Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

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One cannot help but be moved to tears by this amazing young man; Sung-bong Choi.

When Sung-bong decided to sing on the Talent Show "Korea's Got Talent" he had no idea that he would win the hearts of millions all over the world!

His story of his childhood is so moving that even the judges had a hard time keeping their composure.

He told the judges that even though he didn't think he could sing very well, he sang because it made him happy.

They couldn't have been more surprised.

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Author Dinesh Vyas ( ago)
I couldn't understand a word but my mind cried when started singing.
beautiful. 👍👍👍

i crye hearing his story

Author Izzabella Chacon ( ago)

Author gabriel dibble ( ago)
I pray he is better off now, he deserves a better place

Author gabriel dibble ( ago)
That young man was touched by god with that voice , a instrument to
captivate all

Author Sayantika ( ago)
hev looks like a fatter version kim soo hyun

Author A.O.T Attack on titan ( ago)
Just started crying when I heard his story. People who are demanding and
always acting like a bitch to their parents and people should learn from
this guy

Author Rose Gima ( ago)
still watching this in 2017

Author Bailey Lowe ( ago)
I love China

Author Reliable Index ( ago)
I cried...

Author Lezzy Markus ( ago)
If he's not a good singer then what am I .....

Author Sabrina shineexo ( ago)
The judge look like the actress in The K2...

Author Dead Monster ( ago)
what i lier he said he dosent know how to sing he sings better then ariana

Author TuttiGamer Plays ( ago)
My eyes are freakin' sweaty...

Author Susan Stutler ( ago)
I dont know what he sang or anything but i know he said he didnt sing well.
As an English only speaker. I sang beautifly. even though I dont know what
he said. I felt goose bumpy

Author The Gaming bookworm ( ago)
His story was making me tear up.

Author Cockroach Charlie ( ago)
Is there an update? How'd he do?

Author Corley Whamster ( ago)
Seems staged to me.

Author Mais Strauss ( ago)
Whoa how many dislikes?! I think my eyes deceive me....seriously people!!
Anyway i'm going to stop complaining about my pimples because somewhere in
this world is a person who doesn't have 1/3 of what I do.

Author Don Halbert ( ago)
Amazing! I truly hope this young mans life is easier now.

Author Edgy Kid ( ago)
If you dislike this fucking kill yourself

Author 쪼아 J ( ago)
이 분 잘사나 이제 ? ㅎㅎ 노래부르며 행복한 삶 살기를 ㅎ

Author 0110 Runner ( ago)
What happened to him next?

Author Rico Ermino ( ago)
Im a pilipino, i admire that man ! Thumbs up for you .

Author xx Galaxy xx ( ago)
so inspirational

Author Putincommie ( ago)
here is why people disliked the video.
cause they didnt like it. yes the video is amazing but dont shove it down
peoples throat, people have opinions. so dont go around saying people who
disliked ar jealous,heartless ect.

Author Abd el ( ago)
How can i help this man ?

Author Mary Palazzo ( ago)
god blessed him

Author Kenneth Simms ( ago)
Homeless boy "STEALS" the talent show lol the Irony in that statement.

Author Anca Sava ( ago)

Author sify jimy ( ago)
god bless

Author Anoulat Anoulat ( ago)
a 5 yrs old selling drinks and gums goes unnoticed by korean
amazed he survived and express his life with a beautiful singing..very

Author Joseph Gregory ( ago)

Author Theo van Gogh ( ago)
I can proudly say, in about 5 years from now, i will be tried by
international court for killing 28,727 idiots.

Author Aamir Maharjan ( ago)
I don't understand what he sing but i can feel....

Author Richan Emperado ( ago)
very touching story of this man...I'm not understand what he said because
he is a Asian people but when I saw the English translation of what he
said. my tears started to fall. I'm trying to control or stop my tears
because my friends are with me but I can't stop my tears to fall from my
eyes. and when my friends are looking at me and asking why you are crying I
said to them just watch this video listen and understand the story of this
man..and then when they watch the video they are crying too..I said only
with the stone heart not touch this story about...I'm a Filipino but I
understand the story about. do not nevermind the story of others because
it's not about the nationality but it's all about of what we are in this
world. because in God we are one... Godbless you bro..keep it up and be
yourself.. thank you

Author katana_gaming ( ago)
Not a good singer my a**

Author Success Kc ( ago)
I was searching to know where the tears was dropping from, I then realized
it was from me.

Author Success Kc ( ago)
I was searching to know where the tears was dropping from, I then realized
it was from me.

Author Success Kc ( ago)
oh my God, I cried like hell

Author Success Kc ( ago)
oh my God, I cried like hell

Author Eddie Haskel ( ago)
It's disgusting how people take his vulnerability, and use it for their
perverted entertainment. When he said he was sold to someone, I understood
why He didn't look happy and barely smiled. I felt sad for him, but then it
turned to anger! I'm not a religious guy but if there is a god, take care
of this young man.

Author Jewel Badua 101 ( ago)
Omg what beautiful voice for a young man who is homeless omg it made me cry

Author nawaz zawan nawaz zawan ( ago)
marle piranda

Author #anoň_MaN ( ago)
lamao ...who have a fucking feeling like me?

