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Author Pascal G (5 days)
Le Bien L'emporte toujours sur le Mal !!!
A vos mouchoirs , je remets cette vidéo extraordinaire pour le fun
Big up à ce petit gamin qui a dormit 10 ans dans les escaliers et les
Publics WC

Author paolo ottomano (6 days)
Ascoltate e bellissima buona notte

Author James Correia (1 month)

Author thia Trinidad (2 months)
Where is he now? Is he already a celebrety now? He's awesome. 

Author Artsy Alicorn (2 months)
I feel bad for people who have no.

Author Naruko Uzumaki (3 months)
on him =D 

Author mlprainbowdash2 (25 days)
Omg I'm crying 😭😭😭 So heart touching.😭

Author Rebecca Quinn (4 months)
I hate how people are fighting over stupid things like religion and race in
the comments. Can't people just respect others and their beliefs??

Author HBliss (6 months)
There are some pretty pathetic people who would watch a video like this and
would only have a comment about the uploaders username. I would have never
even noticed! It's like you people just look for things to be offended by
and to bitch about! Let everyone believe in what they want.

That aside, this kid is incredible and I wish him all the best. Does anyone
know of his success? 

Author TheNobleScoundrel (1 month)
Why do they have the gall to milk his history??? Just let the poor guy be
and let him sing! You don't need to try and entice a sob story out of him!

Author Gamesdf (4 months)
Some of these comments show that this world is full of evil things. I dont
even want to call them "ppl". Disgusting.

Author Breno Cordeiro (1 month)
"i'm not a good singer"
Choi, Sung-bong

Author Happy McFlooper (25 days)
Of course he stole the show, It's not like he could afford to buy it.

Author PwnUrBadCock (4 months)
I should eat dogs as well, maybe im gonna be the best singer in da world.

Author _2U_ (3 months)
If homeless Asians can do this, what can normal Asians do???

Author caleb Irwin (1 month)
NEVER look down on someone unless ur lifting them up its an expreshion I
made for homeless people

Author Sarah Hodgins (15 days)
how did he possibly live on his own at age 5????? And how did he learn to
sing like that?????

Author Nicholas Tran (1 month)
Even the voice can't handle this

Author Hosia (2 months)
I dont even speak Chinese and this is still so hard to hold the tears back

Author Viana de León (11 days)

Author Alexis Alexander (24 days)
I find it ironic that this is a "Korean's Got Talent" yet I see no sign in
the thumbnail or title that it is Korean

Author GABRIEL Gandall (1 month)
Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show:

Author Ryan Wolf (1 month)
Such an amazing young man, homeless from the age of 5 and living on his own
on the streets, selling gums, and singing to make himself feel happy.
Moved me to tears

Author Harald Schober (3 months)
Einfach fantastisch. Ich Kauf mir sicherlich das erste Album! Respekt

Author Sarah Daly (11 days)
If he went to highschool
how did he do Homework without a home to do it in?

Author ichabe dichlieb (1 month)
ridiculous. people REALLY believe this.
its just the typical story of the poor little decently good looking kid who
" just likes singing" and everyone feels sorry for him and then turns out
he is so awesome.
im from germany- the EXACT SAME THING took place here in THE EXACT SAME
SHOW. and it was the same in GB wiht paul potts or pods or whatever his
name was who was just a poor guy and so on and so on and then he starts
singing and everyone is amazed. so ridiculous. and the best thing is-
people feel sorry for this guy on television but next day they meet a
homeless person who wants a dollar and they ignore him :D and people feel
sorry for this little guy -whose story is id say 90% that its just invented
by the " inventors " of this show to make the show more emotional and "
awesome". - BUT people do not feel sorry for the great suffering of
millions of people when the by coffee, tea, or other shit they dont even
need and also support mcdonalds, subway all that shit... but they of course
believe an invented crap story on television and feel bad about that.
I actually feel sorry for the billions of mindless idiots ( sorry :D ) who
watch and believe in these shows. wake up, people. your so very loved TV
isnt always telling the truth. instead, if u feel so sorry, see, how u can
change this into a better world, what can u do?

Author MrTooMuchLuck (1 month)
Dumb ignorant Americans in the comments gave me cancer

Author Richard (2 months)
Good job good job good job good job good job!

Author Ryan Jarvis (12 days)
why is there over 7 million views on this video but there are only 7
million in the world???

Author Mária Dorgai (3 days)
Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show:

Author Iago Dice (25 days)
so the chinese people stole the concept of a talent show, huh! i guess its
not like they havent stolen anything before and called it thier own

Author Vladimir Fishman (11 days)

Author Squash (1 day)
i was like...why are they crying
secs later..why the fuck am i crying?

Author Voreinstellung (1 day)
If homeless Asians can do this. Then what can normal Asians do?

Author Rose Nyakwaka (4 days)
I don't understand the words but the song has been beautifully
rendered.Kudos to the young man! may this be the beginning of a bright and
secure future

Author Michel Lafreniere (3 days)
WOW, Amazing

Author Roffel Swagman (2 months)
Anyone knows how it´s been for him after this? Must been a complete turn
around for him can´t imagine him on the streets still today after seeing

Author Russell Hubbard (1 day)
My faith In humanity is restored

Author Valerie Hewins (3 days)
I didnt understand the language,but that was beautiful,he bought tears to
my eyes. Just beautiful.

Author MMObeast (2 days)
if u want him to be happy . help him dont just say it for the television

Author TheNerfedGuns (19 hours)
😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭 so many likes

Author Jimme CrackCorn (8 days)
HOMELESS BOY MY ASS OR A FIRE; that bitch has on some nice WHITE sneakers,
a well ironed shirt, no fucking calluses on his hands, no pimples on his
face, nice even hair cut, white teeth and a pair of Urban Star jeans. This
is nothing more then a made up story for views. I'm sure all three judges
will suck his 1-1/3 inch dick after the show and give him a box of fortune
cookies! No one sings that way without singing lesson or sucking a lot of
panda dick!

Author Greta Silver - zu jung für's Alter (2 days)
unglaublich dieser Junge - weiss gar nicht, was aus ihm geworden ist....
hoffe sehr, es hat sein Leben zum Guten gewendet.

Author 5up3r Mar10 Gl1tchy 65 (22 days)

Author Miranda 555 (22 hours)
If you look at most of the audience, they are crying....they have a heart.
Fortunately, there are more good people in the world than evil. For all the
people leaving bad comments, it only makes you look stupid. That was a
special moment for that poor boy, he has had a hard life....this was his
opportunity to shine....and by god he did....well done x

Author Orlando V (1 day)
Very emotional and I don't even understand the word he sings...:) 2 thumbs

Author Lucy Rogan (3 days)
I feel bad for him living alone. And I hope he can get a good life he loves
and can become famous one day

Author Poodlepie (3 days)
Wow alot of people turned Thier device upside down and liked Again :D

Author ChopsGraphics (7 days)
:( The homeless person needs a home and food and maybe a PC or

Author Aril Mysugarcoat (2 days)
I already watched this so many times but still ,until now just closing my
eyes and listening to it.... I can't stop my tears ... 

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