Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

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One cannot help but be moved to tears by this amazing young man; Sung-bong Choi.

When Sung-bong decided to sing on the Talent Show "Korea's Got Talent" he had no idea that he would win the hearts of millions all over the world!

His story of his childhood is so moving that even the judges had a hard time keeping their composure.

He told the judges that even though he didn't think he could sing very well, he sang because it made him happy.

They couldn't have been more surprised.

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Author 12glitters ( ago)
Tears rolled down my eyes as he started singing!! power of music dedanada ❤

Author Iris Song ( ago)
This dude's got some real talent. He should keep singing

Author El Diablø ( ago)
lol almost fell asleep

Author Swarup Tripura ( ago)
m crying too

Author mani sutha ( ago)
god bless him and have a wonderful life ahead.

Author Rosemary Pangkam ( ago)
God be with you dear!

Author ElleArtz ( ago)
This guy is amazing!
I'm Korean and I never knew there was a Korea's got Talent..

Author Fia Raqueno ( ago)
the hardship that he had been thru made him a better man. salute! don't understand any of the lyrics but since it sounded that it came from the heart made me felt sad and cry.

Author Lilfred_ 309 ( ago)
So sad 😭

Author Amber Little ( ago)
this man is a delicate little butterfly that must be protected at all costs

Author Ako ( ago)
lose the background music please, it's.....unnecessary

Author I AM ALIEN ( ago)
reminds me of when I used to sing like that

Author Jayaj Panap ( ago)
is there anyone here to translate the lyric of the boy:(=its make me.cry even if I dont understand

Author 신맨대 ( ago)
..젠장 왜 내가 이걸 이제서야 영어로 보고있는거야.. 진심으로 우리나라 인재 양성에 대한 인식이 바뀌어서 보석이 아닌 원석을 좀 캐냈으면 좋겠다.

Author Kàmál Roshâñ ( ago)
Love from've great future

Author BOT-GODZILLA ( ago)
so sad story

Author Suck this Nuts ( ago)
I ❤ Nachos

Author Jen&Christi ( ago) im..drowning in my tears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Terryn Song ( ago)
"not good at singing" he says. Dude, that's good singing right there

Author Pixelated Gamer 04 ( ago)
Me in the beginning 🙂 me after 😐.... oh

Author Meliana Wu ( ago)
Watch this really remind me how to be grateful for everything for bad and good things in my life and he inspired me to never give up to do what i enjoy and be confident not think what others think about me

Author Ankit Kumar ( ago)
now, I can say Korea really got a talent .

Author Ryan Yii ( ago)
Am i the only 1 didnt cry :|

Author FourElemental ( ago)
yup he's not a good singer .........

He's a great singer!!!

Author R. Houston ( ago)
That was astonishing, man tears here😢😢😢😢😯😯😯
wwwoooww. Opera worthy

Author ethan sandecki ( ago)
I don't even understand the language, but I'm crying(I'm 17). his voice is powerful and I believe God can use him for His puposes if he let's Him.

Author erien budhiyanto ( ago)
good boy.... from zero to hero... wheres his parent?

Author Vanessa Le ( ago)
This young man worked so hard through out his life, and god thanked him by giving a beautiful voice. His life might not have been the best, but with singing he got through the tough times. Thank you god for giving a beautiful young man a beautiful voice.

Author Mihailo Dukic ( ago)
Usually not emotional :(

Author PUG TATOS!!! ( ago)
The first few seconds I just started to cry :(

Author The4P3xg4m3r CoD,Minecraft&More! ( ago)
BTW is this south or north Korea?

Author The4P3xg4m3r CoD,Minecraft&More! ( ago)
The homeless\poor people is what's more important. People are always asses when they pass by and don't do anything or pray. I saw a homeless veteran and I prayed for him. At least give someone a prayer. 😟

Author Dank_Duck_Productions ( ago)
homeless boi eats everyone in the talent show

Author SUNIL VERMA ( ago)
hopefully everyone got something good from God , one has to identify it within itself

Author nicole umali ( ago)
i cried so hard he's homeless but talented and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author kason cheese ( ago)
He only got runner up, he lost to someone dancer that wasn't even that good! I mean, I understand that there are better acts, BUT COME ON, the act he lost to was TERRIBLE!!! She was NOT EVEN that good of a dancer!!!!!!!

Author Osha Gleen ( ago)
I don't know what did he sing.but it made me cry.

Author Karma MSP ( ago)
Omg beautiful

Author May Ann Bandoquillo ( ago)
I can't stop crying. How come a parent do this to their own child. How I pray I'm his mother. I will give him the love and care he deserve.

Author AbyRdv119 ( ago)

Author cha garcia ( ago)
he says he isn't a singer...👏👏👏👏👏 I applaud him he is amazing at singing AF!!

Author Vinikartini Kartini ( ago)
makan bang!!!

Author JustABitDutch ( ago)
Are you crying?
*No! Something got in my eye!*
What then?


Author David Copperfield ( ago)
How could he feel like he is not a good singer??? His singing comes right from his heart. Wonderful!

