How to Make a Zipper Sinnet Bracelet by TIAT

Paracord Fusion Ties - Volume 1: I've been tying the Zipper Sinnet longer the most any other knot I know. First learned at camp when I was eight years old, the number of bracelets I've made with this tying technique numbers into the hundreds.

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Author scubagirl ( ago)
I really enjoy all your tutorials, the pace makes them super easy to

Author Alexandru Marza ( ago)

Author sama sky ( ago)
wow liked

Author Lily Ravenwood ( ago)
omg...THANK YOU!!! I've been playing with gimp since last night trying to
figure out the "butterfly" stitch and now I finally have it!! I was just
about to give up...this was a great tutorial because I could finally see
just where and how to pull/make the loops. thank you!!!!!!!

Author Steffen Benz ( ago)
Can anyone tell me how much cord I need of both colors?

Author amnaa- AMNAA ( ago)
حلو جدا اعجبني👌👍👏

Author زينب عويض ( ago)
مره سهله

Author Wing Yan Yeung ( ago)
What kind of rope is it?

Author Miles Spear ( ago)
that not zipper that butterfly

Author Cesar Molina ( ago)
nomas te falta comentar cuantos metros de cordon usastes para esta pulsera,
ya que en ningun video tuyo pones ese dato,, fuera de todo esto muy bien el
procedimiento de elaboración

Author عروب مشعل ( ago)
ررروووعه 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍استمري👌👌

Author Ventris739 ( ago)
How would I do this using plastic buckles?

Author Amanda Shepherd ( ago)
I now this song its 16 again

Author mihai parcalabescu ( ago)
What is the material ?

Author The Diamond Villager ( ago)
i have plastic strings so its hard

Author Hannah Walker ( ago)
Please tell me what material you used!!

Author Visión 720 ( ago)
gracias por compartir tu conocimiento . saludos desde bogota

Author chiraz dz ( ago)

Author chiraz dz ( ago)
واااااااو هدا ليصنعه راااااااااااه مليح

Author Erik Ledesma ( ago)
q mierda no dice cuanto sentimetros ni nada *_*

Author Elizabeth Perdigon ( ago)

Author justjill666 ( ago)
What beautiful hands ! And a pleasure to watch, so relaxing watching you

Author Jacinatots ( ago)
Can u do commentary?

Author rock ( ago)
paracord .com i use

Author Agustín García ( ago)
Its name is paracord, or parachut cord, or parachute rope, 3/16"

Author Agustín García ( ago)
In you can buy it.

Author ANKITA gajjar ( ago)
i, m so confused :p

Author Benzy Schaffran ( ago)
How much cordage do I need

Author Nicolas Lovely ( ago)
that is not the zipper that's flat 

Author maria alondra ( ago)
Can someone plzz tell me where I can get paracord !?!?!?!?!?!?

Author Bhagwant Singh ( ago)
stupid question.... name of the fiber used :P

Author Juliane Roque ( ago)
Its post a tutorial of this model only with three colors?

Author sammie sev ( ago)
That is definitely not the zipper that is the butterfly

Author pkspence ( ago)
Paracord (parachute cord)

Author Amy Dunderdale ( ago)
I'm gonna give my BFF one

Author firedragon lustre ( ago)
thx allot 

Author Justina Chupae ( ago)
luks really nice.. bt gettin confused.. m tangled

Author Alyssa Nuguid ( ago)
It looks cool

Author WolfRanger2008 ( ago)
Once again I am here to Thank You for the fine instruction. This is the 6
or 7th bracelet that I have learned by your method and, in my opinion, one
of the easiest although still very attractive when finished. Thanks again.

Author puffalumpian ( ago)
thank you for the great tutorial!!

Author Veronica C ( ago)
That's butterfly

Author Erin Steward ( ago)
That is amazing I'm doing it with purple and white string Xxx !!!

Author wapoi I ( ago)
what do you call the chords that you are using?? 

Author shawan lewis ( ago)

Author tobias Rios ( ago)
very easy.thanks!

Author santiago portillo ( ago)
dope!!!!! thanks mute 

Author Jesus Martinez ( ago)
Dude you are amazing. . I hav learn a lot from you.... I make bracelet and
sell them at skool .. to pay for my bills... txs bro..... u amazing

Author AlfonzoGaming ( ago)
Why dont you talk in the tutorials, it would make the bracelets easier to
make and where do you get the supplies to make the bracelets

Author Brenda Esqui ( ago)
This is so boring ass hell

Author Brenda Esqui ( ago)
This is so boredobg ass hell

Author Wing Yan Yeung ( ago)
What is the rope?

Author BraceletBae ( ago)
its called the butterfly 

Author Sedrack Reyes ( ago)

Author Alex Buchan ( ago)

Author Alex Buchan ( ago)

Author Ryan Miller ( ago)
How much paracord do you need to use

Author Kyo Kusanagi ( ago)
Parabens !!!! Fiz e gostei muito !!! Muito top !!! 

