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Author SupernaturalsMiracle (2 years)
Probably killed the female, Shes just a puppy and you idgets bred her with
a older male. You don't deserve to own a dog/dog's or puppy's, cops should
just lock you up and throw away the key but we all know that wont happen
so. Im sorry but I hope either god or the devil punishes you.

Author PILARUSSIA1995 (2 years)

Author PILARUSSIA1995 (2 years)

Author MsEllvee (2 years)
What is wrong with you fucking idiots? That female is just a puppy. As for
you Sean, you're just as ignorant. You people make me sick!

Author 87012538363 (2 years)
E idite vy vse nahui!!!! wewennin amy suka!!!!

Author alejandroruiz913 (2 years)
Shut up

Author SupernaturalsMiracle (2 years)
@SeanGrogard Go get a life. Oh wait its people like you and people in the
vid that have no brains what so ever so forget the life thing again the law
needs to do something with sick Fu**ers like you. Tell me would you still
be "Laughing out loud" if that was your dog or let alone one of your family
members such as your kid? would you laugh if your kid was raped? Probably.
since your sick and ignorant like that.

Author Astrid Goessens (1 year)
This make me sake

Author Sean Grøgård (2 years)
Laughing Out Loud

Author Julia Mulder (2 months)
Echt vies

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