What's inside a WWE Wrestling Belt?

We CUT OPEN a WWE or WWF championship belt!! This is a SIGNED WWF belt!!
Watch Gary Speak HERE: https://youtu.be/NZWPsqiVJ9Y

Shonduras: https://www.youtube.com/user/Shonduras
Tanner Fox: https://www.youtube.com/user/MTflims

Wrestling is a huge part of American culture. There is so much more that goes on beyond what you see. Gary breaks down some history and teaches us how business ties into Wrestling.

This video goes out to my good friend Jerry Sanchez, the biggest WWE fan I knew. See you again someday my friend.

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ShondurasShonduras (2 months ago)
my wrestling name is DEATH DURAS!!

Calvin LingerfeldtCalvin Lingerfeldt (1 day ago)
Shonduras ii

Josiah AllenJosiah Allen (3 days ago)
OK you want a chip

D.C. GamingD.C. Gaming (7 days ago)
Shonduras ur the brst

Dominic KDominic K (9 days ago)
Shonduras iii

gt seriesgt series (2 hours ago)
Tanner fox is not vloging in this video

M.W.KBO55MAN 1973M.W.KBO55MAN 1973 (3 hours ago)
Under taker is my faivrote

M.W.KBO55MAN 1973M.W.KBO55MAN 1973 (3 hours ago)
The office table is broken

M.W.KBO55MAN 1973M.W.KBO55MAN 1973 (3 hours ago)
He has a fidget spinner

Jhay OmandamJhay Omandam (15 hours ago)
Almost every Wrestling Fan wants that Championship....and you just cut it in half. *Shame.*

CTE//Cris The ExperinceCTE//Cris The Experince (16 hours ago)
Who is your favorite wwe wrestler? mine is Jeff Hardy

D.j. MontelongoD.j. Montelongo (19 hours ago)
cut dad

Botie The AlienBotie The Alien (23 hours ago)
the new hardcore championship

Tor KjennerudTor Kjennerud (1 day ago)
Why is tanner for in your video

kristopher corteskristopher cortes (1 day ago)

UndercraftUndercraft (1 day ago)

You TubeYou Tube (1 day ago)
tanner fox

jOsHuA -why-jOsHuA -why- (1 day ago)
i'd die for that thing what a waste

thefireninja123thefireninja123 (3 days ago)
tanner fox

Jason RampersadJason Rampersad (4 days ago)
Yo-yo its john Cena

Chloe MauChloe Mau (4 days ago)
at least I can say Ive been to state this year and every other year

Chloe MauChloe Mau (4 days ago)
sooo sad why would they do this 😢

Chloe MauChloe Mau (4 days ago)
my nick name for wrestling is THE BEAST that is what everyone calls me its even on my wrestling shoes. and Im only 10

Chloe MauChloe Mau (4 days ago)
I have a punch bag I practice every night. my fav wrestlers are John Cena and Dwayne the rock Johnson

Chloe MauChloe Mau (4 days ago)
Im a wrestler Im a girl who has been wrestling since kindergarden and now Im in forth grade I love wrestling. Got VIP tickets this winter to a MMA fight right next to the rink it was amazing best experience ever.

AWESOMEOWEN 2017AWESOMEOWEN 2017 (5 days ago)
you are a disgrace to society

beckitten27beckitten27 (5 days ago)
i'm about as confused as lincoln is... i just wanted to see the thing get cut open

Craigie14Craigie14 (6 days ago)

AJ GamesAJ Games (6 days ago)
Tanner fox

EthanTheComicCatEthanTheComicCat (6 days ago)
do what's inside the golden play button or the diamond play button

TaDarrius 360TaDarrius 360 (6 days ago)
Destroying Wrestling Belts *YOU JUST MADE THE LIST*

Zpad0807 Minecraft and other gamingZpad0807 Minecraft and other gaming (7 days ago)
What Grade Is Lincon In?

jaden thomasjaden thomas (7 days ago)
I know everything about this a ready

Max SmudaMax Smuda (7 days ago)
Oh, I have an idea. You should do the Mona Lisa next. Then maybe find some other art

Ronan LangfordRonan Langford (7 days ago)
what's inside a c4

Ronan LangfordRonan Langford (7 days ago)
its a gold plate and leather there was no need to cut an awesome belt

JacksonLoafJacksonLoaf (7 days ago)
lets just go destroy not only a replica, but a replica signed Brett Hart and The Undertaker

Edgarsalazar2008vidsEdgarsalazar2008vids (7 days ago)
I'm a fan of wwe 1 fan

linda Evanslinda Evans (8 days ago)
mmmmmm mooooooooo

karlo bartolićkarlo bartolić (8 days ago)
why was tanner fox there

MatthewMatthew (8 days ago)
Wwe might ask y'all to remove this video they are strict on using their videos on youtube

PrinceTacosan 防弾PrinceTacosan 防弾 (8 days ago)
Ok, I haven't seen the video but I'm guessing it's made of leather and metal

IsaacPlayz 713IsaacPlayz 713 (9 days ago)
Did you see tanner with his figdit.like if u saw

