Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

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    One cannot help but be moved to tears by this amazing young man; Sung-bong Choi.

    When Sung-bong decided to sing on the Talent Show "Korea's Got Talent" he had no idea that he would win the hearts of millions all over the world!

    His story of his childhood is so moving that even the judges had a hard time keeping their composure.

    He told the judges that even though he didn't think he could sing very well, he sang because it made him happy.

    They couldn't have been more surprised.

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  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith 3 hours ago


  • David Finnell
    David Finnell 3 hours ago


  • Alien Z
    Alien Z 14 hours ago

    vi assicuro che per un asiatico è una cosa praticamente impossibile cantare in italiano! questo homeless è BRAVISSIMO!!!! ve lo dico da italiano e soprattutto lo dico come essere umano!

  • Steven Beattie
    Steven Beattie 16 hours ago

    Wow this guy is unbelievable. I take my hat off to you young man.

  • Olimpaas O
    Olimpaas O 1 day ago

    I want a meet him

  • IrishAngelina Msp

    God I'm crying I don't know why

  • Diamantina Browdy

    awww so sad nobody back stage with him 😢😢😢😢😢 but that's ok he will excell anyway

  • Bleach Games
    Bleach Games 1 day ago

    Is this South or North Korea

  • joker hacker
    joker hacker 1 day ago

    just one word....INSPIRING

  • Rut Brea
    Rut Brea 1 day ago

    Why do they have to ask in public, about his personal life. That he left his family part in blank when he applied. This is an humiliation that should not be allowed.

  • Adrian Samy
    Adrian Samy 1 day ago


  • sudheer babu
    sudheer babu 1 day ago


    SUBHASMITA BEHERA 2 days ago

    love frm India💜

  • Lysette Romero
    Lysette Romero 2 days ago

    OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO BEAUTIFULL

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson 2 days ago

    Fucking poor people😡 always stealing shit

  • don sikko
    don sikko 2 days ago


  • Yaya Valtierrez
    Yaya Valtierrez 3 days ago

    He lived a lonely life with such an angelic voice, im so glad you are happy now. ❤❤❤❤

  • DeeDeb4
    DeeDeb4 3 days ago

    Wow awesome voice

    XLX_ GIGI 3 days ago

    This is sad even tho i dont know the words

  • Anna's channal
    Anna's channal 3 days ago

    he was Awesome!!

  • loki's army
    loki's army 3 days ago

    is there anyone who knows the lyrics to the song, if you do please write it in the comment section below, I want to learn more about the song.

    (edit) English isn't my first language so sorry for the bad grammar. I'm still learning.

    • loki's army
      loki's army 3 days ago

      Zoran Raskovic thank you very much.

    • Zoran Raskovic
      Zoran Raskovic 3 days ago

      on Google you can just type "Nella Fantasia lyrics" and hit enter.

  • Aran Arcangel
    Aran Arcangel 3 days ago

    This performance made me cry, even though I didn't understand thier language and the song he sung I am pretty sure that this boy has a talent and tender heart. I am so proud to you buddy and I like your humble attitude like the only thing you know is to sing. I am so impressed, Congrats again Buddy.

  • lauren Duvallon
    lauren Duvallon 3 days ago

    so beautiful

  • Tizzie Barczynski
    Tizzie Barczynski 3 days ago

    what song did he sing?

  • Tizzie Barczynski
    Tizzie Barczynski 3 days ago

    what song did he song?

  • Md Shohan
    Md Shohan 3 days ago


  • Rati Prakash
    Rati Prakash 3 days ago

    been here a few times now

  • Robertha Moon
    Robertha Moon 4 days ago

    Yes, Inspiration! So much of sadness and full of love..

  • Amogh Maurya
    Amogh Maurya 4 days ago

    God Bless Him...

  • Guwapoako Quinatadcan

    this guy is make me tear damn

  • Jeanne Dickson
    Jeanne Dickson 4 days ago

    I don't know what he sang, but it brought me to tears.  What a beautiful voice!

  • Dhgdvhf Gfrjkffjjdg

    I'm guessing he's not homeless anymore

  • Marcia Perreira
    Marcia Perreira 4 days ago

    Wait thank god it has English subtitles

  • senor vader
    senor vader 4 days ago

    holy shit I have never heard a beautiful voice like that in 18 years

  • miki mouse
    miki mouse 4 days ago

    love from Bangladesh

  • Crazy Man 12589
    Crazy Man 12589 4 days ago

    I hope he wins!!!