Author maria ama ( ago)
So complicated on the part where you actually start to make the bracelet.
As the saying says ,"easier said than done". It's a good video anyway.=]

Author Holden Tyvand ( ago)
thank u soooooo much!!!!!! 

Author isabella rogers ( ago)
I did it and it turned out great it looks just like a surveil bracelet from
5 and below

Author WazzSauze33 (1537 years ago)
Understand what exactly? I watch a bunch of his videos and understand all
of them perfectly...

Author Keni Leigh ( ago)
ill try it

Author 4eatmypants ( ago)
How do you make this with a buckle. Please respond!!!

Author Melissa Armstrong ( ago)
Instead of doing the blood knot you can just do the overhand knot at the
beginning just to make it easier!!

Author cockapoolover7 ( ago)
I think you singe it so it wont fray, but im not sure how 

Author J Pasaol ( ago)
why and how do you singe the rope? 

Author Bubbleblower64 ( ago)
This is just the butterfly stitch

Author RosesRred2237 ( ago)
can show how you would put it on the buckle ? 

Author Rodger Davis ( ago)
@BORREGOKEV Paracord is the usual

Author Derek Doss ( ago)
No top comment. Its my time to shine. TTTUUURRRTTTLLlEEESSS

Author DragothD ( ago)
@TyingItAllTogether You said two 4 foot lengths in your video. 

Author kevo hernandez ( ago)
apology would like to know what kind of thread, or rope you use?

Author andrefazanaro ( ago)
Im sorry by my stupid question but i could not understand the measure of
the cords. I use metrical system. What dou tou mean with 6:16? Is it 6 foot
and 16 inch? Thanks and nice work.

Author frunlakiso2 ( ago)
i can get the simular thing with 1 piece of paracord, it looks exactly the
same at the end, and it has a trick up it's sleeve, if you pull both ends,
you will totally pull it apart

Author Amey Bhargava ( ago)
awesom cool keep it up mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Author Alexis ( ago)
This is also know as a butterfly stitsch

Author Leena ( ago)
I tried to do this with plastic lanyard but it didnt work
out.............D: Thanks anyways though, nice job. 

Author WalkerWalkerWalker ( ago)
NIce job, I love the fancy knots, but I personally am into building
Pioneering Projects.. Check out my double span monkey bridge or my 35' hour
glass tower... I love your work, and will try and work some of your stuff
into my creations in the future. 

Author br g ( ago)
Are those shoe laces you used?

Author darkmasterchief1245 ( ago)
you get paracord at army navy surplus and its 7 sence a inch there are like
30 colors or you can order it online google it dose that help 

Author TheMimibella ( ago)
Thank you so much for this video. I made this bracelet and it is very cool
design, never seen it before :) By the way, awesome video on how to make
it...Thanks again!

Author coolman2667 ( ago)
where do you get the string for all of your vidoes

Author E. VNDLL ( ago)
where can u buy paracord and also i like how every video is good informed
also that im dieing to buy your book

Author Nani TG ( ago)
loved it.. but the video is kinda slow .

Author LedZeppelin13k7 ( ago)
I like how in every video everybody asks the same thing.....where can i get
paracord?.....can you use regular string?.....How much paracord did you
use? 1) Google it! and any military store carries it. 2) No shit its a
knot. 3) Watch the damn video.

Author Jair Rivera ( ago)

Author adibhai12 ( ago)
gr8 vid loved it thnx

Author Deanna ( ago)
I've only been looking at your videos for about five minutes, and I've
decided that I love you. o.o XD Kidding. But, I do like your knotting; as
I'm a hemp artist...i can't wait to try these. :) Oh! And your music is
lovely and of the artist? 

Author BabiezRule ( ago)
@TyingItAllTogether ok thx!!! :)

Author BabiezRule ( ago)
wat kind of string do u guys use??? and if i can't get it wat r the other
kinds of string can i use?

Author BabiezRule ( ago)
wat kind of string do u guys use???

Author Shane Carr ( ago)
it is so ez but so cool! 

Author Shane Carr ( ago)
@shane7734 lol im repling to my self

Author Shane Carr ( ago)
it must get anoing for ever person to ask you whare you get paracord lol.

Author Shane Carr ( ago)
you r so cool and awsome keep tiying plz..

Author gokuluva12 ( ago)
can u telll me were u got your rope for ur projects 

Author realdad32 ( ago)
is it possible to do three color switchback? 

Author TheTobyKing ( ago)
by the way did u know a lanyard/diamond knot is more effective and
decorative than a simple overhand knot

Author TheTobyKing ( ago)
it sucks ssoooooo bad that i dont have enough paracord to make all of ur
nots this channel is awesome!!

Author DORIBAR1 ( ago)
can use other kind of cord?

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