Cinco de Mayo: A Brief History

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  • NFL Top 10
    NFL Top 10 8 days ago

    Cinco de Mayo isn't celebrated in Mexico, and some Mexicans don't even know what it is. Mexico's actual Independence Day is September 16th, Cinco de Mayo was just one battle won.

  • Dr Draconian
    Dr Draconian 12 days ago

    Says England. Shows Union Jack.

  • Cesar Garcia
    Cesar Garcia 29 days ago

    Lame guy

  • Rodolfo Chavez
    Rodolfo Chavez 1 month ago

    0:29 la bandera está al revés

  • Jett Hamilton
    Jett Hamilton 1 month ago

    Ur gay and fat. KYS

  • Mr MooMoo
    Mr MooMoo 1 month ago


  • borgyoh
    borgyoh 1 month ago

    ofcourse everyone pulls the race card in the comments section. mexicans calling whites racist and whites crying about mexican this and mexican that.

  • GusMotov
    GusMotov 1 month ago

    Fucking Americans

  • GusMotov
    GusMotov 1 month ago

    You I am from Utah how the fuck did I I not know

  • Chrisss
    Chrisss 1 month ago

    fuck the french

  • Callum Toon
    Callum Toon 1 month ago

    Mexico never owned England. Also, that was not the English flag.

  • Euphoric Salad
    Euphoric Salad 1 month ago

    Mexican music makes me want to drink tacos and eat tequila

  • PhuckHue2
    PhuckHue2 1 month ago

    FUCK Cinco De Mayo. Those stupid wetbacks don't say shit when its MLK day

  • Danixch Croma
    Danixch Croma 1 month ago

    This is not an important day in Mexico.

  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold 1 month ago

    ¡Feliz cinco de Mayo, hermanos y hermanas del estado de Puebla, México! ¡Gracias por enseñarle al mundo que podemos hacer pequeños y todavía podemos ganar cuenta un enemigo grande y poderoso! Ustedes son un ejemplo para el resto del mundo. ¡Viva México! ¡Viva Puebla! ¡Poder para la gente!

  • GorbadIronclaw
    GorbadIronclaw 1 month ago


  • One Minute History
    One Minute History 1 month ago

    Happy Cinco de Mayo! Congrats on our victory Mexico

  • Timothy Jordan
    Timothy Jordan 1 month ago

    Happy Cinco de Mayo! #fuckthewall

  • ivanop kragord
    ivanop kragord 1 month ago

    is that guy really saying PUEBLO instead of PUEBLA?????????????????????

  • Tristan Pickel
    Tristan Pickel 1 month ago

    good Job

  • Zaka Realms
    Zaka Realms 1 month ago

    What do u call a mexican drowning in mayonnaise?

    Sinko de mayo

  • Louiv X
    Louiv X 1 month ago


  • Quick Draw
    Quick Draw 1 month ago


  • Barbara Martin
    Barbara Martin 1 month ago

    It's Puebla. Not Pueblo.

  • Efrain Soto
    Efrain Soto 1 month ago

    5 de drinco 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lee Garcia
    Lee Garcia 1 month ago

    I was going to use this vid but the fact that he kept saying "pueblo" instead of PUEBLA, I'm not. Thanks for nothing.

  • Kamikaze Paxman
    Kamikaze Paxman 1 month ago

    Only 2 fucking minutes and for American history they take about 2 hours or more

  • Brandon Hackett
    Brandon Hackett 1 month ago

    I'll drink too late. fuck the pussy ass French. VIVA LA MEXICO

  • Ken S
    Ken S 1 month ago

    Well this is gay thought it was the day of the dead

  • InterdimensionalSex
    InterdimensionalSex 1 month ago


  • Jorge deVillasante
    Jorge deVillasante 1 month ago

    That's Puebla with an a, not an o.

  • Victoria Escovedo
    Victoria Escovedo 1 month ago

    And how many DUI's?

  • charity scott
    charity scott 1 month ago

    Cinco de Mayo is May 5

  • R.M. Salazar
    R.M. Salazar 1 month ago

    Puebla, not pueblo.

