Why Were Battle Droids So Dumb? Star Wars Explained

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  • In Star Wars why were Battle Droids so stupid? In such a time of advanced technologies and brilliant droids...surely they could have been smarter, don't you think?
    Well...there was a reason for this, too.

    Enjoy my friends :)
    Wishing you an epic day.

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  • George Lucas
    George Lucas 9 days ago

    Jedi cut them down like butter

    • Jovanni Lopez
      Jovanni Lopez 5 days ago

      George Lucas thats because they are made of butter

    • legoBuilder1999
      legoBuilder1999 6 days ago

      George Lucas can you prove your the real George Lucas I have the original versions of the original trilogy on DVD the ones from 1977 1980 and 1983

    • GS-Asriel-Dr6mr
      GS-Asriel-Dr6mr 6 days ago

      Jedi also get easily distracted by them, like a cat and a laser pointer

    • Gevie Santa
      Gevie Santa 7 days ago

      George Lucas Is that really you ?

    • Jared Schreckengast
      Jared Schreckengast 7 days ago

      Obi-Wan Kenobi says "Why hello there!"

  • Kyle Purdom
    Kyle Purdom 23 hours ago

    what is your outro music? it's beautiful

  • Tyler O'Neill
    Tyler O'Neill 1 day ago

    1 jar jar is enough to doom the universe

  • Purple Guy
    Purple Guy 1 day ago

    They have a rusty brain, scan and program cuz the droids we're created in geonosis..

  • prtzomi
    prtzomi 1 day ago

    Jar Jar was an insane bombad General so 1,000,000 of him would screw any army.

  • Quik Brix
    Quik Brix 2 days ago

    Why were battle droids so dumb? Cause they had bad motivators xD

  • NAJ Twirtlaw
    NAJ Twirtlaw 2 days ago

    What if the empire won the battle of yaven

  • Therapy's dead
    Therapy's dead 2 days ago

    so, droids basically did the red army thing.

  • Bran Karlsson
    Bran Karlsson 2 days ago

    ill take 1 million battle druids thank you very much

  • geoff wuerl
    geoff wuerl 2 days ago

    Very similar to how stalin saw his soldiers in World War 2. Shear numbers and not crazy new technology

  • Darth Siberius
    Darth Siberius 3 days ago

    I never realised B-1 and OOM were different. Hell I didn't even know there was an OOM droid, I though they were all B-1s.

  • Sturmtrupp
    Sturmtrupp 3 days ago

    So they're just like soviets in ww2 :DDDDDDDDD

  • ryan young shin
    ryan young shin 3 days ago

    1 million jar jars??? One jar jar was bad enough

  • heuler
    heuler 3 days ago

    What I find to be really abyssmal is the humanization the droids underwent in the media. It was understandable that the battle droids only followed basic patterns in the movies due to being massproduced, but what I can not understand at all is why they show traits of human emotion/make jokes/flat out ignore orders in the clone wars tv show and act even goofier (I get that they prbly were turned into an even more commical relief due to the show being aimed at kids, but if so don´t cannonize a show that not only ruined one of the best star wars characters but also only lives on stupid gags).

  • B1 Battledroid
    B1 Battledroid 3 days ago


  • Shravya Shravas
    Shravya Shravas 3 days ago

    why did they not use them after the clone wars

  • John Reeves
    John Reeves 4 days ago

    What if Clone Troopers Fought with StormTroopers

  • John Reeves
    John Reeves 4 days ago

    What if Obi-Wan-Kenobi killed Darth Sidious

  • xNeurotic here
    xNeurotic here 4 days ago

    I was expecting ear rape on the millions of jar jar part

  • OfficerMarmalade
    OfficerMarmalade 4 days ago

    I loved the death sound of droids in the original battlefront 2. "eh" "ah" So monotone and short, just like their intelligence!

  • Fidoe Kicker
    Fidoe Kicker 4 days ago

    lol i love the ending with Jar Jar Binks

  • Minarus Infernus
    Minarus Infernus 4 days ago

    "But what about JarJars?"

  • Traveel
    Traveel 4 days ago

    What if there where 1 million jar jars?

  • skyler harrington
    skyler harrington 4 days ago

    a million jar jar would make me crap myself. hes likely to make a building fall on your head by accident imagine a million. they would be more destructive than the death star. BY ACCIDENT!

  • Landon 247
    Landon 247 4 days ago

    Why did they make Droid commandos

  • Trenton Humrighouse

    Replace b1 battle droids with a hole bunch jar jars and now you roll the Galaxy with the most annoying arm

  • Tony Ten
    Tony Ten 5 days ago

    I figured that that might have been why [regular] Battledroids were always so dumb...
    btw, keep up the good work.

  • Logan Gillian
    Logan Gillian 5 days ago

    2:27 you even lift bro?

