Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

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One cannot help but be moved to tears by this amazing young man; Sung-bong Choi.

When Sung-bong decided to sing on the Talent Show "Korea's Got Talent" he had no idea that he would win the hearts of millions all over the world!

His story of his childhood is so moving that even the judges had a hard time keeping their composure.

He told the judges that even though he didn't think he could sing very well, he sang because it made him happy.

They couldn't have been more surprised.

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Author Cristhian Alfredo Balderas Salazar ( ago)
por que carajo todos comentan en inglés..

Author Water Sock ( ago)
:-o :-o :-o judges? his life is so precious and his voice is so Endearing
Beautiful may he never be homeless or unloved again. Why must this world be
so fowl neverlone mouthed. What's the point its just retarded.

Author INFINITELOVE ( ago)
He's got a bright future ahead of him

Author Catlateral Cat ( ago)
wut a lad

Author Jolly Pink ( ago)
capire la canzone cosa dice commuove troppo

Author majolica lina ( ago)
The world should more focus on people like him...He has a God gifted
amazing talent!

Author danny “bushman” williams ( ago)

Author danny “bushman” williams ( ago)

Author Johnson Oinam ( ago)
I have nothing to help you with your life bro but theres a saying " If
winter comes can spring be far behind"

Author Michael White ( ago)
No way in hell would I have thought that would come out of him!!!

Author Luan Vitor ( ago)

Author carson clouthier ( ago)
my god

Author Ronit Singh ( ago)
you see its not the worlds riches that brings happiness and prestige, its
that gift and talent that God has ONLY given you! When you start using it,
it brings about peace and happiness to you and others alike, you will truly
know that this talent is from God, you will feel it! This guy is GOOD!

Author Dulal Nandy ( ago)
God has a strange way of giving back everything with a bang. even i wasnt
crying. Those were pearls of joy

Author Logan Driedric ( ago)
I am glad to see this young man have a chance.. There is so much
undiscovered talent in this world. This guy nailed it.. I don't understand
the music but the passion in his voice. Way to go my friend..

Author MatriculeXYZ1234 ( ago)
Awesome !!!!

Author Daniel Quan ( ago)
That was really emotional for me because of his background! That Korean guy
just sang his heart out regardless of his situation! Hope he goes pretty
Far in the competion! 

Author Sarah Park ( ago)
I know that language, its korean, im korean

Author Kieran Cottam ( ago)
inspiring and amazing did not expect that

Author stormcrusher13 (1791 year ago)
Its funny you can tell all this is set up , the reactions the questions and
the comments, this shit is so fake (im talking about the show not the guy

Author Isabelle Sanchez ( ago)
How are there dislikes?

Author 박준호 ( ago)
마지막에 노홍철아저씨(?)가 한 말 진짜 멋있는거 같다

Author Turtle Master ( ago)

Author Sall Hasnan ( ago)
My tears rolled when I saw this. Ignorant is bliss (sometimes). You will
never miss what you never had. :-(. Bless u, where ever u are.

Author James Yang ( ago)

Author James Yang ( ago)
Dis guy has some serious swag issues

Author CanadianBeast24 (928 years ago)
I wasn't crying at all my eyes were sweating

Author daniel lessard ( ago)
A gift from God indeed! I hope that his singing continues to bring him
happiness because it was such a pleasure hearing him sing, it really helped
brighten my day.

Author Faris Ahmad ( ago)
When he says he was not that good at singing I was like "meh, if u didn't
good at singing,mother why did u come here?" But when I see him singing I
was like "Holy Mother Fucking God, he is just a homeless boy how on earth
did he haves that GREAT AWESOME sound?"

