Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

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One cannot help but be moved to tears by this amazing young man; Sung-bong Choi.

When Sung-bong decided to sing on the Talent Show "Korea's Got Talent" he had no idea that he would win the hearts of millions all over the world!

His story of his childhood is so moving that even the judges had a hard time keeping their composure.

He told the judges that even though he didn't think he could sing very well, he sang because it made him happy.

They couldn't have been more surprised.

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Author joyzzle ( ago)
I cried like a baby..

Author Roger H ( ago)
they're crying because in their hearts they understand his choice of song
... I really believe that

Author Jeff Arend ( ago)
The Korean boy is so ugly!

Author Delpernicus ( ago)
I just want to give this boy a hug. I wish him the best in life. :)

Author Paul Genga ( ago)
It is quite an experience watching this... God bless his soul

Author justanother youtubechannel ( ago)
He is just like naruto

Author Hayley Garcia ( ago)
wow he is unbelievably good

Author František Vinklář ( ago)

Author Salote Jackson ( ago)
All I have to say u did a good job and may our heavenly Father be with you.
Keep it up the good work. 

Author Jon Ingle ( ago)
Sorry to piss on everyone's chips but he's not that good a singer.

Author chris green Philly ( ago)
I always thought it was interesting how often times I've heard people say
'oh, opera's boring, blah blah blah', but then at these TV talent shows, a
person sings opera & everyone's crying & giving a standing ovation. Maybe
it's one of those things where alot of the people who say it's boring
haven't given it a chance.

Author Pradeep T ( ago)
Just speechless... Such huge respect we must have upon that man! And to all
those 25,301 dislikers, try sleeping on toilet door steps for for 10 years
with no one to accompany u. I now have a decent life which my parents have
given but what did I do with it? Nothing. But this guy, came out of
nothing. So, he is an inspiration to me from now on!

Author Adolf hitler ( ago)
This totally left me heart broken 

Author byalmo91 ( ago)
***Homeless boy EARNS the talent show***

Author Judith Ponce ( ago)
For the people that put thumbs down you are heatless and have no soul

Author MrPatrickbuit ( ago)
5:29 kappa.

Author JCrafter13 ( ago)
Now that's talent!

Author Travis Dwyer ( ago)
This kid is absolute proof these shows are staged. Do you really think this
guy is homeless? Especially after being on Koreans got talent AND America's
got talent. Yes, he been on both. These people are just actors to fill in
time slots. That why they never make it through. Staged.

Author JayPlayz MC ( ago)
😿😿😿😿😿😿😪😪😪😪the most beautiful thing i ever heard

Author Siti Ana ( ago)
His voice can make everyone cry.

Author Jon Grossberndt ( ago)
Fuck me running. Didn't expect that. 

Author CayCayGames ( ago)
I cried! It's so beautif

Author Mia Wilburn ( ago)
OMG he killed 😢😢😢😢😢 and I'm sad he homeless

Author Noor Haleem ( ago)
Hello everyone, I just watched this video and to your surprise it is
real!!!Just look how he is homeless and have this ability of singing with
his hard circumstances that he will talk about!!!please watch!!!!And tell
me what you think.

Author NokturnalTimes ( ago)
fight capitalism!

Author Nicole Bartley ( ago)
I'm crying. He has a amazing gift. I wish him the best.

Author Adele Zoe ( ago)

Author Jeremy Moore ( ago)
Now 25K dislikes = 25K Assholes

Author Dahme Zlatan ( ago)
il a une voix vraiment magnifique !!! Rien a dire...

Author Sophiya rai ( ago)

Author Olivia Ngan ( ago)

Author saavi ranjan ( ago)
Really inspiring!!!

Author Al Walid ( ago)
you say only 3.6 million people cheer for you
but you don't know that god and other souls is cheering for you too
so even you lived a hard life,god will help you lead to success

Author Harold Kirk ( ago)
Very touching 

Author Chelsie Montoya ( ago)
Ya ask personal ?s and then embarrass him 

Author OjeG Sepeda ( ago)
Meleleh... #melted  

Author Lonnie Christopher ( ago)
...I was thinking that I've heard that melody before....then at the end it
was unmistakable.....Ennio Morricone....from the movie "The Mission"....and
some videos have the Iguazu Falls in the background.....

Author Silas Moore ( ago)
Ching chong ching chong,

All I see is gook.

Author Rainbow Dash ( ago)
That's so warming (3

Author Sue Mullins ( ago)
I believe they are retarded. No body in their right mind, laughs at a
child. Hey you stupid retarded people. Get a life. (FOOL'S)

Author Fumbleberg Gaming ( ago)
I should stop cutting onions while watching youtube :|

Author Davedosa ( ago)
What happened after this competition for him? :D

Author Thomas Fleckner ( ago)

What a voice ?!!!!!!

Author corina delacruz ( ago)
he have a beautiful voice.... hes talented....

Author Omar Ssine ( ago)
Now he has over 145 million people cheering for him!!

