FEARLESS ANIMALS ★ Animals Who Are Not Afraid of Anything [TNT Channel]

These animals know no FEAR!
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TNT Channel prepared for you a video of FEARLESS ANIMALS, check it out!

So there you have it! FEARLESS ANIMALS. You GOT TO WATCH THIS.

Cute Animal Friends: Lion and Dog Kiss
Bears scared away by a 20 pound French Bulldog
Bear Meets an Unfriendly Cat
(Video) Dog Bites Shark - AMAZING ATTACK
Mongoose Vs. Cobra
Grizzly Bear Battles 4 Wolves
Бедный белый медведь получает от собаки
Кот атакует крокодила
Wiener dog vs garter snake
5 dogs attack a King cobra - dog vs cobra - dog kills snake Wild Nature
Pig v Snake 2
Jack Russel ( Patsy) vs Cape Cobra of 1.3m in length at Vaalriver (Orkney) RSA
Dog VS Lion and Cheetah
Slender mongoose kills black mamba
Bold and Fearless Mongoose Stands Up to Lions
Incredible view of fearless mongoose taking on a Cobra
Fooling fearless lion crocodile
Lions vs. Crocodile Fight - Samburu National Reserve, Kenya (August 6, 2014)
Lion vs Crocodile
The amazing jaguar
Кот не боится и атакует!
Ворона совершенно не боится людей
Удивительно, как гусь не боится заигрывать с этой псиной!
кот не боится укуса змеи!!!красавец!!!
Белка ворует корм у кошки
Белка обворовывает кота
Собака защищает белку от кошки
Белка против змеи
Кот против Мыши! Мышь атакует кода! прикол!
Кот напугал медведя
кошки. Кот атакует собаку и лошадь и наездника.
питбули атакуют каб.ана

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Runtime: 7:59
Comments: 3057

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Author xMyztic ( ago)
4:04 xD

Author Girlwolf784 AJ ( ago)

BTW I love wolves 🐺

Author xMyztic ( ago)
The little dog scared the bears xD

Author GalaxyStar Gaming ( ago)
Honestly....I feel bad for the polar bear

Author GreatChild999 ( ago)
great movie

подпишитесь пож-та на мой канал

Author BORICUA 4LIFE ( ago)
That polar bear looks like he can keep you warm in that freezer, I mean he'll eat you afterwards but you'll be warm. Lol

Author Zes ( ago)
thumb wrong, bix can be inferior shitx. of course no fearx,idts

Author Pqd Rru ( ago)
تربدرررزززيبلارالصسي زروىننتتتتتاااللففففقثثثدروتتوتتعغععغفففقثصضشضبللللبببييييييثييسسسسسيييييييطييييييبرفصييثبلسثاععاارر. صلاو. سسيييلز. ذبدزززد دببززبذذدززززددززززززززل

Author zek ram ( ago)
5:47 the dog is mad because the cat will touch his friend LoL

Author Anna Falatic ( ago)
That A-hole let his dog swim with sharks? I say we throw HIM in with the sharks and see how funny it is then!

Author lightdog 18 ( ago)
now THAT is brave!

Author _ TerrorFy ( ago)
Animals are the real savage

Author Andho manxe ( ago)
cats are sooo brave animls.

Author Atom Storm ( ago)
I have a friend, his nickname is Guiness. He is about 5'6 and pretty much not afraid of anyone. This video is testament to people like him, doesn't matter what size you are, if you have balls and heart, you can get the big boys to start runnin...

Author undrtakr900 ( ago)
Dam Scary, You Nature!!

Author peter griffin ( ago)
0:40 who is suppost to be scared here?

Author Alexandra Dana Doan ( ago)
does it give anyone else anxiety that those people let their cat that close to an alligator or their dog play with that lion lol

Author Nightcore? Chara ( ago)
5:33 sounds like my dad when he sleeps

Author CheezeBurger43 ( ago)
I like how the first thing any dog does when they see a snake it bite it then swing it around until it dies...

Author Babyfarts Megezacks ( ago)
6:00 fuck ya weener dog!!!

Author Babyfarts Megezacks ( ago)
3;43 they where playing!

Author Biacho ( ago)
snake was like: WTF are you made of?!?!

Author Talyn Moreno ( ago)
The mongoose is suppose to kill snakes there is nothing brave about it

Author Gabriel Berger ( ago)
The first clip was the best,.,The little Bear puppy makes a Bud Spencer like move against the little Dog.,.,After the move dont work booth Bears knows that they are fucked..,And only retry es the answer

Author PhantomCat YT ( ago)
Did you know cats are somehow more deadly than dogs?...

Author Teresa Aviões fantásticos! Gostaria de Camelo ( ago)
Mundo animal. Uma surpresa constante!

Author Endee The Dragon ( ago)
Sooo.... lions get pissed if an alligator hisses at them... but not when a dog is trying to either fight or play fight with them.... LIONS ARE RACIST 😂😂😂

Author DerAlleskommentierer ( ago)
3:34 They´re playing :O

Author Jaydon Munnik ( ago)

Author Patrick Z ( ago)
I feel so bad for that polar bear

Author Patrick Z ( ago)
Poor bear..

Author Cool Dog ( ago)
Is it fearless that the lions attacked the croc or is it fearless that the croc attacked the lions?????

Author Kansas City Shuffle ( ago)
6:19 Eddie Alvarez in snake form.

Author PUMP PYHAPYY ( ago)
3:43อย่างเทพ !

Author Peter Griffin ( ago)
5:25 akward situation

Author Παναγιώτης Καφαταρίδης ( ago)
5:31 chill man! chill! All good...

Author Man Thug:LifE ( ago)
4:25 Hey look its a kitten! Oh.. so cute.

