Chandelier - Postmodern Jukebox ft. Singing Sad Clown Puddles - As Performed On America's Got Talent

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    *as seen on America's Got Talent here:*
    Our friend Puddles (from Puddles Pity Party) returned to perform a haunting rendition of Sia's new single, "Chandelier." Keep up with Puddles' travels here:

    Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox:

    The Band:

    Puddles Pity Party - vocals
    Molly Fletcher - violin
    Reenat Pinchas - cello
    Adam Kubota - bass
    Allan Mednard - drums
    Scott Bradlee - piano
    Arrangement by Scott Bradlee

    Our home on the web:


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    Jun 27 - Rochester, NY
    Jun 29 - Victoria, BC
    Jun 30 - Vancouver, BC


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    7/14 - Toledo, OH
    7/15 - Rochester Hills, MI
    7/16 - Cleveland, OH
    7/19 - Saratoga Springs, NY
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    7/22 - Boston, MA
    7/23 - Wallingford, CT
    7/25 - Philadelphia, PA
    7/27 - Baltimore, MD
    7/28 - Raleigh, NC
    7/29 - Greensboro, NC
    7/30 - Charlotte, NC
    8/01 - Boca Raton, FL
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    19 Dec - Nancy, France  


    20 Sep - Perth, Australia
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    01 Oct - Christchurch, New Zealand
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  • Juila TheWolf
    Juila TheWolf 1 day ago


  • Mr Tony
    Mr Tony 2 days ago

    anyone notice how ham the instrumentalists go lol

  • MarxNutz y
    MarxNutz y 2 days ago

    It took me way too long to figure out that Puddles is a post-modern Pagliacci. A brilliant music-related reference that just confirms (to me anyways) Puddles the Clown's genius as a performer!

  • No sé que nombre poner

    Simply EXCELENT! :D

    I think is better than the original version.

  • cyber nazo freiza 6 6 6

    I'm a grown man that's always coming back to youtube to listen to puddles the clown. I can't stop.

  • hezi cohen
    hezi cohen 3 days ago

    i seriously think he can and should win agt, this voice, wow, wow!
    u can feel every fucking word going trough u like an arrow stairght to the heart, if u love music u gonna be in love with thia guy!

  • TheMossyrocker16
    TheMossyrocker16 3 days ago

    Saw Puddles live once and he nearly strangled me with the mic cord. 10/10 would see again.

  • Natalie Schervish
    Natalie Schervish 3 days ago

    he reminds me of a 90s Disney cartoon villain...

  • Impaler616
    Impaler616 3 days ago

    Ever since I had discovered the band, during every PMJ Youtube spree, I kind of skipped the tracks with Puddles... I don't know exactly what made me do so... my general dislike for male PMJ singers? The fact hat I wanted to scream at him: <<Man, your voice is as pleasant as that of a goddamn male siren! Why do you have to hide your face behind that make-up and your personality behind that act? Why not just go out there as "Rupert MacDowall" and own it?>> A few minutes ago I had been indulging in another PMJ youtube spree when I went out of the room (with my bluetooth headphones) and autoplay brought up this video. My ears were totally pleased with that voice, and it didn't take me long to form the suspicion in my mind that this "was that stupid clown from PMJ" . When I went back to the PC, I saw that I had been right. I had been "forced" to sit through a whole song and to concentrate on the voice... and I gotta say: I don't care anymore whether he sings with make-up, dressed in a nice suit or naked or whatever: When his next video comes up, I'm gonna watch.

  • Владислав Блохин

    Я плачу,он поёт!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lilian altajjar
    Lilian altajjar 3 days ago


  • livaro48
    livaro48 3 days ago

    genius is not enough... What can I say.....

  • Олег Назаров


    TEE COOK 4 days ago

    I've heard this song before but, never bothered actually listening to it. Puddles' version is much better.

  • inconceivabledark
    inconceivabledark 4 days ago

    this and Leo's cover 😍 (sorry I'm not going to attempt typing his last name)

  • Blind Benny Hooker
    Blind Benny Hooker 5 days ago

    He sounds better without auto tune .

  • Jesse Mounts
    Jesse Mounts 5 days ago

    those ladies are almost as beautiful as his voice

  • Vinicius Gama
    Vinicius Gama 5 days ago

    nice !!!!!

  • ThunderGrizzle9
    ThunderGrizzle9 5 days ago

    I think he was better on agt

  • Linet Jose Perez
    Linet Jose Perez 5 days ago

    I want him to sing rise from Katy Perry this would be epic !

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 5 days ago

    Your really good puddles! GOOD JOB!

  • AJJ427
    AJJ427 6 days ago

    That violinist is so talented! She can play the violin and also sprouts arms from her butt to play the piano too! WOW :-P

  • Luke Ster
    Luke Ster 6 days ago

    Captivating. Slightly different from this years performance.

