Top 11 Lesbian Couples Part 1 Updated

I watched more movie's and shows and put them on here

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Author Vam Sy ( ago)
i love sue and maud ... i like the way they act....😊😍

Author Sang Dengsoth ( ago)

Author Theresa Oyeme Gabriel ( ago)

Author Theresa Oyeme Gabriel ( ago)

Author Chana Chana (1026 years ago)

Author benz elizabeth ( ago)
Thanks for include heavenly creatures. ♥Kate winslet and Melanie lynskey

Author Rutchanok Pinnak ( ago)
#1 Emily & Naomi :/ Btw I think Spanish lesbian couple are great.
I love Greta & Paloma and Valerie & Agustina 

Author rose san ( ago)
Where's Bo & Lauren from the Lost girl???

Author Let's Chutiyapa (LC) ( ago)

Author Marie Bradshaw ( ago)
my favorite is naomi and emily

Author Marie Bradshaw ( ago)
amy and lucy are so sweet...

Author devon Royer ( ago)
Jordana Brewster isnt lesbian. Were these movies or something

Author devon Royer ( ago)
Jordana Brewster isnt lesbian. Were these movies or something

Author Iam Ms.Nerdy ( ago)
"when I love its beyond measure; if only there is that someone whom I could
lay my love to" -katkit

Author mary swisher ( ago)
Good grief!!! Where are Pepa and Silvia??? The best love story yet -- Los
Hombres de Paco!!

Author kahba Zokeljem ( ago)
I love it ...

Author muhammed rafeeque ( ago)
Downlod the vidio

Author ابو محمد المصري ( ago)
اتقو الله

Author Prionni McAfee ( ago)
Guiding Light: Olivia and Natalia, Bloomington: Catherine and Jackie

Author Tardigrade & Snake ( ago)
I can not believe Naomi and Emily were first. I thought they weren't even
going to be included on the list!

Author casildo oyanguren ( ago)
Muy bueno me gusta

Author Ally Fern ( ago)
1st song is i'll be by edwin mcain duh

Author Jack Leone ( ago)
what about Shane and Carmen or Dana and Alice ??

Author rubyrox24 ( ago)
ok, not only are you missing the l word, but you are missing one of my all
time favorite lesbian couple, Willow and Tara from Buffy the vampire slayer

Author luna bernal ( ago)
Me podrias regalar el nombre de la cancion que empieza en el minuto 8:16
muchas gracias. :)

Author Michelin Poppetje ( ago)
Whats the name of the song that starts at 5.40?? Also from, lost and
delirious... Help me, cant find it....

Author júlia Bastos ( ago)
background songs: 1. I'll Be - Goo Goo Dolls
2. Beautiful - Meshell Ndegeocello
3. Two Is Better Than One - Boys Like Girls feat Taylor Swift

Author مها ابراهيم ( ago)
شهوة رووووعة

Author dzoni bravo ( ago)
Shit. I’m really envious of my brother at present. He has been single
permanently. By a luck, he has got a model to love him in weeks. How is
that possible? He laughed and said he obtained the Cupid Love System
(Google it!) I wish someone lovely told me they loved me… I’ve not
witnessed him so happy. Kind of makes me sick.

Author Md Ainul ( ago)
ok i understood 

Author d Archer ( ago)
WTH!! I'm here for bette and least shane and carmen also the top
10 couples beside silvia and pepa!!

Author Hany Mesbah ( ago)
All these movies are Jew production. They want gay/les youth generations so
they can conquer any country they want. What a gay/les relationship will
produce? Unstable people.

Author lea manauag ( ago)
you should include PEPA Y SILVIA...the best couple ive ever seen..perfect
chemistry...I LOVE TALA AND LEILA TOO....

Author Sanjeeb Maharjan ( ago)
Alright. I'm annoyed. My nephew sleeps in the next room. I'm irritated
because he just turned great at picking up gals. He found the Master
Attraction website by Jake Ayres (Search in Google). All he's doing now is
banging women. He's consistently getting the ladies back and I hear it.
It's disgusting and If only he had not found that site. My best friend just
signed up and got a blowjob a week later.

Author Nik TB ( ago)

Author Astryd Bolaños ( ago)
straight???? sure??? :P the l word PLL the O.C. Sophie and Sian Skins 5

Author 이정훈 ( ago)
This great Warning will happen soon. Every single one of My children will
be shown their lives, their sins, their wrong doings and every single
insult they were responsible for against their brothers and sisters, all
during a mystical experience. When the sun spins, the cross appears, and
the skies burn red by the collision of two comets, do not be fearful to see
this spectacle and receive my Mercy with great joy!
w..thewarningsecondcoming.c.. Nov. 22, 2010 Our Lord 

Author Hyorin Song ( ago)
background song?

Author Lockawannablu3z ( ago)
bette and tina? 

Author Monika Verstegen ( ago)
wowww at 5:46! such a beautiful ladyss

Author john parkins ( ago)
celebrate all love!!

Author Sofiane1993 ( ago)
I want, but i am a guy.

