Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

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One cannot help but be moved to tears by this amazing young man; Sung-bong Choi.

When Sung-bong decided to sing on the Talent Show "Korea's Got Talent" he had no idea that he would win the hearts of millions all over the world!

His story of his childhood is so moving that even the judges had a hard time keeping their composure.

He told the judges that even though he didn't think he could sing very well, he sang because it made him happy.

They couldn't have been more surprised.

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Author Tanya Fili Taele (1 month)
I know God was with him throughout the years he suffered. Stiffen up
brother! You are still with him just have faith and believe like what you
just did to yourself. 

Author Wyatt Stubbs (22 days)
Congratulations!!!! You're going to North Korea!!!

Author Takashiseal (7 days)
What a great voice!

Author Terra Ryzer (20 days)
anyone cried ?? 

Author Chan Park (9 days)

Author Taboo (1 month)
Asians be like

Author Amit Sharma (12 days)
I dont understand his language, but I had tears in my eyes listening to
him. AND SOME INHUMAN disliked this video. People are retard. Cant
appreciate hard work. He is a real fighter. I salute to him. If I was in
his condition, I wouldn't even have the courage to go on a stage and sing.

Author Owen Scattergood (22 days)
The only thing I am wondering is how he got the gums and the energy drinks.
But still, great video!

Author John Baesa (19 days)
Does anyone know the middle judge's name?

Author Scott Wilder (1 month)
Later that night he was found dead... he drowned in the pussy.

Author Plumpy (26 days)
wtf is a manual worker?

Author Hakim Iversen (29 days)
▒█░░░ ▀█▀ ▒█░▄▀ ▒█▀▀▀ ░█▀▀█ ▒█▀▀█ ▒█▀▀▀█ ▒█▀▀▀ ▒█▀▀▀
▒█░░░ ▒█░ ▒█▀▄░ ▒█▀▀▀ ▒█▄▄█ ▒█▀▀▄ ▒█░░▒█ ░▀▀▀▄ ░▀▀▀▄
▒█▄▄█ ▄█▄ ▒█░▒█ ▒█▄▄▄ ▒█░▒█ ▒█▄▄█ ▒█▄▄▄█ ▒█▄▄▄█▒█▄▄▄█

Author Awesome Diamond (26 days)
That boy is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!

Author Chris Corben (3 days)
Chris Corben - wow - please watch this

It made me cry 

Author Asher Nardone (1 month)
Life may rob you off everything but God will still give you gifts.
Beautiful. Well done you inspirational young man, May your life change and
you be blessed. x

Author John Doe (1 month)
They're so understated in Japan, it's lovely. The lady in the middle was so
kind. He is a bit out of tune but fuck I'm weeping anyway. Bless him

Author pedro vivancos (20 hours)
Puedes ver este video sin llorar?

Author Pauvy Feldman (10 days)
wow look at all the "peacful' racist atheist and jews commenting....

Author david west (11 days)
I jut shocked that there's a Koreans got talent

Author pitayato prasum (19 days)
I we never hate this video because Asian hate black,euro or other tribes
God bless u boy am happy for u 

Author Bennie Baca (13 days)
Very touching and inspirational but.. is this real? or is this a drama
scheme put on by talented actors?

Author John Burridge (13 days)
Thank you Barb!!!

Author Azi Sheikh (1 day)
apart from all the racist cunt comments does anyone know his name and if
theres any more music by him? know for those who appreciate music 

Author maroth27 (13 days)

Author John Johnson (14 days)
The guys back stage are his handlers who kicked the shit out of him as a

Author shaylub12 (21 day)

Author Bhapapath Visutvatanasak (15 days)
Such a hard life...and you overcame it.......It's just........You're

Author Jet Loquendo (16 days)
Y derrepente un comentaro en español aparece :v

Author happy_gamer_dk (12 days)
its so sad ;(

Author J King (1 month)
Fuck I hate this video. I hate that fucking bitch. She's a terrible
actress. Fucking stop popping up my Youtube page. I fucking hate this.

Author flo dü (20 days)
Is this a fake? (how can anybody sing like he, without singing lessons?

Author Timothy C (27 days)
actually I think this guy sing better than miley cyrus

Author jeremy jermiao (13 days)

Author Ari F (27 days)
If he says he can't sing well and that's how outstanding his voice is, I
wonder what "good" singing is for him.

Author shaydy van dyk (22 days)
omg he is amazing , anyone would have thought he would have had lessons

Author Ying Yang (16 days)
This sounds fake. His story doesn't make sense. How can he be living on the
streets all his life but still learn the upper class refined art of opera
singing? Did he watch opera singers like Lucianno Pavorotti in the toilet
on his invisible tv and learn about the opera style of soprano, alto,

Author Tom Gwozdz (8 days)
I like the story even though it feels cooked. The signing was good and the
sad music in the background while the dramatic interaction between judges
and performer unfolded was touching. Well put [Insert Country Here]'s Got

Author Eden Haymond (17 days)
21,576 people are jelous of his singing voice and they dont care about the

Author kururu566 (25 days)
Why a homeless boy could have been to schools?
Who helped him while he was a homeless?
Is this a real story?

Author 911 PFF for MLP (1 month)
I rest my case to live. I suck at singing. Somebody pick up a knfife and
stab me. I feel I wanna die, cuz I'm useless.

Author Jadyss Winokur (29 days)
What is he sayin

Author Imran Nazir (22 days)
Thats dedication

Author Junaid Singh (1 month)
why doesn't the korean audience give him a standing ovation....He deserved

Author Isaac Mhar (1 month)
he looks like a 14 year old Bruce Lee!

Author Monchai Vimuktananda (16 days)
Watch this.

Author Tammy deVegter (1 month)
chineese x factor

Author John Burridge (14 days)
Taylor I am from AMERICA. I don't agree with Gregory. But you make the
mistake in ASSUMING that all AMERICANS are heartless. I am homeless and I
still give to the homeless. I know hunger & cold. I spent an entire winter
in 20 to 40 below temperature in Minnesota in a car without a blanket, only
a snow suit with 2 puppies inside of my snowsuit to keep warm. I gave 2/3
of my food up to feed those two dogs. I gave money and food to other
homeless people while being homeless myself. I never asked anyone to donate
or give me money. I never asked to get arrested for a place to live, others
may that's fine. I tried to sleep in the pouring down rain with no shelter
but couldn't because I was shaking so bad from the cold. You gave them
token food to ease your conscience, but did you offer any shelter and
warmth and HOPE. Talk about having a nice day you wouldn't last one week in
what I went through. There are assholes but their are ignorant excuse
making sheep like you. Not to detract from the story but this young man has
a need and a heart and it doesn't matter what country you are from he
deserves a chance and obviously has hope in his heart and the proof is in
his voice. Hunger, loneliness and pain know no country. I cried

Author Alireza Yousefi (1 month)
this guy deserves ALOT more than LOTS of singers...

Author Ricky .Samsquanch (27 days)
what an ass hole, he had his eyes closed for the whole thing, and whats up
with the big pepsi flag in the back ground

Author Rooban T.U. (1 month)
I am an indian i dont understand what you sing, But you are a legend , You
will be superb , I hope to see you performing live in somewhere

All the best brother

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