  • emily Martinez
    emily Martinez 1 month ago

    basically Cinco De Mayo is a day Mexican Americans celebrate not being French

  • Baby Blooper Martinez
    Baby Blooper Martinez 2 months ago

    Muchos mexicanos dieron su vida por defender el territorio mexicano

  • Baby Blooper Martinez
    Baby Blooper Martinez 2 months ago

    hi americans

  • henry Sanson
    henry Sanson 2 months ago

    Us Americans should celebrate Mexico pushed out the French. French wanted to help the confederates defeat the union . The union had blockaded the confederates which exported a lot of cotton to France and French economy revolved around cotton, so if they would of successfully taken Mexico maybe the confederates would of won .

  • Eddie Acosta
    Eddie Acosta 2 months ago

    you guys are a bunch of idiots you guys don't want the illegals here but you guys celebrate cinco DeMayo

    LIFEBUOY 2 months ago

    hang on, so why did Mexico owe France, Spain and England money? So basically Mexicans are celebrating defeating France even though they are the thief's?

    LIFEBUOY 2 months ago

    And here i have been told it was mexico's independence day.

    • xavi nunez
      xavi nunez 2 months ago

      No, our independence day is in September 16th of 1810.

  • Nhatnam Vo
    Nhatnam Vo 2 months ago

    Oh tepuila yummy

  • Melissa Gies
    Melissa Gies 2 months ago

    Dear Mr. Narrator I believe it's Puebla not pueblo, otherwise a great fluff piece!

    • Melissa Gies
      Melissa Gies 1 month ago

      You don't have to be Mexican to mispronounce words. Watch the video first before commenting so you can understand the context!

    • Flor Marin
      Flor Marin 1 month ago

      Melissa Gies it is pueblo i know this because im mexican

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious 2 months ago

    I love Seen Cold They Mile. It's an amazing day I get to eat all the tacos I want.

  • Jime Reyes
    Jime Reyes 3 months ago

    Piche tonto. No subas un video de México con la bandera al revés.

  • Tatyana Nava
    Tatyana Nava 5 months ago

    I was born 5-5-05 but 4:46 my mom didn't want to wait till five lol btw I'm not kidding lol

  • Rosa Hernandez
    Rosa Hernandez 11 months ago

    bitch im a mexican I'm crazy😝😝😝

  • xxCoolmexican xx
    xxCoolmexican xx 1 year ago

    no its pueblo not puebla. none mexicanI'm a mexican

  • Last-Gen Dempsey
    Last-Gen Dempsey 1 year ago

    and we have dumbass white people celebrating their deaths

  • Easily offended millennial

    I bet if Donald Trump becomes President he will try to ban Cinco de Mayo

  • Holy Son
    Holy Son 1 year ago

    The ameriKKKunt cowboy has turned into dung.

  • Doney Hon
    Doney Hon 1 year ago

    Next time we will throw nuclear weapons on this shithole instead of sending troops against the third world.

    • xavi nunez
      xavi nunez 2 months ago

      franafrica is full is arabs and niggers, you are more 3rd world jean pierre hahahahahha

      you cant defeat us, terrorist.

    • Christian Saldaña
      Christian Saldaña 4 months ago

      Doney Hon you won't do shit actually, Frenchie.

    • Doney Hon
      Doney Hon 4 months ago

      +Zekyo blabla, enjoy the wall!

    • Zekyo
      Zekyo 4 months ago

      +Doney Hon Lmao France is shit at wars, they always get destroyed in just weeks when a war breaks out.

    • TestSubject G7
      TestSubject G7 5 months ago

      looking to get your ass woped again gringo

  • Iron Will
    Iron Will 1 year ago

    fuck Mexican history, Trump is about to erase all of you from the world. Then nobody will remember you. Les see you say VIVA LA RAZA now.

    • Brandon Castillo
      Brandon Castillo 1 year ago

      +Jaguar Warrior one could say the same about sanders supporters with black panthers, la raza, "whitey" is evil bullshit.

    • Jaguar Warrior
      Jaguar Warrior 1 year ago

      And people claim Trump doesn't embolden racist scum. Exhibit A.

    • Brandon Castillo
      Brandon Castillo 1 year ago

      +Iron Will whoa relax man I'm a trump supporter but thats uncalled for. I hate La Raza gangs as much as you but lets not get carried away. there are latinos that support trump.