  • Phoenix Pyrope
    Phoenix Pyrope 5 days ago

    ZERG RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryouzanki Zeldar
    Ryouzanki Zeldar 5 days ago

    I think the droid were just made stupid to make us laugh because mass production of a stupid IA is the same of mass producting a more advanced one. Only the base research is expensive and it would definitly be worth it. Basically, they wanted the droid to be fun because star wars isnt set in a grim and dark future.

  • Philipp Tapsell
    Philipp Tapsell 5 days ago


  • LeoValdez5650
    LeoValdez5650 5 days ago

    Did you just say Super Battle Droids were smart? I'm gonna have to disagree. Why?
    "Careful with that, it's a lightsaber."
    "A what?"
    *second one activates it and slices itself*

  • PadawanAR
    PadawanAR 5 days ago

    *chuckle* Thank GOODNESS no million Jar-Jars. *facepalm* Also, just as a side-note, I liked the music you used in the background of this one. :)

  • Dylan Lane
    Dylan Lane 5 days ago

    who's a good jar jar BINKS

  • calebolguin 10
    calebolguin 10 5 days ago

    eww please don't even make an idea with jar jars

  • Fur Beh
    Fur Beh 5 days ago

    Damn it, one Jar Jar was bad enough and you want to put me through a million of them?!?!?!

  • Mega Grass Wing
    Mega Grass Wing 5 days ago


  • TherealWinston
    TherealWinston 6 days ago

    or to answer it easy, they were dumb, cause the Clone Wars itself were just a big scam by Palpatine

  • Karen Baitup
    Karen Baitup 6 days ago

    This is exactly like the Spartan III from Halo 😂😂

  • The Hindenburg
    The Hindenburg 6 days ago

    Boi, ill elbow drop them ants. Bitches would be dead.

  • emma källberg
    emma källberg 6 days ago

    a million jar jars=nightmare fuel

  • legoBuilder1999
    legoBuilder1999 6 days ago

    @ George Lucas are you the real one ? Can you prove your the real one ?

  • Mette Kristensen
    Mette Kristensen 6 days ago

    i fink that one is enof

  • BrickManiac
    BrickManiac 6 days ago

    Great video papi.

  • ben hall
    ben hall 6 days ago

    imagine a army loaded up with Mr Bones as their core program

  • Gerald Newenhof
    Gerald Newenhof 6 days ago

    Oh god. 1 million Jar Jar's...That is a scary thought.

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller 6 days ago

    1 fighter can sting you 1 hundred can incinerate you.

  • Nathan Wall
    Nathan Wall 6 days ago

    Roger Roger

  • Vincent Macary
    Vincent Macary 6 days ago

    Because George Lucas is a shit writer.

  • USERZ123
    USERZ123 6 days ago

    They are dumb so they can be comic relief Saturday morning cartoon villains.

  • Dylan Torgrimsen
    Dylan Torgrimsen 6 days ago

    Ha ha jar jar banks army

  • Wiebe Engelen
    Wiebe Engelen 6 days ago

    it would be hell when 1000000 jar jars swarmt you

  • StarWarsGamer66
    StarWarsGamer66 6 days ago

    I would be running if just one jar jar binks was chasing me...

  • Dylan Cakes
    Dylan Cakes 6 days ago

    WW2 Russians

  • ConfusedOwl
    ConfusedOwl 6 days ago

    just like Stalin said  "just throw men in there they'll give up eventually"

  • Skypcharge Plays
    Skypcharge Plays 6 days ago

    Weren't the droidekas produced by the colicoids, and not the separatists?

  • Haloreaper 101
    Haloreaper 101 6 days ago

    i feel bad for that one droid looking off into space

  • Dark Assassin Games

    Wait. What if the personality of Mister Bones was uploaded to all the B1s?

  • Jomar Fernando
    Jomar Fernando 6 days ago

    It would be cool if they added upgraded full battalion of droids vs one jedi.

  • CoolKratos2
    CoolKratos2 6 days ago

    I just heard in the 2nd to last episode of season 1 of Star Wars: clone wars, a battle droid saying him and others were "free thinkers", as in not programed by a central computer.

    Does this effect the answer in anyway ?

  • tman511
    tman511 6 days ago

    One jar jar is scary as it is.

  • Mike Gould
    Mike Gould 6 days ago

    These Battle Droids were basically comedy relief, but I loved them nonetheless. I've love to see one evolve through luck, experience, and perhaps an unlucky patron. K2SO and BB8 were the highlights of the latest SW offerings, IMO.

  • TyphoonBlast
    TyphoonBlast 7 days ago

    Bruh ya gotta do what if the republic cloned Jar Jar

  • gental robots
    gental robots 7 days ago

    Real answer: Gorge Lucas wanted some levity in the film
    Legends answer:due to the fact they were mass produced they weren't made with the upmost quality somewhat similarly to American tanks in ww2 they were powerful in numbers they were cheap priceless foot soldiers mainly to distract for the real battle extremely sly and clever strategy applied by the sith or whatever

  • Fug
    Fug 7 days ago

    I'd love to get fucked my a battle droid

  • Slubbs
    Slubbs 7 days ago

    omg 1mill jar jars kill me now

  • The Spanish Inquisition

    Because a stormtrooper wrote the AI.

