A Typical French Breakfast...Maybe

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  • hi-n-oops
    hi-n-oops 5 days ago

    french people are rude af

  • Margot Simpere
    Margot Simpere 6 days ago

    You should try putting butter with jam or honey on the baguette .. french tip

  • Ali Ow
    Ali Ow 8 days ago

    Seriously? What a rude cashier worker. Bitch. Why on earth did she even ask that question then?!
    I deff would've called her a bitch and talked to the manager, file a complaint against her.
    You cant expect everyone to know your countries food and drinks, not to mention paris is a very tourist-y place, so youre gonna get foreigners from all over the place

  • Nat 71
    Nat 71 8 days ago

    Un croissant ne se mange pas comme ça

  • SierraSierraFoxtrot
    SierraSierraFoxtrot 15 days ago

    oh noes you said expresso... Y THO

  • magicguirarman
    magicguirarman 15 days ago

    Parisians have a reputation for being snooty. Sounds like you got yourself one.

  • Zooumberg
    Zooumberg 15 days ago

    Mike, have you been to England yet? If you haven't and plan to, try a Full English Breakfast.

  • Lia van Stevelen
    Lia van Stevelen 19 days ago

    @Strictly Dumpling what business in france did u have? what do u do? is there a video where u talk more about u introducing urself and ur life to us?

  • Rare Pepe
    Rare Pepe 24 days ago

    Myeah, Europeans like their coffee as coffee, not so much the sugar-saturated coffee-syrup they sell at Starbucks.

  • Ashley Graber
    Ashley Graber 27 days ago

    Everything looks so good, omg 😲

  • Greta Červinskytė
    Greta Červinskytė 1 month ago

    Hahahha Mike you speak to my heart... "if you think you're going to like something, you must get 2" :D :D

  • InMyOpinion Wisdom
    InMyOpinion Wisdom 1 month ago


  • Gwen Patton
    Gwen Patton 1 month ago

    How do we drink espresso? (There's no "x" in that word.)

    That's easy. WITH SUGAR.

    That's also a Macaron. A Macaroon (with two o's) is a coconut confection that's very different.


  • Ryan Tryin'
    Ryan Tryin' 2 months ago

    Omg this video was published on my birthday

  • Евгений Увин

    The bad surprise in US was having that "coffee". The only place where it tasted good was IHOP.

  • TheZohan
    TheZohan 2 months ago

    j'adore comment les français se battent pour le nom du "pain au chocolat" avec chocolatine et pain au chocolat alors qu'un étranger arrive en france et appel ça croissant au chocolat c'est tout simplement ça, c'est un croissant au chocolat

    • TheZohan
      TheZohan 11 days ago

      SmellyPotatoes Mc j'ai pas compris

    • SmellyPotatoes Mc
      SmellyPotatoes Mc 11 days ago

      TheZohan d'accord. Je pense il y a un croissant au chocolat parce qu'il y a un croissant au Nutella.

    • TheZohan
      TheZohan 11 days ago

      SmellyPotatoes Mc et je vois pas pourquoi le croissant au chocolat ne serais pas français le croissant c'est français c'est juste qu'il y a du chocolat

    • TheZohan
      TheZohan 11 days ago

      SmellyPotatoes Mc Le croissant et "le pain au chocolat" on la même pâte mais le croissant a une forme différent et n'a pas de chocolat donc pour moi c'est un croissant au chocolat

    • SmellyPotatoes Mc
      SmellyPotatoes Mc 13 days ago

      TheZohan qu'est-ce que tu préfères? chocolatine, pain au chocolat ou croissant au chocolat? Mais croissant au chocolat n'est pas vraiment français.

  • Ted forgetaboutit
    Ted forgetaboutit 2 months ago

    france and paris are sooo overrated lol ...nothing like in the damn movies XDXD

  • Nicolas Mison
    Nicolas Mison 2 months ago

    Sorry but that's not "chocolate croissant", that's "chocolate bread" ("pain au chocolat") or "chocolatine"...

  • momo glo
    momo glo 2 months ago

    As much as I'd love to go to Paris, I would hate feeling like the "hated American". Too many other beautiful places and people that are all too happy to share with the world.

