What's inside a WWE Wrestling Belt?

We CUT OPEN a WWE or WWF championship belt!! This is a SIGNED WWF belt!!
Watch Gary Speak HERE:

Tanner Fox:

Wrestling is a huge part of American culture. There is so much more that goes on beyond what you see. Gary breaks down some history and teaches us how business ties into Wrestling.

This video goes out to my good friend Jerry Sanchez, the biggest WWE fan I knew. See you again someday my friend.


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Title: Roller Coaster by Dirty Audio & Max Styler from Roller Coaster
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Author Shonduras ( ago)
my wrestling name is DEATH DURAS!!

Author iiElucidator ( ago)
Y'all made the list..
that was signed

Author Homie Panda ( ago)
That's a youtuber with the black hat that's backward hat and camo sweat shirt

Author PatBack ( ago)
What's inside you're sons backpack

Author Jesus Uribe Gonzalez ( ago)
Bro if you're not a wrestling fan every thing that guy said is legit down to the goosebumps

Author Weirdo Heart ( ago)
The fact that I'm that much of a fangirl when it comes to WWE facts... most people don't even notice the gorgeous history of WWE...

Author BRODIE 619 reeves ( ago)
why is tanner there

Author Erica Rattet ( ago)
Tanner was hella confused

Author Antonio Lopez ( ago)
Really a autographed title you could use a other replica.

Author WinterFoxPaintball ( ago)
My dad met sting

Author WinterFoxPaintball ( ago)
Hulk hogan was the best!!!

Author Brian ( ago)
I'm a bret Hart fan and the Montgomery screw was really screwed up

Author Elijah 101 ( ago)
tanner fox

Author Tokiko Tsukito ( ago)
I think I just died inside

Author Jordan Chiesa ( ago)
man...i know a lot about wwe and wwf and wcw but not as much as that guy

Author dawn7169 ( ago)
I'm crying

Author Ciaran smith ( ago)
Why just why

Author truediva18 ( ago)
Why would you cut an autographed belt?

is that tanner fox

is that tanner fox

Author David Ewing ( ago)
Brett is my favorite of all time........ 😲😲😲😢😢😢☹️😤😢😢😦😐😡😭😭😦😑😐

Author Stefy ( ago)
This is a belt of 1994...

Author David Ewing ( ago)
I could understand doing this to an unsigned belt but come on guys......... That is absolutely ridiculous and sad.....

Author Brady Wanlin ( ago)
You know you have too much money when.....

Author Ronie Galdamez ( ago)
I didn't get a thing Gary said

Author Jayden Robles ( ago)
its just so 😞watching him do that😣

Author Josiah Imson ( ago)
The hell is wrong with you guys it's signed

Author Andrius 2005 ( ago)
I do not want to hear explaining, you are not the only Wrestlig fan

Author Andrius 2005 ( ago)

Author Synapse2k ( ago)
why would you destroy such a histotic title belt signed by superstars that likely wont around 5-10 years from now?

Author wwe wrestling ( ago)
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you just cuted that

Author Cj Williams ( ago)
#MarkingOut Respect on the Razor reference.

Author Stephen Bass ( ago)
think you need to make what is inside a wrestling fans head 😂😂😂😂😂

Author Ben John ( ago)
Tanner fox!!!!

Author D111 B ball master ( ago)
T fox wooooo

Author logan kane ( ago)
What's inside! You guys should cut open a LEGO guy or piece

Author The Gaming Cereal ( ago)
Hey is tanner fox your son? Because Tanner looks like your little son..

Author J3 Epicness ( ago)
My wrestling name is j3

Author SOLO GAMER ( ago)
Why is there a hole in your counter shonduras

Author Sheila Mcguckin ( ago)
That was tannerfox

Author Gagah Nugroho ( ago)

Author Jibin James ( ago)
u just cut a title which have been signed by the legents like bret hart and undertaker guess what you just lost one sub and you earn dislike from mea

Author b4r4tth123 ( ago)
You guys give Americans a bad name... Cretinous act to destroy something of value to get attention and views...sound like a psycho ex gf mate

Author Black60Dragon ( ago)
Why did you cut a World Championship signed by Bret Hart and The Undertaker in half........

