Landing at Jeddah Airport

Beautiful view as we're landing at Jeddah airport

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Author Raeed2001 (3 years)
روووووووووووووعه المنظر ياقلبووووو عليك يا جدة اموت فيك يا جدة يسلموووو ع
الفيديو والحمد لله ع السلامه رائد بايسن جدة

Author josmith94701 (5 years)
LOL..thanks for sharing...who knew!!

Author sunf10wers (5 years)
Jeddah is an open city. There are many foreigners there.

Author Bushra L (3 years)
wOw MASHALLAH its shining like Gold:) Lovin it

Author Afzal Alf (3 years)
Bilkul Dulhan Jaise lagraha hei.......Maashaa Allah, Wonderful..........!!

Author naughtygirl22 (4 years)
آآآاه يا حبني لها !!! إحلى لحظه لما تسافر اي مكان او بلد و تشوف جده كذا من
فوووق بيطير عقلك من جد جده حلللللللللللللللللوه thanks for sharing

Author Mohsin Shaukat (3 years)
I miss Jeddah. My birthplace. I spent 15 years of my life there from birth.
May Allah take me to my birth place soon.

Author Afzal Alf (3 years)
I have been in Jeddah for a while, but have never seen or felt Jeddah so
colorful while landing.........Sub'haanallah.... !!

Author HumzaAliNadeem (2 years)
Jeddah, a beautiful city the Gateway to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Author Saad Khan (3 years)
@punjabivakil Wow man I'm 12 years old and i'm going to spend my childhood
here and will go to lahore!!!!....

Author 蒲 海云 (2 years)
we did some animations for Jeddah city

Author fayez4life (4 years)
@MrAboshanab وش دخل الليبرالين في مقطع عن الطيران وبعدين اللي غنى راب مو
ليبرالي يغني لهم راب يواسيهم ولا يتشمت فيهم يقول بسبب معاصيكم

Author fatima hafiz (3 years)
i luv jeddah.....

Author josmith94701 (5 years)
Wow, would have thought this was a landing in Los Angeles, with all of
those long, straight streets. Amazing to think that such a large city is
virtually off-limits to non-Saudis, unless one is on business or on Hajj.

Author Afzal Alf (3 years)

Author nialmadani (4 years)
jeddahs open city, haj is in makkah

Author kittushona chhotay sha (3 years)
MASHALLAH jeddah iz reallyyyy beautiful and i love this city

Author Afzal Alf (3 years)
@MisterScottishPerson Koooool comment,,,,,,heh......!!

Author johnnybabes2003 (3 years)
i'm from ireland and i have seen some beautiful places when we are landing
,,but this is the best i have seen yet ,,,will be landing here in may on
our way home to the philippines ,,,nice video

Author Efrain Pineda (1 year)
where's my camel?

Author josmith94701 (4 years)
@ImSo0range Same could be said for Dubai! On my exit from UAE, I joked with
the Emeratti passport agent that it was a pleasure to meet an Emeratti.

Author Nasir Ajnabi (4 years)
jeddah is a super city ispent my childhood in jeddah now me in Lahore

Author Khalid Obaid (4 years)
والله فلللله اذا جيت تهبط في مدينة بس احلى يكون بالنهار مو بالليل

Author twinkeez14 (2 years)
someday am going there :)

Author genegeneish (3 years)
spent quite a few years working for the saudi air force in riyadh. i had
many good friends that were saudis and even though you can find"bad apples"
anywhere, the saudi people i met, in my travels, were friendly and gracious
and at times very appreciative of the work i was doing there.

Author AbuRayyan AlHasan (2 years)

Author josmith94701 (4 years)
Technioally, you are correct, however, a securing a tourist visa is
anything but easy. If one is persistent one can secure a transit visa. The
foreigners you speak of are, for the most part there on business or as

Author rezix00100 (5 years)
@josmith94701 you know thers a song calld ( from jeddah to la ) haha write
at youtube ( qusai from jeddah to la ) its a nice song enjoy the singer is
from jeddah... :D

Author PAEA AHOMANA (3 years)

Author CrrpgLover (3 years)
Beautiful, spent my whole childhood there, wondah'ful.

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