    • SmellyPotatoes Mc
      SmellyPotatoes Mc 11 days ago

      momo glo t'inquiètes pas! Paris is full of wonderful people and the Parisian snobby thing is just a stereotype. I want you to enjoy France. Eat as much as you want and don't count calories!

      À très bientôt,

  • nyc0053
    nyc0053 2 months ago

    Regret, I've been to Paris twice, no croissant.

  • donnan huggler
    donnan huggler 2 months ago

    Dude omg you're a nerd supreme

  • donnan huggler
    donnan huggler 2 months ago


  • Maxi Milian
    Maxi Milian 2 months ago

    i think mike didnt know what an espresso is

  • Bruinschuss
    Bruinschuss 2 months ago

    oh my god. his reaction to the bitter of espresso is what most peoples' reactions to his hot oil portions would be. maximum hilarity

  • katherine louey
    katherine louey 2 months ago

    mike, you should be a food critic :)

  • Brenda Drew
    Brenda Drew 2 months ago

    Interesting, but it's pronounced..."CWOISSANT"...no "R"!! Merci beaucoup and Bon Appetit!!

  • 87Mippy
    87Mippy 2 months ago

    I don't like any coffee with my sweet.

  • Zerdest
    Zerdest 2 months ago

    It's just a fricking croissant😂

  • sai ram
    sai ram 2 months ago

    its not expresso it is an "espresso"

  • Mai Thao
    Mai Thao 2 months ago

    Its a green screen

  • moi
    moi 2 months ago

    I am glad I am not the only one that buys a crapton of pastries and eat them in one sitting when I go to a pastry shop.

  • Ame Bone
    Ame Bone 3 months ago


  • L D
    L D 3 months ago

    I need friends like Mikey who center their entire day around good food lol.

  • Tiffany Grey
    Tiffany Grey 3 months ago

    Love how you keep giving the Espresso a chance to be good! hahaha!

  • Terri Johnson
    Terri Johnson 3 months ago

    I don't get to travel very often but I feel like I've been to many places through these videos, thanks!!!

  • Kitsuke France
    Kitsuke France 3 months ago

    Don't know what we call an "american coffee" ? With a lot of water lol You just drink a real coffee. Welcome to the original taste :)

  • Short Legs
    Short Legs 3 months ago

    Macaroons are made of coconut and does not have any French origins. But Marcarons are French and those are the ones you are eating in the video. There are different foods with similar names.

  • intu1t1on
    intu1t1on 3 months ago

    That lady is pretty rude

  • DM94JAK
    DM94JAK 3 months ago

    Hilarious when he keeps trying the coffee

  • Pallavi Arora
    Pallavi Arora 3 months ago

    Chocolate crossiant is called pan Chocola

    • mook_butt
      mook_butt 3 months ago

      It's actually pain au chocolat.

  • xMarkbom
    xMarkbom 3 months ago

    Coffee is Italian or American style... xD french people drink Italian coffee or espresso

  • KaySan666
    KaySan666 3 months ago

    Haha i think the lady at the counter probably meant "americano" that is pretty much the european version of "simple black coffee" espresso (not expresso) is the pressure brewed small cup of coffee that you have there.

  • Chloe BubblySoup
    Chloe BubblySoup 3 months ago

    For the baguette, you need to add butter and bonne Maman brand strawberry preserve (confiture)....yum !

  • lusciousleo1971
    lusciousleo1971 4 months ago

    is it just me or is the audio on this really bad? o hear the music and his voice is in the background.

  • jennie lzn
    jennie lzn 4 months ago

    the person seems rude hahah!!

  • Marelynn Yu
    Marelynn Yu 4 months ago

    what you had was a Macaron, not a macaroon... theyre two different things....

  • athena7793
    athena7793 4 months ago

    espresso should be had on the spot. a coffee shot only has a half life of 30 secs

  • french fries
    french fries 4 months ago

    Paris-Brest is not "parisian", it's typically "breton"! So, very "heavy". haha

  • Leo Luong
    Leo Luong 4 months ago

    How can it be both tender and chewy?

