Ft. Jackson Basic Training Platoon bay.

This was 4th platoon Wolfpack's Sleep/platoon bay. This is taken two days before Graduation. Added Info Echo 1-34

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Author Catherine Williams-Walker (1 year)
I went to Fort Jackson in 1991. E228 Wolfpack. Drill Sergents Jarred,
Jones, and Gonzolas

Author pvthansen1234 (6 years)
Alpha 3/60th! 4th Platoon Blackhawks. Riverraiders... and shit.

Author icwatson (5 years)
that is my old bay DS Niesen ran it on the last day i set off the fire
alarm at 3am

Author Bort LicencePlate (6 years)
Is this Alpha 1-28??? I went to Ft. Jackson in 2000, I was 4th platoon
Wolverines. Our motto was Black Lions, but I heard they changed it to
something else a few years ago. The room looks like the one our platoon
stayed in.

Author MrBlaze256 (2 years)
i stayed in there lol

Author mark442w30 (6 years)
but he could fuck you up at the beach.... where r u at now??

Author mark442w30 (6 years)
jefferson was an ass he was with 4th platoon and lopez was over him lopez
was the worst we were in third bay and when all the girls got caught
frattranizing we were moved to 4th bay where they were it was frigging
nasty over there mold in the showers so bad it was holding the tiles
together.... they smoked us all the time. ds chappelle was the greatest
cause i was 40 in basic and he called me sir... i got mad respect.. and got
away with everything and always had heads up on anything going on..

Author AmiriJ (6 years)
92r... leave fort jackson bct 20092804... any advice

Author Mandilore (6 years)
That's wierd. DS Lopez and DS Jefferson were very cool to me. DS Chappelle
seemed nice at first but he came in thinking he knew everything which made
trouble for everyone. DS Kinley and that that Special Forces DS in 1st
platoon were the worst ones there. DS Crockett (who is no longer there) was
the 2nd worst but I have a lot of respect because he helped me the most!
(He said he couldn't yell at me!)

Author sheila1 (6 years)
he graduated on may 17th his name pvt herrera

Author Orbit915 (5 years)
I'm getting shipped there in 2 months

Author bynari (6 years)
I was in Delta 1/13, this looks almost EXACTLY like the bay I was in.

Author SFC Retired (4 years)
Damn, you've got three times the room I had in C-6-2 back in 1961!! Lot
nicer looking, too. Yep, fifty years ago on May 24. Knowing what I know
now, wouldn't do it again for any amount of money.

Author Rx78gil (5 years)
came from echo 1-34 graduated on oct 2, 2009

Author Andrew Magnussen (6 years)
1st Batallion 34 Infantry Echo Eagles 2005...PFC Magnussen, memories. I was
there, HA!

Author ChiefsFan58 (6 years)
When did he graduate and what is his name? I Just Graduated on the 1st of
August in A Co. 2/39 2nd Platoon Spartans

Author mark442w30 (6 years)
kinley was cool and so was davis.kinley was a fire fighter like me so we
talked all the time. crockett was with chappelle some times he was cool
some times he could be an ass. the capt delaconcha was an ass. i also liked
1st sgt he was cool didnt like woody tho. all he knew what to say was shut

Author Mandilore (5 years)
DS Crocket was awesome. Not the guy you wanted to f*ck with though.

Author justinczyz (6 years)
Oh my god.... Mind a mind freak.. I was there July 06. Hasn't changed much.

Author rachelemily18 (6 years)
i didnt have chappelle but i agree i like crocket

Author talleyad (5 years)
fucking POG

Author Mandilore (6 years)
DS White was always in Delta(he was absent in my basic until the last
week). DS De Shaw was not Special FOrces, he was an 88M. And oh yea! I
remember DS Davis and his hilarious voice!

Author kekoalacole (6 years)
why do they call it Relaxin Jackson?

Author Wallace Tudor II (6 years)
if you're saying you are going to ft jackson for basic on april 28th then i
will see you there. i leave on the 29th for jackson. btw i think its
20090428. year/month/day if my memory is correct from MEPS. advice-work out
every day like i am. run, bike, pushups, situps, and anything else in your
handy dandy training book.

Author James Riley (6 years)
Delta 1/34

Author rachelemily18 (6 years)
DS Jefferson and Lopez were awesome!

Author Mandilore (6 years)
Ever heard of the T-Bone? lol

Author Sherry Nicols (4 years)
wow. My platoon painted that wolfpack murel on the wall in 1991!

Author sheila1 (6 years)
my husb was here at this time he was in alpha company 2-39 "spartans"

Author brute152 (6 years)
why do they call it Relaxin Jackson?

Author dmise818 (6 years)
man drill seargents hughes bay he was a down ass fuu short ass fuck but
down lol

Author Mandilore (6 years)
Follow this guy's advice, I went in as a fat ass and it was hell for me
because of it!

Author CoDBlackOpsClipss (4 years)
@meisnome was it hard ?

Author Robby Blake (6 years)
wow yall had it going on man i lived up in "8 mile" (the trailer barracks
at the top of tank hill where the water tower was) yall had the brick
buildings you fucking lucky bastard 3-34 Bravo Company ....still love it
and wouldnt take it over any of the rest

Author TheDutchProdigy001 (4 years)
I'm going there Tuesday.

Author farewellkiss9559 (5 years)
oh God i remember this i remember DS crcoket he is a good DS

Author phishedin1 (5 years)
4th Plt. Wolfpack, hooah. i slept on the top, 3rd bunk on the left side. DS
Todd, DS Ayala, DS Suter. graduated Oct 3, 09

Author icwatson (5 years)
i graduated in december of 03

Author Mandilore (6 years)
Dude! DS Chappelle showed up 3 days prior to my graduation. I hated him! I
was a wardawg too. You remember DS Jefferson? He was in 3rd platoon at the
time and he was awesome!

Author mark442w30 (6 years)
yes there was we were all moved so the girlswere put on oneside and the
guys were put on the other and several got article fifteens.. it sucked.

Author minnienika08 (6 years)
hell yea. that shit hurts. i finished basic last november

Author robertoking (6 years)
Looks the same as 11 years ago. A co. 3/13. Thanks for the vid.

Author mark442w30 (6 years)
sgt deshaw was the special forces... and sgt white went to delta co.

Author myzwetwet (6 years)
i went to fort jackson too.. i was in bravo 3/13! HELL HOUNDS....

Author mark442w30 (6 years)
Dco. 1/34 wardawgs 3rd platoon Ds Chappelle And mini me

Author Donovan Thompson (3 years)
thank god the latrines got dividers between the toilets....I was dreaded by
that for months...

Author Mandilore (6 years)
I liked DS Crocket too. DS Chappelle showed up like 3 days before we
graduated BCT.

Author Mandilore (6 years)
Ah! You were the cycle after I graduate because after my cycle, it was DS
Crockett's last cycle. I was cool with De La Concha and at first issues
with 1st Huggins but eventually became cool with him. Kinley was cool,
don't get me wrong but I felt sorry for anyone who pissed him off!

Author mark442w30 (6 years)
sorry i did reply but i for got to you

Author groves1990 (4 years)
i leave in 9 days for fort jackson basic...

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