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Author Die Jane (6 months)
Schönes Wochenende :-D

snoop dog ft pharell - beautiful:

Author crystal b (1 year)
its 2014 and I still love this song :)

Author Drew Quinn (4 months)
2015 and still listening 

Author Patricia Passarelli Nery (3 months)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Author italo gato negro (18 days)
Adorei te amo meus ídolos favoritos beijão pra vcs. Adorooo

Author paul elliott (4 months)
Amen will play this song year by year being there love....

Author Rachel Hasler (4 months)
Last day in 2014 and i still listen to beautiful 😍

Author Anderson Bastos (6 months)
Mil Graus ^^

Author Jaja Victoria (1 month)
pooe que foda essa musica

Author hefcks (2 months)
Fucking real swaaaag 3

Author SnoopBoss Dogg (1 year)
classic snoop <3

Author leonardo silva (10 months)
esse é fã mesmo escreve até "dog" 

Author Buxtehude .d (1 year)
Are nice w ww wwwwwwwww

Author Antonio Marcos (1 year)

Author Zainab Temitope Quadri (1 year)
This song is still being played in '14
Love this song

Author Music & Movie Fanatic (1 year)
I totally love this song

Author Raphael Alfredo Mamud (1 year)
... there is Charlie Wilson.. lol

Author rodin Mutunani Mambueni (1 year)
" without a zero can not be ten "

Author ilaria giordano (2 years)

Author Mzukisi Loliwe (1 year)

Author Yeniffer Cristina Rodriguez Sandoval (1 year)
beautiful...... ♥

Author Santiago Rodriguez (1 year)
Isso e Brasil!!!

Author rodin Mutunani Mambueni (1 year)
"sans zéro un ne peut pas être dix"

Author Jose Vicente Villar Olariaga (1 year)
Dance, dance, and moré!!!!

Author martin kotlar (1 year)

Author rodrigo rsc (1 year)
brasil zil zil

Author Barbara Georgiou (1 year)
Looove it best song ever!!

Author Pavkata Xristov (1 year)

Author martin kotlar (1 year)

Author Sabrina Alves (1 year)

Author Barbara Georgiou (1 year)

Author Sabrina Alves (1 year)
Brazil 3

Author Mzukisi Loliwe (1 year)

Author JURUBEBAMATAR (1 year)
Eu amo os estados unidos

Author Chuy Avendano (drakonChuygeta) (1 year)
Beautiful :-)

Author imicca (1 year)
why 240p? why to you record on potato? 

Author Gustavo Foguel (2 years)

Author Fifastarful (2 years)
The good old days.

Author wes parsons (3 years)
jennifer you so beautiful !!!

Author Julian Lopez (2 years)'s Snoop Lion* now...get w/ the times man.

Author mroscoe (2 years)
priest holmes jersey ftw

Author TheLPCrew (1 year)

Author patrokas junior (1 year)
zika da balada

Author MONSTER HEART (2 years)
Complete Nostalgic here, Can't help it when I listen to these songs, I just
wanna go back to the past, especially now with shitty music, this is very

Author Gab Tavares (1 year)
adoro essa musica

Author Coady Gallant (1 year)
I would DIE HAPPY if they uploaded a HD version of this video.

Author Elijahbluray (2 years)
i want to go back!!!

Author ladouce Bizou (2 years)
respect to pharel, a beautiful voice, and great harmony with snoop lion

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