  • fischkopp1234
    fischkopp1234 4 months ago

    Fun fact: Croissants aren't french. They're from Austria.

  • Kama's Queen
    Kama's Queen 4 months ago

    Tennessee /: im from there >_> i haven't had food in 2 days and i hardly get to eat the foods i wanna eat i can't even binge eat

  • Tiger Gray
    Tiger Gray 4 months ago

    Straight espresso starts to lose all its powers after about thirteen seconds

  • Kat Organize
    Kat Organize 4 months ago

    Hey, you!
    Love your videos and, since I'm from (and in) Paris, I was particularly interested in this one, and I have a few things to say. First, you need to realise that, when Parisian bakeries get noticed in the press or because one of their products won a prize, they start receiving a lot of tourist attention, which in turn tends to influence the type of products that they showcase. This can sometimes lead to "innovations" that aim to catch the foreigner's eye, but stray away from "The Sacred Path" of authenticity. Lol! For example, your macaron "montage" is an attempt to merge the heavenly-and-world-famous macaron with the ever-so-gracious shape of a less-renowned pastry called Religieuse. Next time, you have to taste the REAL THING : a montage of two creamy puff pastries, with the same shape, but covered in CHOCOLATE (see what you missed, now? I know you love chocolate). This pastry was meant as a tribute to a group of nuns who sacrificed their life to defend their convent during the revolution riots. Same logic for what they blasphemously sold you as a Paris-Brest. (I have to say, this one is less funny to me : The Paris-Brest is a Sacred Thing gifted to humans by God himself, on a day when He was in a very good mood.) But because the name and shape of ECLAIRS are what tourists come for, they sacrificed the lovely round shape of my favourite pastry to the altar of big money. The good news is I'm not bitter because they seem to have at least respected the golden rule : light, delicious praliné cream. The bad news is normally, there's no chocolate, which is why it seemed overly sweet when you tried it. On this one, I feel that they did you wroooong! Another thing that I liked in your video is your taste-test of the baguette. Made me very proud. because it's really as simple and as awesome as that. If you want the holy trinity, you can always have a good fruit jam, butter and coffee. Try it and see if the biterness of the coffee is not tamed by the buttery and sweet mixture gracing the bread. Better yet : try dunking it! Same principle for croissants (at least two, my friend!) and coffee. You need some jam on them, or some good sugar in your coffee. And you need to dunk! Let us (Parisian fans) know when you plan to come. In the mean time, keep up the good work and take care of yourself!

  • Narlan
    Narlan 4 months ago

    What kind of heresy is that ? Chocolat croissant ??? No, no, no, does not compute ! It's Chocolatine, do not believe those primitive saxons who say pain au chocolat or croissant au chocolat.

    • xcamillef94
      xcamillef94 4 months ago

      team pain au chocolat #belgium #northoffrance if you go to Canada chocolatine are mini croissants and pain au chocolat who do not taste as good as the Real thing

    • Jounayd Id Salah
      Jounayd Id Salah 4 months ago

      +MonsieurNarlan I was in Toulouse for studies, everything was fine, but the chocolatine was the real disruptive abomination. But it doesn't matter anymore, because we already won: http://couteaux-et-tirebouchons.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Carte-pain-au-chocolat-chocolatine-415x400.png.

    • Narlan
      Narlan 4 months ago

      Funny accent you said ? I sense jealousy and bitterness in your poisonous words. It's time for you to embrace the glorious sound of Chocolatine. Fill your lungs with pure air, and feast your ears with this wonderfull word. You'll be a better, happier, and smarter man.

    • Jounayd Id Salah
      Jounayd Id Salah 4 months ago

      You know that "chocolatine" comes from "chocolate in" (and really)? Which is treason. (For foreign readers, chocolatine (some parts of the South) vs pain au chocolat is our own Civil War, the weird people from the South with funny accents, and the great, talented and cool people of the North. Decide which side you're with).

  • Jonathan Hilderbrand
    Jonathan Hilderbrand 5 months ago

    Pet peeve time!!! It's ESS-presso, not EX-presso! ;>)

  • morgan west
    morgan west 5 months ago


    • zunya
      zunya 5 months ago

      I think his pronunciation is close to "macaron" in french. The sound "on" is not that easy... Just like the "r".