Amber WagusAmber Wagus (9 days ago)
my wrestling name is DEATH MEAD

WWE is my life so I wanted to see what's inside my custom belts

RxahmanRxahman (9 days ago)
Do a what's inside a car 🚗 and phone 📱 and hi I love ❤️ what's inside

Jesse MccabeJesse Mccabe (9 days ago)
Tanner Fox was in this vid... 😮

Colin JonesColin Jones (9 days ago)
why is tanner fox there ????????????????///

jorge hernandezjorge hernandez (9 days ago)
Tall tanner fox I watch he's cannel

BrantVoightBrantVoight (10 days ago)
peep Tanner Fox in the background

Juanita PonceJuanita Ponce (10 days ago)
I saw tanner fox

shauna turnershauna turner (10 days ago)
New 4 horse men so I guess Lincoln is ric flair because he is a blond

Bilal GhantyBilal Ghanty (11 days ago)
hi shonduras

84man2004 Follestad84man2004 Follestad (11 days ago)
Can hit 10 likes

hv vidhv vid (11 days ago)
u could have sold it for thousands and then with that money buyed some things then cut them open

hv vidhv vid (11 days ago)
whats inside a life straw

RolandThe2ndRolandThe2nd (12 days ago)
You literally wasted your money knowing the fact that it is just a gold plate and leather...

WWE2k17 Roster & Lucha UndergroundWWE2k17 Roster & Lucha Underground (12 days ago)
check put my channel

WWE2k17 Roster & Lucha UndergroundWWE2k17 Roster & Lucha Underground (12 days ago)
I love wwe

wwe5155wwe5155 (12 days ago)
Oh my god it was the WWF Version too... goodbye $500

Caleb's VLOG'SCaleb's VLOG'S (13 days ago)
the one guy look like vsause

Gillum GamingGillum Gaming (14 days ago)
To skip to the cutting go to 6.52

Tilomed GamingTilomed Gaming (14 days ago)
is that tanner fox?????

Patrick gameingPatrick gameing (14 days ago)
I sold tanner fox

theninjamaster579theninjamaster579 (14 days ago)

RiSe/L2 ReconZRiSe/L2 ReconZ (14 days ago)

BluegamingBluegaming (15 days ago)
Tanner fox in the backround

The Little MissileThe Little Missile (15 days ago)
Why not the universel title

expoghost321expoghost321 (15 days ago)
Tanner fox

Master CreatorMaster Creator (15 days ago)
my wresling name is dimond pro

Emily NgoEmily Ngo (15 days ago)
Tanner and Lincoln look alike tbh like if u agree

Tyson MccabeTyson Mccabe (15 days ago)
It tanner fox

Georges IssaGeorges Issa (15 days ago)

Amy McGloneAmy McGlone (15 days ago)
Who came here cuz they are a wrestling fan

david fournillierdavid fournillier (16 days ago)
That would have cost a lot of money 😢😢😢

Dylan MartellDylan Martell (16 days ago)
watching this video hurt so bad, a belt signed by 3 legends. like why?!!?! he should make the list!

The crazy KidsThe crazy Kids (16 days ago)
Omg tanner fox

SWFE Stop MotionSWFE Stop Motion (16 days ago)
Of course, $400 out the window.

Stacy GomezStacy Gomez (16 days ago)

Spiroz TrollareozSpiroz Trollareoz (17 days ago)
the cutting process starts from 7:02

Only kid fun by Anthony and NicoleOnly kid fun by Anthony and Nicole (17 days ago)

Emilio OcampoEmilio Ocampo (17 days ago)
Tanner fox is in vid!!!

Ethan LemonEthan Lemon (17 days ago)

Redwood CrowRedwood Crow (17 days ago)
Richard kyosaki? Robert actually

Joseph CostaJoseph Costa (17 days ago)
tanner fox cool

valor quimbyvalor quimby (17 days ago)
what happened to there counter

Master-Smash SandovalMaster-Smash Sandoval (17 days ago)
You guys are now Lay-Cool

Alex VasquezAlex Vasquez (17 days ago)
I see tanner Fox

dragon94546dragon94546 (17 days ago)
i love tanner

Justin ChanJustin Chan (17 days ago)
you just destroy a history

Tanner Fox

FlOOm DoggoFlOOm Doggo (17 days ago)
lol i seen tanner fox in the back groung

Nexus NeroNexus Nero (17 days ago)
is that tanner fox at 1:47?

Yu - GiYu - Gi (17 days ago)
Who saw tanner fox

Cat CatCat Cat (17 days ago)
Who saw tanner fox like if you did

Jesse SablanJesse Sablan (17 days ago)
Why would they cut open a belt that is signed by 3 wrestlers and is a replica.....

Turo ReyesTuro Reyes (17 days ago)


Andrew Libiran 7 oAndrew Libiran 7 o (17 days ago)
Tanner I love ❤️ him😍😱

Timothy HoganTimothy Hogan (17 days ago)
Hulk hogan is my uncle

yes or no cause I think yes

was that tanner fox

Imperfect CellImperfect Cell (18 days ago)
video is 6:47

fiona robleyfiona robley (18 days ago)
is that tanner foxhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaahhahaah

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