Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

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One cannot help but be moved to tears by this amazing young man; Sung-bong Choi.

When Sung-bong decided to sing on the Talent Show "Korea's Got Talent" he had no idea that he would win the hearts of millions all over the world!

His story of his childhood is so moving that even the judges had a hard time keeping their composure.

He told the judges that even though he didn't think he could sing very well, he sang because it made him happy.

They couldn't have been more surprised.

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Author DitIsGijss ( ago)
omg O.o

Author Deasia Thomas ( ago)

Author Damian Preston ( ago)

Author Victor A ( ago)
That lady who talks to him, in the beginning, is so gorgeous! I'm in love!

Author Tania Flip ( ago)
god bless you young man

Author world funny video 360 ( ago)
167M views that's nice and amazing

Author chan 12345ggi ( ago)
exo chanyeol friend at roommate i think that him awwww what a sad story of him i think its to painful and his just thinking his alone but now his a very good actor/kpop

Author Jack B ( ago)

Author Braddah J ( ago)
so what is this like Korea's got talent or something .... because it looks awesome 😃😃😃😃😃😃

Author Zeyna Hamdan ( ago)
167M views?! Amazing performance! I Cried during the vid 😂. You deserve this money! Bless you and your life!!

Author LeeR ( ago)
op plz nerf. k thnx. joke. that was amazing

Author Cronus Sort ( ago)

Author bluefalcon157 ( ago)
woops 1 mill liked..

Author bluefalcon157 ( ago)
167,000,000 watched. something is going on man!

Author bluefalcon157 ( ago)
how could 29 thousand ppl dislike this and 449,000 plus like?

Author Anderson Luiz ( ago)
linda música...

Author Sash V ( ago)
I cried

Author Kamini Prusty ( ago)
amazing guy

Author BK Hanratty ( ago)
She she said I want to give you a hug he looked confused he was like wha and than he like moved

Author Tiffany Liu ( ago)
i agree

Author Emma Patinga ( ago)
his voice is incredible and special.

Author Angel Serrano ( ago)
What is this kind of music called? Don't understand any of it but it sounds really nice to just listen to

Author Zaid Sughayer ( ago)
people who did not like him they dont have feelings

Author Jake Unknown ( ago)
why boi why 😐😐😐😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

Author xzqzq ( ago)
Love the voice....brings tears to my eyes....if I was a judge on one of these talent shows, discovering a talent like this could make all the endless auditions bearable....

Author Elena Olivo ( ago)
wow. just. wow.
he even has a good Italian...

Author Mimi Andrade ( ago)
i like to watchthis again and again...

Author Steven Seagal ( ago)
It gives in the universe a force the power of love and i say you god personaly have made it.Nothing but really nothing can stop this force!

Author Navya Singh ( ago)
may God bless him!! Wish i could meet him

Author BlueBerryGamer 06 ( ago)
If I knew Japanese this would sound amazing.

Author sachin ganesh ( ago)
Who are Chinese, Pakistanis, Americans, Indian, poor life is same for every human being. We don't understand the language. But feeling yes.. We understand a feelings of human.... Please be kind to others... We get hungry we feel pain, we feel God's love, not technology... Love the world as your family

Author Tyanne Duncan ( ago)
That is so sad 😢😢😢😢😢

Author Lunasolis XX ( ago)
I always have to cry if i see this video. It's just beautyful! I can't belive, that somebody has got such a beautyful voice! I wish him good luck and hope, one day everybody knowns him.

Author sogielovers collection ( ago)
He deserve a like. If ever some of you might ask, he does have a fb fan page

Author Ajay Dinakaran ( ago)
Wow although he had faced difficulties in life .But he got talent.

Author Heather Loud ( ago)
I litterally cried

Author capatga ( ago)
This one made me cry.

Author shirley bell ( ago)
bless his soul , he had a bad start in life but what a beautiful voice outstanding , i hope everything got better for him <3 xx

Author Mitchell Parron ( ago)

Author Jaden hetzel ( ago)
SO BEAUTIFUL!! And I rarely think somethings beautiful

Author Robert Loreto ( ago)
ganda no

Author Sarah Moustafa ( ago)
"I can't sing, but I like it."
Me: "God bless you. Sing your heart out."
After hearing performance:

Author vA_Anti ( ago)
Did he win

Author Haidar Arif ( ago)
2017 anyone?

Author Riandar Farhan ( ago)
I wish I had a talent :'(

Author yeej haam ( ago)
May God bless you, young man. hope you'll be successful what's God had given you, love you.

Author ExplodingSlayer / ESMC / ROBLOX & More! ( ago)

Author BOB SCHROEDER ( ago)
I give him 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 stars

Author Paris Orsborn ( ago)
amazing courage and voice...

Author King _Savgefl ( ago)
166 million veiws i never even knew that many people even watched these singing vids or even use y.t

Author T ( ago)
This kid tarent! More tarent than you! more tarent than me!

