Tax Cuts, Technology, Trump's Cabinet | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)

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    Bill and his guests – Rep. Darrell Issa, Fran Lebowitz, Sen. Angus King, Seth MacFarlane, and Asra Nomani – answer viewer questions after the show.

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  • Video CategoriesFilm & Animation
  • Runtime: 15:19
  • Tags for this video:  Darrell Issa  Republican  California  House Judiciary Committee  Fran Lebowitz  Vanity Fair  Senator Angus King  Independent  Maine  Asra Nomani  The Daily Beast  Standing Alone  An American Woman's Struggle for the Soul of Islam  Seth MacFarlane  

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  • Blayne
    Blayne 2 days ago

    KING: Some of them are terrible.
    MAHER: Most of them, I've heard, are terrible.
    LEBOWITZ: _All of them_ are horrible.

    By far my favorite interaction in any Overtime thus far.

  • Nirvan Sengupta
    Nirvan Sengupta 5 days ago

    Asra Nomani is right. "Resist, resist, resist" is going to cost the Ds the elections. Fran Leibowitz saying that half the country is wrong is not going to win their votes. Snarky liberals like Fran are the reason Trump voters hate liberal, coastal, elites.

    Asra Nomani wasn't babbling -- Seth MacFarlane kept interrupting her.

    Asra Nomani is asking liberals to stop caricaturing Trump supporters. She's not asking you to stop criticizing the President.

  • Mike B
    Mike B 15 days ago

    Why does the lady from the Incredibles keep opening her whore mouth?

  • Eternal Reign
    Eternal Reign 16 days ago

    She wanted a smart president but voted for Hillary.

  • Perspective Engaged
    Perspective Engaged 18 days ago

    The single most reason why Trump won the election. The corpse from the crypt says the exact phrase that enraged Americans that were on the fence and separated themselves from this rhetoric. 13:18-13:19.

  • O- Tay
    O- Tay 19 days ago

    His constant Trump rants are getting old. We get it, Trump is bad. Now move on.

  • Lee Roberts
    Lee Roberts 24 days ago

    Your blatant disregard for everything Trump is so old. The worlds not going to end while he's president.Just because you hate him as a person, history will show there's been much worse.

  • Tod Kopf
    Tod Kopf 25 days ago

    4:10 what did issa say as maher was laughing bout seth's masturbation jokes statement? seth then looked at him n laughed "yeah" so jus curious.

  • Janet Rodriguez
    Janet Rodriguez 26 days ago

    9:58 "Why do you have a Supreme Court nomination, you shouldn't have one" That sort of thinking is why this country will not last.

  • Bubby Cthulhu
    Bubby Cthulhu 1 month ago

    As Seth McFarland laughs he's thinking of how he can make fun of everyone at the table in family guy

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 1 month ago

    Issa was " joking " that he's the wealthiest person in congress, & not rich enough to be nominated into Trump's cabinet. So true, & not funny. Swamp of the 0.0001%.

  • Red Tomato
    Red Tomato 1 month ago

    That "little old lady" did not kick ass. All she did was make personal insults, and say very VERY vague statements. The left is as crazy as I thought they were... Not sure why an independent in seth macfarlane associates himself with outright morons

  • Needs More Cowbell
    Needs More Cowbell 1 month ago

    Why is it when these politicians start talking my brain tries to shut down. God listening to people like that Issa guy all day must be hellish.

  • Adel Hrncic
    Adel Hrncic 1 month ago

    They should have a talking stick

  • Jaffa T
    Jaffa T 1 month ago

    America IS NOT the greatest country on the planet, it is however the DUMBEST country on the planet! Only in America could Donald Dumpy Trump become President !

  • Finn Halpen
    Finn Halpen 1 month ago

    lol seth macfarlane stick to cartoons..... you have no knowledge of political science

  • BS Spotter
    BS Spotter 1 month ago

    Asra looks at seth with the 'fuck me' look

  • joseph bodden
    joseph bodden 1 month ago

    "We don't work for 'that guy'....:  BULLSHIT - YOU ALL WORK FOR 'THAT GUY' OR YOU WOULD NOT BE COVERING HIS ASS!!!

  • joseph bodden
    joseph bodden 1 month ago

    Dear Issa, not a good day to be a Retardican traitor!!! They call LSD the bullshit knife, welcome to surgery!

