Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

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One cannot help but be moved to tears by this amazing young man; Sung-bong Choi.

When Sung-bong decided to sing on the Talent Show "Korea's Got Talent" he had no idea that he would win the hearts of millions all over the world!

His story of his childhood is so moving that even the judges had a hard time keeping their composure.

He told the judges that even though he didn't think he could sing very well, he sang because it made him happy.

They couldn't have been more surprised.

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Author Jacob DaGun ( ago)
Okay, I honestly was having a rough day. Idiot teenagers with their idiot
antics in the store that I work at. I get home, slap open my laptop, and
tell myself that I need to simmer down.

After a few videos, this came up.

I have never felt so calm, so joyful, so awed before. Immediately when he
started sharing his story, I felt myself calming down. The moment his voice
began to sing...a powerful emotion swept me off my feet. Anger immediately
replaced by an amazing sense of wonder.

This is now my favorite video I have ever seen.

Thank you.

Author Sir Quifilous ( ago)
I don't feel the way the audience clearly feels cause i have no clue what
hes saying.

Author Margie Hall ( ago)
Omg. What hardship. May he be blessed.

Author Deepak Yadav ( ago)
God bless you dear ##

Author Sharath Kumar ( ago)

Author Driftin ( ago)
god bless his heart

Author Jakemathew ansay ( ago)
The amazing 😭😪😪😭😭😉 is no way to awesome music beautiful 😅 nice

Author Galinja Hang ( ago)
ur amazing bro!!!!!!!!!!!

Author sara shah ( ago)
He spent a tough life very tough life i damn sure i can't go through in my
life like that awww i have tears in my eyes this make me cry😭😭

Author Fionna Twin ( ago)
that man make me cry ;-;

Author Rachana Jaykumar ( ago)
I'm an Indian and don't understand Korean yet when he sang ..something
about him gave me goosebumps and my eyes became wet..:)

Author Taehyung's Wifeu 05 ( ago)
rapmonie! i told you to stop cutting onions?! 😭 mygad.

Author Sami Maati ( ago)

Author _Rawtun _ ( ago)
Bless Him 💝😿

Author Dustin Martin ( ago)
fuck i need to stop binge watching these videos its hurting me emotionally

Author jamie ( ago)
this hurts my heart

Author iambuster ( ago)
This boy is amazing..... just amazing.......

Author ~Nya~Nya Blue ( ago)
To the people who disliked this video you guys need a life this guy
deserves 0 dislikes

Author Lart xbb ( ago)

Author TheRuler ( ago)
This video got 20k dislike because this guy "steals talent show"

Author Stone Simone ( ago)

Author THE NOTORIOUS ( ago)
I usually dont cry , but after watching this.. i still didnt cry... it was
pretty emotional though

Author Iam Me ( ago)
I always come here for the thumbnail..i am in love with her.

Author Mike Ferris ( ago)
2:13 what's the background music ?? Plz reply

Author Anand Pandey ( ago)
Get those damn onions away from me will ya.....😢

Author BULLA LEENA ( ago)
he was a mind blowing singer

Author Tazuna - Kun ( ago)
6:18 "Goku"

Author Nice Gurl ( ago)
this made me cry

Author King Andreas ( ago)
what is title of the backround song that they use

Author polar bear ( ago)
I mean 28k dislikes here too. The world is not good enough man. Why would
someone do that

Author still Zeke ( ago)
This guy looks like he doesnt have feelings anymore

Author moonlight shadow ( ago)
bless him ,what a beautiful voice ,made me cry .💖

Author Ronny R-ny ( ago)
i like your's stry life..keep strong bro..God bless u..

Author Margaret Atieno ( ago)
That guy is sooo humble... i love how he humbly takes all the compliments
given to him...

Author anthony ( ago)
There's not many things that make me cry but this one is an exception

Author Ingrid Savard ( ago)
Faith and determination conquers all

Author Shane Ferguson ( ago)
I am now his fan. I have no idea what the lyrics of the song were but the
life he had makes me hope he has a better one from now on.

Author Nosliw Odalgerra ( ago)
why im crying...i dont know...😂

Author heeanjuu rai ( ago)
omg ! so amazing performance And so tough him life .
you make ME cry oppa !!
i can't understand Korean languages bt the voice was amazing 👍👍👌👌.
n never feel alone oppa !!!
you have amazing world n millions billions peopele to know !

Author Twital Weed ( ago)

Author Sonia Cardenas ( ago)

Author Lazy Inu ( ago)
yeah.. i feel u bro. " Im not a good singer but I enjoy singing.."

Author Polychromatic Pigman ( ago)
He deserves so much more than he has. I hope he gets through this. 😥😢😪

Author Lim Han Hwa ( ago)
Tears burst out from me when I hear his voice. I don't know why?

Author Boop De Doop :3 ( ago)
This would actually make a great movie tbh

Author thenamewhichtakessolongtoreadthatitwillcostyouatleast5secondsofyourlife ( ago)
i dont give a fuck about his rough childhood or his tragic backstory
but i gotta admit, this guy sings damn well

Author Azaan The Epic PRO ( ago)
Oh my gosh hopfley that boy has a good life soon and i know how he fills I
don't have eney siblings yet I'm just 1 kid😔😔😔😔😔😔

Author R Games ( ago)
i cry when he sing and i dont know what mean :'D

Author XX_Gaming sisters_XX ( ago)
Who put a onion in my rook I'm tearing up

Author Cookie🍪Crisp ( ago)
"I'm not a good singer" Bitch, i can't even stop voice cracking. This dude
is phenomenal.

