Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

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One cannot help but be moved to tears by this amazing young man; Sung-bong Choi.

When Sung-bong decided to sing on the Talent Show "Korea's Got Talent" he had no idea that he would win the hearts of millions all over the world!

His story of his childhood is so moving that even the judges had a hard time keeping their composure.

He told the judges that even though he didn't think he could sing very well, he sang because it made him happy.

They couldn't have been more surprised.

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Author Paulus Putra ( ago)
any korean can translate that song?

Author BOA HANCOCK ( ago)
나 울고있어

Author Sherwin the Apache kid ( ago)
Our homeless and their homeless looks different hmmm🤔

Author averagegamer 16 ( ago)
my god he can fucking sing you go kid

Author SUPAHOTLY ( ago)
where does he live???

Author Robert bräutigam ( ago)
only tears ....fantastic !1!

Author Robert bräutigam ( ago)

Author Bubu Kim ( ago)
why I'm crying.. 😭😭😭

Author Daniel Viisanen ( ago)
i would give him a house

Author ☣ ÀÐíκ†Ü§ ™ ☤ ( ago)
His life and mine where alot like the same on some other perspective. You
are a superb individual. You have an angelic voice that can melt a heart of
stone. ♡♡♡♡♡

Author Mr Declany ( ago)
Koreas got sad stories to win the show
Not Korea got talent

Author georgieboy1958 ( ago)
I really am crying

Author Chaser Fang ( ago)
I cried...and I'm being forced to leave my girlfriend for six months and
not crying for that. But cried for this wtf. lol

Author Diane Iroulor ( ago)
I started to cry a bit but I held my tears back because this guy is a
natural I can't believe he spent 10years on his on 😥😥

Author Warniigley warniigley ( ago)
He's been living alone since he was 5! ....sadness has become me =[

Author Ambyr Scheepers ( ago)
not a good singer my ass. He is an incredible person!

Author Santiago Abaricia ( ago)
So touching. Similar to Paul Potts but more real and Heartwarming.

Author MorganBrenner ( ago)
holy....I have no words....

Author Yuku Massaquoi ( ago)
Fighting and stay happy😍😘

Author Mary Grace Labuan ( ago)
wow sounds like an angel from heaven

Author Mary Grace Labuan ( ago)

Author Valerie TM ( ago)
Wow just wow 😱💪

Author Natsu Dragneel ( ago)
I'm crying 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Author Imp Studio's ( ago)
what song is he singing.

Author Sonia Singh ( ago)
this is just incredible.. ten years all alone...and the talent just amazing

Author animeotaku22 ( ago)
lived on the street since he was FIVE YEARS OLD?!?!?!?!
when I was five years old i could not even go anywhere without my mom(even
in the backyard)

Author Steven Anderson ( ago)
this is so sad when I heard his story I cried a little 😢😢😢but when u
heard his singing I was mind blown and I hope he's being very secseful and
finally being noticed 👏👏👏

Author TryHard Gaming (TryHardGaming583) ( ago)
He loses and now is selling gums again in the streets.

Author Sophie Cuteness overload ( ago)
That's horrible

Author Markéta Marholdová ( ago)
Stunning an incredible singing .😊

Author Althewahyu ( ago)
i thought im phsycopat.. not today

Author Gh Metta ( ago)

Author Paolo Chen ( ago)
i am zo insensitive i almost cried but i didn't :/

Author lalpekhlui palian ( ago)
what kind of monsters disliked this video?

Author lisa stott ( ago)
Omg you have a gift please keep trying. God you made me cry and I'm a tough
egg to crack. God bless you. Keep moving forward don't give up. Please keep
trying. God bless you always. Xxxx

Author Emily H ( ago)
Omg I'm crafting so much !!!

Author Jewel Miah ( ago)
Did not understand a word he sang but that was amazing.

Author PreachElder TV ( ago)
Thanks for posting this, it gives so much hope. Beautiful how God gave him
the TALENT and strength to persevere.💕

Author PreachElder TV ( ago)
Thanks for posting this, it gives so much hope. Beautiful how God gave him
the TALENT and strength to persevere.💕

Author Ahsan Qadeer ( ago)

Author Francesco Maggiolini ( ago)
Ma canta in italiano

Author Dumpy CookieShell86 ( ago)
This Says that nothing is immposible i think i spelled that wrong but i
don't care this made me cry and showed me that u can do whatever you want

Author Diana ( ago)
This is so beautiful 😩 I hope he's doing a lot better now. This made my
eyes tear up 💋❤

Author Yaser Yaser ( ago)
I don't cry coz the song will get u not the sing

Author Manmohan Singh ( ago)
super punch to sick life of mine.
its hurts.