  • joseph bodden
    joseph bodden 1 month ago

    I PARTICULARLY LOVE, love. love Issa's concept of 'rubberstamp all of the cohorts and minions' and it will somehow weaken the position of the Mafia Don....

  • joseph bodden
    joseph bodden 1 month ago

    apologist Issa is so fervently imbedded in apologist 'explanations; of sedition and treason that  he has no idea that he is declaring to the people that he is on the side that is betting on winning the coup!!!

  • El Sueño
    El Sueño 1 month ago

    Bill is a fucking asshole, they're a bunch of dumbasses who think they're right. Ugly

  • Vahid M
    Vahid M 1 month ago

    The woman in pink is so dumb

  • Jockolantern
    Jockolantern 1 month ago

    I don't know why Issa would put himself through a table of that much genuine human stupidity. Lebowitz is a jewel of colossal ignorance, as unfunny as she is uncouth, as brainless as she is filled with hate for her political opposition. Every time she opened her mouth, it was cringe-inducing and not the slightest bit objective or informed; it astounds me that liberals like her take to losing elections so poorly, as if winning them is her progressive birthright. MacFarlane is as reasonable as you're going to get from a liberal but even he is purposefully-or-otherwise misinformed on the topics he addresses (though I have always admired his ability to be warm and good-natured, as his friendship with Rush Limbaugh will attest); his main problem seems to be in thinking that the Congress or Senate "report" to the president with no consideration for Constitutional separation of powers. If MacFarlane wants a president who actually made the House and Senate his whipping boy and demanded they report to him and for him, he need look no further than Democrat Lyndon Johnson, not Trump. And for him to pretend Spicer is doing Trump's bidding any more than Josh Earnest or Jay Carney or Robert Gibbs were doing for Obama is to be so damned near-sighted, it's scary. King is a clown who thinks, regrettably, to be much smarter and more important than he is. And I'm not at all sure what Nomani was doing there, because she didn't have much to offer, though what she said towards the end was relevant and not incorrect.

    And then, of course, there is Maher. Who is, as always, his own brand of unique, special, oddball kookiness. Maher has no conception or appreciation for the Constitution as he tries to convince Issa that the same is true of him; Garland didn't get screwed over and we can go back to Joe Biden's own Senate rule when he made the case in 1992 to wait on filling a Supreme Court vacancy during the "throes" of an election year. And this doesn't even touch on the idea that no one seems to bring up any more-- that Congress can change the make-up of the Supreme Court whenever they might see fit. It hasn't always been nine and it's rather surprising that the number has stayed as such for as long as it has with neither side willing to pull the trigger on adding or deleting potential justices.

    Disinformation all around and a waste of Darrell Issa's time to trot himself into this particular den of ragged lions.

  • Nicole Guerin
    Nicole Guerin 1 month ago

    Seth MacFarlane ~ "That's a FUCKING problem though".... LOVE IT!!!!

  • RottenRroses
    RottenRroses 1 month ago

    I love the friendly embrace at the end.

  • Helen Holden
    Helen Holden 1 month ago

    All due respect Rep. Issa, the only way to restore sanity and fairness to the congress, is to vote ALL incumbents out and start over. Then join the to make constitutional changes to end the 'legalized bribery' that are the shame and downfall of this nation.

  • Wyzax76
    Wyzax76 1 month ago

    Muslim Feminist? Isn't this an oxymoron? Aren't these two words diametrically opposed? #confused

  • Jucyndia Danner
    Jucyndia Danner 1 month ago

    The people on this panel are so out of touch. Even after everything that has been going on, they still don't understand why people voted for trump. I hope the democrats can pull their heads out of their asses soon...

  • Riley Meulens
    Riley Meulens 1 month ago

    they really need a stronger leadership in these discussions... half of the time you cant understand shit because everyone is talking at the same moment... step your game up

  • Riley Boc
    Riley Boc 1 month ago

    Blackmun was a Leftist???

    Blackmun was a Republican!!!

  • NikMinK
    NikMinK 1 month ago

    Wow, I'm pretty sure I heard asra nomani say at the 13 minute mark "but the h-bomb and Hitler and fascists". What the fuck is she saying?