Author Anthony Chen ( ago)
I feel so bad for him. If I saw him on the streets I would give him all my allowance which is $3,000. I would really do that. I would sacrifice everything I have to help him. I like him. 😱😨😰😭😥😪😓😢😭

Author Chisuka Yui ( ago)
Without the internet you would never get to see these things. We would all continue in ignorant and many great talents never known. Things like this are truly inspiring. Out of the ashes, out of the gutter, in the dirt, a spec of gold.

Author Gibeke ( ago)
the art and humanity do not have any races and boundaries!

Author The Flying Gamers ( ago)
If this video does not go viral and people don't like it or share it or put it on the news then the world is screwd and will get eaten by a black hole next year

Author Akari ( ago)
he was singing in italian LMAO, he even has a good pronounce

Author noodle cake ( ago)
God bless you

Author Aluneth Master ( ago)
10/10 first time i really like an italian song proably. total respect for this guy.

Author Kapil Yadav ( ago)

Author chelle palz ( ago)
When I watch These videos there are always invisible ninjas chopping onions in my room

Author Melina Pineda De Guzman ( ago)
166 Million Views

Author Marlyn Ferrer ( ago)
I can't understand what he sang but I can't stop my tears falling from my eyes 😭

Author Akieyrah Rutling ( ago)
thtas so sad im crying right now

Author Samuel *REDACTED* ( ago)
"im not very good" SCUSE ME?

Author Mind Force ( ago)
I don't know this language but I feel good

Author moony ( ago)
onion chopping ninjas are at it again

Author Vincenzo Manna ( ago)
caugh caugh...what the beautyful language the italian...caugh caugh

Author Iza M.Rainbow ( ago)
This is one of those occasions when we see the beauty of a creative God reflected through the talent of a person.

Author Ame Ifopo ( ago)

Author Undertale singer ( ago)
I had no idea what he said, but... *claps*

Author ChunkyGamer ( ago)
Im crying from all the horrible crying jokes dwelling underneath my comment

Author tingymabob gt ( ago)
Im not crying! Someone is cutting onion!

Author Shahrul Afzan ( ago)
i'm touched. I don't even know what the song is all about, but i'm pretty sure it's something inspiring to him.

Author Mudclips ( ago)
I pray for this young man, and hope by being seen on this show that it leads to great success for him.

Author daniel nil ( ago)
i could not understand the lyrics, but I felt the music and the soul .. Awesome !!

Author Sofia the Mexican ( ago)
im totally not crying hysterically on my bed like a crybaby at all, like totally not... *cries silently*

Author Cleverconure ( ago)
Why were they laughing when he said he was a homeless worker?

Author Anna Christensen ( ago)
pause it on 4:15

Author Bader fahad ( ago)
He wants to be successful as bad as he want to breathe!

Author Luke Gallows ( ago)
I wasn't crying, I was just banging my head on the wall

Author iForgot My Name ( ago)
chung chang chang ching changking chung... ehh ching chung chang kang kan ching chan :' )
ching chung chunka chun chay chi, chin kang chunlay chan chin su... : )

Author Fuu nijii ( ago)
he got my manly tears

Author Aidan Trippany ( ago)
28k dislikes, come on he was on the streets since he was 5 damn. One like = One prayer

Author TriemJung ( ago)
Ugh! My tears just can't stop from falling! 😭😭😱😱

Author Fred Pena ( ago)
Homeless orphan has golden voice. Gotta see video, in Korean. Kam sa Hai Seyo!

Author Aesthetic Love ( ago)

Author Sharkey Hillary ( ago)
i exspeck to here from again

Author Sharkey Hillary ( ago)
i dont think hes homeless anymore

Author Sharkey Hillary ( ago)
ya man

Author Mellodie Hunt ( ago)
I loved it. Can't believe he went through that and people hated the video.

Author Mellodie Hunt ( ago)
Those people who disliked it are stupid no names...There just retards who are trying to make people sad and angry.

Author CATHY WEBB ( ago)
I just wish to know want he is saying.

Author NoVaJay252 Game Tutorial's and more ( ago)
28 thousand Dislikes? they are so fucking mean especially to this homeless dude...I feel bad for him

Author Olivier Paulini ( ago)
he get's all of my respect!!

Author mincraft is awsome ( ago)
I started crying he was amazing and he was left in an orphanage poor boy. He was so good I was like speechless and started to cry.


Author Arien M ( ago)
adorable,great singer,has so much ahead of him,doesnt look at the bad side....THAT GUY IS A LEGEND! X3

Author Rahmadyan Nurwidhi ( ago)
she is k2 actress?

Author Aarre Jokinen ( ago)
A young man

Author Aarre Jokinen ( ago)
A young

Author Alpacino Moses ( ago)
HOLY SHIT now I'm crying May god this bless this man and help him overcome theses hardships

Author Alpacino Moses ( ago)
soon I will help all those homeless and poor people out there in the world that is my dream

Author Poco Blair ( ago)
Amazing. Absolutely amazing.
18k replies? Let's all give a dollar, give this guy a chance!

Author Kapil Detha ( ago)
this is real telent you choi

Author Midnight Moon ( ago)
Who is cutting the onions? 😭

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