Crazy People OVERREACTING in Public Compilation

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  • Kylie Wilson
    Kylie Wilson 10 hours ago

    How many dickhead's does it take to open an elevator door ? LMFAO 😀

  • Kylie Wilson
    Kylie Wilson 10 hours ago

    Holly shit that chick was a total psychopath and the guy was a martyr for staying relatively calm with that bushpig going off her guts in the back seat .Personally my approach would had been slightly different and would have ended a whole lot quicker . I would have screamed to a halt parked the car jumped out and reefed the bitch out by her hair whilst giving her a few good kicks to the ribs on her way down to eat some sidewalk and jumped back in and drove off .BAHAHAHA 😈 As you can tell I am not one to suffer no one's bullshit .

  • goddessvenom
    goddessvenom 1 day ago

    Last lady yelling "I'm from California!" Well that explains it lol!

  • steampunk ninja
    steampunk ninja 1 day ago

    what's funny is... the woman in the last clip is a lonely cam girl bitch with no boyfriends

  • joshua serafini
    joshua serafini 2 days ago

    That's the most ghetto girl I have ever seen. No respect for herself at all. So immature, she's acting like a wild animal

  • FlyyMoney4Eva
    FlyyMoney4Eva 2 days ago

    Plot twist:

    The red haired nut in the last video is cam girl. Real life facts. You can google it I'm sure. Something public freakout cam girl or something along those lines...gotta love the irony.

  • Tmacco 242
    Tmacco 242 3 days ago

    in 2, why were they on an elevator ALONE!?. Where were the parents?

  • Thomas Diaz
    Thomas Diaz 3 days ago

    Maybe I would do same thing at no.2

  • Sheila White
    Sheila White 4 days ago

    im a elderly black women when we was coming up we would not talk to no men like what is the matter with these younger women.a man is the king and you is the Queen.but these WOMEN now days at like fools.

  • Sheila White
    Sheila White 4 days ago

    bitch get out his car.

  • Gabriella Musgrove
    Gabriella Musgrove 4 days ago

    ok the 2nd one is ok cuz the works did shit and there kid could of died over time from no air so 2nd one is a ok

  • jimmelay71
    jimmelay71 4 days ago

    The last ladies name is Anna Storelli I think. She has a public Facebook page if you want to have fun.

  • Izsak Jorasz
    Izsak Jorasz 5 days ago

    Wait...ALL of THAT with the Uber driver was because he didn't have a charger??!!!!

  • Izsak Jorasz
    Izsak Jorasz 5 days ago

    It's amazing how many black people demand respect from whites, but many of them don't even respect themselves. Notice how they call each other stuff like "Nigga" (even nigger) or "dog?"

  • lauren hooker
    lauren hooker 5 days ago

    the first guy was soooo chill i would've freaked out. especially after she said she was going to roll the windows down and say he was raping her

  • Cameron Hinkel
    Cameron Hinkel 5 days ago

    why would you pull the fire alarm, was there a fire? no...

    • jimmelay71
      jimmelay71 4 days ago

      I thought maybe she was freaking out because her little kids were in there. A grown ass man was stuck. Pathetic.

  • scott craig
    scott craig 5 days ago

    Dumb ass bitch talk her lyin ass out of a ride. Why dont these black bitches realize we all hate them the psycho bitches

  • Hless421
    Hless421 6 days ago

    Breaking news: Making out is not considered having sex.

  • cutthe27
    cutthe27 6 days ago

    "There's black people... and there's niggas"

    -Chris Rock

  • pittster57
    pittster57 7 days ago

    the crazy lady at the end did make a seductive video of her own too, another channel made fun of her and showed the video. lol

  • Darran Clarke
    Darran Clarke 7 days ago

    The last woman is obviously sexually frustrated it is unbelievable!!! not sure if it is the man or the woman she is full up with suppressed desire and hated for!!! she has a major issue and good on them keeping calm despite her abuse, it was equally laughable and very aggressive,,,,,that woman needs a serious hard shag, just so she can get it out her system!!!!

  • David E.S.
    David E.S. 7 days ago

    Tell me that last women ended up under arrest in jail and then to a mental hospital.

  • Guy Will
    Guy Will 8 days ago

    two words. pepper spray

  • Yoshi B.
    Yoshi B. 8 days ago

    The last chick was clearly jealous. Obviously no one is touching that.

  • Bryce Conn
    Bryce Conn 8 days ago

    I feel bad for that respectable gentlemen in the first clip.

  • Honest Comments
    Honest Comments 9 days ago

    If i am locked up in an elevator i would explode like them as well. My claustrophobia will get me so fast.

