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Author itsWolfybro (2 months)
as we all know the tutorial isn't working, but if you want xbl code, go to:
*xbpointcodes. com*
they have updated the codes, i just took one...only this worked for me,
thanks to xbpointcodes team for making my day

Author Shafi Haque (1 month)
Mine dowloadeed LOTS of codes, which one actually works?

Author EvanTHEA|mighty (3 months)
After trying everything i can sure say that only this website:
*xbpointcodes. com*
works, because only from there i got 3month xbl code, check it out dudes if
you need free xbl codes, just that site works...

Author rich ricosam (2 months)
I think you need 1 xbox live or silver or something els but real play for
free is not possible

Author curby stmary (3 months)

Author Wiggo Wikberg (1 month)
are all the comments ''fake''(the cool kids in school call them that xD)

Author Lakricia Terry (1 day)
Thanks man

Author Patrick Godwin (4 days)

Author Dylan Harkisoen (5 days)

Author gavin guy (6 days)
thats helpful thanks

Author Skyler Eggers (5 days)
Thx man

Author lulu power (6 days)
lol just keep on creating accounts

Author Matthew Waterman (11 days)
OMFG it worked!!!!!!!

Author PaperPieCake (12 days)
oh and how would i put in the codes?

Author Albert Hoelting (12 days)
im gonna tell my friend because he doesnt have gold

Author Katherine Rivera (12 days)
Xbox Live Free Points you can get them on this website!
Go Here: *codesxboxlive.* *c o m.*
Just try it, no regret ? I? just got 4000 points from there!
*Free Xbox Live Codes*

Author Steve Fiedler (15 days)
But it's only a month

Author Patryk Solecki (14 days)
Thanks it worked

Author King Detectivecloth (1 month)
I'm never going to find a free website without a survey 

Author David Wilkinson (2 months)
EvanTHEA|mighty you are lying there is a survey - yes but it was totally
worth it, i got valid xbl code for free

Author jarett phillips (1 month)
it dosent work dumbass

Author JordanProductionsHD (2 months)
Don't work

Author Aidan Merrigan (2 months)
dis is cul

Author noahandboahrule (2 months)
. . This is joe!
U he hates spam!

Author Liam Vanags (2 months)
Yet once again, I try downloading fucking XBL Code by going to your lin
xppointcodes. com
and then you have to do a survey? anyone fucking got a site which doesn't
require bloody Surveys?

Author Sierra Boehm (17 days)
So u only get 1 month?!

Author Waynedel Hughes (2 months)
Its awsome

Author TheMrDuckGaming (1 month)
too many fucking bots

Author omar green (3 months)
this method still works so i dont know what your talking about

Author IMa Drawf (2 months)
it works then i need to re add but then again i change gametag

Author SePH SS (2 months)
SHUT THE FUCK UP GUys. Don't spam this video with your own referel links
and some shit. non of the links below work and sucks to shit. so don't spam
these link under every single utube video. Fuck off and go buy it with ur
own money it's better than spamming a great video! + yes this video works
why? because i tried it and u just change the locale then it gives u 1
month free trial but about those spamms please just don't faggots. SUCH as
Itsthewolfybro that guy is a cunt and has no lifr! dont spam take ur
shitty fake link somewhere else.

Author Austin Knorr (1 month)

Author colby heim (2 months)

Author mason corbett (24 days)
Thanks so much I watched another guy do the same thing but he said you had
to make a new account every time so thanks a lot

Author omar alsharif (2 months)
Thank you.

Author Ethan Resto (2 months)
Tu i hope it works

Author candy man (1 month)
itstheWolfybro man fuck you this guy did a good tutorial that worked for me
and that site you said is fake as shit because theres surveys and you get
people to comment saying its good and works .. fuck in faggot

Author supersaiyanbk (3 months)
I love you

Author aneta mojsiuszko (2 months)
ok one question and you HAVE to answer me , when you make the character do
you NEED the gold thing? or can you join without the gold membership thing
or whatever it is. plz answer me in comments

Author Jamie MacDonald (19 days)
I almost bought the one month, and then I watched this hahaha, you just
saved me 10 bucks. Thank you

Author Nhu Pham (2 months)
It didn't work

Author Kristiaan Jakobs (3 months)

Author Fatima Begum (26 days)
Safe it works

Author Tayler Hall (27 days)
It would have been good to explain that you can only do this three times
per console. As well as that in order to actually receive the gold
membership you have to add a "payment option" to your account. This option
will automatically re-new your live every month if you do not cancel it

Author Buzurgmehr Muzaffar (2 months)
please answer

Author Josh Lindsay (1 month)
This worked for me...

Author Feed The Monster (1 month)
Very nice

Author tahir chaudhry (1 month)
is it only xbox one?I have a xbox 360

Author Chuck Norris (3 months)
how do u fill subscription

Author Madison King (1 month)
not working

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