  • legnends rock 69
    legnends rock 69 1 year ago

    who ever don't liked the video races

  • ffailing class
    ffailing class 1 year ago


  • KingdorismHD
    KingdorismHD 1 year ago

    why we celebrate it you ask? well because fucking parties man. I know my independence day is the 15 follow up by 16 which is el grito. but who cares in the usa when we get to party

  • Ulysses North
    Ulysses North 1 year ago

    The cowboy hat originated from sombreros (fun fact). Happy CDM to our Mexican friends!

    • borgyoh
      borgyoh 1 month ago

      mexicans are mestizos. mestizo means native and any european ancestry.

    • Karl Thomson
      Karl Thomson 1 month ago

      Ulysses North Sombrero is of European origin, mexican is not a race, Im mexican myself and I have an anglosaxon surname.

    • sanic the hegehog
      sanic the hegehog 8 months ago

      +Jaime Torres true

    • Jaime Torres
      Jaime Torres 1 year ago

      yes the American cowboy was adopted by the MEXICAN "Vaqueros" Fact

  • Erieolae
    Erieolae 1 year ago

    3 hours wtf

  • BlkRose
    BlkRose 1 year ago

    If you are not Mexican, Mexican American or do not have any Mexican ancestry i would not understand why celebrate this. Why does the USA celebrates this?????????????????

    • colomblanco
      colomblanco 1 month ago

      It's a day for Americans to make fun of Mexicans, similar to St Paddy's Day. The difference is that America shits on Mexicans, so it makes it less funny.

    • TestSubject G7
      TestSubject G7 5 months ago

      cuz the mexicans stop the French linking with the confedrates to bring down the union and you know how that shit would of ended if that ever happend

    • BlkRose
      BlkRose 1 year ago

      +Ben Rodriguez i agree Ben

    • BlkRose
      BlkRose 1 year ago

      +Ulysses North i also asked that question before

    • Ben Rodriguez
      Ben Rodriguez 1 year ago

      +Ulysses North a lot of people use it as an excuse to drink, just like saint Patricks day

  • Joshua Cecento
    Joshua Cecento 1 year ago

    Cinco de mayo is my dad's birthday 🎂 aka today

    • Erieolae
      Erieolae 1 year ago

      its my granpa's birthday

  • 02Nawal
    02Nawal 1 year ago

    You mean battle of Puebla not Pueblo you fucking idiots.

  • aricars6263
    aricars6263 1 year ago

    VIVA TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!

    • NCR Vet
      NCR Vet 1 year ago

      +aricars6263 oh wait your serious

    • aricars6263
      aricars6263 1 year ago

      +NCR Vet No joke bout an ILLEGAL immigrant infested country, Save America deport a wetback!

    • NCR Vet
      NCR Vet 1 year ago

      Lol I get the joke

    • aricars6263
      aricars6263 1 year ago

      +Luis Acosta La tuya!

    • Luis Acosta
      Luis Acosta 1 year ago

      Get the fuck outta here

  • Tony Alabama
    Tony Alabama 1 year ago

    1:26 is right, he meant that shit. That's why we have to build the wall...

    • The Pink Floyd Sound
      The Pink Floyd Sound 10 months ago


    • sebastian ojeda
      sebastian ojeda 1 year ago

      puto xenófobo :v

  • ThusIsBrad
    ThusIsBrad 1 year ago

    Mexico is part of north america

  • The Weird One
    The Weird One 1 year ago


  • Cara Hazelbrook
    Cara Hazelbrook 1 year ago

    A quick recap of the holiday, but not sure why it has to mention the booze part two times...we teacher have to be careful what we show our students so we aren't accused of glorifying the wrong things.

    • Adrian Venegas Mena
      Adrian Venegas Mena 1 year ago

      +Cara Hazelbrook I used this with mine today, same thoughts about the booze part.

  • Al Velasco
    Al Velasco 1 year ago

    it's PueblAAAAAA not pueblOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you goon!!

  • AlsoBeyond Higgsboson


    Napoleon, thanks to Ann Coulter, can now
    be genuinely connected to key events in
    our time, and Cinco de Mayo is a giveaway.

    Ann Coulter is perhaps best known for falsely
    calling Messrs. Clinton, Gore and Edwards

    Variations of scapegoating men, straight men,
    simply owing to gender, include, for instance,
    the Dale Akiki case.

