Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

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One cannot help but be moved to tears by this amazing young man; Sung-bong Choi.

When Sung-bong decided to sing on the Talent Show "Korea's Got Talent" he had no idea that he would win the hearts of millions all over the world!

His story of his childhood is so moving that even the judges had a hard time keeping their composure.

He told the judges that even though he didn't think he could sing very well, he sang because it made him happy.

They couldn't have been more surprised.

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Hunter's First Performance!


Author Naruko Uzumaki (3 months)
on him =D 

Author TheNobleScoundrel (1 month)
Why do they have the gall to milk his history??? Just let the poor guy be
and let him sing! You don't need to try and entice a sob story out of him!

Author Gamesdf (3 months)
Some of these comments show that this world is full of evil things. I dont
even want to call them "ppl". Disgusting.

Author Artsy Alicorn (1 month)
I feel bad for people who have no.

Author Zakir Stocks (2 months)
I am REALLY loving this Amazing Video here! I am SO Getting used to this!

Author Jason Goulette (2 months)
This is really good
i almost cried......

Author Rebecca Quinn (4 months)
I hate how people are fighting over stupid things like religion and race in
the comments. Can't people just respect others and their beliefs??

Author HBliss (5 months)
There are some pretty pathetic people who would watch a video like this and
would only have a comment about the uploaders username. I would have never
even noticed! It's like you people just look for things to be offended by
and to bitch about! Let everyone believe in what they want.

That aside, this kid is incredible and I wish him all the best. Does anyone
know of his success? 

Author NRG P3RF3CTI0N (2 months)
I've been reading the comments below...
All you racists, bastards, and assholes with no souls can go rot away in
self pity, thinking of something better to say instead of being hurtful
towards the less than lucky, the poor, the homeless...
These people have more life and love for what they have than you ever will

Author thia Trinidad (1 month)
Where is he now? Is he already a celebrety now? He's awesome. 

Author Happy McFlooper (5 days)
Of course he stole the show, It's not like he could afford to buy it.

Author caleb Irwin (25 days)
NEVER look down on someone unless ur lifting them up its an expreshion I
made for homeless people

Author Hosia (1 month)
I dont even speak Chinese and this is still so hard to hold the tears back

Author Nicholas Tran (1 month)
Even the voice can't handle this

Author Suzanne Sumrow (1 month)
Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show:

Author Ostrava Of Boletaria (3 days)
This right here is the greatest fuck you to society and it's "Standards"

Author James Correia (10 days)

Author Marie Mandeville (1 month)
This was amazing
I can't believe he went through that in the beginning all on his own
He has an amazing voice
Man I love him and wish him the. Best
I hope he gets in with a big music company in Korea ....he deserves it :)

Author Twana O'Berry (1 month)
Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show:

Author Ryan Wolf (1 month)
Such an amazing young man, homeless from the age of 5 and living on his own
on the streets, selling gums, and singing to make himself feel happy.
Moved me to tears

Author Harald Schober (2 months)
Einfach fantastisch. Ich Kauf mir sicherlich das erste Album! Respekt

Author mlprainbowdash2 (5 days)
Omg I'm crying 😭😭😭 So heart touching.😭

Author Breno Cordeiro (1 month)
"i'm not a good singer"
Choi, Sung-bong

Author GABRIEL Gandall (1 month)
Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show:

Author Iago Dice (5 days)
so the chinese people stole the concept of a talent show, huh! i guess its
not like they havent stolen anything before and called it thier own

Author James Stewart (5 months)
How is none of the top comments about this being an obvious scam? How much
bullshit does the world blindly take in? Is this what media has become: One
big scam to make the most unintelligent people be enthused by the most
obviously staged shit?

Author mlgketnoscoped360trickshotmountaindew.exe (4 days)
Wong wang woooooooooong waaaaang
Bong bang chooooooong chaaaaaaaaang
Ching chong lang liiiiiing
wang wong chang ching
chang chong wong wing

Author Richard (1 month)
Good job good job good job good job good job!

Author Pat Ellis (14 days)
There are professional voice lessons for anyone who wants to learn to sing
on singsbee. com

Author jason75 (1 month)
If he where homeless, how did he keep his teeth in good condition. His is
perfect. You would think he would lose some teeth.

Author brandon gauvin (8 hours)
can somebody tell me why i are crying i don't even understand what he is

Author Alexis Alexander (4 days)
I find it ironic that this is a "Korean's Got Talent" yet I see no sign in
the thumbnail or title that it is Korean

Author xukeith33 (3 days)
Any follow up on this kid? Whatever happened to him?

Author Roffel Swagman (1 month)
Anyone knows how it´s been for him after this? Must been a complete turn
around for him can´t imagine him on the streets still today after seeing

Author Margaret Waldman Savage (2 days)
What is better top-down analysis or bottom-up?

Author badjazy (2 hours)
Kim is a better singer.

Author CptArmarlio (3 days)
Fuck, I got something in my eye.

Author 5up3r Mar10 Gl1tchy 65 (2 days)

Author Mark Chen (10 hours)
There are 24k idiots in the world who actually disliked the video.
Fuck off if you don't like the guy. You try to live alone of 10 years
without anyone. 

Author Derpy Hooves (9 hours)
;-: sniff sniff i would adopt him any day i feel bad

Author Camille Buan (23 hours)
Uggh this is not my first time to wtch his performance but everytime I
watched this video I was touched by his voice :( He is great and very
independent. He can stand on his own but its too very difficult. Since 5
years old? Oh God at that age I dont know everything but look he survived.
And I am so touched by his story :( I want to help him :( Did he won?

Author Ariane Maalouf (2 days)

Author Chee Leong (1 hour)
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we may eat cat but we at least not the lazy motherfuckerxD who is the lazy
fat bitch no job we take your job mom dad kick you out of house why cause
you white fat fuck must suck dick everyday we fuck you bitch you buy our
shit and we work your country taking your money back to our country and
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salad and double cheeseburger fat fuck this boy have some talent you fat
white boy everyday lazy bitch on the couch play xbox nothing productive
suck dick white boy

Author MrTooMuchLuck (29 days)
Dumb ignorant Americans in the comments gave me cancer

Author Doreen Muriungi (3 days)
Think av found my prince charming Omg

Author Wendy Sudiah (4 days)
did he won the competition?

Author amell akmed (2 days)

Author Darrell Dolan (2 months)
Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show:

Author Cuauhtemoc (1 day)
The trolls are strong in these comments.

Author Sadie From Mars (23 days)
I can't be the only one to think this is total crap. So many shows like
this are set up. There is no way he's been living on the street since he
was five. I don't even remember when I was five. Also the Judges never
usually ask about what your life was like. They knew he had an amazing
voice, gave him a cheesy sob story and threw him on the show. Completely
ridiculous if you ask me...

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