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Author naveed abbas (3 months)
bulleh shah's kalam:

Author inayath inayat (9 days)
can any one translate this in english ? plz

Author Aslam Muhammad (27 days)
Its not only Heart but soul touching singing also, The tears rushed to the
eyes , .....what a impact.

Author M Saleem (7 days)

Author Shekhar Sharma (1 month)
real love experiences can be seen in Bulleh Shah's Kalam....

Author Raja Latif (26 days)
Raja latif 

Author Asif Hussain (5 months)

Author Kuldeep Sharma (3 months)

Author mani maher (3 months)
vire nice g ap kay ray ha

Author gagan sidhu (3 months)
Love this voice & lyrics 👌👌

Author B Noor (1 month)
bulleh shah is the best

Author harjinder kumar (2 months)

Author chaudhry ibrar khaliq (2 months)

Author Roshan Aln (4 months)

Author safdar khan (3 months)
Boht asha ha

Author shakher malhotra (3 months)

Author Sheel Mahi (3 months)
Bahut sundr

Author mani maher (3 months)
nice g ap ke kay ray ha

Author Esmaa Naaz (8 months)
bulleh shah's kalam:

Author abdullah irshad (10 months)

Author RAFAQAT ALI (4 months)

Author sher bhagat Singh (5 months)
bhlleh shah 

Author Rehman Aslam (6 months)

Author Mo00nlight (5 months)
Best poetry

Author ali arfan (5 months)

Author Rana Mehran (6 months)
I like it

Author Mohammed Hussain (8 months)
Mth, chishti nizami*xX*+God,s blessings,

Author Suhail Anjum (7 months)
oh i like this kalam of baho
its touch is the heart

Author muneer ahman (7 months)

Author Adeel Ahmad (10 months)
Wha g wha maza ay gya 

Author kamlesh bhatia (8 months)
very soothing..

Author Himanshu Saini (9 months)
subhaan allah 

Author Kenny Albert (8 months)
I come from rawalpindi and speak punjabi but I have problems to understand
the text,but I like the kalam from Buleh Shah because he is a real muslim
and a humble person,and thats what I hear as a Christian and I like it very

Author Hashim Aziz (11 months)
Does anyone know where I could find something that sounds similar to the
first 30 or so seconds of this video? I really prefer how melancholic it
sounds compared with the rest of the song.

Author Rozana Rose (10 months)

Author ifthikat Ifthikar (10 months)
Masha Allah 

Author mohammad shah (1 year)
bulleh shah's punjabi was shahmukhi which is used by muislims in pakistan
and his punjabi accent was majhi which is spoken in lahore papatten okara
narrowal sialkot gujjranwala toba tek siingh sihwal and some parts of
rawalpindi and in indian side it is spoken i amritsar

Author jagtar singh (1 year)
sony kaul t2 

Author Master Illusions (10 months)
Who sang this song? It's too good.

Author Naeem Atta (1 year)

Author shahid mughal (1 year)
I love sufiana qalam

Author sanju nafri (11 months)
baba bulleh shah maahan

Author Daljit Sidhu (1 year)

Author Prince Singh (1 year)

Author Vishal Naidu (1 year)

Author abdullah irshad (1 year)

Author md microtel (1 year)

Author asif ali (1 year)

Author Sada Khan (1 year)

Author Shahzad ali (1 year)
nice klam baba g

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