Galaxy S8 & S8+ Review – A PC Guy's Perspective

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    Can the S8 bring Android back into Linus' pocket on a daily basis?

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Comments: 7 734

  • Crispy Batman
    Crispy Batman 1 hour ago

    wait, how to steal a dog?

  • Benni B
    Benni B 3 hours ago

    douches on a sofa

  • Tristan Jeff Valdez
    Tristan Jeff Valdez 4 hours ago

    those cases are lit af.

  • king richards
    king richards 12 hours ago

    When the wife walk in shower her the S8+ trust me she'll give you her Iphone

  • Sway Mark
    Sway Mark 13 hours ago

    Haha, suck my battery

  • function86
    function86 19 hours ago

    but can you do a one finger zoom?

  • calvinatorzcraft
    calvinatorzcraft 20 hours ago

    also there is a bug where pressing the bixby button completely disables ok Google until a restart

  • David Fransoo
    David Fransoo 23 hours ago

    Great review

  • THE GEEK 19
    THE GEEK 19 1 day ago

    mobile hotspot is still on the S8 and S8+. when you pull down notifications, press the 3 dot menu button and then tap, edit layout. it's in there

  • Bilal Hashim
    Bilal Hashim 1 day ago

    Coming from LG's flagships (minus the boot loop) S8+ felt bad if you take price into consideration. I have the Exynos 8895 version which is supposed to be snappier than it's SD cousin. The fingerprint sensor is slow and the there's a ton of focus on the aesthetics than ergonomics which does make it an eye candy but not a practical phone to use. I dunno why but the battery life didn't blow me away either like everyone's been talking about it. With the price tag that's attached to this device, it should go beyond this even if adding a bigger battery makes it a millimeter or two fat than it currently is. Also considering the fact that Touchwiz gets slower in the long-term is a bummer. If you minus the SD 835 and look for a phone that's more conservative in design but practical and ergonomic, then LG G6 or may the upcoming LG V30 is the one for you or at least for me.

  • drunkensessions
    drunkensessions 1 day ago

    Go back to Iphone you useless fuck.

  • Jason Hadley
    Jason Hadley 1 day ago


  • Kona Menyonga
    Kona Menyonga 1 day ago

    Lol she asked "how to steal a dog" at 9:40

  • GLD_AV3NG3R COD and Fun

    who else searched Linus Cat Tips after this

  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee 1 day ago

    4:11 Exact Latitude and Longitude of Linus Tech Tips. Doesn't matter if address is blurred if latitude and longitude is available. In fact, lat/long is probably even more precise....

  • Eric Dunn
    Eric Dunn 1 day ago

    God I hate D-brand.  Hey, d-brand, maybe if you stopped charging absurd prices for frickin stickers, you wouldn't have to shove your ads down everybody's throats in anyone's video/banner that lets you.

  • DrSid42
    DrSid42 1 day ago

    Glass back ? Glass edges ? And even pay for it as 'premium' ? No, thanks ..

  • Ryan Mansfield
    Ryan Mansfield 2 days ago

    I switched from an iPhone to my galaxy s8 and I love it !!

  • Bryan LR01
    Bryan LR01 2 days ago

    iphone only has good looks as an advantage nowadays

  • Vdept
    Vdept 2 days ago

    galaxy > iphone

  • SpookyPlays
    SpookyPlays 2 days ago

    I get a Whooping​ 2 hours screen on time on my Nexus 6p... I see what you mean by battery management. Like I dont even play games, nor do I use max brightness.

  • Husain Malik
    Husain Malik 2 days ago

    did he just say apple has a better display than Samsung s8 ?!?
    that is just crazy!?!

  • notstarboard
    notstarboard 2 days ago

    "Lacked the courage" =/= "Gave the people what they want"

    Bluetooth headphones are very unappealing to me, as are dongles. The more I watch in this video actually the more I realize we just have very different opinions on phones.

    Edit: Spot on about Android's battery management though. Battery stats haven't been fully working since Kitkat. Google also needs to put more effort into getting their battery drains under control

  • daft2hans
    daft2hans 2 days ago

    Get the XZ Premium

  • Mary-Patricia Foy
    Mary-Patricia Foy 2 days ago

    I have the hot spot button on the pull down window quick menu....
    I did not have the option on my old Note 4.