Author faisal khan (1786 years ago)
dont know wht he is singing....but it just gave me goosebums.....made me

Author Bilal Awan ( ago)
"I want to be normal like others" There's no such thing as normal. Everyone
is different, if everyone was the same, what's so special about us? If
everyone was like this person his voice wouldn't be special, it's BECAUSE
you're different that you're unique. If everyone in this world was good...
What will we have to guide us to do good stuff? For example. If there were
no bad people, no-one gets in trouble. You might rob a bank and everyone
would think it's good, kill someone, and no bad people to do it to prove
it's wrong. Humanity will perish if everyone was the same. It's like gold,
it's BECAUSE it's rarer than other elements that it's valuable. If this
world was made of gold, it would be less valuable that oxygen itself.
Remember, you're never alone. God is always by your side helping you guide
yourself. If you're different then cherish that moment to be different,
your difference put you on a show, letting you express your talent to

Author ding lian92 ( ago)
so good voice

Author Nicholas Chan (1423 years ago)
this click bait though

Author Larry Baley (1746 years ago)
Wish they would give his name in order to follow his career.

Author Lissa Grant ( ago)

Author CA DE (793 years ago)
homeless but better hair the the judges

Author SuperXxMarcosxX ( ago)
Demn scroll down and see why religion shouldnt be brought up anywhere
especially Youtube

Author Dasia Gray (1854 years ago)
I cried my butt off i cried so much!

Author Elena De ( ago)
his pronunciation is really good :)

Author loh breezy ( ago)
how dare you put water in my eyes

Author Joachim Sudergat ( ago)

Author tamera McDonald ( ago)
it mad me cry

Author Filippo Rainone ( ago)
I'm italian and i say that he sings with a perfect pronunciation, perfect
italian! Compliments!

Author Mic Doyle ( ago)

Author Mic Doyle ( ago)
this must be a lie, we all know that those of us that grew up on the
streets are lazy and stupid RIGHT???

Author nate lord ( ago)
i dont even know this language and im almost crying...

Author Abhilash A Thomas ( ago)

Author Marcus Tolliver ( ago)
Bro... didn't you just say you couldn't sing?

Author Turtle Master ( ago)
Plain grenat thaï mailing me cry

Author Seine Kapsiak (Sdkaps) ( ago)
3:26 *When you get dissed and you trying not to cry*

Author Eggisagoose :3 ( ago)

Author Marcos Martinez ( ago)
Music with class! =)

Author Alex the wolf ( ago)
I understand this because im korean :3 So sad awww ;-;

Author Valerie Johnson ( ago)
A voice like that is born out of struggle and adversity. Well done.

Author Camille Storm ( ago)

Author Deb Jennings ( ago)
Bless your soul... I would like to give you a hug.... You are a beautiful

Author Elvis Yeboah ( ago)
wow, crying moment. may God be praised. amen

Author Morgan Pieterse ( ago)
on my word , that is really ,really heart touching .god be with him

Author FPSGHoST808 ( ago)
I'm not crying, my eyes are sweating.
Damn this eye-sweat

Author Gizzgy ( ago)
This is on the level of Studio Ghibli material

Author Divina Martel ( ago)
I cry too...boy God with you when you took the stage....

Author Blake Martin ( ago)
I'm not eyes are just bleeding....and my blood is made of

Author Paulie X ( ago)
whats his barbers name? unemployed matches his ugly shirt chubby for a
homeless kid hes a fraud... his dad owns samsung

Author steve89z ( ago)
i think yes there is a god.

Author Jason Nunn ( ago)
Guys, make no mistake that homelessness is a terrible thing for any human
being to experience. Take my Father- a tremendously proud man, he was
reduced to living on the streets after having to pay for Mom’s cancer

It really pains me to remember how he spent the last 7 years of his life
sleeping rough. At first I think he was OK, but soon he was forced to dull
the pain (mental & physical) with cheap alcohol and eventually drugs. He
ended up just shouting obscenities at passers-by every day (when he wasn’t
in Police custody). He died a hollowed-out wreck of a human being. It can
happen to anyone!

Author Ryzal Boyz ( ago)
People crying because he have sad story for he real life..and he was
singing sad song.. That why so touching.. And he was good talent good luck
bro God bless

Author Abel Huang ( ago)
i hv watched this many times, Amazing that i don't understand the lyrics
but it always touches me.

