Emmanuel Precious sings ‘Survivor’ / Blind Auditions / The Voice Nigeria Season 2

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  • Emmanuel Precious sings  ‘Survivor’ by Destiny's Child. He says he would love to work with Timi or Waje and though he got all four coaches to turn, he chose to be on Team Timi.

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Comments: 75

    GYOVANNIMELODY 7 hours ago

    anybody who criticize this please just disappear. and let us enjoy. vocaly this is monster. He literally took the song to another level. perfect choice nice control. fact he got the 4 judges.

  • Lucia Kome
    Lucia Kome 1 day ago

    yesssssss brother man!!!!

  • EBELE AKOURE Daryl Fred Emmanuel

    Israël Allen The voice Uk... His brother !!!!

  • JOE Ekeator
    JOE Ekeator 2 days ago

    that's what happened to oversabe people: so much going on; kind of going off; screaming Abe shouting..pls sing & don't shout..thanks

  • jacinta ug
    jacinta ug 2 days ago

    great voice. he has something....but he shouted the song

    TEM NCC 4 days ago

    waow i know this guy. emmanuel

  • Ekwompi Tanwie
    Ekwompi Tanwie 4 days ago

    OMG precious is a slayer, he nailed it on that. blind audition.

  • Iyke Caroll
    Iyke Caroll 4 days ago

    Precious Emmanuel all the way. I know this dude personally. He was given the song to do by the judges& he wasn't too comfortable on it, buh he still did incredibly well.
    Y'all watch out for him& support him. He's an amazing singer! ❤

  • rukky divine
    rukky divine 4 days ago

    everything you do in this life people must criticize........if you know you know how to sing why didn't you go for the audition instead of you people coming here and forming LORD OF MUSIC mtvhewwww... Precious still remains the best KUDOS......... see You at the top

  • precious utos
    precious utos 6 days ago

    Go precious. woooow😱. we gat u

  • Gbenga
    Gbenga 7 days ago

    wow. Nigeria!
    wonderful people all over the place.

  • Evelyn Peters Peters

    Emma can sing oo...he's my friend on Fb.

  • Cristian Tg
    Cristian Tg 7 days ago

    Eargasmic!!! YOU ARE FIRE, BOY!

  • Kieran Diver
    Kieran Diver 8 days ago

    Wow Nigeria <3 Your beautiful people are so talented. I'm watching this from the United Kingdom. It wasn't note perfect but this guy is incredible and already I think I can see him in the live shows. Well done Emmanuel, I love your voice and I know you will do fine whatever happens. #TeamWaje

  • Logane Ronald
    Logane Ronald 8 days ago

    This is the voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Sue Clark
    Sue Clark 8 days ago

    made me feel emotions. good on ya!

  • NKE Live
    NKE Live 8 days ago

    I really did not feel anything cos i felt he was making noise.

    A PASSS 8 days ago


  • kay fresh
    kay fresh 8 days ago

    The forceful growling nd grunting can destroy your voice...You need not do that to sound powerful or soulful... Just a reminder.... Aside that... His interpretation is cool....

    DESTINY ENYI 9 days ago

    Pls extend d vedios nw,so we Cn see d comments from d judges,pls o

    • The Voice Nigeria
      The Voice Nigeria 8 days ago

      Hi DESTINY ENYI, Thank you for the support! For the full performance with the coaches comments, go to the official website, here! www.africamagic.tv/thevoice

  • Chidi Nma
    Chidi Nma 9 days ago

    Breath control ooo!!

  • Ask Dr. Malik
    Ask Dr. Malik 9 days ago

    Contrary to what many would think from this performance, this guy is very very good. It requires a sensitive ears to pick the "gem" in his voice. Watch him!

  • ball playing centre back

    bobrisky, is it the voice or the scream, just screaming anyhow.

    • toyin julius
      toyin julius 7 days ago

      ball playing centre back I think he chose a wrong song, I know sis dude personally, he has did mad pitch! dunno why he had to do this song!

  • adeoluwa masoyina
    adeoluwa masoyina 9 days ago

    that guy is going places. even in karaye everybody loves him

  • Annie John
    Annie John 9 days ago

    Go baby go!!!