  • Emma R
    Emma R 11 days ago

    sounds like she was saying corn on the cob

  • KoKi GAmI
    KoKi GAmI 11 days ago

    With that last woman's understanding of sexual assault I'm guessing she identifies as a transgender lesbian fidget spinner

  • Nevermind
    Nevermind 11 days ago

    idk why I am watching this when I am tilted as fuck after losing a csgo comp match, I got a mad anger boner right now

  • marta gil-vaz
    marta gil-vaz 12 days ago

    The film "Misery" was depicted from the last lady

  • Jonn wray
    Jonn wray 13 days ago

    Last time I saw a leg like that it was in a KFC bucket!

  • O Salgado
    O Salgado 13 days ago

    what a pyscho crazy lady.. the uber driver is very patience. I would have dragged her ass out, crazy ass female.

  • Jax16.Debate
    Jax16.Debate 13 days ago

    All those fake ass people trying to win an Oscar with that trapped in the elevator routine.

    BENDER IS AWESOME 14 days ago

    Blacks have some sort of glitch in their brains. To repeat their words.

  • Tiffani G
    Tiffani G 14 days ago

    I think the "youre sexually harassing me" lady just needs to get laid and could be a bit mentally off....just an observation.

  • Marco Dane
    Marco Dane 14 days ago

    LAST VIDEO: Her jealousy, envy and misandry is showing. Modern-day feminism in its purest form is nothing more than mental illness.

  • Marco Dane
    Marco Dane 14 days ago

    VIDEO #1; Women always breaking big and bad ---- I'll tell my boyfriend. More guys get killed or knocked out because of these worthless, loud-mouthed, ignorant bitches like this. Dude should've gone to the nearest police station.

  • Mary Pelton
    Mary Pelton 14 days ago

    I hope when her man sees the video he dumps her butt

  • Chase Morrison
    Chase Morrison 14 days ago

    I feel sorry for the "hooker" in vid #1

  • louisanna30
    louisanna30 14 days ago

    UBER drivers just drive directly to the nearest precinct.

  • Daylene Barcelona
    Daylene Barcelona 14 days ago

    The last lady is what we call a maniacal radfem.

  • cheryl click
    cheryl click 15 days ago

    that driver needs a taser

  • Jim c
    Jim c 15 days ago

    I would have pulled that ghetto cunt out by her weave, and whip her ass.

  • Priscilla Walker
    Priscilla Walker 15 days ago

    How many times does a person have to repeat themselves.

  • Jennifer Gonzales
    Jennifer Gonzales 15 days ago

    gonna be honest. number 2 is NOT over reacting. have a kid and come back to me .

  • Honeyydo
    Honeyydo 15 days ago

    These people crawled out of the depths of hell

  • I'm not here
    I'm not here 15 days ago

    this is why I wouldn't be able to drive people because people are stupid.

    also, why are people pulling fire alarms?

  • von reeves
    von reeves 16 days ago

    "Donald Trump is going to deport your ass"! LOL!
    These birches in the 1st and last videos r fuckin psychotic#

  • TheMusicboy316
    TheMusicboy316 17 days ago

    I would start making out with my girl (once I have one) in the middle of that whales argument in the end, just to trigger her some more

  • chris d
    chris d 17 days ago

    first person is a disgusting individual.

  • Queef Latina
    Queef Latina 17 days ago

    the first guy looks like a hood version of MKBHD

  • Eric Ryan
    Eric Ryan 18 days ago

    Another Drump supporter, lmao

  • Brenda Dorsett
    Brenda Dorsett 18 days ago

    what a nasty bitch

  • Brenda Dorsett
    Brenda Dorsett 18 days ago

    what a nasty bitch

  • Timothy Alexander
    Timothy Alexander 18 days ago

    I was hoping the elevator doors would shut and cut them in half

  • Lilyliondragon
    Lilyliondragon 18 days ago

    KISSI NY IS SEX THAT MEANS PARENTS FUCK KIDS BEFORE BED please no hate its a joke because they kiss the kids head

  • Sunny DayKeeper
    Sunny DayKeeper 19 days ago

    what was happening in clip 2?

  • The Insane Crew
    The Insane Crew 19 days ago

    everyone has the right now make out with their love one and 2 really hahahaha ur going to try get the guy fired for letting them make out n his place hahaha really u r stupid lady hahahaha

  • Elijah Hamlin
    Elijah Hamlin 19 days ago

    We need a culling for all the inconsiderate assholes that think they rule the world. They all have way too much time on their hands.

  • Susan Gamble
    Susan Gamble 19 days ago

    the taxi is in the right she needs help

  • Tony Gates
    Tony Gates 21 day ago

    damn first video bitch is insane.