Author KILLERHUNTER234 REAL ( ago)
TFox fav youtuber

Author PrinCe ( ago)
The only thing good about this whole video was the guy who knew his stuff about wrestling. But why cut open a championship? Plus it was signed by legends.

Author Coldblooded Massacre ( ago)
It broke my heart watching the Winged Eagle be cut in half

Author Eureka emo ( ago)
whats inside of paige belt?

Author Marrick Purcell ( ago)
1 of the boys look like tanner fox

Author Haley Dawn ( ago)
I love wwe

Author Jordis Lopez ( ago)
I want a belt

Author Keller Bolling ( ago)
t fox!!

Author Wrestling Figs11 ( ago)
They are so hungry for views, why would U every do that 😭😭😭😭😭

Author Captain Idiot ( ago)
Why would you cut a title signed by Undertaker and Bret Hart? I would save it.

Author The Diamond Cutter ( ago)
Hello I'm AWESOME!

Author nickythebull82 ( ago)
Such a hard belt to find can't believe you cut that

Author I LOVE What's inside ( ago)
that's awesome

Author az12594 ( ago)
Tanner fox

Author tnt master ( ago)

Author Doug Rockford ( ago)
wtf do you mean whats inside, its leather with a gold plate. You didn't need to destroy a piece of wrestling history to find that out.

Author The Golden Pig ( ago)

Author Bruh Dude 213 ( ago)

Author michael mccall ( ago)
you guys are monsters

Author BB FREESTYLER ( ago)
Mine is bladed BB

Author TheDiamondJules ( ago)
cut open a iphone

Author Chris Pozzuto ( ago)
Whats Inside a clock

Author Tanya Lopera ( ago)
Is that tanner

Author Jacob Yonko ( ago)
You ruined a perfect belt to wwe

Author Da Monsta Jam!!! ( ago)
It's one thing to cut a belt in half, but one signed by Bret Hart and Undertaker? Holy crap that's dumb.

Author Blob Ballz ( ago)
Why was tanner fox there ?.... 2:04

Author Brendan Geary ( ago)
this is a crime. how could u do this to this championship

Author John Cena ( ago)

Author Evd Outdoors ( ago)
Is that tanner fox

Author Tøggen Julius ( ago)
6:50 video starts

Author ty games aka babs111465 ( ago)
ty danger

Author Reece Billam ( ago)
2:08 is that tanner???

Author Ben_Turbo's LIFE ( ago)
Its a WWF belt xD

Author Stopmez Gaming ( ago)
Why does shon looks like aj styles

Author Max TDM ( ago)
That is WWF. Not WWE.

Author Piegaming 222 ( ago)
My WWE name will be Luke furious

Author Dana De Biasio ( ago)
como podes tener ese sinturon

Author Chris Jericho ( ago)
WWE Fans were you at

Author Mason Bailey ( ago)
Love how TFox is just standing there playing with a little spinner

Author Kevin Fuller ( ago)
I watched wrestling in the 80's and it was the best. Just love how much Gary knew about wrestling. One of my favorite videos you have done.

Author WWE golden animater ( ago)
Wrestlmanei 6 ultimate worior vs Holke Holgen

Author WWE golden animater ( ago)
My wwe name is Aj black

Author WWE golden animater ( ago)
My wwe name is Aj black

Author Fox Nut ( ago)
anyone here a fan of Tanner Fox

Author The Grock Says ( ago)
It's history

Author EM figs ( ago)
Is that tanner fox?

Author The unguessable Dude ( ago)
Wwf = World wildlife foundation

Author ThatCrazyPlayer ( ago)
so is it like the lay-cool divas championship?😂😂

Author DerpCookie 1243 ( ago)
6:47 thank me later

Author camaro69502ss ( ago)
ohh yeah

Author max malcolm may ( ago)
why would you cut that open when you called give it to a fan

Author Paul Hawacch ( ago)
mine is galoway cean

Author khan Mateariki ( ago)
i am an extreme wrestling fan why would you do that after all is signed

Author StupidInvaders ( ago)
What's inside a belt... are u kidding me? i didn't think it could get much worse than the smashing open of a classic arcade machine, despite being able to just take the back door off and see whats inside. Now your cutting "open" a belt...

Author Ducklover23 ( ago)

Author Roman Moraes ( ago)
Do you guys really think wwe is actually real

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