Crazy People OVERREACTING in Public Compilation

Drive Thru DRAMA! - ANGRY Customers vs Employees Compilation!

Thanks for watching today's episode on CRAZY PEOPLE OVERREACTING! These public freakouts are crazy right?!

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Author Mica Two-Spirits ( ago)
Number 3 was all over the news, she was acting like this because the driver didn't have a phone charger for her to use, she even threatened to tell the cops he tried to rape her. She was arrested and put in jail for her actions, has a long arrest record for this kind of crazy behavior. Driver was given an award by Uber for keeping his cool and not escalating the situation.

Author ShadowGundam1989 ( ago)
Wow did she really just pulled the rap card on him he didn't even put a hand on her i can't believe she said that.

Author PixelOfInsanity ( ago)
Crazy girl in the last one is a "pornstar".

Author ImagineLennon44 ( ago)
If my kids were stuck in an elevator and the hotel staff wasn't doing shit, I'd get that angry too

Author Nancy Kelly ( ago)
That uber driver has the patience of a saint! I would have REALLY called the cops on her for false allegations! What a *itch!!! Poor guy

Author Fred B. ( ago)
The first guy driving the cab is making trouble for nothing by engaging with the nutcase.....Just get out and open the door and get her out.....if not, then just call the cops.

Author Jorge Baptista ( ago)
this should be retitled, People that should kill themselves

Author Marielle Skavhellen Nilsen ( ago)
Oh my god, does the last woman really think that sex and making out are the same thing??? LMAO.

Author Kanameklan85 ( ago)
this chick flipping out on the couple he kissed her forehead butt hurt much 😏 she's jealous cause no man wants her crazy ass when the fuck did kissing become sex -_&

Author kongfeet81 ( ago)
What the fuck is going on in the second video?

Author DumpYourTelevision ( ago)
SOME people are ignorant?? are you serious???
it's the bloody MAJORITY [Uber driver scene]

Author Anita Shine ( ago)
in the #1 she has the never to call someone ugly and look at her she the ugly one that hair for one, she just mad she dose not have a man.She was jealous of them wish it was her.lololololololo!!!!!!!!!!!.

Author insert name here or else ( ago)
if that slut was making out in public then i dont feel sorry she got bitched out, i dont have problems with low key PDA but seriosuly grow the fuck up and realize no one wants to see your skanky tongue down your boyfriends throat.

Author Crusader ( ago)
The last lady was insane. I'd backhand the bitch

Author TALILAH K J Roberts ( ago)
omg I'm shocked

Author felix decker ( ago)
I would slap the shit out of #1

Author Cindy Morrison ( ago)
Rudest women ever in all of these.

Author Kasia Kwiatkowska ( ago)
#3.... like.. keep the camera on, take the keys, step out to call the police, leave her in there (it's not false imprisonment if the doors are locked, she can exit if she wants)
why the hell did he stay so long? and she's a sandwich short of a picnic 😂

Author Diego Amarillas ( ago)
what was happening in the second one

Author Lia Lie ( ago)
so she was upset with the Uber driver cause he couldnt charge her phone?!?!?! ileven if he could it was his right to choose to not charge her fucking phone, she wanted him to call the cops? to arrest him cause he didnt charge her phone? she is lucky that the guy was so kind i would seriously grab her from her nasty hair and kick her ass out of the car but not near to the train station but somewhere that she wouldnt be able to find a bus or a train station

Author Mama Loves Life ( ago)
OMG...that first lady reminds me of patient at my hospital. NEVER go into her room without another nurse. Good thing he recorded that!! I wonder how many guys she has jammed up.

Author Harry Depova ( ago)
uber driver is chill AF. Amazing restraint dealing with crazy lady.

Author ShayPeee ( ago)
"Sexually harassing" is something totally different than what this lady was accusing them of!

Author ShayPeee ( ago)
"You are harboring a lot of shit!" 😂😂😂😂😂

Author ArmyOne0313 The House of Woofs ( ago)
What the hell was going on in 2

Author Katherine Natasha ( ago)
Sexual Harassment

That woman has a very, very skewed understanding of law.

Author Eden Biru ( ago)
13:45 apparently this cunt does webcam shit she fucked a pillow

Author Thom McHugh ( ago)
Brown bitch needs to use her mouth for what it's intended for.

Author Barry The Chopper ( ago)
I love how she goes "I'm an American!" And there is a collective "Unnggg!!" coming from the crowd.