  • Michael Brookman
    Michael Brookman 6 days ago

    Ive heard a lot of covers of this and never ever understood the lyrics till now. Ty

  • Sindee bruun
    Sindee bruun 7 days ago


  • Jo-Ann Dammacco
    Jo-Ann Dammacco 7 days ago

    So important to watch and listen to this very talented clown! so moving - so addictive -- best guilty pleasure I've enjoyed in a long time.

  • Antonio Ferrer
    Antonio Ferrer 8 days ago

    The clown Puddles is the brother of IT ?

  • Rodrigo Chaves
    Rodrigo Chaves 8 days ago

    the girl with the violin is so pretty...

  • tuff ute
    tuff ute 9 days ago

    This is a beautiful song well sang

  • tuff ute
    tuff ute 9 days ago

    Old mates a legend

  • Broken Buffalo
    Broken Buffalo 9 days ago

    I have to just listen to this. Between his massaging that middle puffball on his shirt, and the fact that he never blinks the whole video.... It just makes me way too aroused. Its terribly confusing.

  • Broken Buffalo
    Broken Buffalo 9 days ago

    I have to just listen to this. Between how he massages that middle puffball and the fact that he doesn't blink the whole dam video makes me way too aroused. It's terribly confusing...

  • Philip Clock
    Philip Clock 9 days ago

    Puddles should be the biggest star in 50's Hollywood musicals or soaring broadway productions, appearing on American's Got Talent makes me sad.....

  • Trickbox Design
    Trickbox Design 9 days ago

    Puddles! your just to Good!? to be true? are you from this era or are you from the future, Best voice I've heard in years. I love ELO, the Beatle's, stones, Rock, POP, all sorts, all kinds, music, from the past, now present, even SKa music, LOL! But I just think your Bang on the money. RAW! new! different, and the choice of songs, the execution. Powerful!!!
    Start righting some music man. Bet thats the Plan? Hope So! Cuz Your a Artissstttttttttt!

  • kroakie4
    kroakie4 9 days ago

    He'd sound great doing a cover of Simple Minds' "Don't You (Forget About Me).

  • Fatmi Mokhtar
    Fatmi Mokhtar 9 days ago

    This is better than sia's version

  • Slurms MacKenzie
    Slurms MacKenzie 10 days ago

    I was oblivious to the meaning of this song until he sang it. Deep.

  • El Pirate King
    El Pirate King 10 days ago

    the way he performed it on America's Got Talent was way better just shows he made it better with experience

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 10 days ago

    Anyone from America's Got Talent? lol

  • Tarek Slama
    Tarek Slama 10 days ago

    Puddles, You deserve to win AGT, great voice, I support you...

    EDU_CostaRICA GUDD 10 days ago


  • Oscar Cheng
    Oscar Cheng 10 days ago

    He is the only one I haven't scared off. Cool.


  • Jet Undómiel
    Jet Undómiel 10 days ago

    Me encanta su estilo y su voz pero lamentablemente la canción le quedó grande

  • cesar michell martínez Quezada

    Pero que interpretación tan chingona... eres un genio!! de verdad mis respetos

  • asiansartworkers
    asiansartworkers 11 days ago

    why do i have to know this cover so late? you really bring me to tears... this song feels more deep than Sia's, even though i love her version too... but your cover is just... so... deep.

  • Ohko Lee
    Ohko Lee 11 days ago


  • TheOffGrid Millennial

    i'm a mayor can't stand the beauty you deserve the key I'm nothing compared to you

  • TheOffGrid Millennial

    wow puddles amazing helped me threw issues

    REDEX BF1SNIPER 12 days ago

    his performance of this song in agt was perfect , this one is not as serious and the extra song and even violins are not helping is like him and rest are doing completely different songs, the title is misleading as he not singing the song exactly as in agt

  • Destiny Lanham
    Destiny Lanham 12 days ago

    I couldn't stop watching it

  • Phil Gray
    Phil Gray 12 days ago

    this guy needs to be in Broadway he can captivate an audience with his performance of one song He needs to be preforming on Stage where he can lead in a musical he is that good

  • Tara Navara
    Tara Navara 12 days ago

    Mix emotions just by watching this. Love you puddles ❤

  • Titus Ward
    Titus Ward 13 days ago

    he's is one of my favorite singers now

  • Suyash Srivastava
    Suyash Srivastava 13 days ago

    isn't he fucking funny

  • salah kamel
    salah kamel 13 days ago

    not sure which it better....this cover or the way he sang it on America got talent.

  • Jim Pankey
    Jim Pankey 14 days ago

    Great voice!!

  • Martijn van Baarsen
    Martijn van Baarsen 14 days ago

    This was definitly NOT how he auditioned.On AGT he stretched some notes way longer,which was only a good thing,but had to be said.He also changes tonight to delight!!There was so much more energy in his act then in this video


  • Akbar Ravi
    Akbar Ravi 14 days ago

    It's really funny to me how he grabs and squeeze's his black balls lol

  • Joshua USA
    Joshua USA 15 days ago

    WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW , am shivering , his voice touched the of my heart.