  • D S
    D S 1 month ago

    I love how Bill Mayer says he's not rich with a reported net worth of 30mil

  • Cadmus
    Cadmus 1 month ago

    This is the reason the current goverment is a mess, people thinking their right and then telling everyone else they are wrong. It's funny that so many successful people and intellectuals run the country yet nothing is accomplished. They make all the money and lie to everyone so they can remain in power. Pointless, no?

  • Wendell Wright
    Wendell Wright 1 month ago

    So the simpleton in Pink's logic is, embrace Trump supporters regardless of who they are and why they voted. Work together with them. I don't have a problem with that generally speaking, because I don't want to see the country go down the tube. But as a Bernie supporter, it's hard to sit here and listen to this simpleton talk in generalizations, cliches, and platitudes. that February episode annoys me to no end. It's glad to see other people in the comments felt the same way. Well, I guess it was blatantly obvious she was literally not saying anything.

  • Miguel Martins
    Miguel Martins 1 month ago

    How can a Muslim Feminist defend Trump?

  • Anthony Haller
    Anthony Haller 1 month ago

    And yet no one will say taxes are immoral. If the mafia does it it's bad when the government does it it's: "a okay!".

  • Daily Horror
    Daily Horror 1 month ago

    Democrats still using the old (the last republican POTUS was better) lol Looks like there really going to bitch & complain for the next 4 years. #MAGA

  • Alan Rossi
    Alan Rossi 1 month ago

    Asra is totally out in left field, she has no clue as to what point the others are trying to make and on top of that she keeps interrupting and talking over the rest. More than once Bill should have told the whole panel to shut up and speak one at a time.

  • Brett C
    Brett C 1 month ago

    Issa is a big dude.
    Kind of ironic the guy with the most distasteful show ever has a moral backbone

  • Squeaky Vegan
    Squeaky Vegan 1 month ago

    repeal and replace trump

  • mr zed
    mr zed 1 month ago

    the chick wearing pink is a Muslim but she's wearing a Cross

  • Mario Echevarria
    Mario Echevarria 1 month ago


  • Chilly Willy
    Chilly Willy 1 month ago

    The lady in the pajama robe is, "OLD, DUMB AND FAT"!

  • Edna Tijerina
    Edna Tijerina 1 month ago

    Does Asra really speak this way? Seriously, she must be taking meds to even be able to defend the idiot in the White House. Every time that idiot came up, they couldn't defend him so they turn around on the negative things dems are doing. She said, say green is green, Asra, we have been saying that the whole time so what other advice do you have???? That's what I thought!

  • jeepmor
    jeepmor 1 month ago

    Asra nails is right at 12:00 minutes. Dems/Left keep up the current resistance they will clearly lose in 2018.

  • yulog kerrang
    yulog kerrang 1 month ago

    I bet milo and seth mcfarlane have fucked for real like it was nasty too they probably shat on each other and ate each others assholes out.

  • Milo
    Milo 1 month ago

    Wow... rural republicans are fucking retarded! lol.

  • Michael Edwards
    Michael Edwards 1 month ago

    A muslim feminist? How.......what?!

  • TriumvirateMedia
    TriumvirateMedia 1 month ago

    Once again I have to remind Americans that to be anti-social and narcissistic are but behaviors in everyone to various degrees, and not psychotic disorders, or personality disorders for that matter, in the same way that emotionally unstable is a personality due to having been raised in an unstable environment where ones emotional development, as well as intellectual development in some cases, was delayed, discontinued, or warped, often as a result of trauma passed on from parent to child through generations, and later triggered by a nervous breakdown caused by having to experience the phenomenon that is 'social death'. It's a very good reason why we, in Norway, do not allow the media to reveal the identity of anyone whom may have been- or whom have actually been involved in a crime. In America, you've made a sport out of hunting people specifically to hang them out as public punching bags; scapegoats on which to blame and punish for everything you think is rotten with the world... meanwhile, you wonder why the general welfare of your country is getting worse. Donald Trump, just like Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, and countless other well-known people, even though they don't necessarily want to be linked, do have this in common, where they have been and continue to be affected by an unstable emotional development and ostracization. You wonder why some people lean towards right, and why people like Donald Trump are constantly lashing out at the media, and at the people on the left? Really? You're just as ignorant and backwards as Trump supporters.

  • Kenny Med Kniven
    Kenny Med Kniven 1 month ago

    Muslim feminist?! xD

  • Tia Pitts
    Tia Pitts 1 month ago

    Why are they arguing,?!?!!