Author 원두희 ( ago)
그래서 지금 저분 머함

Author Emir Kale ( ago)
“im not a good singer But i like it“
he starts singing and everyone cries!Yeah....You are so bad!

Author Kasumi Yamabuki ( ago)
I love it when people day "God bless you" in the comment section. like
where was your God when his parents died? where was your God when he was on
the street for ten years? so where was your God when he had to sell gun and
work hard labor just to even make a living at such a young age? you wish
for your so called god to give him blessing after all your apparent God
took everything away from him...fuck out of here with that bull shit

Author Vatsal Patel ( ago)
I don't usually Cry.... but damn.... This time I can't stop crying....

Author moumita sweet ( ago)
y am I crying ??

Author Lashawn Mack ( ago)
wow I don't understand the words he's singing but from listening to the
sounds of it beautiful and simply amazing " very sad that this beautiful
child suffer for 10 years on his own without any family or friends support
but God through it all was by his side each and every step of the way our
father says that he will never leave us or forsake us ask and you shall
receive in Jesus name " Don't give up keep looking to the hills where our
help comes from the Lord and he will always see you through all our trials
and tribulations and give us Guidance through each and every right path and
strength, protection and comfort, peace and unconditional love, God Bless
you always darling on your everyday journey and keep focus and reaching for
the stars " the storm has gone and you will make it because you are a
survivor and you are a special blessing and your greater have arrived just
keep the Faith and trust in God always Amen :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Author andrea moody ( ago)
That was amazing, such a beautiful voice. Hope he uses it to the glory and
honor to God. From the streets to the stage.

Author Pharith ( ago)
wow so great.hope he success in his life.

Author Fatbardha Voci ( ago)
always God give you another chance.this is life.god never lat you down .I
em mother of two.I em glade my kids come home every night.God bless this

Author Michael Celik ( ago)
wow einfach unglaublich diese stimme

Author timhavingfun ( ago)
Man i Love hes song and i dont even like opra

Author killer x ( ago)
I feel so bad for him I hope he wins😢

Author Gurdayal Singh ( ago)
bro, I become your fan

Author Thread212 ( ago)
Cool i love a loner..They always has something in their soul. Whatever the
f**k it is.
Its always surprise you..
Loner are ONE tough son of a b****.. (T^T)

Author kaleigh francis ( ago)
people have talent n abilities. sometime they need the right motivation to
move forward. sometimes hardship make u stronger n humble.

Author Grace Madronio ( ago)
he's insipirational. i really cried. but inspired with his story.

Author gary muro ( ago)
he sings very exquisite and loud

Author Marco Aurelio Massimo ( ago)
Ha commosso tutta la giuria e il pubblico in sala.

Author Marco Aurelio Massimo ( ago)
Bravo ragazzo..complimenti.

Author TWISTY MATIONS ( ago)
God bless you

Author bleu star nounou ( ago)
it's so boring staying

Author brousseaua ( ago)
What I worry about with this young man is that because of his early life
and hardships, no one was there to give him the love and affection a child
needs to thrive emotionally...I wonder if he is able to feel emotion, show
emotion etc.....what a magnificent voice!.

Author Landrei Plays ( ago)
The title though😂😂 thought that the boy stole the props lol....but

Author Sidney Pereira ( ago)
I hope this boy won this contest

Author Patriot Samurai ( ago)
"I'm not that good"
I sear he changed his voice so much it sounds like they played a new audio

Author Alex David ( ago)
wish you the best of luck bro
i hope you will be the winner

Author Toby Gunn ( ago)
I have one fucking question. Who in their right mind dislikes this? "Not
liking opera" is not a fucking answer. I don't like opera. But this is
beyond beautiful and amazing...................................

Author Pinky G. ( ago)
How humble is he, saying he is not a good singer but he has such a talent
inside him! May GOD BLESS Him for his good heart.. !

Author James Rios ( ago)
bruh his mouth looks so weird when he sings

Author Kamlesh S ( ago)
he is a person with a very special and beautiful heart...God bless him

Author Cat Jedi ( ago)
its makes me cry every time i watch it. :'(

Author Jorge Ricafrente ( ago)
inspirational, touchy story

Author Vishesh Choubey ( ago)
these are the persons of this world who become successful.Through such a
struggle he has been he is awesome. I pray for u and may god bless u

Author KittiecatMADness Craziness ( ago)
"not a good singer" he says...


Author KittiecatMADness Craziness ( ago)
"not a good singer" he says...


Author Edgar Poe ( ago)
nice meme thumbnail

Author MFP NAYEEM ( ago)
Let this video inspire us.

Author Twilight 6000 ( ago)
WOW HE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IAM SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Dan ( ago)
Legend has it he is still making people tear up to this day.

Author Troy Miller ( ago)
and he says he is not good

Author Raptor12 Nba ( ago)
So sad :(

Author Carl Oliquino ( ago)
Even though idk the language i still understanded him

Author A Grape Guy Who Loves Toast (Vincent) ( ago)
The face is funny.
THe video is sad.

Author Tiny HP ( ago)
Amazing! :D

Author WWE VIDEOS by Manish Rollins ( ago)
I can't feel it because not understanding his language.

Author Mystic Stardust ( ago)
I feel sorry for him but i don't get why people are crying? I am quite an
emotional person though...

Author Shubham Dobriyal ( ago)
who the fuck are those fucking 28k dislikers...!!!

Author Kim Recella ( ago)
I do hope he's doing well till this day

Author Kaneki Ken ( ago)

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