  • Mariam Atobiloye
    Mariam Atobiloye 9 days ago

    oh my goodness!!! this is the cornell of season 2

    • Munah Said
      Munah Said 8 days ago

      A raspy cornell

    • Ej Paul
      Ej Paul 9 days ago

      Mariam Atobiloye.... my thoughts exactly

  • Emmanuel Okhueleigbe

    Voice reminds me of Adam Lambert. He has a lot of potential 👏👏

  • amudipe francis
    amudipe francis 9 days ago

    something is just not right with this performance..wrong song choice, breath control etc. nice range tho

    • amudipe francis
      amudipe francis 2 days ago

      JOE Ekeator yeah bruh

    • JOE Ekeator
      JOE Ekeator 2 days ago

      amudipe francis so true..so much going on; I've seen him sing but this song choice e get as e be

    • Juliet Aliba
      Juliet Aliba 5 days ago

      Guess you don't know music is all about strength and breath?He nailed it as long as I'm concern.Beside he doesn't have to sound like Beyonce you know.Presh nailed it as long as I'm concerned,and trust me,the judges know what they are looking for,and they got it👌#TeamPrecious

    • Veronica Mars
      Veronica Mars 8 days ago

      Isys Drain

      OK ma/Sir. At least you didn't say he was drooling.

    • Isys Drain
      Isys Drain 8 days ago

      Veronica Mars I do believe I'm entitled to my opinion. The delivery was off putting

  • Jimi Jegede
    Jimi Jegede 9 days ago

    He's good!

  • Chinny ChinChin
    Chinny ChinChin 9 days ago

    he has an amazing voice

  • Babatunde Yetunde
    Babatunde Yetunde 9 days ago

    ....... my favourite for today

  • Babatunde Yetunde
    Babatunde Yetunde 9 days ago

    so cool

  • Queen Uchendu
    Queen Uchendu 9 days ago

    hmmmmm let's c who can bit dese next. dis is the voice

  • Beekay
    Beekay 9 days ago

    jeeeeeeeeez!!! I've seen my 2017 winner already. oh my!

  • Anna James
    Anna James 9 days ago

    My dear Precious,i know you are better than this...ya'll watch out for this dude,he is fire.

  • gamems john
    gamems john 9 days ago

    He is the real deal lol

  • Uwanamodo Chinedu
    Uwanamodo Chinedu 9 days ago

    At this point its safe to say i am heart-broken in myself that i cant sing as well as these guys so i hereby apply for the position of online judge... thank you as u consider...oya, Emmanuel go and rest, lets recover frm what u hv caused

  • cowm11
    cowm11 9 days ago

    Who is this guy!! voice on fire!! 😲🔥🔥🔥🔥see how clueless patoranking is?! frowning and forming like he's thinking hard.😁😁

  • David utomi
    David utomi 9 days ago

    The bar has been set.

  • emma syl
    emma syl 9 days ago

    precious Of the most high!! Siiinnng it!!!

  • Adisa Akomolede
    Adisa Akomolede 9 days ago

    Presh Presh, one thing is sure he can SANGGGGG, he should be careful with those notes tho, one of my favourite audition of the night

  • Ada 'diidysplace'
    Ada 'diidysplace' 9 days ago

    waawwuuuu we don dey vex for this season o cute guy cute voice

  • Oyeyemi Adebayo
    Oyeyemi Adebayo 9 days ago

    He's very good but needs to some touch to the voice or probably the song choice... voice sounds cracked

    • ball playing centre back
      ball playing centre back 8 days ago

      its called scream

      ONOJA VINCENT 9 days ago

      Discerning Diplomat exactly...rasp not needed

    • Oyeyemi Adebayo
      Oyeyemi Adebayo 9 days ago

      Rasp was not necessary in my opinion... but doesn't change the fact that he's very good... from the singing you can tell

      ONOJA VINCENT 9 days ago

      Discerning Diplomat same here... didn't like this twist

    • cowm11
      cowm11 9 days ago

      Discerning Diplomat it's called a rasp

  • dsectdex
    dsectdex 9 days ago

    tbat real

  • toyin julius
    toyin julius 9 days ago

    Go precious!!!! you have my full support!🙌🙌🙌

  • Doreen Esifa
    Doreen Esifa 9 days ago


  • Priscilla Oneluv
    Priscilla Oneluv 9 days ago

    I've never heard anyone sing it like that! He brought something to it!!!

    P-TUNES BEATS 9 days ago

    Fat MasterKraft

  • Ayo Oyindamola
    Ayo Oyindamola 9 days ago

    Omg 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌the way he ended d song

  • Veronica Mars
    Veronica Mars 9 days ago

    My new found crush, Emma, you is bae!!!

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