The Airlander 10 Just Crashed.. Very Slowly.

Everybody was okay.
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Author Robert Fletcher ( ago)
It crashed again this week, crushing the cockpit. Reported Published 19th April 2017 in Daily Star among others.

Author digital subliminal messages ( ago)
dig buddy
to the anti

Author MrBushhopper ( ago)
use Hydrogen!

Author tim's room ( ago)
holy shit!!!! that's the most scary crash video I've ever seen😨😨😨

Author NEKOmancer ( ago)
I'm so fucking sad.

So sad.

Author FlakeSE ( ago)
The world is not running out of helium, we are running out of the cheap helium which for medical devices is not a prohibitive factor in their already expensive design but will perhaps mean the end of festive balloons.

Author Kevin Martin ( ago)
Isn't that it crashes in slow motion part of the point?

How is a crash during testing surreal?

Author RobertDeville ( ago)

Author BigMcGee ( ago)

Author Aaron King ( ago)
Setbacks teach us how to do things better and advance. They are not an excuse to give up. Just ask Thomas Edison.

Author Luist Triolet ( ago)
Any videos on the hydrogen fueled cars coming out soon?

Author Zaur525 ( ago)
guys i don't understand, why on earth you want to built helium baloons in the 21st century?

Author marsh84722 ( ago)
I wouldn't think running out of Helium would be a problem. We can extract Helium from water through electrolysis

Author Daniel Thomas ( ago)
Ohhhhh theeeeeeeeee huuuumaaanitttyy

Author Tigerle ( ago)
so unpractical, this thing needs to be stopped. there are Million things more worthy to do with precious Helium.

Author TTP ( ago)
no shit the crew was safe

Author Ross Armstrong ( ago)
I love how you ended the video with "cheers guys. Have a good one." So Australian.

Author Eliseo202 ( ago)
worlds most boring crash! I can't help but imagine what the credit was saying at that time.

Author Lamar Ethington ( ago)
A crash during development is nothing unusual for an aircraft

Author Lamar Ethington ( ago)
Meh, nothing wrong with hydrogen. Obviously some safeguards against another Hindenburg, but its not unreasonable

Author Jan Arbelaez ( ago)
The future of the Hindenburg ;(

Author Balázs Rakó ( ago)
*More like AirSmasher*

Author Legoboy 8018 ( ago)
At least the Hindenburg lasted ~1-2 years before it met its fate. ;(

Author Mo D ( ago)
Hello no!! Dont waste rare precious helium on shit like this. Save it for medical applications.

Author Maisie Price ( ago)
park invasion network open trail register.

Author Lucas Meyer ( ago)
Fee though even short blanket flavor disk operator.

Author sujit gupta ( ago)
Do u think Hyperloop will run in India???

Author Imam Dwi Septiadi ( ago)
Air lander who cannot land

Author GBlade Warrior ( ago)
Why not use hydrogen, it may be flammable but if you study real history you will know that hydrogen airships were safer and had less fatalities than planes at the time of and including the Hindenburg disaster. Its the news media that spread the "danger" of airships after the disaster that caused people to fear using airships just so they can get a good story and make money, by destroying an entire industry of green air travel. Hydrogen is the lightest known element and is one of the most common in the planet were not going to run out anytime soon.

Author Simon Hansmann ( ago)
serious question: what are blimps actually still used for?

Author Brad Haaf ( ago)
With ocean rise on course to knock out 80%+ of the world's ports and the global community failing hard at slowing it, these seem like a investment that will more than pay itself off in the long term. Other applications more near term with advancements in other areas like auto pilot and personal drones should easily justify development.

Author Fluffy1oO1Owl ( ago)
It was second test flight ?? And you are saying that it does not look good ? It is basically first baby steps .............................
For planes for example new technology tests make take up to 5-7 years !

Author KKK Revolution ( ago)
Do they want another Hindenburg.

Author Black Bird Noodle ( ago)
The crash was pretty anticlimactic...

Author Carlos E R Pimentel ( ago)
Terrorists will be very disappointed if this becomes the average western plane.

Author PBrofaith ( ago)
haha what we use it to fill balloons for our kids

Author Sheep22 ( ago)
lol aircracher10 nice xD

Author HairlessHare ( ago)
The pilot's life flashed before his eyes. They say he made popcorn

Author j ( ago)
Why are we wasting helium on this? think of all the unhappy children if we run out of helium... no more squeaky voices..

Author Ezequiel's Healing Tools ( ago)
can you make a video on the history of psychedelic drug use by people like steve jobs and other famous people who changed the world?

Author C.L.H. Bokhorst ( ago)
its an AIRlander not an LANDlander!

Author Cory McNevin ( ago)
For all the people complaining about the helium, this pisses me off too for how stupid the idea is but let's be honest: we're going to find faster and easier ways to obtain large supplies of helium

And when we do we should take the helium and shove it up the guy who made this things ass.

Author Justwantahover ( ago)
Seems like it accelerated into the ground under power.?. Doesn't seem like a design fault. Or did a gust get it (and it was trusting the opposite way)? However it does seem like pilot error, or something went wrong mechanically (and it does seem like it's a calm day).

But you really can't tell with a video. If it turns out to be either pilot error or a mechanical fault that caused the descent, that means it's nothing to do with the design (and there should be would be no reason to stop the program).