  • Doom2pro
    Doom2pro 1 month ago

    Asra reminds me of family members that voted for Trump "Just give him a chance..." they never gave Obama a fucking chance, and excuse me if I don't want to give the epic fucking disaster driving our country a fucking chance, on the very real chance that he drives it off a fucking cliff.

    I'll sit here and do the only thing I can do, watch the disaster unfold like everyone else, but I won't be turd polishing or donning any rose colored glasses to preserve a delicate ego.

  • Xill909R
    Xill909R 1 month ago

    cut the defense budget already you are letting terrorism win by out spending and letting the nation fail. cut it in half give a straight 10% to revamp VA then 20% to education reform and the rest on out bust road systems and resources

  • DDTPhoenix 12
    DDTPhoenix 12 1 month ago

    Let's not be politically correct, lets just say it as it is, Conservatives are dumb

  • aliens exist
    aliens exist 2 months ago

    why is the old lady from the incredibles here?

  • Liam Sweeney
    Liam Sweeney 2 months ago

    What the fuck is wrong with Asra Nomani? She looks and talks like she's about to cry.

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense 2 months ago

    You are ineffective corrupt politicians.

  • Simool Sangoi
    Simool Sangoi 2 months ago

    Is Seth on the left or right

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson 2 months ago

    That woman's presence is problematic. Hell was freezing over and I was on track break out of this prison. That is until she decided to be stupid and restore the natural order.

  • Martin Ducharme
    Martin Ducharme 2 months ago

    8:11.... didn't get a fucking word...

  • Lazare Landais
    Lazare Landais 2 months ago

    "Muslim feminist" ?! Seriously ?

  • Mcchris TakesShitsOnLeftists


  • ahlam1688
    ahlam1688 2 months ago

    out of all the intelligent and powerful and sain Muslim women who see trump as he really is a sexist moron narcissistic orange man... bill Maher chose to bring this crazy moron who doen't represent any Muslim but herself

  • Jewels Star
    Jewels Star 2 months ago

    "In fairness to Nixon...! Haha... reminds me of the joke "Hitler wasn't really that bad a guy - to give him his due..." (due = Jew... you have to say it aloud as it's an audio/aural joke) And yes, my point is that both are equally awful statements, laughable and stupid.

  • Sparkie Lyle
    Sparkie Lyle 2 months ago

    Basis Equipment, how bout u start with the VA, u Up the Ass War-Monger ?

  • Cassandra AuSet
    Cassandra AuSet 2 months ago

    Seth is so hot

  • MattGraiTelevision
    MattGraiTelevision 2 months ago

    Praise is how you sway Trump. Get on it liberals, find something to praise him on, get in the good book and he might start caring. Once he cares about you, he'll start giving you some of the shit you want.

  • Liana Roccon
    Liana Roccon 2 months ago

    Why is the world accepting this?? GOD NO,,,,,,,

  • elalesound
    elalesound 2 months ago

    am lovin that woman with the glasses. she is setting the congressman on fire!


    Easily you cut out foreign aid and trim all the bureaucratic fat that clogs every system, plus you track down the corruption.
    For example Dr Ben Carson just finished his audit of the urban development program and found 500 billion dollars missing from under the obama administration, now how much did he say we spend on the military?
    See reality is why the liberal talking points that they spout like bible quotes are completely full of sycophantic self congratulatory bullshit. XD liberals are sooo cringeworthy!!

  • Rooney3
    Rooney3 2 months ago

    Embarrassing jeez. Now I hate msm twice as much

  • sri harsha guthikonda
    sri harsha guthikonda 2 months ago

    "moderator" bill fails ...
    too short discussions?!

  • Nicole Wolslegel
    Nicole Wolslegel 2 months ago

    Also let's add the word "regureree" to the dictionary

  • Nicole Wolslegel
    Nicole Wolslegel 2 months ago

    Seth Macfarlane.. Actor? Lol how about creator, animator, director, singer and producer?

  • 633r
    633r 2 months ago

    How are the roads in America?

  • Aliou Gueye
    Aliou Gueye 2 months ago

    every time Seth would speak all i can think of is that one episode of FG where Brian was a guest on this show. lol

  • Pro Contenidos
    Pro Contenidos 2 months ago

    a lot of people beat me to the Carter Pewterschmidt reference.... glad I'm not alone

  • proudblackjynx
    proudblackjynx 2 months ago

    Of course that talentless hack Seth McFarlane would wear a cap indoors.

