Logic - Black SpiderMan ft. Damian Lemar Hudson

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  • Logic "EVERYBODY" available May 5th. Pre-order here: http://smarturl.it/EverybodyDeluxe?iqid=yt

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    Music video by Logic performing Black SpiderMan. (C) 2017 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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  • fin alpha
    fin alpha 12 minutes ago

    They already have a black Spider-Man

  • johan sebastianbach
    johan sebastianbach 16 minutes ago

    what song is the interlude at the end ? shit is tight!

  • Game retro review land
    Game retro review land 38 minutes ago

    Love the positive vibes , logics always sending out

  • Gamer Dude
    Gamer Dude 50 minutes ago


  • Jimmy Hernandez
    Jimmy Hernandez 1 hour ago

    kahlid is just there like yup

  • F34R Hyped
    F34R Hyped 1 hour ago


  • Ace Breao
    Ace Breao 1 hour ago

    This guy is supposed to be a rapper? No..

  • joe 20096
    joe 20096 1 hour ago

    he said glover for spider man like if you get it

  • Hunter_G4E aggad
    Hunter_G4E aggad 1 hour ago

    just watched him get REKT at mario kart by DASHIE!

    DH GAMING 1 hour ago

    Who's here from my boi dashie?

  • Jeed Hunter
    Jeed Hunter 1 hour ago

    Honestly Logic, you're one of the best rapper and i think EVERYBODY can agree, seriously, i get GOOSEBUMPS everytime i hear you rap. I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS. Your positivity , yea THAT'S WHAT A LIKE, Your also really HUMBLE. You went from small to huge, it's like going FROM THE D TO THE A. But for real tho, your just gonna keep getting better and better, I FEEL IT COMING

  • Gifted Gamer
    Gifted Gamer 1 hour ago


  • chris the starwars Nerd

    Logic is such a cool happy guy.

  • Jack Kenny
    Jack Kenny 2 hours ago

    who here because of dashie??

  • Delvonte Williams
    Delvonte Williams 2 hours ago

    he remind me of Eminem

  • Lol Chon
    Lol Chon 2 hours ago

    that boy killed it

    SHEEMBA 2 hours ago

    The shit that just make younfeel good no matter what goin on

  • Jared Divina
    Jared Divina 2 hours ago

    Anyone else see him on dachie's channel ma boi

  • caleb mullin
    caleb mullin 2 hours ago

    This song is amazing and everyone should follow its message

  • Nosakhare Aduwa
    Nosakhare Aduwa 2 hours ago

    Dashie introduced me to logic

  • Charli XP
    Charli XP 3 hours ago


  • Freaky Faith
    Freaky Faith 3 hours ago


  • Crazy Pennix's
    Crazy Pennix's 3 hours ago

    Who else came from dashie

  • Dre
    Dre 3 hours ago

    Who else came from dahsies video?

    • Dre
      Dre 3 hours ago

      Bruh how don't you know who logic is XD

    • ookam95
      ookam95 3 hours ago

      me 😂😂 i don't know who the fuck is logic

  • Director Tokyo
    Director Tokyo 4 hours ago

    logic fucking SUCKS

  • RoboMania276
    RoboMania276 4 hours ago

    i wonder if him eating the pizza was part of the video or there was just pizza there he ordered and went and got a slice while everybody was dancing

  • Adrian Monzon
    Adrian Monzon 4 hours ago

    ilke your soge

  • surgical Phoenix
    surgical Phoenix 5 hours ago

    I will say not that it's better than suicide boy but that's just different PS : I prefer this song at magazine

  • Chase Rhodes
    Chase Rhodes 5 hours ago

    I just found out Logic is biracial. Like if you didn't know either

  • Little Moose
    Little Moose 5 hours ago

    I thought logic said "cept the pussy you don't wanna be." turns out he just says person fast

  • David Graff
    David Graff 6 hours ago

    16,999,999 of these views are mine the rest is everyone else

  • HauntedPropaneT
    HauntedPropaneT 6 hours ago

    Why would anyone be ashamed of her shes beautiful af

  • Dartex Vlogs
    Dartex Vlogs 6 hours ago

    who else is listening without socks on...

