Top 11 Lesbian Couples Part 1 Updated

I watched more movie's and shows and put them on here

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Author Prionni McAfee (4 months)
Guiding Light: Olivia and Natalia, Bloomington: Catherine and Jackie

Author júlia Bastos (7 months)
background songs: 1. I'll Be - Goo Goo Dolls
2. Beautiful - Meshell Ndegeocello
3. Two Is Better Than One - Boys Like Girls feat Taylor Swift

Author kahba Zokeljem (3 months)
I love it ...

Author mary swisher (2 months)
Good grief!!! Where are Pepa and Silvia??? The best love story yet -- Los
Hombres de Paco!!

Author devon Royer (2 months)
Jordana Brewster isnt lesbian. Were these movies or something

Author wasim anowar (26 days)

Author Michelin Poppetje (6 months)
Whats the name of the song that starts at 5.40?? Also from, lost and
delirious... Help me, cant find it....

Author Ally Fern (5 months)
1st song is i'll be by edwin mcain duh

Author muhammed rafeeque (4 months)
Downlod the vidio

Author Marie Bradshaw (1 month)
my favorite is naomi and emily

Author Marie Bradshaw (1 month)
amy and lucy are so sweet...

Author maria de jesus (2 years)
A very romantic video

Author Iam Ms.Nerdy (2 months)
"when I love its beyond measure; if only there is that someone whom I could
lay my love to" -katkit

Author rubyrox24 (5 months)
ok, not only are you missing the l word, but you are missing one of my all
time favorite lesbian couple, Willow and Tara from Buffy the vampire slayer

Author Gay Kid (5 months)
what about Shane and Carmen or Dana and Alice ??

Author Harlen Helen (4 months)
I can not believe Naomi and Emily were first. I thought they weren't even
going to be included on the list!

Author Md Ainul (9 months)
ok i understood

Author chazul07 (1 year)
Hey good video but you must see the L Word u will love it and there is my
favorite lesbian couple Bette and Tina, that tv show really shows that not
everything in the lesbian world is about sex

Author 987akaten (1 year)

Author Amina horr (11 months)
I love the fucking night and day if is possible without hard mmmmm mmmmmm

Author Inzimam UL HAQ (1 year)
That was fantastic content. I was so confused observing my associate go
from being lame to a ladies man. He went from zero to hero. He pretended he
didn't realize. Then he told me while he was wasted. He said he learned
from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you will
discover it... He's dating a stunner... Lucky bastard!

Author TAKEOFF10 (1 year)
I am a guy, and I am not a hater, and your right, most guys do think that
two lesbinas having sex is hot, it dam sure turns me on, I have two very
good friends who are lesbins and sometimes when we are together, they let
me watch "not touch" but watch, and thats enough for me.

Author cokinabeach (10 months)

Author Julie Hill (1 year)
Whomever made this vid' is an idiot. NOTHING of the L Word in here at ALL.
You suck.

Author micah brew (1 year)
the couple in "I can't think straight" are played by the same actors in
"the world unseen".

Author Naya Morris (1 year)

Author Rachel Watson (1 year)
What about Elena Undone? Elena and Peyton?!

Author Choki Niki (10 months)
lol be gay first :D

Author chichie cazimir (1 year)
i don't like finger lol

Author Astryd Bolaños (9 months)
straight???? sure??? :P the l word PLL the O.C. Sophie and Sian Skins 5

Author J Thora (1 year)
naomily <3

Author Geene McGee (1 year)

Author Lockawannablu3z (10 months)
bette and tina?

Author DigitalLove000 (1 year)
If you want to find the love you've been looking for or to have sex try

Author john parkins (10 months)
celebrate all love!!

Author clarence estremera (1 year)

Author Hyorin Song (10 months)
background song?

Author Diana Meyer (1 year)
I just posted a music video of my girlfriend and I, maybe you will like it

Author bigbahja2011 (1 year)

Author mio akiyama (11 months)
seriously?? then explain why do i still look beautiful..

Author karzan amin (1 year)
jjjjjjjjjjjjjjwana zz

Author Stefany Ceballos González (11 months)
Search Circumstance and Bloomington.

Author Monika Verstegen (10 months)
wowww at 5:46! such a beautiful ladyss

Author beat Home (1 year)
im looking forward for having a girlfriend who can love you for what and
who you are..i hope i can find someone like this on the video

Author Jennifer Chenoweth (10 months)
hold up lol What about Sophie and Sian from Coronation Street that's my all
time favorite couple and what about Willow and Tara from Buffy the Vampire
slayer. you may have to update your list again lol

Author april idontwannausemyname (1 year)
We don't want your help. If you were just going to spread hate, why did you
click on this video?

Author Іпатій Коловрат (1 year)
How THIS can help me to improve English ?

Author lel fgts (11 months)
This is probably one of the most ridiculous and ignorant things I have read
in a long time.

Author july villasenor (1 year)
how about pepa and silvia

Author خالد قدوري (1 year)

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