Author cokinabeach ( ago)

Author Choki Niki ( ago)
lol be gay first :D 

Author Jennifer Chenoweth ( ago)
hold up lol What about Sophie and Sian from Coronation Street that's my all
time favorite couple and what about Willow and Tara from Buffy the Vampire
slayer. you may have to update your list again lol

Author pitufina caracola ( ago)
diooos, en serio a mi skins tambien me parece la mejor pareja, y vi todas
las pelis que recomendaste, eres un amor. garcias 

Author gabby washington ( ago)
yes..jk..but really 

Author GOTHVAMP72 ( ago)
how about the girls in the L word there very hot!!!! I am pansexual and
think love between any human is sexy!!!! gay, strait, bi, trangender,
intersexed, love is love!!!!!

Author allycat360 ( ago)
Hey the name of the first song is called " i`ll be " by Edwin McCain 

Author Carla Sampaio ( ago)
I'll be- Edwin Mccain 

Author Carla Sampaio ( ago)
What is the name of the first song? 

Author Carla Sampaio ( ago)
Qual o nome da primeira musica? 

Author Gabriele Ivy Mcgrey ( ago)
i'm straight but i love seeing women inlove with each other but i can't
picture myself having that kind of relationship i don't know what's on 

Author Angel Martinez ( ago)

Author samantha attard cassar ( ago)
you could include callie and arizona (greys anatomy)

Author 88motho ( ago)
U must also include Rebecca and Marlene.

Author nimfa pulido ( ago)
u must include pepa and silvia 

Author mahesh saxena ( ago)
h r u jenni add me 

Author mybbei09 ( ago)
maybe you're not straight at all :-) 

Author Glenna Brown ( ago)
so you do dislike Tina and Beth? Or Shane and Carmen?

Author Diana María González Juspian ( ago)
Search Circumstance and Bloomington. 

Author KawaiiDreamStream ( ago)
LOL dunno about where u live.. where I live, lesbians usually are the
prettiest and coolest as they feel such beauty will be such a waste if they
give themselves up to a guy !! 

Author mio akiyama ( ago)
seriously?? then explain why do i still look beautiful..

Author mustafa alibrahimy ( ago)

Author Gabriela Stoineva ( ago)
what's the name of the last song 

Author JayLachFV ( ago)
Jenni, fuck your pretty 

Author giselle zarco ( ago)
where da fuck is Shane and Carmen?!?!?!?! D:

Author lel fgts ( ago)
This is probably one of the most ridiculous and ignorant things I have read
in a long time. 

Author Lety Hernandez ( ago)
Naomi y Emily <3

Author sardar sardari ( ago)
fuck u

Author Mallory Knox ( ago)
You get pleanty of un attractive straight girls.... and loads of
unattractive men...... are they mentally unstable too? Being gay is not a
mental instability, that was established as soon as psychology started
researching it. There is nothing to suggest it is in unhealthy, or
detrimental to everyday fact their biggest threat to mentally
instability are the people who percute them.... like you, so if you care
about health and stability... then you should be tolerant. Just sayin

Author Sarah Lesbo ( ago)
I addicted to lesbian porn

Author Alejandra Ibáñez ( ago)

Author Lucy Kaysen ( ago)
Excuse me?

Author octopibingo ( ago)
The agenda pushes beautiful women as lesbians to make them more palatable,
but real lesbians do all they can to ugly themselves up and look like truck
drivers. Part of the mental instability, I suppose.

Author LhaLha Ramirez ( ago) a straight women but i love watching these kind of love..where can
I find like these?..:)

Author chazul07 ( ago)
Hey good video but you must see the L Word u will love it and there is my
favorite lesbian couple Bette and Tina, that tv show really shows that not
everything in the lesbian world is about sex 

Author slimsilk1 ( ago)
i really thought loving annabelle and i can't think straight were beautiful
movies and i am glad its number 2 and 3. Lesbians have this passion that
men cannot satisfy. i have friends and one thing boys dont understand is
that not everything is about sex. 

Author midou mimou ( ago)
there is a boy if you want? 

Author Oganesson ( ago)
and your comment has 8 from 8 horny teenage boys who like lesbians

Author samatha petty ( ago)
how old are you and were do you live 

Author dee 19 ( ago)

Author Carminha San Diego ( ago)
naomily tinha que representar HAHHAHAH

Author Aletha Jacinto ( ago)
what movies are they from?

Author Jenni Anantasu ( ago)
Any girls want to play?

Author karzan amin ( ago)
jjjjjjjjjjjjjjwana zz 

Author Natalie Edwards ( ago)
Oh,,, me and my gf should make a love scene video also.

Author Tee D Thúy Trà Dương ( ago)
yes i do

Author TAKEOFF10 ( ago)
I am a guy, and I am not a hater, and your right, most guys do think that
two lesbinas having sex is hot, it dam sure turns me on, I have two very
good friends who are lesbins and sometimes when we are together, they let
me watch "not touch" but watch, and thats enough for me.

Author RamBam3000 ( ago)
No Bo and Lauren from "Lost Girl"?

Author Maybeeee ( ago)
Meshell Ndegeocello - Beautiful

Author James Smith ( ago)
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Author خالد قدوري ( ago)

Author Tye Abdilla ( ago)
Naomily xxxx 

Author Zapata War ( ago)
Pepa & Sylvia for nr 1

Author Geene McGee ( ago)

Author Awdaly Saleh ( ago)
Now manmax or maxman is useful .

Author DigitalLove000 ( ago)
If you want to find the love you've been looking for or to have sex try

Author Sarah Poe ( ago)
What about Callie and Arizona from Grey's Anatomy??

Author Jonathan Huston ( ago)
How did you achieve the Edwin McCain copy rights as to use his song? By the
way love your vid.

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