Author GoldenChunk ( ago)
lol since when do french bulldogs transform into an agile mongoose and kill a frickin snake

Author bunny boy ( ago)
7:13 that reminded me of how big some snakes can be

Author Kit Cat ( ago)
Cats are savages

Author Leilawashere ( ago)
Lemme tell u all something...i have a pet cat i love them. And if they feel threatened they will strike. So anyone who says cats are mean get some facts first

Author Misael Martinez ( ago)

Author paul paxton ( ago)
from this we have learnt large fluffy animals are pussies

Author GalaxyStar Gaming ( ago)
That poor polar bear xD

Author Michael Kochan ( ago)
wow super dog :3 i dont liek bears

Author The Crow ( ago)
this is more like a mammal vs reptile video

Author Aven Gadfly ( ago)
5:25 is priceless ahahahahahahahah.. i fell off my chair

Author thelazygamerNL XD ( ago)
4:15 i like that dog😂

Author Ethan Osborn ( ago)
make more vids

Author jermzdee ( ago)
dam that dog was not fucking around with the polar bear.

Author Ileikpei lol ( ago)

Author Gupta Communication ( ago)
joining llo8i8ruzfgv87

Author MrSpeedrunner ( ago)

Author Ohm Build ( ago)
0:46 Is That Slivki's Cat Cookie o.o

Author Helene Flesher ( ago)
Pokemon Battles

Author sonicoduh1125 ( ago)

A thirsty niqqa tryna get some pussy

Author Sam White ( ago)
That second last one was just mean.

Author abraham chipamaunga ( ago)
that jagua is a bad ass damn

Author Dimetropteryx ( ago)
Yeah, no. Pets killing harmless snakes doesn't belong in a video about animals that aren't afraid of anything.

Author Sam Case ( ago)
3:46 Did he just walk up slowly and Down smash??

Author Terror ( ago)
fuck snakes

Author Victoria Kay ( ago)
I admit, I 👎. the chained dog desperately defending itself against the Polar bear shouldn't have been included, because that was evidence of animal abuse on behalf of the dog's owner and by including that clip in this video you condone it.

Author FunnyFunky ( ago)
6:58 i'm dying lol XD

Author He Bo ( ago)
Nature is so fucking cool. I loved the one with the squirrel, the dog and the cat. Dogs get so protective it's funny.

Author XeX Savage ( ago)
Omg the cat vs Black Bear 😂😂😂

Author Wackums B ( ago)
A lion facing a crocodile on land isn't uncommon

Author Víctor VH ( ago)

Author Социальный Проект СаНФорС ( ago)
Твою ж ты мать! И не одного коммента на русском!!!!

Author Tetra Digm ( ago)
7:06 when youre invading in dark souls 3.

Author Ursula Bornhauser ( ago)
like me .i am not afraid either

Author Gabe C ( ago)
Who are these people who like to stand around filming domestic cats facing off apex predators?? Yeah, it makes for an interesting video if Socks wins the staring contest with the alligator, but if it goes the other way you're just going to be the asshole who made a video of the internet's favorite pet getting eaten.

Author 1GunyGun ( ago)
5:27 TOm ANd Jerry

Author Jeff O ( ago)
why would u let ur dogs kill a snake and shit like that, negroes have like zero iq. I dont want my tax money to help retards like that

Author P7C X Richard-James Clarkson ( ago)
animals worldstar

Author Death Realmer skull realm ( ago)
5:35 cat: hey dog theres something on your face (goes to slap squirrel)

Author FurCobraLovesFish ( ago)
5:33 Samuel L Jackson?

Author Nu tae ( ago)

Author David H. ( ago)
0:54 thats an insane reaction time. watch that with 0,25 speed

Author Vishal Dubey ( ago)
4:03 , licking in the face of death.

Author Cezz RBLX ( ago)
this is why I'm lucky that I have 2 Doberman pinscher and a Alaskan Malamute :D

Author Ashsepticeye ( ago)
"Oh my dogs are in the water with sharks, welp I better get my camera and maybe they'll save themselves!" Are you that fucking dumb

Author RoosterGaming ( ago)
1:24 don't mess with snake they know kung fu

Author Thong Inthavongsa ( ago)
Wow the French bulldog got some balls

Author Preston Griese ( ago)
shit goes down at 4:49

Author PoPoStrikes ( ago)
6:20 replica of garfield

Author FlyingCookievan321 ( ago)

Author gianni cirillo ( ago)
The sausage dog is the same size as the fucking lions tounge

Author ? ( ago)

Author Mecha Ishida ( ago)
Letting your dogs swim in shark-infested waters? Indeed...

Author Lucky 3 ( ago)
cats really terrific

Author Mech0p ( ago)
These people that let their dogs and cats around bears alligators and tigers are fucking idiots....

Author Tropical Petal ( ago)
4:07 is soo adorable

Author Know Thyself ( ago)

Author njack1994 ( ago)
Do people not realize that crocodiles are food for lions if they are on land? Crocodiles are only scary by shore when they are in the water. Salt water crocodiles usually do not do much but sit on the bottom and wait for the tide to go down to warm up which they do by sitting in the same spot. If they get too warm they wiggle to slide back into the water and wait till the water goes back up to sit in their spot again.

Author vidstarr ( ago)
Those stupid animals are making the dangerous ones look dumber than they are.

Author Keel ItGames ( ago)
I do t know why mongoose v snake is in here mongeese will fuck up anything pissed off or not.

Author Doge Cushion [BumbleLeFish] ( ago)
You don't know what a mongoose is, apparently.

Author great and amaging good ( ago)

Author Dharma Putra ( ago)
for some reason, the snake like being rape by the dogs... sad..

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