  • Caleb Stoeck
    Caleb Stoeck 15 days ago

    He's so good

  • Kreamations
    Kreamations 15 days ago

    Terrible note at 0:43 lol sounded much better on agt.

  • MrTricyc
    MrTricyc 16 days ago

    sry but the agt was even btr :)

  • Sam Carroll
    Sam Carroll 16 days ago

    He takes songs I mean...... they're his songs now

  • haris khattak
    haris khattak 16 days ago

    who else came here after watching Puddles AGT audition ?

  • Kyle Sampson
    Kyle Sampson 16 days ago

    Gimmick much? 🙄

  • adam west
    adam west 17 days ago

    lmfao half the time he is fondling his puff balls on his shirt

  • ThePandaGuy
    ThePandaGuy 17 days ago

    Anyone else watched this video wayyy before he goes to Got Talent

  • Reid McDonald
    Reid McDonald 17 days ago

    Do Hurt!

  • rolakilo
    rolakilo 17 days ago

    I hope he does Adele's "Someone Like You". Think he would do an amazing rendition

  • Soraya Ojeda
    Soraya Ojeda 17 days ago

  • smokeTIME GOGO
    smokeTIME GOGO 18 days ago

    I hate this crappy clown he thinks too highly of himself

  • Pentarax
    Pentarax 18 days ago

    Shout-out to anyone who saw this BEFORE he appeared on AGT.

  • BugFolk
    BugFolk 18 days ago

    AGT 2017 brought me here.

  • valentina prieto
    valentina prieto 19 days ago

    amo a este tipo, increible.......

  • Araki Aguilar
    Araki Aguilar 19 days ago

    This is to sing from the heart; you can fell the emotion pouring, and permeating you. I hope that you win the competition

  • Jenny Paleng
    Jenny Paleng 19 days ago

    hi there hope you would sing "Royals" at Americas Got Talent

  • oldfrend
    oldfrend 19 days ago

    i think this dude would be a fantastic phantom of the opera.

  • Hazrat Bilal
    Hazrat Bilal 19 days ago

    AGT version is better from this one

  • J Mann
    J Mann 19 days ago

    He's come a long way! I love his voice now. He was on Americas got talent!

  • Pizza Bart
    Pizza Bart 19 days ago

    AGT just introduced me to the wonderful side of YouTube. goodbye​ cat videos!

  • Legato Bluesummers
    Legato Bluesummers 19 days ago

    He's gonna win americas got talent!!!

  • Emily Louise
    Emily Louise 19 days ago

    I can't stop crying every time I hear his voice. It's so pure and beautiful and god damn does he move my soul. This is absolutely wonderful, amazing, fantastic, it's utterly magnificent!

  • Thorrellius Maximus
    Thorrellius Maximus 20 days ago

    Great performance. love the voice, the singing and the music... where can i get the music (minus one)?

  • Nova Calisthenics
    Nova Calisthenics 20 days ago

    America Got Talent <3

  • E-Dho Rere
    E-Dho Rere 20 days ago

    2017.....this song was sung by Puddles on AGT and WOW...... Love It

  • noni avenido
    noni avenido 20 days ago

    Im a filipino I want to live at the paris united state and new york

  • Mmc Pane
    Mmc Pane 20 days ago

    That redhead string player tho.....amazing in every aspect

  • mark rush
    mark rush 20 days ago

    and he started out with his weakest one... wait for him to hit you with his next one!!! all fear the power that is Puddles!!!

  • Stéfany Mendes
    Stéfany Mendes 20 days ago

    I just can't stop listeningo to this music. My god, it's so beautiful! I love his voice so much! <3

  • Bèèŕmè xùì
    Bèèŕmè xùì 20 days ago

    I want him to sing for me while am sleeping!

  • Phillip Moore
    Phillip Moore 21 day ago

    I'm sad that I only have one "like" to give.

  • Eldias Mahdi Sastra

    I saw him on American got talent

  • Sebastian Lenis
    Sebastian Lenis 21 day ago

    Watching him preform that on agt was great

  • Fseirst Lrest
    Fseirst Lrest 21 day ago

    Violinist is crazy beautiful.

  • Katy Kat
    Katy Kat 21 day ago

    When he goes and sings this on AGT😍

  • Catelyn Antalek
    Catelyn Antalek 21 day ago

    He is SO GOOD!!!!!!! Can he give me singing lessons?? Puddles, you may have changed what I think about some clowns!!!!🤡

  • Laurel Engelhardt
    Laurel Engelhardt 21 day ago

    The singing clown. Hilarious. And beautiful arrangement

  • Tom333
    Tom333 21 day ago

    puddles you are the man! sorry clown. I love what you do!

  • Libra Eseque
    Libra Eseque 21 day ago

    i've never been amused with clowns, until this one.. great voice puddles x

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