Author david warren ( ago)
how can a person not cry that is the most powerfull triumphint story
ive ever heard my prayers go out to him in his every moment AWSUM!!!!!

Author That Kid ( ago)
no child should live like that

Author Aaron vanderpooten ( ago)
Omg just gave me the chills when he started singing 😧

Author Boris Maljenovic ( ago)
hope u will find ur self in life..good luck..

Author Shaun Healing ( ago)
no words the best thing is the fact that he sings because that's wat he
loves even though he might have thought he wasn't good if this kid sees
this comment one day want to say that u have the best life ahead of u all
thnks to the gift that god has given u I tip my hat to u man 👍

Author afif triyoga ( ago)
and at the end. with who he share his feeling to? :(

Author Vanne Thangpaul ( ago)
it was soo sad

Author AKHIL MALHOTRA ( ago)
28k dislikes come from alien people's.

Author AKHIL MALHOTRA ( ago)

Author Cedar Poplar ( ago)
A guy can do things. I like you homeboy. If you ever want to visit the
Chicano family in the Americas; You are more than welcome Mijo.

Author Retrokid 2.0 ( ago)
the judges started crying

Author MisterEC1 ( ago)
I dont understang what he sung but he is vry powerful voice.tearful life
story godbless

Author Henrique F. de Lima ( ago)
Sem palavras , para descrever como estou me sentindo ,linda voz, linda
historia desse rapaz , escreveria um Trilhão de vezes lindo e ainda não
seria o suficiente !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Yoonster ( ago)
Search up Choi sung bong. That's him now. He went from homeless to someone
that's recognized. Props to this man. He deserved the fame.

Author corn dog ( ago)
man shit i did not know how many people actually were homeless like me too
it was the same fore too and this man goddamn i know what he feels shit

Author Emerald Dragon ( ago)
it was so hard to watch after the running away part...its so sad but then
its so happy(when he sings)i didnt watch the entire vidoe bc i normally
dpont watch these but i just had to

Author Jessie Ramos ( ago)
I don't understand what he is singing but that is a GREAT voice right
people its idk I can't explain it ☺😪

Author Animetrash Trash ( ago)

Author adfsdfsdfsdf sdfsdfsdfsdfsdf ( ago)
whats the name of the song in the start?

Author Exotic Gaming ( ago)
Thanks for the translate

Author Sotheara Thoun ( ago)
You make my tear falling without reason :)

Author Aroha cupicake ( ago)
I started crying

Author Robert ( ago)
Fuckin gets me every tammmmee!

Author Cliff Buck ( ago)
alone....fools he was w father everyday...and mother gave him his voice!

Author Ku Ghazali ( ago)

Author Tyisha Alston ( ago)
That shit made me cry really hard, it was fucking beautiful as
fuck😭😭😭😋🤗😘 love it

Author Aaron McConnell ( ago)
bet his parents showed up the next day with there hands out god bless you

Author Renzo Castellano ( ago)
anyway,I would fuck that chinese girl in every position.

Author Youtube User ( ago)
Sacrifice is the ultimate key to success

Author Rhys Williams ( ago)
I didn't know a word of that song, and i could not care less. That was
beautiful, i really hope he is doing well now :)

Author 김판기 ( ago)
진짜.. 감동입니다

Author SATYAM RAWAT ( ago)
that doesn't matter if this video get 28k dislike man in fact it got 965k
like OMG

Author Rain Rain ( ago)
cry, it helps

Author Fukase ( ago)
Did he win?

Author Roberto Nope ( ago)
yoo this video almost got 1million likes and 196mil something😂

Author Ender Roblox ( ago)
6.5 billion people in 2011 7.4 in 2017.

Author amazinganda MSP ( ago)
The people who disliked this are heartless. I started sobbing, his story is
so sad. I hope that he got his life together.

Author awesome guy ( ago)
how the f**k can 28k ppl dislike this!!! something like this should have
the dislike button removed for!!!

Author Maria Pylarinoy ( ago)
he has an amazing voice

Author Happie Vyrus! ( ago)
Where is he now?

Author Casey Conner ( ago)
almost six years ago , wonder wat happened to him?

Author Anntastic TV ( ago)
i didnt understand a bit of the song he sang but my tears are flowing as i
hear him sing.. i can feel the pain :(

Author __Blue__ Stars__ ( ago)
in the title why they say homeless boy that's mean -_-

Author Arthur Reid ( ago)
Who the hell are these 28Thousand mental people(no offense) who disliked

Author priyanhu sahu ( ago)
OMG 164m views

Author Anastasia Parks ( ago)
this baby cried not only how he was beaten but how beautiful his voice was

Author Ken Kaneki ( ago)
I just learned if you sing opera you can get all the pussy

Author Aiza Nhor Marohom ( ago)
Who puts an onion in mah front?

Author Ellie Buening ( ago)
Omg. He's a really good singer. I cried when he told his story and sang.
Beautiful. I sing. My dads channel is mbuening1. You can watch it if you

Author pepercdcoco rey ( ago)
chino feo y culero pudrete sucio

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