ビアンのStation ② (Female Prison--Lesbian Japan)--Eng Sub

New Lesbian Series following "Sexy storm". Enjoy my collection of Lesbian Short Dramas.

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Author Ail Ail ( ago)

Author toto what ( ago)
what is a name film

Author toto what ( ago)
what is a name film

Author 陳政安 ( ago)

Author Sandy Vies ( ago)
Which is the name of the last song?

Author 김영선 ( ago)
오늘 한번 달려봐요 오빠♥~ 폰.팅. 06O-6O7-1881♥성.인.들의 탈출구~ 오늘밤 짜릿하게 연애해요~
♥사.랑.파트너~성.인.폰.팅~ 폰.팅. o6o-5oo-4687

Author Thomas Rambazamba ( ago)
...and obviously the land of the rising sun has not upgraded the prison
system since WW 2. Saves money, my uneducated guess...

Author Thomas Rambazamba ( ago)
Hot girls in cuffs. O yez. 

Author richard bailey ( ago)
on that perverted side of youtube again. how do i keep coming here?????

Author Abra Sanjani ( ago)
Ooooh! How delicious! Thrown into cages with young, horny, ravenous
lesbitches, who only want to abuse you violently, which they call love. I
call it love, too. The key in satisfying your sexual demons, and those of
others, is to frighten yourself and them with how far you'll go and
furiously. You've never cum, not really, until you been forced while you're
horrified out of your wits.

Author GetMineGetYours80 ( ago)
she is rui saotome. she is so hot.

Author albaniahzba ( ago)
i dont like japan fuck you all

Author 245kenz ( ago)
7:06 rui saotome !!!

Author cyninthecity1 ( ago)
no subtitles english please tys honey

Author Jasumi ( ago)
I love this band/song at the beginning lol

Author khatpandwa ( ago)
good film, spiritual experience, god bless you

Author dgsh2 ( ago)
damn this washot.

Author Didik Didikjaenuri ( ago)

Author bendol poll ( ago)
ada yg mau sma gue..,, ntar gue bayar deh cuma 1hari

Author Manjunath Rajam ( ago)
ha its still only youtube. found a site the other day which is out of
control just real horny girls who want to skype and get naughty have a look
at this:

Author Jazzy Lisztomania ( ago)
Whats the name of this show...

Author Luna Vandebeek ( ago)
Name of movie is Eng Sub

Author tany z ( ago)
name of movie?

Author masasilove1224 ( ago)
この続き見たい♪ あと、ミッシングっていう映画があるみたいなんですが、それもUPお願いします(≧∇≦)

Author Mika Yassi ( ago)
what a dope vide hugs xo

Author Jennyfer Saez ( ago)
subtitulos en español spanish subt. :)

Author Alaa Alalaa ( ago)
All your movie is very wonderful ...But we hope to write the names until
you download full movies

Author leo gyui ( ago)
japanese associate sex with violence, hierarchy and dominance... very sick

Author doni sandro ( ago)
mau dong di ewe-sex-coli-onani-isep

Author Aya Brea ( ago)
its Saotome Rui so cute

Author lloyd1191 ( ago)
What's the name of the series that starts at 5:30? I like that one more
than the other one.

Author FlameHazeKatsu K.T. ( ago)
Where can i watch this????? >_<

Author leon heart ( ago)
@Yoko0MakiCinema what is the name of boths of the series?

Author leon heart ( ago)
what is the name of the series that appears in the 5:12

Author nick sanghee ( ago)

Author john flecher ( ago)
fuk that warden she is a basterd

Author fryn25 ( ago)
tangna okey lang sana kung sobrang ganda ng warden, pero ang pangit eh!
shit!! ahahhaha

Author classified tsix ( ago)
Great band; sick video, in a bad way.

Author pulxikul02 ( ago)
What the movie name ????

Author VampTalbain ( ago)

Author Tran Hien ( ago)
This looks a little bit like Lady Gaga's style.

Author Jenna Marie ( ago)
what. the. f*ck.

Author em inem ( ago)
the fuck did i just watch?

Author kriss18robinson ( ago)

Author Willette Mccloud ( ago)
whats the name of this

Author Raymetrious ( ago)
ok 2005 i get it but how did 2009 , 2nd movie sparks love ???

Author fred123212 ( ago)
Humm I would really like to know the name of both movies in this video if
someone know, I'm no the only one who want to know it apparently I did some
researches but can't find it :(

Author fred123212 ( ago)
@realisrealizerealies What the fuck? fuck you dumbshit.

Author fred123212 ( ago)
@tinahere Thanks for the name of the song:DD

Author realisrealizerealies ( ago)
Sickening...there is no fantasy in violence and repression yellowfucks!!!

Author Zamzung Nirvana ( ago)
whats the name of the first MOVIE? plz tell me :) ^.^ ''

Author Zamzung Nirvana ( ago)
Hi Can SOMEONE PLEAAAAASSS!!! tell me the name of the first movie? Just the
name!!! plz plz!!! <3 <3

Author themiyou ( ago)
@Yoko0MakiCinema やっぱりいいですね

Author moika2020 ( ago)
@moika2020 or...does anybody know the names of the songs or singers in this

Author moika2020 ( ago)
what's song is it from 5:00?

Author MultiSinoda ( ago)

Author holkenberg1 ( ago)
OH MY F------ GOD... what guy doesn't have this fetish with asian girls
????? i think i just came and i didn't even touch my dick LOL

Author manpanda1234 ( ago)
wanna watch!!!

Author Sudesh pissa ( ago)
what crime i should do to go to this prison.. huh???

Author Jhenisus ( ago)
Messed up but interesting piece

Author mindnighter ( ago)
whats the name of the second one????

Author LoveAlice X ( ago)
@JaveyLover thanks

Author JaveyLover ( ago)
@LonelyAznSinger Watashigai no Uta by zwei

Author JaveyLover ( ago)
@TheYeohGongCheung the first song is dragon by zwei

Author themiyou ( ago)
@Yoko0MakiCinema 分かりました。

Author atanderson93 ( ago)
7:51 she was the prettiest one of them all

Author cadburycaramel ( ago)
that shit was mad gay yo

Author Yoko0MakiCinema ( ago)
@themiyou ごめん、後半がちょう激しいYoutubeに絶対削除される。

Author themiyou ( ago)

Author themiyou ( ago)

Author fred123212 ( ago)
What's the name of the songs plz :)?

Author Enigma75 ( ago)
Beautiful asian girls, prison and handcuffs...very hot!

Author redturbo08 ( ago)
where can i download this movie

Author Tiffany C ( ago)
Girls Rules!!

Author JC Rezonna ( ago)
What a great them to choose! And so many great actresses from past and
present too. I do miss Rikopin and Shoko, so it's great to see them here.
But also I am pleased to see more of Ryo Takamiya and Yuno Hoshi too, so
thanks for posting this excellent, excellent clip!

Author TheYeohGongCheung ( ago)
Awhh ..Riko and Shouko are just soo peferct together! I am happy to see you
made a video for those two again =] Also the other two girls ...that was
just so cute and ver ybeautiful in the end .. I would love to see more of
that. What is the first song called?

Author angie nguyen ( ago)
the warden said"these B word needs more training,lol

Author LoveAlice X ( ago)
BTW whats the secound song called?

Author LoveAlice X ( ago)
I loved the second part. The first part was good it had a little sweetness
in it which i like to see in alot of videos. :) and love the new vids.

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