  • ipwnallnubscuzirock
    ipwnallnubscuzirock 2 months ago

    When I was a kid, they taught me that animals get 10% of the energy of the things they eat. And I believe wasting that energy is wrong. But worse,

  • TheJonnyEnglish
    TheJonnyEnglish 2 months ago

    the woman wearing pajamas on live TV is either drunk or slow

  • Chris Lhamon
    Chris Lhamon 2 months ago

    Fran Lebowitz 2020

  • charlidog2
    charlidog2 2 months ago

    Where was Issa when Obama was making nominations?

  • Cephyron
    Cephyron 2 months ago

    The people in this comment section that hate on the woman advocating for a decent conversation are so fed up with their hatred for Trump that they are at least as bad as the racists and sexists in the republican party they despise. If you continue ridiculing half the country while losing the battle for your country's future instead of trying to convince them with logical arguments of what you think should be done with it is delusional and stupid. Bill Maher and his parade of 5 democrats sitting in a room, verbally raping one republican representative while the crowd cheers for every liberal point made and drains out the Republican with booing every two words are just feeding that animalistic instinct of wanting to see your enemy being humiliated. It also brings across the wrong picture that Liberals are a majority in the United States. And yes, the far right might be saying a ton of strange things that you rightfully consider wrong and bad, but in a democracy, the point is to convince them by any reasonable means that you are in the right. Not spit into their faces and insulting them. As the party that offers more complex solutions that don't instantly seem intentional to some, you won't win votes that way. But you sure do turn away all center voters.

  • RedThebigOneInfantry
    RedThebigOneInfantry 2 months ago

    Thank You Seth MacFarlane for common sense and intelligence.

  • Markos Markos
    Markos Markos 2 months ago

    Wow, Republican't want us to consider Russia puppet ( Donald Trash) as a normal person.

  • DublinDapper
    DublinDapper 2 months ago

    God Bless Milo!!

  • Not_My_Name
    Not_My_Name 2 months ago

    None of this does any good. This show is not any different than the view.

  • Alec McGrath
    Alec McGrath 2 months ago

    Asra Nomani looks like Meryl Streep.

  • belgaum2000
    belgaum2000 2 months ago

    The tin pot dictator has dangerous handlers. Take them out in the order of importance and utmost urgency.....

    Phase 1.

  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones 2 months ago

    why is this bitch so concerned with milo? did she have the same concern about all the people he insulted?

  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones 2 months ago

    you can see the muslim broad trying super hard not to admit she fucked up.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago

    politics will never work. all this nonsense will never work. It's just talking talking talking but no logic or critical thinking. Money is imaginary. laws are imaginary. countries are imaginary. We're way too attached to made up nonsense to ever progress. What's the opposite of progress? Congress. We have the resources and know how to turn everything around in no time. We could take care of everything and everyone with the resources being held hostage by made-up games. Why are there poor people? Because it's part of the system. It could be changed but rich people don't want to be decent. It's all nonsense. And when you think about it, poor people are waaay more likely to help someone in need. Even though they have nothing themselves. Poor people are the only real people left. Illusion has destroyed everyone else. Wipe out the rich.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 2 months ago

      Just go for a drive. The more money the car is worth, the more selfish the driver is. They think they're better. They're much worse.

  • Sin Archer
    Sin Archer 2 months ago

    I'm sure that Fran Lebowitz is very smart however these quippy one-liners made it seem as if she wasn't completely educated on all topics and was just trying to stay apart of the discussion.

  • Justine Kessner
    Justine Kessner 2 months ago

    This pink bitch should shut up, I can't believe she voted for that Lump, honest, she is fucking dumb, I think that she is anti-Muslim, so that gives me the right to say that, a Muslim voting for Lump, WTF, OMG, what a dumb-ass!!!! I kind of understand think 10% of what she said, but 90% is full of shit, and shame on HER!!!!!!!!

  • Off the BLVD, Productions

    See Bill, you should just give your republican guests "Seth" water from now on; it seems to work to get them to finally realize the hypocritical bullshit of the GOP....

  • John Skogman
    John Skogman 2 months ago

    Why isnt Issa in jail?

  • John Skogman
    John Skogman 2 months ago

    Christ Darrel Issa is dense!

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