Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

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One cannot help but be moved to tears by this amazing young man; Sung-bong Choi.

When Sung-bong decided to sing on the Talent Show "Korea's Got Talent" he had no idea that he would win the hearts of millions all over the world!

His story of his childhood is so moving that even the judges had a hard time keeping their composure.

He told the judges that even though he didn't think he could sing very well, he sang because it made him happy.

They couldn't have been more surprised.

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Author amtqq 53 ( ago)
Ocean Man

Author Teo Haglund ( ago)
I feel soo sorry for him😭😭😭😭😭😭😪😪😓😓

Author Complaining Gaming ( ago)
22? This bitch look like he's skippin middle school to be there

Author GettShrekkt ( ago)
Who ever dislike this needs to kys

Author Mega Death Master ( ago)
People feel so sad for him while someone in their town is in exactly the
same situation or worse and when they pass them they couldn't care less
what happens to them. People only care after the fact. Same with Suicide,
people seem to care only after they die and don't give a shit about the kid
down the street who is days away from death.

Author fizzy929 ( ago)

Author Kiran Bhurtun ( ago)
I'm British so I don't understand what he was saying. But I can tell that
he was singing out of the pain and suffering of 10 years

Author Kiriko Fuyuki ( ago)

Author John Taylor ( ago)
these are the things that give life meaning. in a world obsessed with
celebrities and money its refreshing to see real human emotion and empathy.
makes all that other stuff even more shallow. As for the 28K dislikes to
this video- my heart goes out to you. Something went wrong in your life. I
hope you find a heart. I hope thus chap gets genuine joy and heaps of love
in his life

Author ulfa fjrm ( ago)

Author HeartBeat ( ago)
Mate! Stop cutting onions! Make food later!

Author ᴋɪᴡɪ Wu ( ago)
I think people really means dis-i-like

Author Nascha Lecter ( ago)
my jaw drops and tears flowing

Author Riuke Yaghamy ( ago)
he died lol.

Author Sytosinz Minecraftandmore ( ago)
i'm freaking crying0

Author Sytosinz Minecraftandmore ( ago)

Author Rice ! ( ago)
ma korean nigga :)

Author Rice ! ( ago)

Author ÎÐlàñ 暁 ( ago)
wtf why is that homeless boy steal the talent show stage FUCK U BITCH

Author Clorox Bleach ( ago)
Well he IS homeless I mean he needs to steal the Talent Show for money

Author Sarah Haeun Jung ( ago)
i'm korean... this translation isn't that great... but otherwise its really

Author Calum Duggan#beast ( ago)
He is not homeless

Author kay ash ( ago)
can someone pls tell me his name?i need to look for his albums,thanks!

Author Vegan Beaver ( ago)
What is this show called?

Author Fart dik ( ago)
it was the onions man.. i swear

Author Load Successful ( ago)
i can't believe that he live alone starting he is just like 5 yrs old?i
almost wanted to cry,i-i-i don't know what to say he slept in a public
toilet or stairs?so sad😥😥😧honestly i wanted to cry.

Author Yolo ( ago)

Author Calvin Hodgson ( ago)
That kids been through a lot and hopefully is doing better now. Yet, there
is an emotional scarring that has been done being parentless that will take
a lifetime to fix. The road is long but not without its victories.

Stay well my friends.

Author Julie Morrow ( ago)

Author Julie Morrow ( ago)
ching chong

Author Julie Morrow ( ago)
ching chong wong wong is a good singer

Author 사키쉬바 ( ago)
막노동 하고있다는데 쪼개는 메퇘지년들은 부모 홀수년?

Author Kaya ( ago)
jak někdo může dát dislike?

Author milad haghighi ( ago)
What the fuck! Motherfker has an amazing voice! wtf! I can't believe it.

Author Bluemist77 ( ago)
God bless this man with many miracles :)

Author Tyrone Wright ( ago)
I'm floored by that AWESOME Voice !!!

Author reynardo correlje ( ago)
did he realy said i am not a good singer

Author Spunk Bubble ( ago)
What an absolute legend.

Author Jada Morgan ( ago)
I want to cry

Author Davey Summers ( ago)
A Star is Born

Author Michelle Cleverley ( ago)

Author Sang Mach ( ago)
I don't understand the song but I can feel what in his life has been

Author namrur ( ago)
Is there anyone on the planet who didn't fell in love with her at 05:00?

Author Filip Steensnæs ( ago)
wow this is amazing!

Author STARS _ Leader ( ago)
28k people are jerk

Author Jason Bronzo ( ago)
I watched this and was gonna leave a like and then I saw that this video
has 163 million views and passed out

Author thatpoofy ( ago)
Someone pass the tissues

Author Spongeboi ( ago)
4:15 that face when you're a disgrace to your family

Author My channel ( ago)

Author Negar M. ( ago)
what's the name of this song? I've heard it in different languages... yet I
don't know what it is...

Author Adam THE Epic ( ago)
F**ck people who disliked this

Author ben yesu ( ago)
iam the fan of him

Author neil junak kashyap ( ago)
hats off........