  • Alex Sorokov
    Alex Sorokov 3 days ago

    If only the phones were heavier at their bottom frame, they would fall on the frame instead of the screen.

  • soloistcool
    soloistcool 3 days ago

    people complaning about the colour of the super amoled or the default 1080 res on galaxys are just the dumbest people ever.

  • HolySkelton
    HolySkelton 3 days ago

    Why do I have so much toe jam?

  • Unis Unitekas
    Unis Unitekas 3 days ago

    P10 plus plssssssss

  • menkiboj
    menkiboj 3 days ago

    every time you are about to take a picture wipe the camera with your shirt, the pictures will be fenomenal

  • Marius
    Marius 3 days ago

    Loved that intro lmao

  • Ara J
    Ara J 3 days ago

    A pc guy choosing the most dumb and lack of customization phone on market... This doesn't add up man

  • Fritz Lauritz Jørgensen

    u sould buy a huawei p9 or p10 its the cheapest and best

  • Aaron Allen
    Aaron Allen 3 days ago

    Watching this with my S8, couldn't be any happier.

  • Frosty
    Frosty 3 days ago

    Yea the watch on your wrist at the begging might have gave me a small hint

  • Tiff's Right Ear
    Tiff's Right Ear 3 days ago

    I always hated the low res on iPhones but i think the big ones are 1080p now.

  • Jan Cabudoy
    Jan Cabudoy 3 days ago

    A bit late but.... the S8 doesn't have a retina scanner, it has an iris scanner. There's a big difference.

  • Isaac Beke
    Isaac Beke 3 days ago

    "The hottest thing in his pants?" Did Linus really just say that , oh boy..

  • Phantom Dancer
    Phantom Dancer 4 days ago

    See I had the iPhone 7 Plus and now I have the S8+

    Never really had an issue with battery life.
    Software was a bit faster on iOS's end, to the payoff of losing a bit of apps I used on Android more.
    Hardware is very powerful on Samsung's end.
    Camera feels about the same.
    Samsung updates more, which is annoying, but fine.
    Ergonomics are freaking awesome on the S8+
    But the metal build on iP7+ is much more reassuring to use without a case.

    All in all, both of them are amazing, and I've used both of them with little to no issues, but me being an Android modder by heart, I stick with Android.
    Now if iOS had an actually working jailbreak and ways to mess with it, I'd totally use it as a daily driver.
    But for out of box experience, iOS wins. No bloatware, no 20 menus to go through to do something, just press here and there, that's it.

    Do I prefer iOS over Android? Eh. It's great, but not what my needs really want, if that makes sense.

  • Jennifer McWilliams

    Best closing line ever! 😂

  • Manish Thapa
    Manish Thapa 4 days ago

    hey why would u reduce brightness on s8 when comparing video play back.
    S8 is much brighter than iPhone or any other phone out there.. plz be honest in ur reviews

  • Andre Allen
    Andre Allen 4 days ago

    how to steal a dog

  • Taggi
    Taggi 4 days ago

    But lets admit, Iphone battery still sucks.

  • Zaarc Baan
    Zaarc Baan 4 days ago

    so many butthurt Samsung Fanboys in comments below, thinking they know tech better than Linus and bitching because they disagree with facts.

  • kingwindie
    kingwindie 4 days ago

    i like the phone better now,so since i never buy the regular line of Samsung i will buy the note 8,this is a beautiful phone

  • Shazzkid
    Shazzkid 4 days ago

    RIP Linuses credibility, shouldn't have gone for Apple

  • Deepraj chatterjee
    Deepraj chatterjee 4 days ago

    probably the wife is iPhone 8 .. 😅 correct me if I got​ it wrong ..

  • Daniel Maciel
    Daniel Maciel 4 days ago

    the carier is what determination the mobile hotspot I have it because I have sprint with an s8

  • The Creeper Universe - HD Gaming And More!

    Linus, do you know what the system ui tuner is? If you do and it isn't on the S8 somehow, there is an app on the play store that let's you add shortcuts onto the quick settings menu. Seriously, I didn't have the hotspot button on my Moto 4 plus either, then I added it with Google's built in system ui tuner

  • TheZippoMike
    TheZippoMike 5 days ago

    Where are you reading from?

