snoop dog ft pharell - beautiful

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Author Carson King ( ago)
One of snoops best raps, top tune. 

Author David O brien ( ago)
2016 still bumpin this shit 👌

Author Ahmed Ghanama ( ago)
hi I need clip 50 cent I'm the man

Author DJ YTALO (deejay) ( ago)
2016 eu aqui ouvindo tmj...

Author Berny Rivera ( ago)
someone listening on december 2015

Author Akimoto Gabriel ( ago)
Vim do futuro e dizer que esse clipe vai fazer muito sucesso

Author JoãoPaulo Souza ( ago)
Melhor Música EVEEEEEER

Author DAN BRANISSO ( ago)
Brazil Brazil Brazil

Author moscaquevuelass ( ago)
so great, i like it a lot !

Author Tom Giannos ( ago)
Love this 

Author italo gato negro ( ago)
Adorei te amo meus ídolos favoritos beijão pra vcs. Adorooo

Author Jaja Victoria ( ago)
pooe que foda essa musica

Author hefcks ( ago)
Fucking real swaaaag 3

Author Patricia Passarelli Nery ( ago)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Author paul elliott ( ago)
Amen will play this song year by year being there love....

Author Drew Quinn ( ago)
2015 and still listening 

Author Rachel Hasler ( ago)
Last day in 2014 and i still listen to beautiful 😍

Author Anderson Bastos ( ago)
Mil Graus ^^

Author leonardo silva ( ago)
esse é fã mesmo escreve até "dog" 

Author crystal b ( ago)
its 2014 and I still love this song :)

Author Antonio Marcos ( ago)

Author Buxtehude .d ( ago)
Are nice w ww wwwwwwwww

Author SnoopBoss Dogg ( ago)
classic snoop <3

Author Zainab Temitope Quadri ( ago)
This song is still being played in '14
Love this song

Author Raphael Alfredo Mamud ( ago)
... there is Charlie Wilson.. lol

Author Music & Movie Fanatic ( ago)
I totally love this song

Author Chuy Avendano (drakonChuygeta) ( ago)
Beautiful :-)

Author rodin Mutunani Mambueni ( ago)
" without a zero can not be ten "

Author rodin Mutunani Mambueni ( ago)
"sans zéro un ne peut pas être dix"

Author Mzukisi Loliwe ( ago)

Author Yeniffer Cristina Rodriguez Sandoval ( ago)
beautiful...... ♥

Author Santiago Rodriguez ( ago)
Isso e Brasil!!!

Author rodrigo rsc ( ago)
brasil zil zil

Author Daniel Brann ( ago)
Eu amo os estados unidos

Author Jose Vicente Villar Olariaga ( ago)
Dance, dance, and moré!!!!

Author iMicca ( ago)
why 240p? why to you record on potato? 

Author Sabrina Alves ( ago)

Author Sabrina Alves ( ago)
Brazil 3

Author Pavkata Xristov ( ago)

Author cleilton francys ( ago)
brasil eu te amo

Author Tomislav Ognenovski ( ago)
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Author HabboRodolfomartins Brasill ( ago)
é noiizz brasil TWITTER: @FCSnoopDoggBR

Author Luciano Almeida ( ago)
Love Very Essa Music

Author Samuel Gonzalez ( ago)

Author Makaveli Pac ( ago)
Beautiful girls of Brazil !!!

Author laaekaodmakda saridmaodndzwina ( ago)

Author Mzukisi Loliwe ( ago)

Author Gregory Nedelkov ( ago)
you notice the vid quality instead of the heavenly song?Sad....

Author patrokas junior ( ago)
zika da balada

Author CK D ( ago)
You know that depressing situation when you go to Youtube to listen to some
tunes (Then browse the comments at the same time) and see some morron
advertising for some stupid shit? Absolutely, that basically occurred. I
ought to ignore it, but at the same time i report it for spam. I learned
about the thumbs-down feature on Youtube.

Author liona ess ( ago)
what a crock of shite! first your brotehr now your friend... advertising
the cupid love system much???!!!

Author Henrietta Piggles ( ago)
pharrell is god

Author Invenum ( ago)
wow is this like 22p?

Author PAULO HEMRIQUE ( ago)
doida di mais

Author Coady Gallant ( ago)
The song after 4:00 is so beautiful with the repeat of that positive woman
friendly message! I just want you, to know that you are really special.

Author Coady Gallant ( ago)
I would DIE HAPPY if they uploaded a HD version of this video.

Author Moget Store ( ago)
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Author Brazilian Music ( ago)

Author DeepSinghChouhan ( ago)
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Author Black Magnum ( ago)
sim eu ouvia elas e muitas outras quando tinha 7 anos sev c souber de
alguma delas q passavam nos radios e tudo pode me avisar?? facebook= Luan
Rogerio = foto ichigo (anime) :3 plz

Author Henry Castano ( ago)
Don nayro q. A hora si no

Author Gab Tavares ( ago)
adoro essa musica

Author Muska J ( ago)
This song is old, but still damm good :P

Author mary fawzy ( ago)
Wonderful video clip. I found this because my mate came to be a lady-magnet
- and he's fat He started getting girls overnight. He pretended he failed
to realize. Then he smiled and told me while he was drunk on Tequila. Turns
out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and
you will discover it... He's seeing a stunner... Lucky man!

Author Barbara Georgiou ( ago)
Beautiful.......I just want u to know ur my fave girl... :)

Author Barbara Georgiou ( ago)

Author Barbara Georgiou ( ago)
Looove it best song ever!!

Author Luigui Cordova ( ago)
la boto snopp dog y pharell q t puedo decir solo escucha y veras

Author Jamal sands ( ago)
G-unity or nothing ! one !

Author Safiro Noche ( ago)
Uno de los buenos!!!

Author andrea quiroz ( ago)
el mejor video que pudo hacer snoop con pharell

Author MrEUCT ( ago)
sorry, but Pharrell was so 2003/4...his style could not stand the test of
time. "facebooks DiJeiShii"

Author goggo koede ( ago)
I want such kind of songs today !

Author ilaria giordano ( ago)

Author Björn K ( ago)
So ein geiles Lied!! I love It!!

Author Aaron Ahi ( ago)

Author Lana Nevena ( ago)
fenomenal NO1 :)

Author anelise bueno ( ago)

Author Marlon Dolcy ( ago)

Author Ralf Oliveira ( ago)

Author Douglas Luiz ( ago)

Author Daniel Galo Doido ( ago)
Muito louco

Author Antonio Degas ( ago)
those BUTTS

Author Gabriel Couto ( ago)

Author Thaís Fraga Ferreira ( ago)
Rio! Beautiful, I just want you to know You're my favorite girl....

Author AyTeK AKH ( ago)

Author Maxiel Oliveira Rocha ( ago)

Author geekxboxSB ( ago)
Old Snoop dogg was better by far !

Author Sarah Lopez ( ago)
On s'eeenjaaaiiiillllle ! :)))

Author joaosigolo3 ( ago)
#memories :')

Author duds Butterfield ( ago)
I love this song ^-^

Author Elijahbluray ( ago)
i want to go back!!!

Author Johnny Osbourne ( ago)
Favorite Girl !

Author ROSANA BRANDAO ( ago)
e desse jeito!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author TheZakahussein ( ago)
Still beautiful even in 2013

Author Samara Sena ( ago)

Author EnvyMyKills ( ago)
tobidy <3

Author Đoxy ( ago)
Very old, but great hit! :)

Author stephanie ludwig ( ago)
awesome song! the best

Author Cѳℓɗ Dɛʍѳɴ ( ago)
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Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, Chigado, Havana

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