bulleh shah's kalam

abdullah(bullah)'s kalam

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Author Rana Adil Farooq Rana Adil Farooq ( ago)
very nice

Author Ali Afzal (1989 years ago)

Author Waheed Ali ( ago)
supper poetry

Author Hasnain Ali Waqar ( ago)

Author faisal prince ( ago)
very nice song

Author Ali Azhar ( ago)
ali azhar

Author Ammad Ali ( ago)
its great

Author Arslan Yaseen ( ago)

Author Luqman Bhatti ( ago)
good kalam waaris saha k kalam suny dil ko skon milta ha

Author Jawad Afzal ( ago)
Kia bat ha g

Author Jawad Afzal ( ago)

Author Amar Deol ( ago)

Author Zahid Ali ( ago)
best baba bulle shah

Author Fahad Ali ( ago)

Author Arfan Azam ( ago)
A 1

Author Mohsin raza ( ago)
wa g wa

Author Ayaz Malik ( ago)
subhan Allah

Author Wajid Hussain ( ago)

Author malik faizan ( ago)
very nice...

Author Talvinder Singh ( ago)
real love experiences can be seen in Bulleh Shah's Kalam

Author Naseem Mehar ( ago)
nice g

Author Yasmeen Bibi ( ago)

Author riaznjc njc ( ago)
Bhula Bhula e ai

Author Suneel Sharma ( ago)
jai baba bullhe shah ji

Author Suneel Sharma ( ago)
jai baba bullhe shah ji

Author Shahid Awan ( ago)
skina ge and ashok and other thanks for translation in english

Author Vishal Rana ( ago)

Author Vishal Rana ( ago)
sai baba

Author abrar khan ( ago)
I Like

Author Zee zee ( ago)
this kind of poetry is actually a real food for spirit.
that makes people to think about their creator.

Author irfan ali ( ago)
abbas.feasar1. Topa

Author Mohd Husain ( ago)
I love Sufism its very touching

Author Ali Akbar ( ago)

Author Shakeel Khan ( ago)
Very very nice

Author Mahendra Chhabra ( ago)
Its exellent

Author Muhammad Ashfaq ( ago)
Very good

Author Muhammad Ashfaq ( ago)
Very good

Author akmal shahzad ( ago)
Very nice

Author jasvir banger banger ( ago)
very nice

Author Asha Dhillon ( ago)
Very enjoyable.....soul stirring!

Author G Naveed ( ago)

Author Chhibber Priyanka ( ago)
Bulleh shah rab ohnan nu milda nitaan jinhan diyan sachchiyan....Baba
bulleh Shah's literary work is so unique and priceless ...the more I
read/listen to it the more I feel like reading/listening it again and again

Author inayath inayat ( ago)
can any one translate this in english ? plz

Author Raja Latif ( ago)
Raja latif 

Author Aslam Muhammad ( ago)
Its not only Heart but soul touching singing also, The tears rushed to the
eyes , .....what a impact.

Author B Noor ( ago)
bulleh shah is the best

Author Shekhar Sharma (शेखर) ( ago)
real love experiences can be seen in Bulleh Shah's Kalam....

Author chaudhry ibrar khaliq ( ago)

Author harjinder kumar ( ago)

Author shakher malhotra ( ago)

Author Sheel Mahi ( ago)
Bahut sundr

Author gagan sidhu ( ago)
Love this voice & lyrics 👌👌

Author Kuldeep Sharma ( ago)

Author safdar khan ( ago)
Boht asha ha

Author mani maher ( ago)
vire nice g ap kay ray ha

Author mani maher ( ago)
nice g ap ke kay ray ha

Author RAFAQAT ALI ( ago)

Author Roshan Aln ( ago)

Author ali arfan ( ago)

Author sher bhagat Singh ( ago)
bhlleh shah 

Author Mo00nlight ( ago)
Best poetry

Author Rehman Aslam ( ago)

Author Rana Mehran ( ago)
I like it

Author simarjit singh ( ago)
Very Nice song

Author raghbir singh ( ago)
Excellent songs Thanks

Author tariq jan ( ago)
Thanks.Amazing voice and mesmerizing poetry.

Author Nicholas Klacsanzky ( ago)
I am pretty sure it is Gurdas Mann.

Author tariq jan ( ago)
who is this amazing singer.

Author Adeel Azhar ( ago)
Thanx for uploading

Author jamil kashmiri ( ago)

Author Bilal Sarwar ( ago)
bhai ap ki baat tu hai magar masla 2 alag country ka nahi masla ap k aur
hmary leaders ka hai ye awam main aik dosry k khilaaf barka rahey hain

Author Shahmir Awan Malik ( ago)
INDA AND PAKISTAN is not two country its two ways of life to lead.........
not same how come .....

Author psingh3434 ( ago)
its not God who devided India or Pakitan its we are who devided ....Human
people did it...

Author Peter Ikram ( ago)
God willing India and Pakistan will be united again because No other
Solution And Muslims Sikh Hindus Budhs can live peacefully again

Author Ch Arshad Ali ( ago)
waoooo nicee.....u have done grate job love it yawr

Author Malik Akhtar Mehmood ( ago)
SUBHANALLAH RAB unhoon noon milda

Author Kanwaldeep Sekhon ( ago)
Does it really matter? Praying for Peace isn't going to bring it to your
door. You have to do something to get it. Work at it. Waiting around for it
isn't going to make it happen.

Author mohammad sajjad ( ago)
love u

Author Rana Quetta ( ago)
GEO baat hee teri

Author SYED HAZIR ( ago)

Author Amar Gora ( ago)
bulle shah jind mahi di..very nice kalaam baba bulle shah ji

Author tariq jan ( ago)
Pure kalam

Author Javaid Dar ( ago)

Author Javaid Dar ( ago)

Author muhammad akram chouha ( ago)
baba bulle shah ka kalam great kalam and nice voice

Author desipanjaban ( ago)
This is sung by Silinder Pardesi of UK

Author mubashar ali ( ago)
c H Ali

Author mubashar ali ( ago)
c H Ali

Author THIENE18 ( ago)

Author vikas arora ( ago)
That is a Magic of gurdas mann sahab...reAlly a osem singer and good human
being.. We think we are soo lucky to listen mann sahab....goD bleSs u.

Author Sada Khan ( ago)

Author sheri butt ( ago)
very very nice

Author Hassan Bilal Asim ( ago)
ni me kamliya a

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