Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

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One cannot help but be moved to tears by this amazing young man; Sung-bong Choi.

When Sung-bong decided to sing on the Talent Show "Korea's Got Talent" he had no idea that he would win the hearts of millions all over the world!

His story of his childhood is so moving that even the judges had a hard time keeping their composure.

He told the judges that even though he didn't think he could sing very well, he sang because it made him happy.

They couldn't have been more surprised.

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Author IlyellowdashlI ( ago)
Why the fuck will 27,000 people dislike this

Author Anna Sofia Barrera ( ago)
Many people thought the dislike button was, 'dis i like.' WHY PEOPLE? GO TO

Author SURAJ DEWANGAN ( ago)
how can a video this good gets 27k dislike..... but that's society for you

Author Ko C ( ago)
have you guy watched the last bastion animated short

Author belsin ben ( ago)
can any one tell me what's the song mean please 🙏🙏

Author Kittykat 90162 ( ago)
Awww he's so cute
I would have taken him in

Author Nur Cahaya ( ago)
x faham Dya nyanyi ape tp smue nangis ya ikut sedih hihi

Author eman alameeri ( ago)
I cant stop crying his voice and story are amazing

Author Marcello Shaun ( ago)
Couldn't help but sobbed

Author Darkshadow The Best ( ago)

Author Afifa Khan ( ago)
beautiful and sad

Author Ryan Chavez ( ago)
Wow, that was really from the heart. I don't speak Korean but, just, wow.
So humble yet with such strength. Inspiring to me. Made me think of my life
and where my life has been. My experience with being homeless, but I wasn't
homeless at age 5. Thank you.

Author Bruh McTucker ( ago)
I'm proud of what he has achieved even if he began with nothing but his
hope. Because.. DESPAIR TAKES OVER ALL. Sorry, my Junko came out.

Author Zakk The Gamer ( ago)
Why did people dislike this!? Bastards.

Author Anshul Sen ( ago)
27k people need to be crucified...
Luv from India

Author christen reed ( ago)

Author Jade Sangco ( ago)

Author Kamran khan ( ago)
i didnt understand a word he sang but it was too good

Author Atlal Germany ( ago)

Author Deasil MSP ( ago)
27K people are jealous that they can't sing as good as this boy.

Author Gilmore Richardson ( ago)
That deserves respect :)

Author CRAZY BROS ( ago)
I don't know this language... but this video made me emotional...

Author TheColdSpartan ( ago)
who ever made him homeless is an asshole

Author exIrvinitecult ( ago)
I don't understand the style of music but he is clear and has a strong
voice. It is nice when someone deserving gets a break. Hope is happy in
life now and has his own family.

Author Miranda Lockley ( ago)
He is phenomenal!! My jaw dropped after the first few notes!!!!!

Author Mish Tapado ( ago)
is he found his family ,

Author Xx___Lex ___xX ( ago)
Chingkaychungchingchungching hahaha

Author ေမာ္လၿမိဳင္းသား ထြန္းထြန္း ( ago)

Author Ted Kay ( ago)
He's damn good!

Author Pen Panha ( ago)
Pun tov hz

Author Anreko Byung Rai ( ago)
this language i cant understand but also i feel from my heartly that song
lyric .that was awysome ... god bless you

Author Ylva Cion ( ago)
oh my tears....

Author ANIL JAISWAL ( ago)
heart touching.......great !

Author Stamminah Gusto ( ago)
I had to punch my fists on the wall to remind myself im a man daaaamn
couldn't stop them tears after listening to his story

Author karan sheth ( ago)
Hatss off man!!!

Author IceCream Burritos ( ago)
I hope he finds his parents one day...😢

Author Shinoda Sanga ( ago)
:'( I m unable to speak

Author Shinoda Sanga ( ago)
wow wow wow what's that oh my god...... wow wow wow wow

Author Fluffy be Me ( ago)
When he sang it actually made me laugh a lil

Author Rylee Bradley ( ago)
How could anyone not think this is so cute and sweet?!?!

Author Raj Genver Maybuena ( ago)
Gosh! what a powerful voice! So powerful u make everyone cry....I dnt
understnd any word ur saying but rather feel it and cnt help myself crying

Author Grace Nduta ( ago)
This guy is talented he is doing it for passion not for fame.. don' hate..

Author Maysya AG ( ago)
I am crying now ,so sad.

Author CPT KRUNCH 64 ( ago)
This is so sad I was crying

Author Jonard Frialde ( ago)
At 5 he is already independent I can't believed how he survived alone.

