell I'm mixed are Japanese people.

Author Amby Cakes ( ago)
I get it too. I'm Mexican Portuguese and Israeli and people ask me what I am or assume I'm just white XD

Author qsister1 ( ago)
ayyye I'm west African, my parents are from Liberia to be exact. that's really cool
I'm from Boston I always see that DNA test in various stores . I think I'll get one

Author gabi braule ( ago)
I do know how annoying it is, people keep asking me if I'm Indian, but I'm black

Author gabi braule ( ago)
I do know how annoying it is, people keep asking me if I'm Indian, but I'm black

Author hey there jimmy ( ago)
If I met you I would have thought you were half Korean half white. Btw you are sooo pretty lol

Author Evan Arnault ( ago)
Many people lied about being Native American when they were really just black and white so they weren't treated as bad.

Author Evan Arnault ( ago)
Of course non black people have to try to tell us what being black is.

Author 9MMina ( ago)
For anyone that doesnt understand anything about genetics:

lets say everyone has 6 color defining genes. those can be either white pigment W, or black pigment B. Now if you take 2 people, one of the fairest skin type WWWWWW and one of the darkest BBBBBB, and they have kids, those kids will all get 3 fro both. All of their kids will be WWWBBB so have a mid-tone skin.

Now if you take two mid-tone people, WWWBBB, and have their kids: what happens is all of the kids will have random 3 from the parents. So their options for skintones are as follows:


And this is why darker-skinned people can have completely white or very light skinned kids. Or completely black. Or anything else on the radar. Also in real life its wayy more complicated than this.

Author Carolyn Green ( ago)
I know exactly what your are. You are AWESOME!

Author Moopyrules ( ago)
I look racially ambiguous too, and I hate getting that question. I get it pretty much every day. Ugh.

Author SapphireNinja98 ( ago)
I want to take one of these tests but I need to save some money first.

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