How to Make a Zipper Sinnet Bracelet by TIAT

Paracord Fusion Ties - Volume 1: I've been tying the Zipper Sinnet longer the most any other knot I know. First learned at camp when I was eight years old, the number of bracelets I've made with this tying technique numbers into the hundreds.

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Author Hannah Walker (24 days)
Please tell me what material you used!!

Author The Diamond Villager (9 days)
i have plastic strings so its hard

Author Fathima Shafiya (16 days)
sweet yha

Author TyingItAllTogether (2 years)
@ShockStunts123 - 6:16

Author TyingItAllTogether (3 years)
@mountainboarder101 ... Not all, but most of the knots I show are knots
I've created. And yes I carry a lump of rope and cord everywhere I go.
(smile) ... JD ~ TIAT

Author mountainboarder101 (3 years)
@XxxxSunsetxxxX Ive seen so many videos of his I know the song. It's 16
again by neon heights

Author Tyler Lynch (3 years)
@TyingItAllTogether would this work (S'getti Spool) its a hobby lobby

Author gokuluva12 (3 years)
can u telll me were u got your rope for ur projects

Author 123snuggles (3 years)
@TheTobyKing I have a feeling he knows... On the other hand,
lanyard/diamond knot is slightly bigger. Some may prefer small knot in

Author isabella rogers (1 year)
I did it and it turned out great it looks just like a surveil bracelet from
5 and below

Author MissCraftyhands (2 years)
This is also know as a butterfly stitsch

Author Alex Buchan (1 year)

Author Keni Leigh (1 year)
ill try it

Author Lon396javier (3 years)
what is the name of the cord you used in this video.

Author VOYAGINGMONKEY (3 years)
I attempted to do this

Author p3ac3l0ve (2 years)

Author TyingItAllTogether (2 years)
@MissCraftyhands - okay...

Author x3aznangel (2 years)
I tried to do this with plastic lanyard but it didnt work
out.............D: Thanks anyways though, nice job.

Author mountainboarder101 (3 years)
JD I have a question. Do YOU create all these knots? Do you carry cord
around with you so if an idea strikes you can attempt it, kinda like how an
artist would carry a pencil and sketch pad

Author unicorncat meow (10 months)
That's butterfly

Author SenseiVagos (1 year)
so we could just use 1.82 meter paracord;

Author Elizabeth Perdigon (5 months)

Author sundvl98 (3 years)
I find about 8 ft. Of paracord is about average. That gives you a little
extra to work with.

Author MissCrafter24 (1 year)
its called the butterfly

Author rock (6 months)
paracord .com i use

Author WazzSauze33 (1 year)
Understand what exactly? I watch a bunch of his videos and understand all
of them perfectly...

Author MrMua74 (3 years)
where can u buy paracord and also i like how every video is good informed
also that im dieing to buy your book

Author Alex Buchan (1 year)

Author LoremasterTeague (1 year)
Here is a variation that I'm playing with. Instead of tying the loop first,
I tie an overhand knot at the base then tie my way up from there. When I
reach the desired length I only need to fuse the two ends.

Author J Pasaol (2 years)
why and how do you singe the rope?

Author marqezsonia21 (1 year)

Author ipipipify (10 months)
It could be great if there was a way to make diamond knot in the center,
now due to the design it tends to be closer to one side that the other.

Author stoneelliot (3 years)
wat do u make them out of????

Author layla35932 (2 years)
you should say at least one thing in the whole video so peeps could
understand it

Author Holden Tyvand (1 year)
thank u soooooo much!!!!!!

Author Justinbiebergirl580 (2 years)
Holy slow enough

Author TyingItAllTogether (4 years)
@fstop107 ... For some reason it's not showing up on ITunes for me either.
You may need to do a general web search for the MP3. The song is also
available on Amazon. ... JD ~ TIAT

Author JeremiasMusic (3 years)
@DORIBAR1 I used plain brown hairy kind of rope and made a cool hippie
bracelet thanks to this video.

Author nicolas lovely (8 months)
that is not the zipper that's flat

Author Bhagwant Singh (8 months)
stupid question.... name of the fiber used :P

Author MegaBabygirl1990 (3 years)
Awsome vid. Reminds me of those "....for dummies" books. One problem the
music makes go crazy i freakin hate it luckily you dont talk so i can jus
shut off the volume !(: other than that good videos! And to every1 who
asked "can i use gimp and isnt it also called a butterfly stitch" the
answer is yes to both questions

Author rayallenrocks28 (2 years)
Hey u guys there are some really cool bracelets at moose jaw (moose jaw is
a store) that's were I got mine and it's really cool what they do is they
take rope measure it to ur size and they burn it together it doesn't hurt
and u can't take it off unless u cut it and u can pick ur colors and they
are NOT thick like this there nice and small and REALLY COLLEEN so yea go
check em out!

Author Onni Hepburn (6 months)
dosent help at all

Author SaraMascara13 (2 years)
@Malibogo Haahahahahah

Author Vicente Arvizu (3 years)
Can u use regular string??

Author Shane Carr (3 years)
@shane7734 lol im repling to my self

Author 4eatmypants (1 year)
How do you make this with a buckle. Please respond!!!

Author PikaPikaBo0 (2 years)
@hansini130296 you can use craftlaces

Author pkspence (9 months)
Paracord (parachute cord)

Author Melissa Armstrong (1 year)
Instead of doing the blood knot you can just do the overhand knot at the
beginning just to make it easier!!

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