Author TedRecon ( ago)
The money made in this video should be given to him :D

Author DarkGladiator0 ( ago)
First Korean Guy i see who dont play LoL

Author Chloé Cakes ( ago)
cough cough AMAZING!

Author Ishrat Nazifa ( ago)
I'm just proud of you boy....may god bless you and I will pray 4 you....who will pray for him else?

Author フルーヒソカ ( ago)

Author Edghe Gile ( ago)
It gives me goosebumps.. Wowww!!

Author DuskGlade ( ago)
30 thousand poeple disliked this. wtf

Author livvyshin ( ago)
I can speak Korean so I understand everything he says but WOW :O He is really talented!!

Author mariel baloran ( ago)
isee the pain in her eyes

Author rebecca rebecca ( ago)
i love you man! God bless you

Author Sharazod ( ago)
My prayer for you is that you find a loving family, and home. That you have made it big. But don't forget others like you, that are not as blessed. Live. Happy.

Author LolitahKitteh ( ago)
omg, poor guy, he could have get raped :o i wanna give him like a bunch of money so bad, if he still is homeless

Author GianCC ( ago)
call the cops on him...

Author Ryan Garcia ( ago)
Korea doesn't exist

Author Vincent Barredo ( ago)
oh man I feel very bad for him, good luck I'm sure you will have better luck than you think......and when he said his alone...then does that mean his parents aren't watching? oh dear I'm so so sorry. but many people love you sing!!!! I'll give you a 100% good luck!!!! we want you to have a good chance to win the competition!!!!

Author Cortez s ( ago)
He is a talented man he has the skills to live a hopeless life anf live it

Author Makaela Baker ( ago)
"I'm not a good singer, but I like singing"
*starts singing*
Me:😭😭😭😭😭😭 SO BEAUTIFUL😭😭😭😭

Author Jacquie Grimes ( ago)
Gee wonder what he thinks a good singer is if he says he is NOT good???? WOW! What talent and such a beautiful voice!

Author Isabelle Santiago ( ago)
I cryed

Author All Sports ( ago)
His life story and song touch my heart

Author Fiona Nguyen ( ago)
I swear those aren't tears on my face! I'm just... sweating

Author 김은경 ( ago)

Author Trey Benson ( ago)
Who else wanted to cry and felt goosebumps

Author Anthony Santiago Jr ( ago)
im was really sad i was crying

Author Jake Monaco ( ago)
so sad

Author GrO sEk ( ago)
Something moved inside me when I saw his smile after getting off stage. First smile at the video.

Author Adriel Damian ( ago)
try and try one day you could fly

Author MR. FancyPants ( ago)

Author xXDanCrafterYTXx ( ago)
i bet his parents are watching this and saying shit lets get him back

Author seenu asha ( ago)
gud to see cmnts for him and gud to heard abt him now ....he vl touch the sky now...

Author Michael Maloney ( ago)
he is great, idk what he was talking about when he said he was a bad singer

Author Boi Ej ( ago)
Him: "I'm not good at singing."
Me: "Mmmmm why the f*ck you lying, why the f*ck you lying. Like omg stop f*cking lying."

Author Winged Art ( ago)
He says he's not good at singing....THEN WHY AM I CRYING SO HARD?!?

Author Amy ( ago)
damn... this video always makes me cry. 😥

Author ali cr7 ( ago)
what how OMG?! i love it the was awesome

Author Jeanette star ( ago)
he really made me cry.......may God bless him

Author niveka perera ( ago)
nice lotus flowers just born from marshy ponds!!!!!

Author Elvis Popy ( ago)
Unfortunately, there's no English substitute so that i would understand.

Author Sayan rocks ( ago)
I can't hold my tears in my eyes while watching this video.
It's really very hard to go through such difficult life but you did it. You're undoubtedly a talented guy. I didn't understand the lyrics but the pain came out of your pure and sacred heart in form of song, you sung, really makes me cry.
God bless you brother. Love from India.

Author Snickety Cottonmouth ( ago)
the people who hit disklike msut have had their phone upside down.

Author MasterCupcake MC ( ago)
It sound he not singing

Author 0kIlLtHeMuSiC 0 ( ago)
maybe korea should start taking care of their shit.

Author Karen Adkins ( ago)
😓😓. breathtaking

Author Annie Langridge ( ago)
What a phenomenal young man with such an extremely amazing singing voice May god bless him & guide him into the life in which he deserves with a comfortable home of his own, good health & prosperity & finding that extra special someone to love him like he also deserves to be loved. From Annie Langridge in the UK. 💂👑💂👑💂👑💂👑💂👑💂👑💂

Author Kuta a ( ago)
lele lele ovaj nezna sta je muzika

Author sniperstg2 ( ago)
90% of the time, YOU WILL CRY from his voice.

Author Shaista Shahzad ( ago)
You are the exact meaning of the word self made sir I really respect today I understand life was very humble with me

Author Shaista Shahzad ( ago)
so much respect from Pakistan

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