Author shivam hooday ( ago)
What a beautiful amazing and superb voice

Author The Godfather ( ago)

Author Deadkitty emogirl ( ago)
내가 있었으면 그 아름 다운 목소리와 재능 있는 그런!💕

Author Brandon Jackson ( ago)
very stunning

Author Jon A ( ago)
my god that was a beautiful voice

Author kha tu doan ( ago)
Must be harsh for him

Author kha tu doan ( ago)
How sad I wonder what it is like to be homeless

Author builderman ( ago)
He stole it? What

Author Jonathan Clemente ( ago)
How could he say he doesn't sing well?

Author karen brookes ( ago)
fantastic wish him all the luck for the future

Author Colin Filma ( ago)
does any 1 no what happen to this lad like how he jot on in life

Author yudiyuda ( ago)
omg.....wish i was there to hug him

Author Aaron Rodriguez Butler ( ago)
The judge in the center is so hot

Author Jordan Clark ( ago)
Why is the background side "Korea's got talent" in english?

Author Zazzy Bacon ( ago)
That's truly amazing :o

Author mackylordz Ragadio ( ago)
I never make time to comment with any videos I had watched but this one is
different we may not understand the song but through his voice the control
he has I as a viewer is moved could even feel the passionate emotion deeply
pouring way out as if when he began singing he completely spread his wings
like a complete different person. Wish him happiness And love.

Author T Gonzalez ( ago)
so sad
but he sings amazing

Author Kahunani a Ka La Chung ( ago)

Author David Nguyen ( ago)
It sux that people laughed at him like that but I'm sure it's something
that pushed him. Thank those people for that sh*t

Author Trung Cao Viet (Tommy) ( ago)
Hope the luckiest things belong to you in this life,boy.

Author Demons Doppelganger (Gaming) ( ago)
They've got these talented people and our best is "watch out for my body

how sad..

Author Demons Doppelganger (Gaming) ( ago)
Am I the only one who cracked up when I heard his voice go from a 15 year
old to suddenly a 30 year old oprah singer? xD

Author Gina Marshall ( ago)
What a blessing to get to watch this. It made me cry. What a humble young
man. It's so sad when I think how many times was he passed by when he was
so little? No one took him in, no one helped him. Look at this beautiful
gift he has.

Author Lottie Charman ( ago)
I cried a little tiny bit 😂

Author Dan Dan Dan ( ago)
I call bullshit.

Author Lucas Brouwer ( ago)
Wow that was so beautifull I cried

Author hong nguyen diep ( ago)
Crying right now😥😢😥

Author notedeath04 ( ago)
If you thought naruto had a bad childhood THINK AGAIN!

Author jerrr ( ago)
thanks alot dude... got me crying like a bitch over here

Author lic. Jose Manuel Magaña Ledesma ( ago)
Ojalá lo disfruten como yo lo hice.
Además, las koreanitas están hermosas...

Author Something Girl ( ago)

Author Glen W. Ford ( ago)
What talent. Awesome. The judge took him under her wing and he became quite

Author Ariana Guevara ( ago)
Wow 135 million views!!!! He deserves it :)

Author Denise Sy ( ago)
i don't really understand any single line in the song... but somewhere in
my heart cried

Author hareesh ks ( ago)
I don't know Why , but I cried....
And I only saw his singing portion and not that much of the back story...I
just saw the girl crying and his voice really have me goose bumps...and I
was crying ....I don't know what the hell happened...

Author Bunthoeurn Sean ( ago)

Author Lady ルチナ ( ago)
I have never heard a beautiful voice from a guy like this before. God, his
story makes me cry

Author thế đông trần phan ( ago)
stop it pls, i'm crying.....

Author NinjaGamerz8 ( ago)
1:30-2:25 made me cry 

Author csking97 ( ago)
Does anybody know what the song is when they are telling his story?

Author John S ( ago)
I read that this young man was repeatedly beaten by street gangs and was
moving from area to area since 5 years old. What an amazing story how he
raised and depended on himself.

Author Lydia Rouse ( ago)
At the beginning when he tell his story its really sad....but he's really

Author Sophia Gonzalez ( ago)
He has a beautiful talent thanks to God this made me almost cry

Author Master L.C And Alan ( ago)
Amazing. Just amazing.

Author PaulOrientedotcom ( ago)
You never know what talents are hidden within a person unless they share
it. Great video.

Author Karla Garcia ( ago)
First you tube video i see that really touched my heart

Author pillapalem sravani ( ago)
You are really amazing god bless you I respect you be brave as you are now
you 'll have a bright future 

Author taresa giray ( ago)
I dont really understand him. But he makes me cry. He is so very humble and
I hope that he will find his family. Keep on singing. Reach your dream.
Just pray.

Author Keondra Hurst ( ago)

Author greataspo ( ago)
He should have the BIGGEST STANDING OVATION!!!!!

Author Bill Davidson ( ago)
what a talent

Author Aranis Das ( ago)
:( - :)

Author Lucy Holmes ( ago)
But I don't know what he is saying

Author Lucy Holmes ( ago)
That is great 10\10!!!!!

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