  • Eduard Krieger
    Eduard Krieger 5 months ago

    "Let's not do anything with 'American' in it" :D
    Keep up the great work! Makes me hungry every time.

  • Mia Pierce
    Mia Pierce 5 months ago

    You don't say "mac-a-roon" it's pronounced "mac-a-ron"

    • Ali Ow
      Ali Ow 8 days ago

      Lol so? Who cares. Everyone pronounces words, foods differently. Heck, all countries could have different pronunciations. Not to mention peoples accents make it sound more different as well.

    • sneer0101
      sneer0101 3 months ago

      Mia Pierce Depending on where you're from, you're wrong.

    • Jasmine
      Jasmine 3 months ago

      Mia Pierce In that case, he also didn't pronounce croissant or espresso correctly. But so what!? Let's just watch him enjoy it.

    • Mia Pierce
      Mia Pierce 3 months ago

      Bianca Christiansen yes I know that's why I said that

    • Cordelia Enid H
      Cordelia Enid H 3 months ago

      Macarons are nice :) (although they have a different name where I live...).

      Macaroons? Nope.

  • Kirt Kirt
    Kirt Kirt 5 months ago

    you gonna eat ALL that?

  • kitchener1916
    kitchener1916 5 months ago

    No hot oil ???

  • Sarah Charpentier
    Sarah Charpentier 6 months ago

    dudeeee your making me hungry! !! XD

  • Cheesy Big
    Cheesy Big 6 months ago

    +strictly dumpling Crossaints are not French they are actually from Austria

  • Juliette DB
    Juliette DB 6 months ago

    it's espresso not expresso ;-)

    • zunya
      zunya 5 months ago

      In french? In italian, yes, but not in french:)

  • Kingportable
    Kingportable 6 months ago

    This explains a lot that's why you have a Wife and also Dan Chen, two life partners :p

  • governmentflu81
    governmentflu81 6 months ago

    Thanks for your videos.

  • Hani Han
    Hani Han 6 months ago

    We'd rather see the food and you behind the camera

    • Hani Han
      Hani Han 4 months ago

      mai yang-torres not even your four-eyed face can stop me, honey

    • Rinchan181
      Rinchan181 4 months ago

      Eh, I'll rather see both (as it is now). Besides, if he isn't eating the food, how are we gonna know it is good? There is food that can look good and taste bad. On another subject I really want all of that food. Like now. Bread is awesome.

    • mai yang
      mai yang 6 months ago

      then dont watch

  • Sophie Montfort
    Sophie Montfort 6 months ago

    Very sweet ! But really, we never eat éclair or Paris-Brest or macaron for breakfast !!! They're desserts!!!! As for croissant and other " viennoiseries " we usually save them for thé week-end. Weekday typiczl french breakfast is baguette with butter and jam. Some people, like myself, eat cheese or ham aswell.

  • I want to Believe
    I want to Believe 6 months ago

    the French have the best foods in the world....

  • covenofthesilvermoon
    covenofthesilvermoon 6 months ago

    you're so cute!

  • Jenny Town
    Jenny Town 6 months ago

    Tut mir leid, Tennessee do have good croissant! Don't judge if you haven't tried the good one, Old city Java in Knoxville, TN, pain au chocolat, crossiant aux amandes,吃过再说好还是不好

  • Tanush Agarwal
    Tanush Agarwal 6 months ago

    I used to live in Metz, France and his reaction to croissants and other stuff was sooo hilarious, LOL ;)

  • Mila Bkbz
    Mila Bkbz 6 months ago

    paris-brest omg that's so good 💖💖

  • Leo Luong
    Leo Luong 7 months ago

    He's muscular

  • Mike Sosa
    Mike Sosa 7 months ago

    Gotta love Mikes desciption's of food :-)

  • MsJavaWolf
    MsJavaWolf 7 months ago

    Should have gotten a milk coffee. Could even have dipped your croissant in.

  • Inco Nito
    Inco Nito 7 months ago

    pain au chocolat no chocolate croissant ^^

  • roodles
    roodles 7 months ago

    that french waitress story was pretty hilarious. loved the video!

