bulleh shah's kalam

abdullah(bullah)'s kalam

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Author Abdulrahman King215 ( ago)

Author Israr Ahmad ( ago)
Very nice

Author Babar Al ( ago)
man kamli an

Author Jan Jafri ( ago)

Author Khalil Ahmed ( ago)
nice bulleh shah kalam

Author Shahnaz Humayun ( ago)
Baba bulleh shah

Author Naeem Ali ( ago)

Author KHALID BASHIR ( ago)

Author Ali Jaan ( ago)
nice words

Author Zahid Nawaz ( ago)
very nice beautifull

Author Asif Ali ( ago)
i love it

Author malik waqar and esha ( ago)
Hafiz malik waqar and pardis

Author Muhammad Sarfaraz ( ago)
very nice

Author arslan malik ( ago)
Meara dill millad

Author Shumaila Qumar ( ago)
very nice

Author HASHAIM HE ( ago)
I who'd really like it

Author asim ishaq ( ago)
nice and lovely kalam ...../

Author shahnawaz bhamani ( ago)
i love it

Author Malik Akhtar ( ago)
nice kallam

Author Daily992 ( ago)
MIAN SHABIR AHMAD >0315 7159377

Author diljit gill ( ago)
Where I download this song in mp3 pls tell me

Author ejaz mehmood ( ago)
what is kalam

Author Ahmed Shaheryar ( ago)
subhan Allah

Author ifra hafeez ( ago)
kamaal hai

Author Rupinder Singh ( ago)
wa ho

Author Fayaz Khan ( ago)
Ejaz kha

Author Tanveer Ahmed ( ago)

Author jasbir pelia ( ago)
Guru Nakak dev ji and Baba Bulleh shah ji speak up about truth of God. only
they have gust. so, they alive in history . now a day some religious leader
push to people in to terrorism , who know their name . my mean that, God
not belong to any religion and religion not belong to God, God belong to
nature and nature belong to all alive things God is God , God is unsolved
mystery. God is some kind power.

Author Raja Faisal ( ago)
very good

Author mobile nokia ( ago)
so nyc

Author Chandi Mehar ( ago)

Author meeral pkint ( ago)
very nice..........................................

Author Shafqatullah Sarhadi ( ago)
Great sayings

Author Waseem Shah ( ago)
Sarqar ki.azmat ko salam

Author rehmat ali ( ago)
rehmat pakistan

Author Juttjutt 0593240831 ( ago)
Haji Rahman akthar 0580642562

Author ABRAR Ali ( ago)
very nice

Author RespectTheHumanity ( ago)
Wah Ji Wah "Silinder Pardesi, use to listen to this song many moons ago.
Still remember the good old days here in England when we use to go to your
gigs. You have done justice to this great Kalam. You always had that magic
ultimate voice. Pardesi group. Just brilliant..🇬🇧

Author VIKAS KHICHER ( ago)

Author Mughial Mana ( ago)

Author Abdullah Waqas ( ago)
very nice

Author Malik Babar ( ago)

Author Allah Rakha ( ago)
nice kalaam

Author umair yaqoob ( ago)
Wa gy wa

Author Mohammad Arif ( ago)
i love it bully shah kalam every sunday attandance from bully shah
darbaar....... :) :-)

Author Tahir khan ( ago)

Author Humna Farooq ( ago)
Very nice

Author Usman Ali ( ago)

Author M Umer ( ago)
mashala nice klam

Author naveed muktar ( ago)
Great sufi baba bulay shah

Author Ag Jumani ( ago)
nice kalaam

Author Mumtaz Ahmed ( ago)
Sufi poetry bemisaal hay.

Author Mian Azhar ( ago)
bula bula aay baki jag pull aay

Author zara rana ( ago)
v v v v v v v v v v nicc

Author rana habib ( ago)
very beautiful word

Author Amna Malij ( ago)

Author Waqar Ajmal ( ago)
nice bhulla

Author Tabish Rana ( ago)

Author Daljit Kour ( ago)
to good! !!!+

Author Raja Qaiser ( ago)
Nice very nice

Author Sajid Wasti ( ago)

Author Ayesha Bhatti (1358 years ago)
It all depends on the intentions.

Author Ahmad Ali ( ago)
Klam bully shah is my favourite awesome

Author alimahet janimaher ( ago)

Author Tajinder Singh ( ago)
so beautiful words

Author Haji Mazher ( ago)

Author Zia Ur Rehman ( ago)
zia Ur Rehman the

Author i love You Heart ( ago)
nice Baba i love

Author ali rajput (1355 years ago)
ni me kamli aa

Author Faisal Butt ( ago)

Author Irfan Like Poetry Butt ( ago)
Haq baat hai

Author M Ashraf ( ago)
vvvvvvvvvvvvvvery nice of kalam BABA BULHAY SHAH SARKAR OF KASOOR

Author Muhammad Nadeem ( ago)
what a good saying

Author Muhammad Riaz ( ago)

Author Manoj Kharbanda ( ago)
very true

Author Umar Block print ( ago)
very nice

Author mon saka ( ago)

Author Badar Nazir ( ago)
so nice

Author Yaad-e-Mustafa(S.A.W) ( ago)
Heart touching

Author ali raza ( ago)
Ali Raza

Author Fesal Khan ( ago)

Author shumaila rana ( ago)
Very relaxing Kalam...

Author ihsan khan ( ago)

Author mohsin malik ( ago)
baba bulleh I love u

Author Zahoib bajwa very nic bullha sha klam I m lik ( ago)
vry nic bullha sha klam

Author Preet preet ( ago)
awsome song

Author Zeeshan Ashraf ( ago)

Author numen Ali ( ago)
Wha kia baat h yar

Author Raja Amnan ( ago)

Author Raja Amnan ( ago)

Author Adeel Hussain ( ago)
Nice ...

Author izhar ali ( ago)
izhar ali

Author game club ( ago)

Author zeeshan Mpa ( ago)
very nice g

Author umar farooq ( ago)

Author sajjad hussain hussain ( ago)

Author umar farooq ( ago)

Author Adu King ( ago)
adu gg king na

Author Rana Abdullah ( ago)
very heat toughing kalam.....?

Author Karimullah K Karim ( ago)

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