Author BrazHos ( ago)
There is nothing epic about you copying and re-posting others videos.

Author Aber nicht im ernst? ( ago)
Never ever let a freaking Sheboon in your Car!

Author Mark Stuart ( ago)
# 1 could not get laid if (it lol )where the last woman on earth, to dam ugly

Author mark francis ( ago)
so, im guessing, the woman in pink is pissed bc she has no guy kissing and hugging her so she lashes out at the woman that does??

Author mark francis ( ago)
just call the cops and be on your way

Author mashroob ( ago)
The nigress at #3 just wanted her ride for free. I've seen this a million times. I've met bitches like this that have it down to a science. The bitches provoke a reaction to their abuse; causing corporate to side with them. Either way, this bitch won't stop until she has SOMETHING for free. You can bet on it. I hate cunts.

Author flamey2341 ( ago)
As an Uber driver myself, I'm so glad I haven't encountered someone like this

Author Me Gusta ( ago)
ok lets break it down. a nigger (who is really stupid aswell) says go back to your country to another black dude. im iq is dropping sooooooo quick.

Author xc5647321 xc5647321 ( ago)
The elevator scene is why people , mainly FEMALESSSSSSSSSSSSS need to learn how to carry and use a thing called TOOLS such as prybars or crowbars and stop leaving it up to just men. That one cow had enough body mass to open that door had she had a good prybar!!!

Author Kara Hoff ( ago)
Number two, wow.....and I've seen number three before, lol! That lady is insane.....

Author boobehry ( ago)
I thought this when i saw the original video, and i think it now, that family should pay for the elevator door repair

Author Stacy Congdon ( ago)
number 2 there's no cameras right no just the one in your hand dumbass wow people are so fucking crazy now a days. haha

Author jendwy81 ( ago)
wow... never in my life have I seen such over-reactors in the second video. They're all something special.

Author sabrina senk ( ago)
what was the name of the restaurant in the last clip? I couldn't get a good look at it name.

Author A Halo Fan ( ago)
would have been funny if the first guy went and bought McDonalds while she was in the car

Author Snow Heart ( ago)
I hate Americans like that! they give America such a bad name

Author Happylit Blue ( ago)
The first on is really really fu-cking annoying if I were in his position I'll stop talking and take her to the police station.

Author telwyn birch ( ago)
... #1 is a BITCH I wanna slap her in the Face

Author johnny718bravo ( ago)
The last moron is single and sad.

Author Liz Leb ( ago)
How many white trash rednecks does it take to open an elevator???

Author johnny718bravo ( ago)
Hooray for bad parents.

Author The Gaming Harry ( ago)
#3 I absolutely hate her, I'm bisexual and who knows what she'd to if I was there kissing another man. I'd love to argue with her.

Author Ricardo Rodriguez ( ago)
why are fat bitches so disfunctional

Author IcePrincess751 ( ago)
In the first video,the way this evil,rude cunt is behaving has become entirely common these days.Her ridiculous sense of entitlement,cussing like a sailor,threatening the driver,and throwing a damn tantrum like a 2 year old,is totally reasonable in this bat-shit crazy a-hole's mind.And unfortunately,it was an absolute must that this uber driver recorded the entire event,because females like her will lie their asses off to anyone who will listen.This man has the patience of a saint for not knocking this loud-mouthed bitch out!It would have been incredibly satisfying if he did!

Author Jaleesa Brown ( ago)
He doesn't have to have a charger smh that lady is crazy af

Author Corren love ( ago)
#1 Thank god the other customers finally took action. That bitch is batshit. Harassment and stalking charges lmfao. Jealous much?!

Author Corren love ( ago)
can somebody please tell me when it became a rule that Uber drivers have to have courtesy Chargers for their passengers? I take ubers quite a bit and I've never once asked them to charge my phone I feel like that's kind of ridiculous. I mean the whole thing is absolutely ridiculous but to freak out like that over him not being able to charge her phone it's just insane. if any driver wants to be nice and let you use their charger that's great but he didn't even have one. this dude kept his cool really well. That woman is crazy, entitled, and has NO class.

Author diskuse diskuse ( ago)
Why do female Negroids act like such self entitled children?

Author Tee L ( ago)
Oh my god! What the hell is wrong with some people? Crazy!

Author RiCaN346 ( ago)
#1 needs to get laid 😂

Author The Unknown ( ago)
3 is a black crazy Russian hacker

Author valerie benson ( ago)
that bitch is crazy. you dont threaten to tell people you were hit or raped on camera. what an idiot.