  • GreedoGaming88
    GreedoGaming88 21 day ago

    I don't think the lady in #1 made it past the birds and the bees

  • Mary Pelton
    Mary Pelton 21 day ago

    a kiss on the head means she's a prostitute, lady get a life and I hope they take your butt to court for slander

  • Mary Pelton
    Mary Pelton 21 day ago

    threatening the Uber driver cause he didn't have a charger to charge her phone that's not his job

  • Michelle Evans
    Michelle Evans 21 day ago EVERYONE a HUGE favor. Quit raising brats! Do your job as parents. Thanks.

  • Jacky Higgins
    Jacky Higgins 22 days ago

    The red head from #1 does porn videos...

  • Cceramic Stealsies
    Cceramic Stealsies 22 days ago

    Your sexually harassing me. Like what the fuck??? He didn't touch her our say anything inappropriate. " they were having sex in this restaurant" damn this girl is retarded

  • Cceramic Stealsies
    Cceramic Stealsies 22 days ago

    What the fuck was going on in number two

  • Marco Paiz
    Marco Paiz 22 days ago

    The last one was hilarious because freak out over a kiss on the forehead 😂😂

  • Marieke Schouten
    Marieke Schouten 23 days ago

    I want to know how these things end (police and court)

  • Moon Blizzard23
    Moon Blizzard23 23 days ago

    This first woman is high as fuck.

  • Dream Destroyer
    Dream Destroyer 23 days ago

    lol the lady in the last video XD calls the cops then leaves as fast as she can because she knows she's in the wrong

  • Drawlife
    Drawlife 24 days ago

    Why are all the ppl that are crazy in America are fat xD

  • Derick Johnson
    Derick Johnson 24 days ago

    that last lady looks like my middle school detention teacher that got arrested for having sex with a high school freshman.

  • Anej Zore
    Anej Zore 24 days ago

    the last clip: this bitch probably has never seen a mirrow, talking to the other girl how ugly she is, jesus fucking christ if you payed me some money i wouldnt want to fuck thaat ugly piece of dog shit which had sex with monkeys and now has aids, ugh

  • stevesxxx
    stevesxxx 24 days ago

    9:23 they all late for a redneck tractor pull or monster truck rally or something, Wal-Mart closing soon?

  • Reniuksas Matevisius

    first video man call the cops its not so hard and get her arrested sue her

  • Arron Harrington
    Arron Harrington 24 days ago

    If I was that ubber driver I would laugh hard at that stupid girl.

  • Moira Kizito
    Moira Kizito 24 days ago

    lol "call the cop's call the cop's" that poor man

  • sean poulk
    sean poulk 24 days ago

    Some people need an ass whipping.

  • ODX171
    ODX171 24 days ago

    OMG more vertical videos.....When will people learn?

  • Michael Hurst
    Michael Hurst 25 days ago

    #1 - Goddamn nigger bitch cunt!!!!!!

  • I'm Shooketh
    I'm Shooketh 25 days ago

    BirdMan did a video about the last girl and turns out she's actually a Cam Girl, oh the irony

  • Ken Palmer
    Ken Palmer 25 days ago

    menopause on steroids.

  • MafiatacoYT
    MafiatacoYT 25 days ago

    I think at about 12:29 the retard side of her brain kicked in.

  • Whiteshadow1199 Whiteshadow1199

    Love these!😂😍

  • Major_ Mayhem805
    Major_ Mayhem805 25 days ago

    I like how in the second one, they're screaming at the employee even though he can't do anything about it. I understand he should've helped, but they acted like it was his fault. lol

  • Isabel Morgan
    Isabel Morgan 26 days ago

    I would've call the cops. This woman is crazy!

  • Al Clark
    Al Clark 26 days ago

    The guy in the red sweeter handled that really well. She just making it worse for herself because she's still being charged 😂😂😂.

  • Bill Campbell
    Bill Campbell 26 days ago


  • Maggie Dorau
    Maggie Dorau 27 days ago

    16. is lonely, guess i am board

  • Maggie Dorau
    Maggie Dorau 27 days ago

    wonder why black men don't like this

  • Ted Bundy
    Ted Bundy 27 days ago

    the american nigger is the most hated animal on the planet. they all behave like that. lincoln sure did fuck up

  • Declan Hardy
    Declan Hardy 28 days ago

    i wonder if the third bitch could here herself

  • Camilla Abalos
    Camilla Abalos 28 days ago

    The chick in the first video is mad annoying, man I don't know how that guy is so calm

    VICTORIOUSONE 28 days ago

    LOYAL HUSBAND...amazing.

  • Frankie Says
    Frankie Says 28 days ago

    wow a fat ginger mad that a girl has a man. shocking lolll

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