But if it was a gust, stop immediately. lol

Author Dhillon tech ( ago)
awsome video bro

Author Maz Zaman ( ago)
Great videos. And you raise some very good points about helium and it's scarcity. However, I think that within the next decade, we will start using Helium-3 as a major source of energy (among other inventions and innovations we come up by this time). Helium-3 has significantly more energy production capability and an abundance of it exists just beneath the surface of the moon. Where and how will we get that? Well there are many space mining projects working on a viable solution. My guess would be that Elon Musk and his Rockets will have some involvement somewhere....
Fo rthose who haven't come accross Helium-3 find out more about it simply Google or Youtube it. It's good stuff

Author ronald chaula ( ago)
among few who manages to pronounce Tanzania correctly

Author that guy you don't know ( ago)
i like how u dont click bate. If it was any other youtuber they would have a fucking mad explosion with a question mark in the thumbnail and would've titled it airlander 10 crazy crash (gone sexual)

Author mehdi dirkson ( ago)
we can get helium out of fusion reactors

Author Nino agus ( ago)
can you make video about Chromebook? i think that will be the next big thing.

Author GroovyVideo2 ( ago)
party balloons are a Total waste of helium - seriously -

Author Michael Meisman ( ago)
Working in aviation as I do and my father being a test pilot do you know how many accidents there are with experimental craft?

Author Alex Abadi ( ago)
Now that you can't smoke in airplanes anymore, we could use hydrogen instead of the rare helium !

Author Ted Sommers ( ago)
The only part of the aircraft that holds humans is the part that smashes into the ground... They might want to redesign that.

Author MIGUEL RIVERA ( ago)
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (very slowly)

Author Gabor Laszlo Bodnar ( ago)
What about vacuum instead of helium, and solar-electric powered sollution?

Author Sam Johnson ( ago)
It WAS a test flight. And it appears a successful one at that . Job
well done mates. Also the first public and positive testament to the
inherent safety of these vehicles. I'll admit it's my first positive
view of such craft, and curious about post-flight analysis.

Author Gabriel Dibble ( ago)
Really good point about the responsible use of Helium.

Author Scissors95 ( ago)
more like the crash lander 10

Author Curtis Galper ( ago)
Looks like a crash worthiness demo: "Yeah. See? We crashed. *uck it."

Author ShadesOfNate ( ago)
Haha I posted an edited video of the Airlander on my channel, Directed by Not Michael Bay. Check it out :D

Author Vortical Oatmeal ( ago)
lol Aircrasher 10

Author Damu Sscone ( ago)
can you do a video on tesla tower , specially how it works

Author Hami101 ( ago)
Everyone complaining about helium just know that we tried hydrogen and it didn't work out so well...

Author Nick ( ago)
772k subs!!! One of my favorite small channels got big, fast. Congrats.

Author Mazwi Zwane ( ago)
"Oh the humanity!!!!"

Author RobbenFan ( ago)
I knew this was going to happen.

Author Arvin Lim ( ago)
lol "Air crasher 10" lmao

Author Lewd Dawg ( ago)
Crashlander 10

Author Binnu Singh ( ago)
Please do a vedio on 'How big is Reliance'

Author Ryuuken24 ( ago)
The moon is covered in helium 3, fuck the weaker version, let it burn!

Author I am fucking your waifu and there's nothing you can do about it ( ago)
If we run out of helium no one will be able to go deep sea diving anymore :(

Author animesh kayal ( ago)
can u make video on ISRO

Author A.C. Neal ( ago)
If only aircraft crashes were this non-lethal.

Author Al Barleta ( ago)
Thus the name airLANDER.

Author Skylar ( ago)
u could talk to me whole. no homo

Author iSasFTW ( ago)
After seeing a Kickstarter project on a camera blimp, and your video on the Airlander, I just thought to myself: I need to build my own mini blimp! xD

Author Henry Nwokobia ( ago)
it was so slow I was wondering if the pilot and crew on board could have jumped out!
anyway Dagogo please where is your Note 5 and Note 7 review? I have been a note series fan for life thanks to you! even shot a shortfilm.. titled V for Victory. (to encourage people that a lot of destiny changing shit can be done with a smartphone!) it's on my account.

Author Mihail Atanasov ( ago)
why are we wasting helium at all for any kinds of baloons.

Author Evan Black ( ago)
Oh The Humanity!!!

Author Adhiya Pratama ( ago)
make a video about genetic engineering it will be awesome

Author Carl Lelandt ( ago)
Are the forward props vectorable to full vertical (up or down thrust)? Are the forward props variable/reversible pitch?

Author rfvtgbzhn ( ago)
There is one good reason to use Hhlium: it is by far the lightest gas except hydrogen, but hydrogen is very dangerous which was proven by the Hindenburg crash. Unlike helium which cannot explode or burn.

Author Sir Chucklenuts ( ago)
Air to lander

Author Uddhab Das ( ago)
u said how big is amazon.

Author hereLiesThisTroper ( ago)

Author Slav4o911 ( ago)
These are very good... until the first storm comes. Then everybody abandons the idea...

Author Gursimran Bhateja ( ago)
How big is Sony.

Author Buisang Ndlozi ( ago)
D'gogo, you are just awesome! Your work is amazing! Even though your channel has seen some gains, you deserve much more!

Author Ku Ahmad Mudrikah ( ago)
Make a video on EmDrive!

Author Bikash Rai ( ago)
Eagerly waiting each of your videos !!!

Author JZ AK ( ago)
Its a big balloon that doesn't work.

Author sundown220 ( ago)
please do a video on dna editing

Author iooi ( ago)
Save helium! The world is running out.

Author Motaz Azzouz ( ago)
Will this be used to carry passengers?

Author Blue Prince ( ago)
1st Testing ~Kirov reporting
- Kirov Airship ready to take off
2nd Testing ~We're losing altitude!
- When being shot down

Author chuck other ( ago)
might be time to reconsider hydrogen in a different form

Author Paradigm ( ago)
fckn love dagogo

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