  • Linda Atamian
    Linda Atamian 7 months ago

    Mikey you are Magnifique---love your selections!

  • Jenny Alf
    Jenny Alf 7 months ago

    I love dumping my croissant (plain one or with the chocolate) in the coffee. it made me laugh to see you ask how we can drink it, most espressos I don't like either...
    what I like to is to cut open a plain croissant and add cheese and ham and then put in the oven a few minutes (microwave will get the thing a bit soggy). put some béchamel inside too if you can ;)

  • Jenny Alf
    Jenny Alf 7 months ago

    I love dumping my croissant (plain one or with the chocolate) in the coffee. it made me laugh to see you ask how we can drink it, most espressos I don't like either...
    what I like to is to cut open a plain croissant and add cheese and ham and then put in the oven a few minutes (microwave will get the thing a bit soggy). put some béchamel inside too if you can ;)

  • DanielSon
    DanielSon 7 months ago

    all the sweetness of the espresso goes with 15-20 seconds max. it needs to be drunk quickly or it tastes like crap.

  • DanielSon
    DanielSon 7 months ago

    all the sweetness of the espresso goes with 15-20 seconds max. it needs to be drunk quickly or it tastes like crap.

    • Void Lux
      Void Lux 7 months ago

      +DDonSon1 i know where its from

    • DanielSon
      DanielSon 7 months ago

      Void Lux Akime ga kill, you should check it out...

    • DanielSon
      DanielSon 7 months ago

      Void Lux Akime ga kill, you should check it out...

    • DanielSon
      DanielSon 7 months ago

      Void Lux Akime ga kill, you should check it out...

    • DanielSon
      DanielSon 7 months ago

      Void Lux Akime ga kill, you should check it out...

  • Jesus Luna
    Jesus Luna 7 months ago

    those macaroons looked fantastic!!

  • William Pichardo
    William Pichardo 7 months ago

    eXpresso?! really?

  • jmatt4life
    jmatt4life 8 months ago

    Why on earth did you not eat at a cafe with people around you???

  • asturiana
    asturiana 8 months ago

    macaron not roooooon - im sorry cute guy

  • asturiana
    asturiana 8 months ago

    oh no Esssssssspresso not expresso... - but i still think youre great in this!

  • asturiana
    asturiana 8 months ago

    pleez stop pronouncing the R in croissant - its cwasant - love this though

  • Chew Chew Train
    Chew Chew Train 8 months ago

    My low carb nightmare. :( Would've like to seen you shopping at the Paris bakery. Paris? For all we know you're sitting in a San Francisco dive hotel, Mike. ;)

  • PaulD
    PaulD 9 months ago

    There is no chocolate croissant lol
    what you had is called "petit pain au chocolat"
    Enjoy our food.

  • Emma Forsythe
    Emma Forsythe 9 months ago

    What hotel is this, it's so cute!!

  • Christophe OLAX
    Christophe OLAX 9 months ago

    french people dont make crepe (pancake) evryday just the weekend whene we have time

  • Christophe OLAX
    Christophe OLAX 9 months ago

    im french and i aprouve your video yes french people like croissant and chocolat bread we eat evreday or whene you have time americain people try make french bread but is just palastic bread lol d'ont try make french bread is horrible if you want try try make croissant is very easy i prefer chocolate bread nd i eat that witch my hot chocolate or mil or cofee and a apple juice

  • Rin
    Rin 9 months ago

    Wow, it is just SO refreshing to see someone so genuinely passionate about food, and so respectful to the culture that you find the best aspect of everything. I really enjoyed watching this video, and I'm definitely checking out your others 💕

  • Doc Junior
    Doc Junior 9 months ago

    I'm hungry now ! Well time time to get out and by a baguette for tea time ^^ (goûter)

  • Joshua Rappaport
    Joshua Rappaport 9 months ago

    Ekspresso haha

  • Mana Dzīve ASV
    Mana Dzīve ASV 10 months ago

    Great video

  • Mario Gonzalez
    Mario Gonzalez 11 months ago

    What is the name of the bakery? how can I find it.?

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