    This is in direct response to those women
    of now one and a half Centuries ago (which
    is actually just 3 generations, plus or minus,)
    who sought equality not just for themselves
    but who insisted it be applied to everyone,
    and specifically to the black slaves (of course
    including men.)

    Coulter comes 150 years later but:
    James Buchanan had been a gay President
    whose status caused no problem for the

    Anti-Napoleon forces were in fact on the
    march during this period, which is the period
    of the U.S. Civil War (just prior to Lincoln's
    ending slavery, then getting murdered.)

    Ignacio Zaragoza won his battle against
    Napoleon's vassal in this time (the actual
    basis of the partying.)

    The Nazi economic reality replaces equality
    with scapegoating, and first with sexual
    scapegoating, particularly designed as in the
    manner of use by Coulter:
    literally, you do not get the masculine insecure
    mysyogynist, desparate for recognition and love,
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    hired by the oligarch, instructing a culture based
    on the culture we know as Ann Coulter calling
    men faggot--falsely.

    And thus Coulter's is actually the religion
    of Napoleon.

    Hitler was identical but more egrigiously.

    What instigated him is paradoxical, also part
    of the Napoleon Regime.

    How it is the person most determined, by family
    and community experience, to carry on this false
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    the one being gay--a closeted gay fascist or conflicte
    person falsely calling others gay, or viciously attacking
    actual gays (the Nazi's exterminated them)-- is actually
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    Youtube doesn't allow URL's so search:
    Ann Coulter: "gays can get married if they
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    will simply happen far more than naturally, in the
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    And so the followers of this false religion more intensely
    inbreed what's ordinarily a highly varied trait:
    Being Gay IS In Your Genes, Northwestern University Study

  • Gabriel Infante Carrillo

    Mexico won the battle but lost the war! France in conspiracy with the Mexican conservative party, who wanted to defeat the liberal government of President Benito Juárez imposed an emperor, so Napoleon II send Maximilian archduke of Austria and her wife Carlota to Mexico. Meanwhile Benito Juárez established his government in what is known today as Ciudad Juárez.

  • Pablo Godina
    Pablo Godina 1 year ago


  • trendgil
    trendgil 1 year ago

    Omg stupid ass George Bush

  • Boricua for life
    Boricua for life 2 years ago

    Fuck cinco de mayo lol

  • Axel Ayala
    Axel Ayala 2 years ago

    America, where they hate Mexican immigrants yet celebrate a holiday of theirs. It's all about the money in the states, the video proves it; huge profits from booze and food, why wouldn't corporations and companies want to celebrate it if it brings them profits? Wow

    • Lonely Wolf
      Lonely Wolf 1 year ago

      yeah totally true I bet Trump is upset on 5 de Mayo along with his racist ass supporters

  • Dhaniel Sexte
    Dhaniel Sexte 2 years ago

    La bandera al revés: s

  • the50cent05
    the50cent05 2 years ago

    We dont celebrate this in mex, only mexican-american celebrate that, we dont give a shit about this holiday. (im mexican)

    • CrazySoon9413
      CrazySoon9413 1 month ago

      Then you guys should embrace and celebrate it....

  • Jesse Madrid
    Jesse Madrid 2 years ago

    Awww John howard why are you mad, is it because one of those spics fucked one your family member or actually your wife that likes bigger dicks with flavor? Lmao lmao loser

  • Philip Morris
    Philip Morris 2 years ago

    Such a fucking liberal idiot. Can't even pronounce the correct mexican state. Burn.

    • Ulysses North
      Ulysses North 1 year ago

      +Philip Morris fuck you contard, go rape a black woman

  • noe cruz
    noe cruz 2 years ago

    "Battle of Pueblo"????
    It's Puebla.

  • tina bea
    tina bea 2 years ago

    Ola mi compadres comastas! Fieliece cinco de mayo!

  • Joey Laren
    Joey Laren 2 years ago

    I am Mexican American and I'll tell you. You all better watch Latinos are becoming a great political power and our culture are being practiced by many now. LATINO STAND UP

    • guts the demon slayer
      guts the demon slayer 3 months ago

      Joey Laren mexico was france vietnam the mexian french war was the soviet afghanistan war for france

    • Kozmos
      Kozmos 1 year ago

      "Really" as in r-e-a-l-l-y "in actual fact, as opposed to what is said or imagined to be true or possible?".