  • Typaul OVO
    Typaul OVO 6 hours ago

    4:45 Dat ass

    KEIRA N 7 hours ago


  • Cristian Hernán
    Cristian Hernán 7 hours ago

    most beautiful song of 2017 , for sure 😍😭

  • janee lewis
    janee lewis 7 hours ago

    you are cute

  • Jonathin Turtles
    Jonathin Turtles 7 hours ago

    What about miles morales

  • Nathan Price
    Nathan Price 8 hours ago

    one of the best songs i have ever heared and also one of the best rappers these days

  • Kyra Chikuhwa
    Kyra Chikuhwa 8 hours ago

    is that Khalid at 13:37 or is just my eyes playing tricks

  • Kyra Chikuhwa
    Kyra Chikuhwa 8 hours ago

    dam his whole album is gonna change how people look at life 👏👏👏

  • Ayato Kun
    Ayato Kun 9 hours ago

    Racist 🐸

  • matthewthesausage
    matthewthesausage 9 hours ago

    Now all we need is logic to sing about ps4 and xbox one players getting together😂👌

  • Konrad Białek
    Konrad Białek 9 hours ago

    Sooo Miles Morales basicly ?!

  • Eric Codina
    Eric Codina 10 hours ago

    just make more content black people.

  • CelticEdits67
    CelticEdits67 11 hours ago

    Someone put this over trap

  • nuke_me_baby
    nuke_me_baby 11 hours ago

    this is possibly the worst music I heard

  • Le commentateur
    Le commentateur 13 hours ago

    The song makes want to marry the audio ingeneer

  • spoderbou
    spoderbou 13 hours ago

    still prefer peter parker over miles morals

  • CharlieVChucky
    CharlieVChucky 13 hours ago

    Forget being spiderman I wish Donald glover should ask DC if he can play Static In a Static Shock Movie and Logic should play Richie

  • GMD LuckPoop
    GMD LuckPoop 15 hours ago

    the flow is nice

  • Pratama Putra
    Pratama Putra 15 hours ago

    i dont know that rick ross is a lead singer in choir..

  • Chantilly
    Chantilly 16 hours ago

    lol. he trying so hard to b. 😂😂 good music tho

  • Muzzy
    Muzzy 16 hours ago

    Dat Rick Ross in tha choir. lul

  • Lee Rey JSR
    Lee Rey JSR 17 hours ago

    the dancing is lit in this. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Andres Riostegui
    Andres Riostegui 18 hours ago

    Why is there the cats at the end now instead of the kids

  • Jay 3rd
    Jay 3rd 18 hours ago

    The people who hate on logic are the same people who listen xxxtantacian, lil pump, lil yahty, and all these new trash artists who call themselves rappers. #facts

    • SplittingYou
      SplittingYou 7 hours ago

      Jay 3rd i like logic but he is a biter lmao. these artist that u mentioned bring something new. i like logic but his fans overrate him

  • benjamin Sangabriel
    benjamin Sangabriel 18 hours ago

    Khalid was in it

  • Aidan622006
    Aidan622006 19 hours ago

    I love this song :D

  • EddyPlays
    EddyPlays 19 hours ago

    you know that the character from Spiderman is called Venom not black spiderman

  • Yobani Valadez
    Yobani Valadez 19 hours ago

    This song makes want to go on minecraft say that roblox is better

  • Lanae Wells
    Lanae Wells 19 hours ago

    This is my first listen from anything from Logic, this real cute, keep it up.

