LATEST NEWS UPDATES on the Korean Peninsula - GET READY

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Comments: 476

  • Cristian Ferretti
    Cristian Ferretti 22 days ago

    anyone think this is biased news

  • Alun Churcher
    Alun Churcher 1 month ago

    the aircraft carrier hast left yet so fake news

  • Paul Eliot
    Paul Eliot 1 month ago

    EASE OFF Donald -peace is paramount

  • ramesh sharma FB
    ramesh sharma FB 1 month ago

    USE YOGA ....not war a solution many helpless will b killed

  • Plaridel Obrique
    Plaridel Obrique 1 month ago

    Decisiveness on the part of the US and Allies will determine the future of NK threat. McArthur once said, my planning in the war in Korea was to attain a long range peace all throughout the peninsula for many decades by bombing China.

  • Bernard Kelar
    Bernard Kelar 1 month ago

    Reminds me of the Cuban missile crisis. No one will win.

  • Alvin Gabriel
    Alvin Gabriel 1 month ago

    The wicked west are acting like a lame horse, someone is going to do the humane thing and put them out of their misery?

  • Rocky AGILA
    Rocky AGILA 1 month ago

    North KOREA want WAR.. .give North KOREA. a Lesson that will not forget..

  • John Doe
    John Doe 1 month ago

    north korea is ready

  • Eddy As
    Eddy As 1 month ago

    ask not what your country can do for u, but what u will sacrifice for our rich and famous.

  • Joridel Marcos
    Joridel Marcos 1 month ago

    an ambitious One can north korea stand in face off?

  • Kevin Delaire
    Kevin Delaire 1 month ago

    this earth can't take another nuke/: aliens will stop us before we destroy our planet

  • Mitch Lane
    Mitch Lane 1 month ago

    Your welcome to feel however you want Daryl if it helps you feel better! lol

  • Mohd Firdaus
    Mohd Firdaus 1 month ago

    serangan america atas korut untok memadam kn nukler yg membahakn dunia,yg tlah bertahun tahun lama nya mengancan america ng n ukler akn berakhir ng peperangan,america serang korut untok memadam kn ancaman seselamatan negara nya,,,,,kim jung un di hukom gantung di depan rakyat nya sendiri atas tindak balas kekejaman nya kpd rakyat,negara itu akn berubah kpd kemajuan setelah cara petakbiran pemerintahan di rombak,serang korut sekarang jugak untok keselamatan dunia,,,,

  • Suz Moon
    Suz Moon 1 month ago

    Those poor people of N Korea don't have a clue to what's going on,

  • Charles Martel
    Charles Martel 1 month ago

    Distractions!! The ONLY threat to America is an Islamic invasion that Europe is involved with 😉

  • ratrod diesels
    ratrod diesels 1 month ago

    pantangeles was right , lets hit them while we got the muscle

  • Alexander Gonzales
    Alexander Gonzales 1 month ago

    i just wanna smoke:( but no lighter :(

  • wilstebri
    wilstebri 1 month ago

    Often times, why are people so reactive, to the faux news,
    & quickly responsive to WHATEVER they broadcast, i.e., w/o any
    proof of any of it? Why believe whatever our enemies air, regardless of how
    unbelievable it sounds, without ANY proof. Come on, now! Stop being so
    gullible, & reactive!! Most, if not all, mass-media news broadcasts are
    faux. Consider the sources...your enemies. You're being bamboozled, by folk who have
    an agenda, which doesn't benefit you. Wake-up, sheeple!!

  • German Ralte
    German Ralte 1 month ago

    ilove it pork meet I WAN TO EAT Nk pdt meet.

  • Josh lower
    Josh lower 1 month ago

    im not worried about north korea china is big and strong now. thats cute

  • Nagendra Singh
    Nagendra Singh 1 month ago

    Soviet union from moon: Prepare doomsday missile for earth.

  • Grimm Reaper101
    Grimm Reaper101 1 month ago


  • Noo Vang
    Noo Vang 1 month ago

    This is what we called "cult" society.

