Brave young people of Bannu show their traditional dance " ATTAN".

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Author ibrahim khan (1 year)
Konione ta under wares pu char di vele che miz dai eghe elaj shu
paizani......o dase konion mukhtalife qome istimal kari vi kho Banisi
mardangi quwat ziot zaka kho ghairati o bahadr di....Mo pu khial Banisi ol
to Bandai baad wolagidu....(Dase khabre pu char nu kho zuna kas ye deserve
kavi zuka che tol qom target kawul o pu dase andaz shai....So sorry for
others but not sorry for nisarsani because he deserve this).

Author Mandan Khan (3 years)
@nisarsani what about people frok Karak ? :-)

Author latifmarwat81 (4 years)

Author ibrahim khan (1 year)
Bannosi are the great nation and that is why we are living in the heart of
Southern areas.....We captured this land by fighting and forcibly and
thrown away the other nation having people like you........Proud of being
Bannosi......The great self esteem nation.....

Author drmasoodafzal (2 years)
its a fantastic video indeed. i belong to bannu gul but live in England, i
love to c videos like this again n again. May Allah give happiness to Bannu
gul. 4ever ameeeen

Author MegaHazara1 (4 years)
hahahahah cartooonz,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Author Majeed Khankhattak (4 years)
TOL chokrebaz dee ka neem

Author doctormasood (3 years)
i love bannugul and banni c. i m scientist and live away from my nation but
i miss them and love banni c too much. Dr Masood Afzal Bonn, Germany

Author tayyab78644 (2 years)

Author nisarsani (3 years)
De Bannusoi ghunde Daran qooom bal nashta

Author banochee (3 years)
Love you Bannu My home town .....My Street Habib Ullah Khan Mirza Gul
Modesto, Ca

Author nisarsani (3 years)
Banoosi ye kala na brave shawal

Author Mandan Khan (2 years)
@banochee baneesi de heghe wreze na brave shel kela chi de khatak pe kuna
er bal she :-)

Author Jawad Farooq Khattak (4 years)
marde its not attan....its gaddawadda lebba....

Author Wajid Ali (4 years)
mera lun dance

Author nisarsani (3 years)
Nie dance I love this, Thanks dear

Author 92heoHEo96 (2 years)
5:30 for the attan! :)

Author nicegirlkhan (3 years)
its amazing and enjoyable dance

Author Intizar Khan (3 years)
love you Bannu. How can i forget. love you all banosis and bannu culture.
love you chowk bazzar, kaki, nurar,surani,goriwala, and all areas of bannu,

Author nisarsani (2 years)
De banosoi ghunde bacha booz sook che hapala bannu ta sa no 3
underwear achawaaan...

Author Bannisai (4 years)
da sa shaie si............. na kho attan da na indian da, sa kho da pashtay
adateena zada kiay attan de pashtanay da

Author Faheem Awan (3 years)
jeooooooooo aaahahah

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