Author Annab Mody ( ago)
was he actually having sex or were they just making out?

Author Annab Mody ( ago)
I hope the city in the elevator wasn't acting like that with the kid in there

Author okay ( ago)

Author okay ( ago)

Author okay ( ago)

Author Lady Lucifer ( ago)
"You are hold me against my will"
Leave my car
"I'm not leaving the car"

Bitch what

Author Anna Cabella ( ago)
Why didn't he drive that crazy women to the police station. She is crazy!

Author Ellizra Z ( ago)
I didn't get what was happening in the second one

Author Darran Clarke ( ago)
That last woman is obviously sexually suppressed or frustrated!!! she ever secretly fancied him or her and the fact neither was making out with her in the takeaway she couldn't hold back! god, what an angry lady! she really needs sex bad so notice, despite being sexually assaulted, stalked and harassed the one thing she kept was the food, the dignity was the first thing she let go followed by her sanity!

Author yveslo lou ( ago)
hoodrats are so entertaining

Author Franklin Ayres ( ago)
how did your kids get in the elevator in the first place? maybe watch your kids

Author Franklin Ayres ( ago)
she said something about domestic violence that in a relationship or in house not two strangers

Author 707 0o0 ( ago)
"Pull every fire alarm possible!!" I choked on my water 😭😂

Author Edgar Fernandez ( ago)
I don't blame the first one
obviously her phone died it's a proper reaction

Author AdamGGJ ( ago)
ooooo don't wanna be prostituting in public!

Author Lizzy Blackcat ( ago)
Her: "Go fuck yourself"
Me: haha😂😂 Why would she fuck herself when she had a boyfriend to do it for her 😂😂

Boyfriend: "Yeah the sex was good"
Me: *dies of laughter*

Author ilili2003ilili ( ago)
and he screams open the door pussies..... lmfao

Author Cyn Willis ( ago)
That last chick was suffering from some serious penis deprivation. Why is she losing her mind over a couple kissing in public? Jealous much...? She's just mad because she can't get a man with a net, duct tape and some really strong narcotics. Wow... She wishes someone would sexually harass her. TF outta here.

Author Dumb kids at Aiea * ( ago)
That Black lady is just dumb as fuck cause she acts like she's right when he has proof of everything and she can get arrested for assault and for violation of his property and she's trying to use the rape card when he didn't do shit

Author Ice Trex ( ago)
"Your sexually harassing me!"
Yet he just told you to step back

Author CatzAndHugz ( ago)
I'm confused on the elevator one..? can anyone explain?

Author Darlene L ( ago)
She keeps calling him the n word and he still stays calm. She makes Americans look soooooo bad. Driver is awesome.

Author the stingy meme king 666 ( ago)
ha that blonde bitch with the red hoodie she is just jealous that she doesn't have a boyfriend so she can't love 😂

Author Winter Snow ( ago)
ALL black women screams AT EVERYTHING & EVERYONE!

Author Nunya Bidness ( ago)
Okay, punch the fuck out of the backseat bitch. Just pound her fucken ass til she gets out

Author Cavan B ( ago)
#1 What a piece of shit!

Author Kathy Weekes ( ago)
did anyone else catch where she said she hit herself in the face and said she would blame him?too funny

Author Searia Vorza ( ago)
The "real" news has verified that the blonde woman freaking out at the end is actually a #CAMERAGIRL. That means she makes her money by doing sexual things on web cam for money. Talk about a prostitute. Seems she has some issues with what she is and what she does for a living.

Author Vladimir Putin ( ago)
no.1 shes just mad cos no one will ever be with her bitch looks like a beached whale

Author Vladimir Putin ( ago)
no.3 i would drag her out of the car...

Author Shelly Rowland ( ago)
Oh my God just call the fucking cops already!

Author Black Rose ( ago)
how sad

the fat bitch is still a vrigin, thats why she doesn't know what real sex is

not kissing

Author Oscar S Jaure ( ago)
I feel bad for the black guy gf damn her attitude is just sour

Author Jessica Keaton ( ago)
I'm so confused on why those people were in such a panic about the elevator being stuck. It happens. you don't die. Someone will get you out. Embarrassing.

Author Marie Bias ( ago)
Call the cops she needs to be beat

Author John de hoyos ( ago)
sexual harassment and stalking lol?

Author Steve Smekar ( ago)
What is it about "hes just standing there"? She keeps returning to it.

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