  • Rhan Bodomo
    Rhan Bodomo 4 days ago

    God has always a plan..

  • Davy jones Austria
    Davy jones Austria 4 days ago

    di ko maintindihan pero yung emosyon sa kanta ang sakit sa dibdib...

  • Blessing Happy
    Blessing Happy 4 days ago


  • J.H. Jin
    J.H. Jin 4 days ago

    Later, it was revealed that the producers had a crafty lie that he was broadcast as if he had not received any education. In fact, he said he had graduated from art high school in the preliminaries, but the producers excused it because they think it was not important. However, it is true that he was abandoned by his parents, and in Korea, if the parents of a minor appear to be alive, the minor is prevented from doing any economic activity.(Even if they abandoned the kid!) In addition, the government investigated educational activities and other facts to see if they were wrong, and until then, he suffered legal process until it was ended. Also, his parents didn't get any legal liability... I'm embarrassed by this fact, but I think there might be someone who wants to know more.

    • J.H. Jin
      J.H. Jin 4 days ago

      But he live good now, he is also artist! God bless Choi!

  • sam jesudas
    sam jesudas 4 days ago

    iam your true fan bro!!! i really like it!!

  • Rainbowflowers Meetsumerrain

    Bruh you said you didn't sing well

  • Ali Simpson
    Ali Simpson 5 days ago

    He says he's not very good, but as soon as I heard his voice I was speechless because he is so good. I didn't think it would be bad to begin with so once he started singing, it was so lovely. And I also love how he didn't let his life situation put him down and cause him to not go on here and share his talent.

  • Kaylie Min
    Kaylie Min 5 days ago

    I'm Korean and I can't even understand what they're saying fully

  • Kaylie Min
    Kaylie Min 5 days ago

    So sweet

  • Yasmin Barkat
    Yasmin Barkat 5 days ago

    I was crying when he started to sing UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! :''-'''''''(

  • Veratilak Noievaheutum

    Outstanding voice, great song. He shall overcome every obstacle in life and become a great success!

  • Bomb Chom
    Bomb Chom 5 days ago

    29k people have no hearts

  • Baby Panda
    Baby Panda 5 days ago

    I don't know what he was singing but I was crying 😭. This is so sad!! 나는 항상 그를지지 할 것이다. I hope 🤞 that Korean Got Talent gave him a start to be the person he wants to be. UR NOT ALONE 987k people will always be here for u!!

  • BlaZe
    BlaZe 5 days ago

    I am just here bc i saw the hot asian girl

  • arsalan arsalan
    arsalan arsalan 5 days ago


  • Kanhaiyalal Kanedy
    Kanhaiyalal Kanedy 5 days ago

    its a korean show

  • Yash Saulick
    Yash Saulick 6 days ago

    lots of love from Mauritius

  • Joyce M
    Joyce M 6 days ago

    I remember crying so bad when I first watched this, I still am.

  • Brent Barton
    Brent Barton 6 days ago

    this dudes face tho it doesnt change when they say meaningful things props to this dude😎

  • Priyani Kumarasinghe

    You are great....I wish you good luck..keep it up.

  • ToNo SaKi
    ToNo SaKi 6 days ago

    This video make me cry

  • Samiya Perween
    Samiya Perween 6 days ago

    Plzzz convert in hindi this story 😢

  • Jane Vallie-Amdahl
    Jane Vallie-Amdahl 6 days ago

    Amazing talent! Living on the streets, educating himself, and remaining humble. The World is filled with talent, and grace. No matter who we are, we are witnessing greatness.

  • Allie's Tutoring
    Allie's Tutoring 6 days ago


  • Michael Garforth
    Michael Garforth 6 days ago


  • FireKitty
    FireKitty 6 days ago

    Omg I want to speak Korean just to meet him

  • Exceltiaawesome
    Exceltiaawesome 6 days ago

    "I'm not a good singer"

    He's didn't lie. He isn't good. He's *FUCKING AMAZING*.

  • Isabella Fallarme
    Isabella Fallarme 6 days ago

    This man is very independent and brave. He is also a great singer.

  • Albert Camus
    Albert Camus 6 days ago

    늦은 새벽 나 자신을 반성하게 만드네요.

