Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

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One cannot help but be moved to tears by this amazing young man; Sung-bong Choi.

When Sung-bong decided to sing on the Talent Show "Korea's Got Talent" he had no idea that he would win the hearts of millions all over the world!

His story of his childhood is so moving that even the judges had a hard time keeping their composure.

He told the judges that even though he didn't think he could sing very well, he sang because it made him happy.

They couldn't have been more surprised.

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Author marian rafaeles ( ago)
i cant stop crying so hurts😞😞😞

Author Ilaisha Jeik ( ago)
I love his eyes 😍

Author Giselle Guzman ( ago)
I even started to tear up 😭

Author William Hawea ( ago)
omg i cried....when i watched this he has such a nice voice ..

Author cristiano casini ( ago)
It's Italian,
Nella fantasia io credo il mondo giusto
li'tutti vivono in pace e in onesta'
Io sogno le anime che sogno sempre di vivere come le nuvole....
e volo nell'umanita' in fondo all'anima,

In my fantasy I believe world is nice
Everybody is living in peace and honesty
I dream of souls, I dream of living like clouds
and in the deep of my soul I am flying among humanity.

Author LosGaming kyale ( ago)
wow no soul no life

Author Ender berry29 ( ago)
oh my gosh this made me cry about his homeless life and his face look
sad... 😭😭😭😭

Author Joseph Van Dyke ( ago)
kid you did it everyone is watching you

Author Sven Roncart ( ago)
i can't stop crying 😢 ❤

Author Dipankar Doley ( ago)
its'e pain voice song everyone cant feel his tragedy...

Author James Brown ( ago)
bet he rich AF and snobby lol jk I need this translated nice song

Author 서수정 ( ago)
다시 봐도 너무 슬퍼ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Author Dylan Solomon ( ago)
I might cry

Author Flying Asian ( ago)
Stop Talking Your making m cry!

Author GustavTheGoat ( ago)
wow... Im just.. Totally amazed.....
God bless you!

Author Alice Renner ( ago)
Oh my god!! that makes me want to cry!! 😭 😭Does anyone know what happened
to him after?? 👌 ✌ 👉 👍

Author kl cheong ( ago)
ohhhh sooooooo nice 😢

Author Rayansh Chauhan ( ago)
can anyone say the lyrics in english

Author Ikaika Ho ( ago)
😭+😱+😆=is how I feel

Author Gamer legend ( ago)

I don't sing that well

psh. yea right..

Author silviu1705 ( ago)
Magnific !!

Author Xander is Jag and Jag is Xander ( ago)
who's that female judge who wears stripe clothes she's o beautiful even
though she's quit early 40's to look

Author Ronnie Sanders ( ago)
ooh sucky sucky princess bubble gum ....power ranger best massage...he

Author Ronnie Sanders ( ago)
boo hoo an orphanage

Author Ronnie Sanders ( ago)
22? he looks 13 . too bad they eat dog and cat. maybe if they ate more
veggies they'd grow stronger

Author honest4sure ( ago)
Best voice ever on any talent show.

Author Lindy Goss ( ago)
my god just beautiful

Author hertzer2000 ( ago)
Have no clue what he's singing but it gives me chills.

Author Kitty cats Forever ( ago)

Author Aniya&Tyara Ross ( ago)
you go boy

Author David Pease ( ago)
I hope this kid lives to tell the tale to his children,I would support him
poor kid but he has toughed it out!I would give you my Xbox and I love it
so much but you deserve it

Author Celestino Di Vieste ( ago)
What a TALENT...

Author Miki Dukic ( ago)
Hope he is okay now

Author Billy Louise ( ago)

Author Billy Louise ( ago)

Author Sionet 72 ( ago)

Author Sajjadali777 Shaikh ( ago)
voice very nice and good but never given translation this song meaning

Author james hogan ( ago)

Author MyNameIsKC ( ago)

Author Margaret Vogelsang ( ago)
No vocal lessons???

Author Amirul Asyraf ( ago)
Seriously??? I could not understand a word...

Author Goofy Paw ( ago)
Him vs. Susan Boyle. WHO?

Author Goofy Paw ( ago)
he's a homeless korean guy, singing an italian song, on a korean version of
a British TV show. I still cried.

Author Shobhit Srivastava ( ago)
When #GodJi don't give you anything then he gives a #Chance :) to you.
So never feel bad because when you deserve a better life then you will get
it may be early or late. :)
After watching this video I always pray to #GOD for your #Success....

Author Kyo Sohma ( ago)
I feel bad for him

Author Zedix GT ( ago)
I love seeing this video :D

Author Silentstorm360 ( ago)
he is a great singer. I was crying anyway😭

Author claire margareth duran ( ago)
this is so sad because I'm a very mercyful person this made me cry I wish
him the best of all my luck I hope he wins

Author claire margareth duran ( ago)
this is so sad

Author Jay Nukem ( ago)
Man, a shit load of folks have sure watched this video. It feels good to
see that much of the world have been drawn to such a story. It puts your
faith in humanity.

Author craftfaster2 and CookieCracker ( ago)
I am having a hard time believing 27k disliked this...I am guessing bots?
or they where payed? I am sure the world is not THAT bad ._.

