FEARLESS ANIMALS ★ Animals Who Are Not Afraid of Anything [TNT Channel]

These animals know no FEAR!
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TNT Channel prepared for you a video of FEARLESS ANIMALS, check it out!

So there you have it! FEARLESS ANIMALS. You GOT TO WATCH THIS.

Cute Animal Friends: Lion and Dog Kiss
Bears scared away by a 20 pound French Bulldog
Bear Meets an Unfriendly Cat
(Video) Dog Bites Shark - AMAZING ATTACK
Mongoose Vs. Cobra
Grizzly Bear Battles 4 Wolves
Бедный белый медведь получает от собаки
Кот атакует крокодила
Wiener dog vs garter snake
5 dogs attack a King cobra - dog vs cobra - dog kills snake Wild Nature
Pig v Snake 2
Jack Russel ( Patsy) vs Cape Cobra of 1.3m in length at Vaalriver (Orkney) RSA
Dog VS Lion and Cheetah
Slender mongoose kills black mamba
Bold and Fearless Mongoose Stands Up to Lions
Incredible view of fearless mongoose taking on a Cobra
Fooling fearless lion crocodile
Lions vs. Crocodile Fight - Samburu National Reserve, Kenya (August 6, 2014)
Lion vs Crocodile
The amazing jaguar
Кот не боится и атакует!
Ворона совершенно не боится людей
Удивительно, как гусь не боится заигрывать с этой псиной!
кот не боится укуса змеи!!!красавец!!!
Белка ворует корм у кошки
Белка обворовывает кота
Собака защищает белку от кошки
Белка против змеи
Кот против Мыши! Мышь атакует кода! прикол!
Кот напугал медведя
кошки. Кот атакует собаку и лошадь и наездника.
питбули атакуют каб.ана

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Runtime: 7:59
Comments: 2286

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Author daboss000 ( ago)
that Jaguar fucked that alligator up !

Author Oshun ( ago)
the squirrel and the snake, lol lol

Author Technologically challenged ( ago)
Poor fucking snakes. Fuck dogs

Author Electric Wolf Pup ( ago)
After 5:15, 0:22 Crocodile:"HAHAA! TAKE THAT!!" Lioness:"Hmmmmm? Oh hey! It's that pesky reptilian who keeps trying to steal all of our food!" Crocodile:"Wait... what? Why you no scared!?! 😲"

Author Cat in the Hat ( ago)
0:47 dat cat not giving a fuck about a bear xD

Author Jake Taylor ( ago)
yeh you get em bear

Author James Barratt ( ago)
Cat wanted to eat squirrel but the dog wouldn't let it near the little thing. How cool is THAT?

Author CheerfulSmilingEd ( ago)
'the dog is biting the shark' is as Australian a phrase as i can think of

Author Rekkless ( ago)
No Honey Badgers?

Author AlfaPvP ( ago)
What kind of stupid mother fucker let's their dog play with snakes and sharks

Author God ( ago)
*4:09** that lions tongue is bigger than that little fucker.*

Author Constant Mathieu ( ago)
OMG that dog is literraly destroying that snake

Author Constant Mathieu ( ago) Let me wash your mouth sir

Author The King of the Penguins ( ago)
To be fair, in the first clip those bears were just cubs. They were babies, naturally they'd be more easily scared than an adult dog despite the size

Author Joshua FLORES ( ago)
at 4:40 tho I mean like DAMN

Author Samson Kevin ( ago)
That dog juked the hell out of that snake

Author nope shyanne ( ago)
i love that mongooses are just always ready to fight

Author Goad Said ( ago)
I love how domestic animals get our same stupid sense of physical superiority from being indoors all day. Yeah I'll fight a lion. Hell, I've never lost a fight to a lion before. I'm gonna go for it.

Author Tobias Podziemski ( ago)

Author Reece Capriola ( ago)
Lol, finally at the end the grizzly bear and one wolf shared

Author Christian Cartmale ( ago)
that fucking cheetah was like, i feel like some fucking alligator today.