  • Raven Bajan
    Raven Bajan 6 days ago

    Why am i having a tear!?!? 😢😢
    That was my story when i was 24
    I got no friends 😭 Until one day I
    got adopted 😳 But my owner died 😳😭😢
    I met a dog and the dog bring me to his owner
    Thats why im so lonely after 23 years Edward
    is such a good man he gave me food, drinks and
    a pet Im so thankful to him☺

  • Nikki Kelley
    Nikki Kelley 6 days ago

    this story breaks my fucking heart.. beautiful boy

  • Gabriella Avril Ruflo

    'Im really not good at singing i just like it"
    *starts singing*

    Me: Oh my fking gosh! YOUR VOICE IS BEAUTIFUL

  • cute baby channel
    cute baby channel 7 days ago

    Download best piano .....

  • 3cBilalrd
    3cBilalrd 7 days ago

    I am from Pakistan. And i am amazed to see this Talent. I could not understand the language but subtitles have revealed what a sad life he lived. I really salute this guy & wish him ever lasting success in life... :-)

  • Gabriel Ganesa Mohan

    is that park.j sung

  • mad max
    mad max 7 days ago

    why are my eyes wet and why does my soul feel heavy

  • ItsSailorMoon _
    ItsSailorMoon _ 7 days ago

    Goddangit mom stop cutting onions!!!

  • naenae smith
    naenae smith 7 days ago

    don't understand a word he's singing but I love the song and his voice is amazing 😭😭😭😭😍

  • Lexus Galea
    Lexus Galea 7 days ago

    What the heck i dont get it, How is he homeless? I get the part when he said about the stuff, but he is getting money. So.... Like i dont get it.

  • bharath kumar.p bharath kumar.p

    We all depend on our parents ,but this guy is dependent on himself,you are really great....

  • Suraj Gupta
    Suraj Gupta 7 days ago

    i have no word to explain it but when i read his life in english i will crying because i am a indian and every indian has a good heart to like another's country like

  • Stormer Kelly
    Stormer Kelly 8 days ago


  • Subash Lama
    Subash Lama 8 days ago


  • 11makoy17
    11makoy17 8 days ago

    for a homeless guy, he sure has a clear face and healthy body.

  • Christ InME
    Christ InME 8 days ago

    awesome!! He now records with Sony someone said......wonderful story :)

    TAN ZHI TENG - 8 days ago

    opera like?

  • Robloxian Bro
    Robloxian Bro 8 days ago


  • Birgit De Jong
    Birgit De Jong 8 days ago

    the only thing i can say is... meant blows!

  • 1214rubia
    1214rubia 8 days ago

    It's just amazing!!!!

  • Jim Forgrave
    Jim Forgrave 8 days ago

    jesus....cant understand a word. marble mouth

  • Nelson Anthon
    Nelson Anthon 8 days ago

    Homeless but has a very great voice!!! I've watched this video for tens of times but never get satisfied!!! Keep singing guy!! Best regards from Indonesia.....

  • Ray Clark
    Ray Clark 8 days ago

    May God Bless you young man---with a Happy Life

  • lisha coolgirl 15
    lisha coolgirl 15 9 days ago

    Opera isn't really my thing but I'm rooting for this guy

  • lisha coolgirl 15
    lisha coolgirl 15 9 days ago

    I don't care if I can't speak his language if I saw this kid when he was five I would adopt him as fast as the speed of light

  • Feed me easter daddy

    That most I have ever cried since I lost my grandpa in 2015

  • Maria Aguirre
    Maria Aguirre 9 days ago

    I am crying so much. God bless him.😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

    TRACY YEOMAN 9 days ago

    we love u

  • Lisa  Viramontes
    Lisa Viramontes 9 days ago

    I don't understand what he's saying. but this brought tears to my eyes.

  • RebMusicLife
    RebMusicLife 9 days ago

    cant stop cryinggg

  • Michael Klawitter
    Michael Klawitter 9 days ago

    Genial besser gehts nicht Toll

  • Indranil Rudra
    Indranil Rudra 9 days ago

    hard to stop tears they just flow like knowing noting .....

  • Indranil Rudra
    Indranil Rudra 9 days ago

    what a magic of #God

  • Indranil Rudra
    Indranil Rudra 9 days ago

    thats when you start searching for your balls !

  • Riku Evanx22
    Riku Evanx22 9 days ago


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