Author Midget Bear ( ago)
Damn he is good If I was a judge I would give him YES

Author izzi tarum ( ago)
His voice is so nice,

Author Mita Ramabulana ( ago)
They accidentally disliked this.

Author anthony pizzi ( ago)
Absolutely amazing, god bless him.

Author Shy billy ( ago)
sorry I can't talk cause I'm crying

Author river omni ( ago)
he stold the talentshow becauss he homeless and song is not depressing sad
happy or anything

Author Maciej Nguyen The ( ago)
Who the fuck can dislike this video? Bunch of selfish idiots. Marvelous
performance. I wonder how is he doing now. I really hope he's doing well
now. I don't really know how to finish this sentence... I really wish I
could meet you and be your friend!

Author Maciej Nguyen The ( ago)
Who the fuck can dislike this video? Bunch of selfish idiots. Marvelous
performance. I wonder how is he doing now. I really hope he's doing well
now. I don't really know how to finish this sentence... I really wish I
could meet you and be your friend!

Author Maciej Nguyen The ( ago)
Who the fuck can dislike this video? Bunch of selfish idiots. Marvelous
performance. I wonder how is he doing now. I really hope he's doing well
now. You're one of the strongest people I know, I dony really know how to
finish this sentence. I really wish I could meet you and be your friend!

Author Maciej Nguyen The ( ago)
Who the fuck can dislike this video? Bunch of selfish idiots. Marvelous
performance. I wonder how is he doing now. I really hope he's doing well
now. You're one of the strongest people I know, I dony really know how to
finish this sentence. I really wish I could meet you and be your friend!

Author brendon Richardson ( ago)
I feel some thing when he sung

Author kevin jansen ( ago)
simply amazing

Author Debra Vanworth ( ago)
am I the only one who looked at the title and thought "omg what if he
actually STOLE the show"

Author nabil moussabik ( ago)
he said "im not a good singer " but then surprise !!

Author felix harvey ( ago)
I dont believe in any gods but i feel blessed to have watched this!

Author BGD Videos ( ago)
That made me cry!

Author MrLoveinair ( ago)
life can b full of surprises..

Author BENSHlN ( ago)
Surviving by yourself as a homeless person at the age of 5? What a load of

Author Rainbow Kitty_25 ( ago)
I'm not crying

Author ermiyas g ( ago)
10 years of unimaginable strife, take the time and think to where and what
you exactly 10 years ago, then after see if you feel as though that memory
a decade ago seems very far because it is...that's how long he fought along
side with his passion of music to live (since the age 5)

Author Kyaw Munn Oo ( ago)
not bad

so bad life wish he is happy afterwards

Author Salam0n ( ago)
Хуй вам пиндосы!

Author Leemuh Gibson ( ago)
Unbelievable, no words

Author Jack Finnigan ( ago)
i single small tear escaped my right eye. damnit your a dude put it back in

Author Kayla valdez ( ago)
oh my god i was brung to tears he was living on the street when he was 3=(
live is important when you live it when to you don't you just exist really

Author Finesonic ( ago)

Author saif rashed ( ago)
I think i got dust on my eyes ;)

Author Krisztian Gundert ( ago)
Ez gyönyörü

Author R-star ( ago)
He has such a tough life his voice is beutiful and he is so humble he is an
orphan who was homeless for 10 years at the age of 5 and he had to say he
was an orphan and bring back terrible memories he is proof God exist he is
humble poor but blessed

Author Eakta Limbu ( ago)
Mob God his song is so good he may be homeless but he is gifted gifted
enought to make me, the judges and a lot of people cry

Author Aaron Heinlein ( ago)
I feel like I went to heaven

Author Jose Garcia ( ago)
no idea what he's saying/singing but you can hear the beauty in his voice
that it sounds perfect

Author Sarah Jackson ( ago)
i wasn't crying too....and who leave this onion and garlic here

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