Author Omar Armstrong ( ago)
4:01 ROFL

Author Hip hop Creator ( ago)
If I see snake try to go for one of my animals I would stab or shoot it

Author Ryvan Prabhu ( ago)
Looks more like stupidy instead of bravery.. Lol

Author Novred ( ago)
Man, that squirrel at (2:15) has some balls, or should I say nuts?

Author Novred ( ago)
I would like to personally sue the man who said "Nothing can scare a hungry grizzly bear" (1:15)
God forbid the cat accidentally left some meow mix in his bowl outside and free grizzly bear comes sniffing, once the power of the cat is released unto the bear, the 900lb, 10ft tall animal falls under dictatorial rule by the feline, who happens to be about 15 lbs, with a height of around 6 inches.

Author Jonathan Fox ( ago)
Can't believe a dog went up to a polar bear! That could have ended bad for the dog.

Author Tomás Coronado ( ago)
I felt sorry for the polar bear. He just wanted to play.

Author Suby ( ago)
4:09 how the fun did he get in there

Author haramu tabichi ( ago)
the dog is like touch my fam uz dead bro

Author NyanDude ( ago)
anyone else feel bad for the bears in the beginning?

Author Queen baby_23 ( ago)
Cobra: Back your little ass up
[Cobra hits honey badger]
Honey Badger: OH HELL NO BITCH
[Immediately makes the cobra its bitch]
Cobra: OH ShIt I'M SoRRy NIGga I DiDn't MeAn It
[Cobra runs for its life]
everyday events with a bad ass honey badger 😂😂

Author Jayden O'neill ( ago)
they were all so cute

Author angel Calderón ( ago)
I was expecting to see a white *CAT* vs a black one?

Author Samuel Song ( ago)
the dog and lion one the lion looks like hes just tired and wants him to stp bothering hiim lool

Author GrazinCowMC ( ago)
1:22 what are they eating o.o

Author houssam dubman ( ago)
what about honey badger

Author Linda Van Cleff ( ago)
The cat vs crocodile the atter croco is l8ke hahaha you got his bye a pussy

Author Linda Van Cleff ( ago)
I love the first one the little pug is like fuck off ill bite your ass the bars are pussy,s they are so bug to the dog

Author Lee Wiseman ( ago)
The one with the wiener dog, and the lion cracked me up.

Author Typhlosion in Pompeii ( ago)
I just saw a kitten take down a grown man on a horse....

Author Top 10 Everything ( ago)
nice video hey

Author Traceur ( ago)
At 7:15 they were jumping a anaconda 😂

Author Max Jr ( ago)
Snakes always getting their asses kicked.

Author Legitt Par ( ago)
That leopard is a badass

Author YouTube Comment ( ago)
Cats are assholes

Author Ex Industries ( ago)
Can I know the music at the end please?

Author Nolan Young ( ago)
619 it garfield

Author Harsha Balasubrahmaniyan ( ago)
0:17 LOL

Author HGIB 15 ( ago)
Abby the sausage dog lol

Author hansa parashar ( ago)
Love the video

Author MB PLAYZ 2 ( ago)
Alligator and tigers in: "MISSION DESTROY"

Author Nobody Knows ( ago)
Cats be slapping the shit out of animals

Author MyLifeAs Incili ( ago)
5:31 go find your own man bitch

Author Blub Asaur ( ago)
God it sucks to be a alligator/snake/lion/shark/bear in this video

Author jhjhv ghhhjhjhfjf ( ago)
REDUNDANT HEADINGS, Headings that give the same info multiple times

Author FOKUSNIK ( ago)
Че тут куки делает?!

Author AzukiiWolf778 ( ago)
Dog: *Backs away from the cat*

Horse: Hello kitty!

Cat: *Scratches the poor horse* STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!

Dog: IMMA BEAT YOUR TAIL UP!! *Starts chasing the cat*

Cat: AAAAAAAH!!!!!