Author rahma yusuf ( ago)
no child should go through that kind of hardship. i hope he won the contest

Author 박희준 ( ago)
yeah just go fuck him god dammit what are you waiting for

Author brenda franklin ( ago)

Author Achil Herma ( ago)
Absolutely inspiring..

Author Lorenzo Notarianni ( ago)
THIS MAN MAKES ME PROUD TO BE ITALIAN..Just because he sang in Italian !

Author Joao Victor Souza ( ago)
Caralho kkkkkk canta mt

Author ȻΔ‡† ( ago)
not fake at all :^)

Author andrea american training karate ( ago)
amazing!!!! God bless!!!!!!

Author shigsho ( ago)
Who is the Asian woman? Thank you.

Author shigsho ( ago)
Who is the Asian woman?

Author Random guy 12345 ( ago)

Author Random guy 12345 ( ago)
Ka Han Sam ni da

Author Mike Fleming ( ago)
I don't know what he's singing about but I can feel it so amazing

Author Muscle4LifeX ( ago)
Does anyone know what happend later? What is he doing today?

Author ryantres85 ( ago)
Ten years on his own, ten fucking years... Man, I can't be on my own yet
and I'm 30. How sad is my fucking life? But this guy is awesome, and I
heard he's finally doing really well. That's the kind of ending I like :)

Author panhead1219 ( ago)
Uh, who fed him and put him up for night?

Author Brandon Lo ( ago)
Ok, who is cutting onions again?!

Author Jenelyn Ebero ( ago)
his awesome.....imagine 10 yrs on the street alone...

Author rclpretty rcl ( ago)
im crying while watching this full video of him darn it 😢😢 other people
were lucky they didnt expirience such things like experienced in glad his
happy now😀😀

Author Chantelle Sandford ( ago)
LOVE this boy

Author Brownie P ( ago)

Author Drimz ( ago)
aw more than one hundred million viewers

Author juanita thomas ( ago)
i loved it i almost under stood the song it made me cry

Author Ade Kurniati Hikaru ( ago)
anyone, can you tell me what the meaning of this song? because i dont
know.. thank you~

Author jaya malandang ( ago)
this is heartbreaking 💔😭

Author IraqUpBeaches ( ago)
What was the background music in the beginning?

Author Brenda Kite ( ago)
I could not understand one word BUT it was so beautiful! And 28 055
dislikes, really?

Author 고혜성 ( ago)
언제봐도 자랑스럽습니다..

Author Frosty Gamingz ( ago)
I cried

Author PuppySoccerProductions ( ago)
Who almost cryed about his story?

Author IceVines ( ago)
To be honest I was really hoping that he'd suck at singing (just as a
comedic plot twist) but as soon as he started he blew my mind.

Author Boss Lady ( ago)
Is it me or did he souns like Andrea Bocelli..wowww..omgggg

Author lone wonderer ( ago)
damn. i am the one amongst the crying squad. I thought I am tough

Author Mattonella Scheggiata ( ago)
ma che bellissimo accento che ha quando canta in italiano!

Author Drc8R 17 ( ago)
161 million views are you fuking serious?

Author 11 savagepink ( ago)
this mad me cry

Author Bleach drink fresh ( ago)
And said he wasn't a good singer

Author Paul Gonzales ( ago)
he is great

Author 안녕안녕 ( ago)
korean '' lol!

Author hayden lumsden ( ago)
start 2:53

Author Mis Dariah ( ago)
i was want to cry!😭😭😭

Author TheKOng2000 ( ago)
Don't buy into it. Call it full of bs

Author Khan Lakhno ( ago)
For those who don't want to listen his shitty story of his life: the song
starts at 2:50

Author Vicki Newport ( ago)
My heart tear for him and his voice is so amazing make me cry.. Except
wonder and or why his parents gone and left him there in orphanage? What
about his grandparents or uncle or aunt, whoever love him should take care
of him. Thank God, He pulled through and defeat the devil. wow.

Author lorna harris ( ago)

Author KeaneKul Ho ( ago)
this guy who uploaded the video made tons from ads

Author Timothy Hunt ( ago)

Author Mickael Iacono ( ago)
he sang in italian lol and i'm italian

Author satyam srivastava ( ago)
she said she would give him a hug???

Author pruthvi bindass ( ago)
u r superb and owsm bro... love u

Author Ariyana Matthews ( ago)
He stole it 🙀🙀😱 and I'm happy for him😿😭😭

Author Rikke Pehrson ( ago)
Im from Denmark and i cryed to

Author TheGamingKid275 ( ago)
Thank god I'm not homeless!

Author Jeaneen moore ( ago)

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