    • aricars6263
      aricars6263 1 year ago

      +Kozmos Really?

    • Kozmos
      Kozmos 1 year ago

      +aricars6263 Learn to spell "School" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Joey Laren
      Joey Laren 1 year ago

      +Elmaleta Gonzalez wow there speedy gonzalez..
      keeo it classy now

  • Carlangas
    Carlangas 2 years ago

    Flipping the mexican flag like they did is considered an offence.

    • Ana
      Ana 2 months ago

      aricars6263 kys with trump

    • aricars6263
      aricars6263 1 year ago

      +Francisco VIVA TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!

    • Francisco
      Francisco 1 year ago

      +aricars6263 and rubbed on Trump's face

    • aricars6263
      aricars6263 2 years ago

      +Metallicarlangas It should be used to wipe the shit off the horses asses.

  • alex rs
    alex rs 2 years ago

    At a time when France was the strongest army in the world, that's the big deal.

    • Jeremy Hervois
      Jeremy Hervois 1 month ago

      France was really weak in the 19th century after Napoléon's defeat, what the hell are you talking about

    • Yousif Hassan
      Yousif Hassan 1 month ago

      قعاااااااااااااااااااااااااااا صاخ ؤشقثس؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

      I HATE TOUCANS 1 month ago

      guts the demon slayer not sure what you mean black hole for the "American empiere", because losing one third of your land and having Mexico city fall to American troops isn't really a black hole. Well if you meant black hole by ass hole. then that would of made more sense. Because thats were the US fucked Mexico at.

    • Indrid Cold
      Indrid Cold 1 month ago

      alex rs Even the French must respect the enormous effort made to repell them. Just as Winston Churchill respected German General Erwin Rommel and admired his brilliant military tactics. One can respect and admire your enemy. Of course, you must protect yourself against your enemy, no matter how efficiently and brilliantly your enemy may deploy their forces against you. I believe Sir Winston Churchill did make a speech stating that England could not rest against such a brilliant enemy as General Rommel, Germany's best and most intelligent general.

    • guts the demon slayer
      guts the demon slayer 3 months ago

      alex rs mexico is the blackhole for empires french empire spanish empire british empire american empire

  • Georgee Ruiz-Williams


  • Jason Castle
    Jason Castle 2 years ago

    Brian, what's the history of Cinco de Mayo?

    • OnionChoppingNinja
      OnionChoppingNinja 1 year ago

      +Jason Castle
      *Images of people drinking booze and hitting themselves in the face; all while there is Mexican music
      playing in the background*

      LO SIENTO!

      ahh good times...

  • Galo
    Galo 2 years ago

    your mexican flag is reversed dude...

    • Jime Reyes
      Jime Reyes 3 months ago

      Ya sé! Que no mamen

    • Am I the only one Comment
      Am I the only one Comment 2 years ago

      +aricars6263 But you took the time to watch a video that clearly states "Cinco de Mayo: A Brief History" very interesting.

    • aricars6263
      aricars6263 2 years ago

      +Galo It dont matter, its just mexico.

  • humberto terrones Esquivel

    Puebla not Pueblo.

    • David Isabelli
      David Isabelli 1 month ago

      humberto terrones Esquivel , exactly, you'd think they would know that, right? ¡Híjole! 🇲🇽🇺🇸. 😂😂😂

  • cuadros
    cuadros 2 years ago

    American holiday, fake and gay. Comming from a mexican cinco de mayo is pointless

  • Liam
    Liam 2 years ago

    *Britain, not England. They're not the same thing.

  • John Howard
    John Howard 2 years ago

    Nobody gives a shit about the spic Stinko de Mayo.

    • Messi Ronaldo
      Messi Ronaldo 1 month ago

      John Howard kys

    • Plinche Buggy
      Plinche Buggy 1 month ago

      RageAgainstTraditionalUS white people are the Minortiy now

    • John Howard
      John Howard 4 months ago

      I see you thought your comment was so important that you had to repeat it. Good for you. Now I'll delete both of them.

    • John Howard
      John Howard 2 years ago

      +petey1115 Something that will never happen to you.

    • aricars6263
      aricars6263 2 years ago

      +Rodger Moreno Whats wrong with tits on a nun? No ones trying to insult you , your just talking shit about other peoples race.

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