Author William Thisbal ( ago)
kill every croc that exist. yup every last one.

Author Janie Betancourt ( ago)
omg these animals are so brave but it is also scary lol.

Author Mr. Sloth ( ago)
0:22 bitch slap that 🐊

Author redmotive ( ago)
That grizzly bear footage was badass

Author Vlada - Cut ( ago)
0:54 That cat must've been like ''Yo get the fuck outta my house!''.

Author Africa Is A Beautyfull Planet KRI ( ago)
0:49 slivki shows cat lol

Author Osvaldo Joel ( ago)
4:01 --->4:16 like... Really...

Author Akashi TheHotPirate ( ago)
6:17 that cats just staring at the snake like "what the fuck are you doing?" XD

Author LERIDA PADILLA ( ago)

Author Felix Seidel ( ago)
first 1 so funny

Author Harry Is My Bae ( ago)
4:05 is the cutest

Author ghostbooger ( ago)

Author Kourtneymoonaj AJ ( ago)
Poor snakes..

Author Tyler Rae Stewart ( ago)
that leaopard was just like SAAA DUDE, just jumped in RKOOOo!!!! lolz

Author Tyler Rae Stewart ( ago)
the wesel thing vs the snake was about that speed boy

Author Tyler Rae Stewart ( ago)
chasing bear cubs lol

Author Tyler Rae Stewart ( ago)

Author Abdi Adam ( ago)
king Leo is kind

Author Merkels maggi maker 123 ( ago)
LOL the dog and the polar bear played

Author Alejandra Lozano ( ago)
7:14 A dogs toy snake

Author PeriodicYak 167 ( ago)
U touch the squirrel on my head, your face will be reattached to your butt:said dog with squirrel to cat

Author Kurly Kayla ( ago)
One thing I don't understand...why would you voluntarily film your cat/dog being approached by wild animals??

Author CF noob Rspn ( ago)
that cat to the bear be like," bitch don't f**k with me man,i got cousins in africa"

Author the taker ( ago)
Poor snakes and alegators

Author the taker ( ago)

Author GSWANKY ( ago)
Those poor snakes

Author Claudi K ( ago)
3:07 deserved to get thrown WTF would you try and get your horse to stomp a cat!?

Author John Keat ( ago)
The wiener dog and lion cracked me up

Author David Dylan ( ago)
;-; the dog was like "don't you fucking dare touch my squirrel"

Author Austin Cook ( ago)
1:06 those are some big ass fucking wolves

Author animals and glitter club bruh itz sabrina ( ago)
poor bear was attacked by wolves 😥😭😭

Author lisaaa idk ( ago)
theres alot of questionable dog owners in this video

Author Not Jason ( ago)
But... it's a mongoose's job to kill snakes...

Author Unnic Dashy ( ago)
Ese perro es el puto amo :V

Author ellesha goodwin ( ago)
7:11 Is so sad I'm not hating on the person filming the snake is an animal to I don't see what the snake was doing wrong at least get the dogs of it and if the snake attacks take the dogs away it's obviously gonna attack after being handled like that 😠

Author Rainbow7Warriors ( ago)
Why would you let your domesticated dog attack a poor snake like that!! They don't need it for food! I hate hypocritical "animal lovers" who will just love their own pet but can't even respect the right to live of another animal. It's like a misogynist who only loves his mama.

Author Funky Feline13 ( ago)
can't say i like snakes but seeing that poor sod getting ripped apart by maybe 6 dogs was a bit harsh, some awesome clips though!

Author Chris Loew ( ago)

Author Royale with cheese ( ago)
I don't even remember why I opened Youtube

Author Kate C ( ago)
Quite an incredible video. Animals are amazing!

Author dangboof ( ago)
lol 2 dogs swimming with sharks. i almost peed my panties. 4:51

Author Mitjitsu ( ago)
I remember all the dogs in my area used to be afraid of my cat, but this stuff takes it to another level.

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