Author Sheila Stahl ( ago)
Just amazing. How much I take for granted. Just brought me to tears of
compassion in the human spirit that is not easily crushed. What an awesome

Author saaul bhianos ( ago)
I don't understand it but it was beautiful

Author foxy the pirate ( ago)
he is so talented and I cried when he said he lived like that for 10 years.

Author Teresita M. Thomas ( ago)
this guy's is like the best singer ever like if I was rich I will donate
a1,00000 to every homeless people

Author RainRazaVlogs ( ago)
Goosebumps eveywhereeeeeeeee

Author Pakistan Zindabad ( ago)
omg who is cutting onions next to me please stop cutting

Author Leo Ruiz ( ago)
l couldn't help shedding tears when I heard this young man sing...bravo !
Leo Ruiz...San

Author Pro destroyer101 ( ago)
O-O 28K DISLIKES!!! 😡😡😡😡😡

Author Hidropixel ( ago)
I like how everybody belives this is real

Author Millie Infired ( ago)
Any one wanna discover a new ocean...I think I just cried one...damn who
was cutting onions

Author Mary Cookie ( ago)
Beautiful just beatiful

Author ar baby ( ago)
i can't believed it..i cried while hearing his song even though i did not
understand it..but i felt his agony while he is singing..:(

Author Morris Meeuwissen ( ago)
Crying during the whole dong

Author Thegamingbacon Vlogs ( ago)
😭poor boy hope you find someone to live with 👌

Author Marius Filip ( ago)
He forgot how to smile...
I can't believe that his story is real.

Author borntodie297 ( ago)
I'm not a very good singer. did he say that?
Mate this is quite the opposite, holy shit, he has the judges and the
audience down in tears or feels within half a minute.

Author Steve Kushlak ( ago)
Man this kid has some pipes! Thats a crazy difficult song and he crushed
it!!! Good ups for him!

Author Sowda Abdullahi ( ago)
did he win?

Author Casey Greene ( ago)
Jessssssssssssssssssssaaaasssssss he's a bad asssssssssss sinnnnngerrrr!!!!

Author Casey Greene ( ago)
Living on the fucking street at fucking five years old

Author Insane ( ago)
im lucky i got home and stuff, hoping he doing well

Author Khánh Nguyễn ( ago)
he deserves a 1000 gold buzzers

Author rayan hayle ( ago)
even though I don't understand what's his singing, I can tell his in pain,
and wants the best or even close to the best.
May God help every and one of us that need help (don't matter religion)
p.s. i'm Muslim and I can sing very good and I want to win American Got
Talent and I am not racist, I love every kind if believers, don't matter

Author Suyash Awasthi ( ago)
Who is cutting tomatoes here?

Author Yusif Elatmani ( ago)
Imagine pursuit of happiness but instead of being a man he was 5.... just

Author Thaya Baba ( ago)
He is Homeless? No way! He looks rich.

Author sorel edwin suarez ( ago)
They should really stop peeling the onions around here!

Author freakymojoman420 ( ago)
Think his story is bullshit since the math doesn't add up but damn is he

Author Vera Lhyn Montauge ( ago)
no one deserve to live like that. he is a very hardworking guy for a young

Author MittyPlayz ( ago)
28k people are sick fricks. (i dont like to swear) this man is homeless and
has been alone ever since he was 3. Damn.

Author Carlos Miguel Ordoñez ( ago)
I think im crying 😭😭

Author Faiza Anjum ( ago)
..........😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭............who dare disliked this!!!!!! I may
have not understand the song but I felt it! And to think we can complain
about homework and internet etc!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Author Marko Stojic ( ago)
This is SUCH a good example of how gready we have become....Here we are
walking around with our iphones and wishing we had a bigger house or a
faster car but this amazing guy didnt even have proper food. You think he
wanted a ferrari? or a porshe? no all he wanted was a normal life with
parents and siblings which he never got to expirience. All he wanted was to
survive....And im very grateful to him because ive now realised a few

Author YLNeverSeeITcoming ( ago)
Why would someone dislike this wtf
Are they even humans ?!

Author Saijin Jien ( ago)

Author Axay Rathod ( ago)
i cant understand this languge
but i have tear in my eyes after hear this...

Author Koolzay ( ago)
Who's watching this in 2016?

Author Turtle Lurky ( ago)
I feel moved even i don't know what he's saying

Author Mirato ( ago)
made my nips hard

Author Arbin Thapa ( ago)
God gifted Instinct

Author Tech Gamer ( ago)
Fucking good for him - he deserves the positivity.

Author PARAMORE 6190 fskcua ( ago)

Author Quiet Side ( ago)
Bless him. I hope he went on to find happiness.

Author ARFAT ANSARI ( ago)
who fuck are dislike this lovely and amazing video

Author Ryans ( ago)
If I ever dare try say to myself my life is hard and I can't do anything
with it I watch this video.

Author Dale Chadwick ( ago)
Don't sing very well. oh yes you do.

Author Davin Fightingbear ( ago)
I dislike Asia for stealing Americas got talent

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