  • Kenny
    Kenny 5 days ago

    HDR on a phone? Puts buying an expensive TV into perspective.

  • Patrick Cole
    Patrick Cole 5 days ago

    Hey Linus, Whats your opinion on iMessage?

  • Kigerone
    Kigerone 5 days ago

    great review Linus. Still in love with my OnePlus 3, but I'm appreciating Samsung's aggressive position on this release. Looking forward to what they do next year

  • Serj Star
    Serj Star 5 days ago


  • Dalton Fowler
    Dalton Fowler 5 days ago

    Linus at 8:26 u can turn off the always on display

  • Ankit Rocky
    Ankit Rocky 5 days ago

    Your voice gives me a headache man! But cool videos overall. MKBHD is amazing for everything i guess :D

  • SMGJohn
    SMGJohn 5 days ago

    I bought the new Nokia 3310 and I never looked back, it truly has been a massive upgrade over the good old Nokia 3310 that was with me for so many years now. I can finally take pictures, completely unthinkable back then.
    The screen is full colour, I still cannot believe my eyes and the interface is much improved.

    Something that truly blew me away though was the ability to play small MP3 files, truly revolutionary.
    This is a great step forward for Nokia, and still as reliable as ever, I lost mine at work under a road steamer, the phone was fine but the road steamer had to be repaired.

  • Dig Bicks
    Dig Bicks 5 days ago

    Thanks for clearing up the battery problem for me. I thought my Asus Zenfone 2 was broken because the percentages didn't add up to how much battery I had lost, but android OS still takes up half of my battery... Any fixes?

  • JonatasAdoM
    JonatasAdoM 6 days ago

    "courage to keep the headphone jack"? Dislike

  • W B
    W B 6 days ago

    why would the percentages add up to 100? If they added up to 100, the phone would be off right?

    Unless it was a percentage of the used portion of the battery. Which just seems needlessly more intensive

  • Jeremy Crawford
    Jeremy Crawford 6 days ago

    I just got rid of my 7 plus. those so called amazing stereo speakers aren't worth a damn once the speaker grill fills up with pocket lent.

  • AirWolf2301
    AirWolf2301 6 days ago

    10:03 Is it sad or good that im so use to this that i dont care at all?

  • Daniel Selig
    Daniel Selig 6 days ago

    Xperia XZ wins

  • Yousef Fayed
    Yousef Fayed 6 days ago

    Guys. Why is Linus not talking more about the USB-C capabilities, such as using a USB-C to HDMI adapter which supports native resolutions, not like those false "adapters" in which I cannot use my iPhone for powerpoint presentations like I can with a laptop (or a Galaxy S8 for that matter).

    I believe Galaxy has the advantage in using more of its capabilities through the new technology of USB-C. Not only for selfies and watching YouTube...

  • jack
    jack 6 days ago

    talk about the battery bro it fully charges in 20 minutes come on cut them some slack

  • Alexander Koolen
    Alexander Koolen 6 days ago

    So the S8's software is still weird a screws with pure androids good software.

  • SotDr
    SotDr 6 days ago

    Lol a PC Guy's Perspective... I honestly don't really care too many bullshit reviewers nowadays, but you are clearly an i - fanboy if anything...
    It's easy to figure out the battery issue and resolve it until an update is provided., wether that be an OS or App bug. Also you can scroll notification bar by using fingerprint sensor.
    So tired of these terriburu reviewers...

  • TM245
    TM245 6 days ago

    When I put my S8+ on Medium Battery Saver mode, I gained 6 1/2 days on one charge. Though I don't really use the phone much, I did use the MP3 player several times, also kept apps updated, and used google when I needed it. The phone remained zippy even on medium battery saver. So overall I am very impressed with battery life. Try the Medium Battery saver mode, I'm sure you won't notice a real difference in performance and you will gain significant extra battery time.

  • Angry Goose
    Angry Goose 6 days ago

    I just use hello google to open my phone these days, I never have to worry about fingerprints on my camera

  • Nelwyn
    Nelwyn 6 days ago

    They didn't remove the Mobile Hotspot quick setting. If you hit Button Order it's probably sitting outside the menu there. At least it's there on my AT&T version.