  • Noo Vang
    Noo Vang 1 month ago

    If this kid Kim" didn't get his way there will be a mass suicide that will rot thw whole Korean, they can't surrender to no one.

  • Fernando Villalobos
    Fernando Villalobos 1 month ago

    im waiting to go to war instead of going to work borning

  • Fuzzythecat *
    Fuzzythecat * 1 month ago

    I WANT A ROAST PIG (KIM JONGLE!!!!) bahahahahaha!!!

  • len Genius
    len Genius 1 month ago

    the u s has deconflict communication lines, a few days ago trump sent Syria a message letting them know 59 missiles were on the way toward an airfield that was used to make chemical bomb attacks from.

  • Carmine Avena
    Carmine Avena 1 month ago

    You have a country whom the rhetoric is that they want to nuke US. Enough is enough. I know, we wait til thet nuke NY and then act. NOT

  • Hungry Hungarian
    Hungry Hungarian 1 month ago


  • bAngoSkank100
    bAngoSkank100 1 month ago

    there's a bigger agenda going on

  • jt bass gambler
    jt bass gambler 1 month ago

    Trump is a manipulative fool

  • jt bass gambler
    jt bass gambler 1 month ago

    Trump is a fool

  • Manuel H
    Manuel H 1 month ago

    I embraced the end of times with open arms!

  • Avsterbone's Biggest Fan

    That ad revenue.

  • Sam Anderson
    Sam Anderson 1 month ago

    Should keep fighting and finish the war in 50,s not wait decades just do it any way

  • violeman
    violeman 1 month ago

    Trump and everyone else is sick of the threats....
    Why not bomb or what ever works to make the North like the South..
    We are all sick of the Threats...
    Carry on Trump..

  • Don Connelly
    Don Connelly 1 month ago

    MOAB .SOUNDS like A Game Changer to me .When Do we drop one down Kim Jong Un's
    Chimney Please!

  • Timetryp
    Timetryp 1 month ago

    If Trump attacks North Korea, at least a million people could die.  The North will hammer Seoul and there is no way to stop that before immense damage is done.   Let China handle it.

  • garry62be
    garry62be 1 month ago

    Iraq Afghanistan Lybia Syria now Korea who is the bully?

  • Alex David
    Alex David 1 month ago

    Thank you idiotic humans for another horrific event  in human history.

  • Ken Garner
    Ken Garner 1 month ago

    We have all these people who know so much in their minds and so little in what they are talking about.

    • Daryl Leckt
      Daryl Leckt 1 month ago

      every American with a mobi device is 1 Google search away from being the smartest person on the planet, on any subject.
      I know I'm correct.
      Google just told me so.

  • midninte ranger
    midninte ranger 1 month ago

    the gator kid meet your match....Trump hahaha

  • ravage cicada
    ravage cicada 1 month ago

    Why not take out there launch sites before they are able to fire a Nuclear weapon?

  • Kiarah Nicole Doblado

    please no WAR let be PEACE forever.

  • Mike Mercado
    Mike Mercado 1 month ago

    War = population control, I mean really ppl. Do you really want to fight ppl to the death? Because they are not doing what you say? It's funny how us as ppl of the world let leaders dictate when it's time to send thousands and millions of other ppl to die for their benefit. The only war that had a real meaning was against hitler, funny thing is the same rich ppl that funded the rest of the world against him. They all funded hitler as well. Think about it

  • Joseph Mosesean
    Joseph Mosesean 1 month ago


  • Member Berries
    Member Berries 1 month ago

    for a video that is bringing insight you would think it would have just a little bit less ads...

  • Tim Dixon
    Tim Dixon 1 month ago

    No country is going to give up their nuke's because, the super power countries, like China and Russia, and United States have them. We need to get rid of all nukes all over the world. It's a huge monster science has created, and it got out now.... and they can't control it.

    • Daryl Leckt
      Daryl Leckt 1 month ago

      It's in our nature.
      if we only had stones, we would eventually stone each other to death.