  • black spodermon
    black spodermon 20 hours ago

    blyack spodermon do not prove en faggit

  • Kendell Sheppard
    Kendell Sheppard 20 hours ago

    i vote for glover instead .... !! my wigger 😏

  • Tra'nyce Strange
    Tra'nyce Strange 21 hour ago

    this is a great song I always listen

  • Mucho Autismo
    Mucho Autismo 23 hours ago

    I hope I'm not the only person to comment about miles morales , you know the black spiderman

  • joseph arcovio
    joseph arcovio 23 hours ago

    The vibe tho

  • Blue Basilisk
    Blue Basilisk 23 hours ago

    Miles morales is a black spiderman

  • BloodOverWaterTV
    BloodOverWaterTV 23 hours ago

    this actually made me feel good !! 🔥🔥

  • Ricco Kemp
    Ricco Kemp 23 hours ago

    Cool song

  • flowremix
    flowremix 23 hours ago

    that white girl in the dress, the legs!!! they all have moves, but i just kept watching her.

  • Wαу
    Wαу 23 hours ago

    1:24 Rick Ross?

  • Lea Israel
    Lea Israel 1 day ago

    oops. imadators

  • Lea Israel
    Lea Israel 1 day ago

    white owl. AKA always wanna be us. They just installed.

  • FlamingYeti45
    FlamingYeti45 1 day ago

    at 3:34 why is there a bald man in the barber shop?

  • s a d b o y s t a r t e r k i t

    Taylor thomas omg

  • I-everything.
    I-everything. 1 day ago

    top 5 rapper of all time

  • Jorge Avalo
    Jorge Avalo 1 day ago

    This is the type of song you listen to when your down

  • XiX xixstore
    XiX xixstore 1 day ago

    Great track and video. Go and compare Logic's freestyle studio session against the rest then make judgement.

  • Avni Kujur
    Avni Kujur 1 day ago

    i love patrick starrrr😍😍😍😍

  • Jeremiahwalker100//Jamal jr Walker

    Us black people need freedom

    • Brined Moses
      Brined Moses 14 hours ago

      Jeremiahwalker100//Jamal jr Walker freedom from the mind

  • Charlie Webb
    Charlie Webb 1 day ago

    i dont get it.

  • Peter Chaula
    Peter Chaula 1 day ago

    The only hip hop song of 2017 that makes sense

  • blckboy 71
    blckboy 71 1 day ago

    who the fuck cares if u black and white stupid ass nigga

  • Garrett McCoomb
    Garrett McCoomb 1 day ago

    I think taking something that was originally white and making it black cheapens the cause of ending racism. Just start off with a black character and make him awesome instead of taking an already existing character and changing his skin color to appeal to your personal desires. Its a good song though.

  • Kuba Szymenderski

    that police in the background haha

  • saul reyes
    saul reyes 1 day ago

    Anyone see that Pathfinder with some tints lol

    TGITOUGHGUY 1 day ago

    I kept skipping over the song because the name is weired but its a damn good song.

  • Rillimaisteri
    Rillimaisteri 1 day ago

    kuka tuli novapelivideon kautta?

  • 박희준
    박희준 1 day ago

    i need a korean subtitle here

  • pevxh
    pevxh 1 day ago

    Black Spiderman
    Black Superman
    and White Batman

  • mancunian4life86
    mancunian4life86 1 day ago

    Actually there is a superhero who's black, Catwoman (played by Halle Berry).

  • Get it?
    Get it? 1 day ago

    saying that Spider-Man "should be black" goes against the main message of the video.

  • Beta
    Beta 1 day ago

    this song makes me want to call in sick for my doctors appointment.

  • Deadmouse555
    Deadmouse555 1 day ago

    Damn, this speaks to me because I am mixed too. This means a lot because he talks about being subjected to one race and its stereotypes and how he just wants to be a man. And shit thats what I want too

  • i don't judge
    i don't judge 1 day ago

    og maco better

  • Christian Compas
    Christian Compas 1 day ago

    I see my boy khalid

  • Thedarkside Ofanime

    This song gives my hope in not just the future of hip hop but humanity, thanks logic✌️

  • -
    - 1 day ago

    new Eminem?

    • -
      - 1 hour ago

      Lothbrok um yes tupac is, biggie smalls is, nas is, mobb deep is,

    • Lothbrok
      Lothbrok 1 day ago

      - nobody is better than Eminem

  • HungowFungow
    HungowFungow 1 day ago

    Sure I like the message but I just mainly like the song

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