Author Tarun gautam ( ago)
I seriously didn't understand what he sing....what I know is his
passion....... loved it!!!!
it were the feelings that breaks the barriers of language and allow me to
enjoy it fully!!!!

Author Ziauddin Khan ( ago)
Those who disliked this video are Trump supporters.

Author Meenakshi Sundaram ( ago)
27k deaf ppl watched this video

Author Figueroa Family ( ago)

Author Figueroa Family ( ago)
" I just want to be a normal person " that how black people feel like
sometimes so stick up for blacks and treat them like just everyday life

Author Benjamin Heslop ( ago)
iknow this is late but...
i cried at his backstory and when i heard kids beat him up iwish them to
hell and anyone else who bullied people like him

Author zahide Q ( ago)
OMG I'm crying

Author Pascal Vinck ( ago)
. . . , watch this guy ... Pure & honest

Author Tata Nirbita ( ago)

Author c0lle ( ago)
How can there be 27,763 ppl who did not like this?? Have a heart
ffs...stupid ass trolls.

Author MynqZ ( ago)
I disliked it cuz he's confusing O.o

Author Fred Smith ( ago)
what is the song at the start?

Author GeoD Peff ( ago)
I only understand Ping Ping Ponh Schang Sching Rice Rice

Author Chan Engti Kathar ( ago)
Damn man,i actually cried after knowing his story..

Author FIRE FREE KICKS ( ago)
did he say I don't sing very well ?
btw i'm proud to have the same family name as him

Author Geek Guy ( ago)
27k of y'all deserve one giant foot up yo ass's

Author trabbipaul ( ago)
Whe in Germany says its 1 A !!!!
wonderfull Voice .

Author Gi BS8000 ( ago)
wenn ich Bock hätt, könnt ich das auch

Author 바스코 ( ago)
That boy made me 😢

Author Dammy Olomoniyi ( ago)
I was crying

Author Draktim700 Das ( ago)
i don't know what he sing BT I like it ...god bless u

Author craft tube ( ago)
€₩¥¥€₩€ ₩€¥¥€₩€ ₩€₩£》£₩€₩€¡€₩€₩€=€₩€₩€₩€ yeet i dont speek chinese

Author thriveeq ( ago)
Showers of blessing's be...

Author tim roberts ( ago)
All right, my eyes welled up, too. I hope my homies don't see this

Author LaGecko Gaming ( ago)
I cried

Author ZachJ. Phoo ( ago)
Dont judge a book by its cover

Author Daven Berame ( ago)

Author Edrina Baby ( ago)
I love this boy so much. hope he's always fine and happy

Author Brian Lewis ( ago)
What is the name of this song?????

Author Gavin Suttie ( ago)
bless him...

Author Kevin Roa ( ago)

Author ‫يوسف صالح‬‎ ( ago)
what's the name of the middle judge? and wow, just wow. amazing voice he

Author Sphinx Spondon ( ago)
soooo funnny, he is a bitch, fuck this

Author Tony Rock ( ago)
What is the name of the beautiful song..???

Author jack sparrow ( ago)
God bleSs you my friend

Author farah RAAD ( ago)
ما افتهمت اي شي ههههههههههه

Author RonGabriell Duldulao ( ago)
Lol I can't really cry because I cant understand the song

Author Ophelia Lillium ( ago)
♥ a heart for him ♥

Author Spocku ( ago)
as soon as he started singing I started crying

Author Isabella Salazar ( ago)
When they said he'll have billions fans they were right cause I just became
one of his

Author Blank Jane 엑소 ( ago)
This breaks my heart❤️💔😭

Author Austin Martinez ( ago)
He has such a sad story I hope he is having a better life now😭😭😭😭

Author amal mohamud ( ago)
i am drowning in tear ao emotional such a hard life but happy ending i hope

Author Sirijan Wittmer ( ago)
"I'm not a good singer" damn this guy!

Author Sonja Al ( ago)

Author Ari Gunawan ( ago)
gua nangis :'( ga ngerti pada ngomong apa

Author The crazy Major ( ago)
This video made me cry

Author -WolfDesigns- ( ago)
Why does that girl in the beggining a balloon dildo?

Author One J ( ago)
Jesus Help him

Author Mae Comendador ( ago)
o my god...he made me cry

Author San punk Limbu-sama ( ago)
why are korean girls so preety? :/

Author colwayne williams ( ago)
just beautiful

Author Niyati s ( ago)
does anybody know what this boy is doing now??

Author nightheart ( ago)
He is so amazing, I wish that he had a better life growing up. I am
deffinatley praying for him, good luck. :-)

Author Adriel Entertainment ( ago)
What happened to him afterwards?

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