    G59 RECORDS 1 month ago

    I'm not trying to die before Saturday.. I need to watch that new attack on titan fam.

  • Michelle Pavlack
    Michelle Pavlack 1 month ago

    he is power hungry.....God complex.

  • Joy Elaine
    Joy Elaine 1 month ago

    Take that dictator OUT... China , US, Russia can send in some food and supplies.. These people are eating grass for Gawds sake just to survive...He has to go..He is evil and cruel...

  • Michael Mindak
    Michael Mindak 1 month ago

    too many commercials next Channel please

  • lobsang tashi
    lobsang tashi 1 month ago

    hypocrasy america ,first they made vehicle and after they fighting for pollution and global warming . first they made terrorist and nuk and after fighting for . i really dont understand what they wants to do in planet???

  • James Tan
    James Tan 1 month ago

    Lots of fake news, many stupid remarks which show they having no knowledge of current situation. North Korea will hit with nukes as that the only option if there any aggression, the nukes have enough range to hit Japan and South Korea easily, the radiation from blast even got knock off before impact will make peninsula inhabitant for decades.

    China will not act, the logic since any provoking action they be at war with their neighbor.
    Why china fight for US? They lose more then benefit even US offer them economic benefit. China be a radiation wasteland, they also loss North Korea as their barrier which block westernization invading their country. This also unbalance the power in favor of the west if North Korea taken out.

    North Korea do not want fight china , friend or no friend they prefer china do not take side.

    North Korea never a threat even if they have nukes, they will never use it, they just want others not to threaten them.

    So let pray US not dumb to careless shot something into North Korea, North Korea will hit back.
    The military exercise a juicy target , if nukes hit them it will wipe most of US military forces in Asia, and war will end immediately after first nuke fire.

  • Pedronodog
    Pedronodog 1 month ago


    • Anita Faaloua
      Anita Faaloua 1 month ago

      +Colonel Crossfire thumb up your comment .

    • Colonel Crossfire
      Colonel Crossfire 1 month ago

      Mutually Assured Destruction. When we're aren't threatening to nuke each other that is what keeps the peace. The idea is that "Hey you have nukes and so do we, if you use your nukes on me, i'll use mine on you". The nukes keep the peace with their mere presence. That's why we have nukes. Because the fear of nukes deters conflict. Because no one wins a nuclear war, we fire nukes at russia, they'll fire theirs. We all die. No one wins. We'd win a conventional war with ANY nation on the planet, but nuclear war is different story.

  • Cootey Tang
    Cootey Tang 1 month ago

    Just have Dennis Rodman parachute out of a united airlines plane with a case of pepsi for kimmy

    • Daryl Leckt
      Daryl Leckt 1 month ago

      Hitler loved fanta (eastern european division of coke during ww2) orange.
      He had truck loads shipped to the front lines as rewards to troops for victories.

  • William Webb
    William Webb 1 month ago

    World War 3 Is Coming

  • Dom R
    Dom R 1 month ago

    North Korea is every western leaders wet dream!!

  • O SEA
    O SEA 1 month ago

    Kim jung un needs to be ousted no natter what. north Koreans need it

  • xrcrx ftfghjg
    xrcrx ftfghjg 1 month ago

    where's Rodman?

    • Daryl Leckt
      Daryl Leckt 1 month ago

      strange that dennis rodman and chuck norris are no where to be seen.
      I no longer worry about n. korea.

  • mohammed rashel
    mohammed rashel 1 month ago

    alien head

  • El John
    El John 1 month ago

    what would be the point of conflict with North Korea? America could destroy the country twice over what would be the point, they can't do anything with those nukes anyway

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 1 month ago

    so when it happens when one person dies Yeah can't call it Flawless anymore

  • MRSomethin1
    MRSomethin1 1 month ago

    at great personal risk I would advise you to go to Helpful dad on you tube and click on the oriental link for a direct transcript of an order from Kim Jong Un to General staff only 1 hour ago

  • oiho ohio
    oiho ohio 1 month ago

    what are our choices bomb them now or wait untill they perfect their wmd or start selling nukes to isis!