  • TheMetalfreak360
    TheMetalfreak360 6 days ago

    Real question, does Samsung Galaxy have a heating issue? I am looking to change out my S4 because of massive heating from it whenever I use it, and screen issues. Just suddenly over night it started to heat and have major issues.

  • The White Mage
    The White Mage 6 days ago

    I was thinking of getting something such as the Asus Zenfone 3 ultra because I love huge phablets, but the more I hear about this phone the more I want it.

  • Ben Wong
    Ben Wong 7 days ago

    8:12 what is he talking about there is that really a thing?

  • John Rose
    John Rose 7 days ago

    How to steal a dog

  • MrDeRp - The ClockMan

    you can change how the display looks in settings

  • Sam Bloom
    Sam Bloom 7 days ago

    Why is he going on about "new features" all of which are all available on my LG V20

  • Emerslam
    Emerslam 7 days ago

    This guy always sounds like he just finished running a marathon when does a review.

  • William Randall
    William Randall 7 days ago

    Yet apple and Samsung have taken a ton of features from LG. Dual cameras for different angles, the non physical home button has been used by LG and HTC for years. Camera quality was pushed forward by Sony and LG. Networking and management lg has dominated by a cleaner stock phone out of the box without bloat ware. So stfu and actually give credit where its due.

  • skeptic moderate
    skeptic moderate 7 days ago

    11:22 Linus continues to amaze me by reaching new levels of tackiness.

  • Joshua Walls
    Joshua Walls 7 days ago

    iOS may not be super customizable but although it has the cleanest, most smoothest processes, and this coming from an ex Samsung fan boy

  • rkl08551
    rkl08551 7 days ago

    L 0 L..aijphoney...

  • Alireza Hashemi
    Alireza Hashemi 7 days ago

    does it explode?

  • Karam Faraj
    Karam Faraj 7 days ago

    Is he using s8 or s8 plus

  • Jeremy Rubio
    Jeremy Rubio 8 days ago

    A jailbroken iPhone will rekt all the smartphones

  • daisx beohfox
    daisx beohfox 8 days ago

    damn dude. stay with Apple. you sound like a little bitch complaining about first of all. the swipe of a button. stay with your user old friendly iphone.

  • Nizar Noor
    Nizar Noor 8 days ago

    Google Pixel is better overall. But the hardware design looks crap.

  • luckviii
    luckviii 8 days ago

    Thank you Linus for honest review. I was sorely tempted to buy s8 after my iphone 6 screen cracked. Like you I was attracted to screen and customization. Your review reminded that all the fancy stuff don't matter unless you got the basic down including the fingerprint button location. Also memory management was never anything to worry about even on my iphone 6. Sigh I guess I will be stuff with my old blackberry q10 still new iphone comes out

  • Lukáš Mojžíš
    Lukáš Mojžíš 8 days ago

    S7 non-edge 4life

  • Red Diamond
    Red Diamond 9 days ago

    11:18 the result

  • Red Diamond
    Red Diamond 9 days ago

    2:56 he say aging remember me steve job has aging when he start make smartphone
    and now
    he dead!!

  • Red Diamond
    Red Diamond 9 days ago

    2:14 steve job should dead by now!!
    Samsung the winner!!

  • T 4H20C
    T 4H20C 9 days ago

    buy exynos s8

  • TijiTron TijiTron
    TijiTron TijiTron 9 days ago

    you complain too much and if you really think the problems are real you should give me that s8 because I could actually use it without saying shit about it. (like if you want Linus to see)

  • papinbala
    papinbala 9 days ago


  • Aggressions
    Aggressions 10 days ago

    Heheh Something hot in my pants.

  • Ruey Agcang
    Ruey Agcang 10 days ago

    that shot at 1:31 where it says " headphone jack [WOW]" lol'ed me a lot hahahaha

  • ATC Slime-i-Lime
    ATC Slime-i-Lime 10 days ago

    boi you can get the hotspott button back in the setting bruh!

  • ATC Slime-i-Lime
    ATC Slime-i-Lime 10 days ago

    why is my s8 camera bether dan yours

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