Advanced Belly Dancing Moves : The 3-Step Turn Move in Advanced Belly Dancing

Learn how to perform the three-step turn belly dance move in this free video dance lesson on advanced belly dancing maneuvers.

Expert: Kerri Hernandez
Bio: Kerri Hernandez teaches the mysterious and alluring art of Egyptian belly dance at Cynergy Dance Company in San Antonio, Texas.
Filmmaker: Robin Morriss

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Views: 248,462
Added: 7 years
Runtime: 1:13
Comments: 74

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Author supershanesky (3 years)
advance???this is very very easy!!even a kindergarten can do this!!no

Author Deborah Richard (3 years)
ho to jamaica..... they willl show you how its done...... dont take dancing
lessons from a white girl.... no ass... no riddim.... lol... oooo i can
spin so i can belly dance.... dumbass

Author Julia Wallace (7 years)
ya right. i could neverrrrrr do that. this is a peice of shit.

Author Alisha Schamel (4 years)

Author xpssh (5 years)
why is everyone being mean shit!!!!

Author MrDiva777 (3 years)

Author NLFootball77 (4 years)
I'm sorry... but is this advanced? Even I can do it!

Author xxMelodyxxx (3 years)
she looks like a retard telling us how to spin this is not advance

Author thehayahayahaya (3 years)
this is not a bellydance i'm egyptian &i'm a perfect bellydancer

Author Rodrigo Diaz Borges (5 years)
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy! i dance ballet and jazz and that's a
pirouette !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Author Zahrah Violet (5 years)
Que songamonga!!!!

Author HOTRUCA (3 years)
did you see that that orbit i caught it.

Author lauravillegas97 (4 years)
if this is advanced i wonder how the basic ones are!!

Author faerykat (3 years)
I think I did that by accident earlier. I left my house and realized I
forgot my phone. I had to turn around and go back to get it.

Author bebetigre12 (3 years)
This is terible ,she can not dance, needs a good teacher

Author Strangee16 (4 years)
this not advanced!!!!! D: thiss shit

Author ThisIsFien (3 years)
it's like she can't do that move but still wanna bore us whit it

Author sevgi9000 (3 years)
stupid whites!!! mtf u cant never dance like muslim women!!!!fuckers moving
like a hard shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author cbugglin (6 years)
Thanks so much, I am just trying belly dancing but more for excerise than
the actual dance. I am glad that you move slowly and explain the moves step
by step!

Author Cynthia Dorrestijn (6 years)
Agree, it is called a 'déboulé' and it isn't the way a bellydancer would
make a turn; a bellydancer would surely use her arms in a different way.

Author emohellokitty4619 (6 years)
puta!!!!! ay what an idiot!!

Author OhWowLovelyXx0 (3 years)
i guess im an advanced belly dancer!! :D

Author piratequeen357 (4 years)
I want to get a noisy belt

Author Kenyatta929 (6 years)
Now, was that necessary? U r so childish. U must not have a life cuz wasted
some of it by posting a dumb ass comment. Now that comment was a piece of
shit. Learn to spell, u ignorant ass.

Author CaNiKo89 (4 years)
Hahhahahhaha my little 5 years old sister can better belly dance,
hahahhahahaha Oh sry guys, that's not belly dancing!

Author Norms (3 years)
lol advanced? she looks retarded lol

Author Effy E (3 years)
That's too hard, I can't do it, sorry....

Author Lamisa Imam (3 years)
how is this advanced? just cuz YOU cant bellydance, doesnt mean such simple
steps are hard for everyone.

Author aylhynciitha (3 years)

Author Kerri Samara (2 years)
No it isn't advanced and I wasn't the one who decided what they called it
on here. It is definitely beginner which is what I thought I was doing this
video for. Just showing an easy travel step.

Author johanna006 (3 years)
Ahahahahahahahah.... I did this in my beginner class.

Author TorturedDeity (7 years)
Well that was a waste of time.. That's Ballet..

Author PandaGirl 611 (3 years)
how the heck is this advanced?!?!?!

Author edwardfreak200 (5 years)
you were just like PUTA!!!! i find that funny very funny.......but thats
just how i am the stupidest things make me laugh!!

Author edwardfreak200 (5 years)
omg!! I cant believe you just said that that is soo funny!!!!

Author Stephanie Rivera (5 years)

Author MrHellDivinity (3 years)
mda urat

Author shecolekitty (4 years)
wtf? advanced???

Author TheNayNayz (4 years)
this looks like some bale shit i dont wanna see >->

Author Isabel Herrera González (3 years)

Author Ennai Ashara (4 years)
its advanced because of the combos needed to put with it

Author 1043392 (6 years)
what a waste of time

Author Enmalg (2 years)
this must to be a joke...

Author GhettoGurkl (7 years)
pfffft, i doubt that you could bellydance proparly, don't hate!

Author MagicalYummySkittles (4 years)
she looks like my gym teacher without glasses ...

Author 48rafay (4 years)
she ate about a hundred burgers before making this wonder she
couldnt do it...

Author Mothbelly (5 years)
I think the title's wrong - there's nothing advanced about three step turns
- they're beginners' level for sure!

Author dancer5616 (4 years)
is this wat u call advance? :P like seriosly, we teach 3 year olds in
ballet to do this

Author jazmin munos (3 years)
hahhahahhahahahhahahhahahhahahha and you call this Advanced Belly Dancing
Moves. this does not look advanced at all

Author edwardsmylover (4 years)
oohhhh kaaaaayyy.....

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