  • Fan Gasm69
    Fan Gasm69 1 month ago

    I'm just going to plain and simply say it you people who are rich are stifling creativity you are stopping The Visionaries from really bettering our planet you guys are still playing with nucular garbage you're still burn dinosaur Corpses and you barely use any of the free energy that exists all around us because you're all stupid and for the few that aren't stupid it's your greed that keeps us stuck in the Stone Age we have genius imagination and nearly the technology we need to do anything so what's going on did everybody get comfortable with life and decided to just stop creating we created enough pathetic the human race is stagnating

  • Fan Gasm69
    Fan Gasm69 1 month ago

    armies are unnecessary you constantly allow our people to die when we have the technology and capability to do better

    • Fan Gasm69
      Fan Gasm69 1 month ago

      like creating a Sonic bomb so strong that the waves literally stripped the Adam's away from whatever it is organic or inorganic anywhere even having a weapon like that if you was a different Nation would be a fool to mess with Sometimes the best way to make sure bully doesn't pick on you is to let the bully know you have something that can stop them

  • manu Ortsac
    manu Ortsac 1 month ago

    yeah USA wants others to fight and destroy their countries with war like always... stay your homes and help your own people's..too much destruction all over the world because usa!! sad..

  • Howling Sarge
    Howling Sarge 1 month ago

    We've already picked the next leader of Noth Korea , shhhhhhhhhhh

  • John Vono
    John Vono 1 month ago

    Just whoop'em gangland style!!

  • Edgar Mendoza
    Edgar Mendoza 1 month ago

    free the north korea

  • JODEC1 EZ315
    JODEC1 EZ315 1 month ago

    OMG this is terrible!
    could somebody PLEASE! find Ja Rule. get a hold of this muthaf@cker to make sense of all this!!

  • KTI Montages
    KTI Montages 1 month ago

    To little to late we all gonna suffer

  • lobsang tashi
    lobsang tashi 1 month ago

    america lost the war in afganistan without nuk country and now dreaming to win on north koria, is this kind of jok???? hi hi hi hi

  • Richard Barnes
    Richard Barnes 1 month ago

    "GO TRUMP" Kick some Asian tail. Be a Ronald Reagan.

  • Imogen Mog
    Imogen Mog 1 month ago

    You send a fleet offshore
    Nk Then fully arms all their weapons war ready
    then you destroy fully armed weapons...then the nuclear fallout.


  • lobsang tashi
    lobsang tashi 1 month ago

    american telling what to do and what not to do for other country. america you cant dictate other country its you who blast the nuk in the world first

  • Paul Dube
    Paul Dube 1 month ago

    Oh fat boy, come out to play-ay.

  • Tis'ur
    Tis'ur"Master'" 1 month ago

    trump will bomb north korea...trump doesnt care about what Americans or anone says... he just doesn't care and only want to protect his image.

    • Tis'ur
      Tis'ur"Master'" 1 month ago

      trump would even do it to california if it's legal... he hates californian. North Korea better pull back.

  • Charles Jones
    Charles Jones 1 month ago

    hey National North Korea Iran and whoever else thumbs up baby let's do it

  • Mobarak Ali
    Mobarak Ali 1 month ago

    The bully Isramerica will soon get what it's looking for. ..

  • soggy frog
    soggy frog 1 month ago

    Patrick Griffin Not sure of your mind set, If USA has lost ever war it started, THan why does the USA have the ability to destroy the world twice over, so did we ever lose a war, or was it a plan event?

  • Madhumita Mukerje
    Madhumita Mukerje 1 month ago

    Nuclear devastation or peace what is better.
    Hope and pray that all the people will see the light & think rotationally to find a solution.