Author The watch. ( ago)
Wtf, look a those women, that's it,.. im moving there.

Author katelyn gallagher ( ago)
you are a really good singer and I crying right now because you need a
family Amen

Author Musicjax ( ago)
Sungbong Choi: I'm not very good at singing

Author Richard Nixon ( ago)
what's the piano piece at the beginning G of the video?

Author rebel3442 ( ago)

Author Jean T ( ago)
Although I am viewing this 5 years later I am awe struck over this young
mans gorgeous voice, his determination, and drive to over come his horrible
start at life. His determination will prevail and he will be rewarded
graciously by people of the world for his natural talent. He is one awesome
human being to look up to! Congratulations!

Author Miah md sourav ( ago)
italian song

Author aud loves life ( ago)
Wishing you every happiness from England. Xxx

Author GreenZilla ZX12R ( ago)
Usually I don't cry,but your story is so sad & your singing is so
Kindest regards from Croatia!

Author Marigene Bitancor ( ago)
very touching and inspiring life story plus amazing voice..

Author Marigene Bitancor ( ago)
very touching and inspiring life story plus amazing voice..

Author ChapterMonkey ( ago)
Now you have 150 million+ people cheering you on,way to go! :D

Author evelyne thao ( ago)
so (not) emotional, but the story is.😢😭😑😑

Author ReKallingKarma Killer ( ago)
he thought he wasn't a good singer but he really is

I feel sorry for the life he lived but at least he managed

Author Daliah Nuwayhid ( ago)

Author Dan Alex ( ago)
The Lord has gave him a lovely talent may the holy spirit be with him

Author Hardi Gunadi ( ago)
156million viewers.....

Author u u Baby ( ago)
I don't understand the song but this guy make me cry :( with his story

Author Cheliana Sabre ( ago)
I wish to know where he is now….God bless him very much!!!

Author Jesus Is God ( ago)
Repent and follow Jesus

Author Karl Gustafsson ( ago)

Author Veronikka Pitalla ( ago)
Did I just burst into tears? He's so strong to live on his own at that
young age. My respect to this guy. God bless you! 🙏

Author Thom Immortal Clouds Catトム不滅の雲猫 ( ago)
27K +
People thing they are pro at singing (27K disliker)

Author tuongvi phan ( ago)
I'm crying right now

Author Eden Beck ( ago)
I am not a good a singer


3:18 That face!

Author Lien Oum ( ago)
This boy deserves that voice of his. He worked his way up alone and he
deserves it completely. I don't care what other people say.

Author Abubakar abdi ( ago)
I don't know what he is singing but I can relate to him though keep it up

Author HUGGIE_GAMEZ And_vlogs_and_diys_and_cooks ( ago)
Wow im still watching this in 2016😂😂

Author HUGGIE_GAMEZ And_vlogs_and_diys_and_cooks ( ago)
I feel so bad... Ten years without a home.. WAHHHHHHH MOMMYYYY I WANNA CRY!

Author TheSenselessName ( ago)
goose bumps

Author Bronyboy30 ( ago)
27 000 heartless nett idiots ! He is much better person than all those 27
000 .

Author MusicAND ME ( ago)
there talking Korean anyeaong hasayo means hello

Author mei mellianie ( ago)
very nice

Author Wired Weird ( ago)
Just in case anybody was wondering what melody the boy was singing, it's
"Nella Fantasia" ("In My Fantasy") a song sung in Italian based on the
theme "Gabriel's Oboe" from the film "The Mission" (1986) by composer Ennio

Author Nuk Kiki ( ago)
every time i watch this i cant help my self but cry, i should say damn im
so lucky to have my loving parents who raise me give me everything that i
need and still not contented of what i have. i realize damn how would it be
if i was in his situation? i think i wouldn't last for one month?

Author Tiana kara410 ( ago)
"I'm not a good singer" he says...
I had goosebumps as soon as you started singing! that waswas amazing!!

Author Mia Leonard ( ago)
He is a gift from God or at least from the people who were his parents. His
beautiful voice resonated throughout my body and I'm sure it does to
everyone in the audience. I hope he's in a wonderful, happy place now.

Author Isabella Nguy ( ago)
Is he Chinese

Author Madeline Jim ( ago)
That was awesome I'm literally crying my eyes out right now !GOOD LUCK!!!

I'm sorry to say this but I don't like the word they used to the title
(steal) he didn't steal.... he worked for it.

Author LolBrOmgU4Real ( ago)
that girl is fire tho....asian power

Author AfcAjaxJason ( ago)
What's the song called?

Author chintan karia ( ago)

Author Jodie Richardson ( ago)
Amazing! What an awesome voice. I can tell he has an old spirit. Wow! I
truely expect to see
and hear from him again soon. What extraordinary talent. God bless you
young man.

Author Elysium T ( ago)
Awesome.. Best wishes ..

Author nina e ( ago)
Sungbong you sing wonderfly <3

Author Gosu_Fans ( ago)
I wanted to cry but than i remember i have no soul so i couldnt cry so
theres that.

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