  • William Jakespeare
    William Jakespeare 7 days ago

    I love the battle droids

  • Mr. Niko
    Mr. Niko 7 days ago

    There like zombies

  • Hissanrach
    Hissanrach 7 days ago

    That still actually doesn't explain why they would program "fear" into the droids, or why minor programming upgrades were not installed en-masse, which would be simple to do. Their sense of self-preservation is also baffling. Why make them fearful of death or capable of surprise? It would be far more daunting for a mass of these droids to exhibit no fear and refusal to try and preserve themselves unless specially selected for it (ie, if they are pilots, officers, etc). It still makes no sense why they are how they are.

    The answer is obvious: they are supposed to be comic relief enemies that aren't a threat. That's it.

  • Robin Thrush
    Robin Thrush 7 days ago

    Too bad their numbers weren't great enough to make up for the other problems.

  • Frauggu
    Frauggu 7 days ago

    What if han solo didn't die in the force awakens?

  • Legoboy 8018
    Legoboy 8018 7 days ago

    i love the battle droids!

  • Daniel Mestman
    Daniel Mestman 7 days ago

    *R O G E R R O G E R*

  • Rob M
    Rob M 7 days ago

    Kinda reminds me of Max Brooks' commentary on zombies - they just keep coming.

  • Joey Crumrine
    Joey Crumrine 7 days ago

    One million Jar Jars would just be terrifying with how annoying it is.

  • Sandro Sliske
    Sandro Sliske 7 days ago

    When you are surrounded by 1 million Jar Jars and the self-destruct takes 10 whole seconds.

  • Cabbe
    Cabbe 7 days ago

    So basically the red army..

  • teoteous
    teoteous 7 days ago

    How expensive could it have been to copy a single competent program a gazillion times though.... oh well.

  • ProjectDT88
    ProjectDT88 7 days ago

    1,000,000 Jar-Jar Clones!

    Obi-Wan: I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

  • PlentyXP
    PlentyXP 7 days ago

    At least droids can actually hit something.

  • Jd Nixon
    Jd Nixon 7 days ago

    No I think 1 jar jar has scarred all of us for the rest of our lives

  • Wolvesway
    Wolvesway 7 days ago

    No plz no 1,000 jarjars

  • Chubbtacular
    Chubbtacular 7 days ago

    Battledroids are possibly the best thing from the prequels

  • Chubbtacular
    Chubbtacular 7 days ago

    Same reason Tie Fighters are weak cuz they are mass produced so quickly

  • thedavinator 37
    thedavinator 37 7 days ago

    Anyone ever think of maz Kanata as a shriveled up sweet potato? No? Just me then.

  • thedavinator 37
    thedavinator 37 7 days ago

    Meeesa called jar jar binks!

  • Thormagniss
    Thormagniss 7 days ago

    I'm okay with one jar-jar but one million? that's terrifying.

  • TeenageFarmer
    TeenageFarmer 7 days ago

    2:57 I passed out

  • Obi Juan Kenoobi
    Obi Juan Kenoobi 8 days ago

    More than one Jar Jar? Fuck meesa, das a muy muy bad idea

  • evanandlogan barrconner

    Why do commander battle droids tell the other b1 battle droids to fire on republic ship in clone wars movie when they didnt know if it was friendly or net?

  • Nathan Call
    Nathan Call 8 days ago

    In a fight against that many jar jars most people would just kill themselves

  • The Dwarf King
    The Dwarf King 8 days ago

    When I heard Jar Jar's names I was like nooooooooooo

  • 524silverstripes
    524silverstripes 8 days ago

    who would win a fight 1 million jar jars or 1 million b1 droids?

  • Human Finger Cheese

    do a viedo on what are Darth Vader buttons on his suit for

  • Alex Prieto
    Alex Prieto 8 days ago

    battle droids were dumb and incompetent because george lucas tried to make episode 1 for kids and the droids were supposed to be comedic relief. and dont forget, JAR JAR IS THE KEY TO ALL OF THIS

  • SandyCheeks yaboi
    SandyCheeks yaboi 8 days ago

    Quality vs quantity

  • Hamxa Kron
    Hamxa Kron 8 days ago

    What if they cloned jar jar?

  • Jordan Cambridge
    Jordan Cambridge 8 days ago

    wesa called Jar Jar Bink Wesa called Jar Jar JarJar Jar WESA Called Jar Jar Jar JarRun its the Jar Jar army

  • Who Knows
    Who Knows 8 days ago

    1.000.000 jar jar's...oh god

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