  • heesil77
    heesil77 1 month ago

    i cant wait until north Korea realizes where not in the fifties weapons change

  • Sparky Junior
    Sparky Junior 1 month ago

    chill eat chikin nuggits n be calm

    • Sparky Junior
      Sparky Junior 1 month ago

      when the ice melts hide

    • Daryl Leckt
      Daryl Leckt 1 month ago

      I'm in San Jose CA and my new GF from Puducah KY is frying some chicken at this very moment.
      I think your a prophet.

  • marvin ongchangco
    marvin ongchangco 1 month ago

    just settle this like grown men. like peter griffin and mr washee washee did.

    • Daryl Leckt
      Daryl Leckt 1 month ago

      more then happy to be this comments first "like".
      funny as hell.

  • Ayebrohowudoin AJ
    Ayebrohowudoin AJ 1 month ago

    Go to hells

  • TheWhat667
    TheWhat667 1 month ago

    Everything depends on Little Kim. If he does not do any missile test, all is well. If he fires a missile, his little sun day parade will go up in smoke 💨

  • Rajasingam Muthusamy

    Surely after 15th April 2017 North Korea will be history not because of war with allies.

  • splendor Inthegrass
    splendor Inthegrass 1 month ago

    its just drama it will be fine.

  • Jane Lewis
    Jane Lewis 1 month ago

    this is a planetary line up 12th April and we should not underestimate its power over men's actions.

  • Bigballs Touchem
    Bigballs Touchem 1 month ago

    obama let north korea build its weaons and test them without fear. trump said no

  • Cosmic Charlie
    Cosmic Charlie 1 month ago

    There is NO reasoning with NK these people are delusional

  • Ron c
    Ron c 1 month ago

    North Korea does NOT Look good people, todays news for 4-12-17,  just out says it all Quote: Kim Jong-Un ‘orders IMMEDIATE EVACUATION of Pyongyang’ as tensions with US escalate
    NORTH Korea leader Kim Jong-un has reportedly
    ordered residents of the country’s capital of 600,000 people, Pyongyang to leave the city
    immediately, sparking fears he may be preparing for war

  • Bill Williams
    Bill Williams 1 month ago

    It's about time that the North Koreans were freed from any threats made by KIm. North Korea has a lot of beautiful people and they deserve to have their life back. north kOREA NEEDS TO OPEN UP AND EXPAND IT;S POLICIES TO ALLOW BETTER TRADE WITH THE WORLD AND ANYONE WHO STANDS IN IT;S WAY SHOULD BE TAKEN OUT. North Korea needs to be freed so Kim is a marter that only halts all the beautiful people in it's country should have a life of their own.

  • Bill Williams
    Bill Williams 1 month ago

    Kim is not a leader. and he can make all the threats he wants but any threats made against anyone will end in a lot of senseless deaths and the North Koreans deserve better.

  • Bill Williams
    Bill Williams 1 month ago

    Kim should just back off and get establish in getting his brains cleared of any hostility he may have in mind. the north Koreans are all slaves and it's about time Kim step down and give the country back to the people. He has a country full of very nice people and any killing would be senseless. Give the country of North Korea back to it's people. and any threats directed at the U.S. would be a big mistake and a lot of senseless deaths.

    • Daryl Leckt
      Daryl Leckt 1 month ago

      n. korea is exactly the country the chinese want it to be.
      I know that and trump knows that and so does kim.
      trumps saber rattling is a gift from china.

    • Daryl Leckt
      Daryl Leckt 1 month ago

      n. korea is exactly the country the chinese want it to be.
      I know that and trump knows that and so does kim.
      trumps saber rattling is a gift from china.

  • Eric Brooking
    Eric Brooking 1 month ago

    Through dialog and negotiation, I love that, you mean like how the North Koreans have used dialog and negotiation? I always forget how some people believe that dialog and negotiation means do it their way or else. Who would ever expect a country to follow universally accepted laws about nuclear proliferation?

  • Jamie Krutzfeldt
    Jamie Krutzfeldt 1 month ago

    I hope this dose not cause war I think this will be a mess up for all involved

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