Drag Mustang ...With Big Block Chevy...First Run

Built FORD tough With Chevy Parts !!!

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Author Zombie Apocalypse ( ago)
chevy parts are way cheaper than ford. granted the mustang is a ton better
than a camaro, mustang parts are easily 2 to 3 times more than chevy. chevy
replacement alternator, like 70 bucks.... ford..... 240 lol. 

Author xmann1088 ( ago)
engine is chevy..I bet the diferential is ford.Its mean though

Author Bryan Wroblewski ( ago)
I love all the "ford's are better" no "Chevy's are better"
flash...there wouldn't be both if one was so much better then the
other.....I Happen to have a fox body with a BBC in the garage right
now....not cause Chevy or ford are any better.....I happened to have the
454 and needed a car....cost damn near the same to swap it into a shitty
Camaro as a mustang and fox body's are a dime a dozen....

Author SuperKrypto420 ( ago)
How to fix a FORD give it the heart of a Chevy.....

Author btownmxer ( ago)
Putting a Chevy engine In a Ford is like eating your own sisters
pussy....It might smell and taste the same but it just isn't right

Author brewtus77chevy ( ago)
Built ford tough with Chevy stuff.

Author boisediggler ( ago)
What did it run?

Author ron2ocean ( ago)
Only way to make a Ford fly is with a Bowtie.

Author Matt Shea ( ago)
atlest ford never sold out .and stop makeing the mustang like the camaro
that no 1 wanted even chevy people dident buy it thats bad o and the new
yanko camaro u can buy at a chevy dealer with a ford 9 in in thats nice o
and the havyduty trucks with a rice burner motor in it o and the gto is a
australian made car thats nice 2 chevy cant make a good looking car that
people wants u go chevy boys

Author Matt Shea ( ago)
chevy sucks and this show u how ugly chevy cars r so what some 1 can build
a motor

Author Yelladog78 ( ago)
Would like to see the engine bay, wanna build one myself and wonder how
tight the fit was and what all needed deleted or modded? Would like a head
start on mine

Author 1mrbigblock ( ago)
Chevy power all the way

Author chevyguitar19 ( ago)
The only reason this car goes so fast is BECAUSE it has a CHEVY ENGINE!!!!

Author n5ifi ( ago)
Apparently we will never know what it runs.

Author Xai Yang ( ago)
who cares if it has a ford or chevy engine...going fast is going
fast...dont matter how you get there, just get there...

Author DarkUserSnake (1614 years ago)
@SmokeG13 ....last time i checked the GM 2.4 wasnt a decent motor o .o

Author Bruce Thompson ( ago)
If you have money for a chevy big block why not get a ford big block but
hey at least its not a LS1 mustang

Author slowscort ( ago)
@SmokeG13 actually your wrong mercedies benz made the first car and if you
build a 302 to a 347 stroker with a shot of nitrous you will be in the 8s
so yeah chevy motors are gay over rated pieces of shit

Author 390merc65 ( ago)
@SmokeG13 well i would not hold that totally against you

Author SmokeG13 ( ago)
@390merc65 ... I agree 100% ..but im still a chevy man ...

Author 390merc65 ( ago)
why are all the ford guys upset?...i think its an honor ..i mean its nice
to help the less fortunate ..think of all the ford 9 inchers that are in
all kinds of GM cars..or mustang 2 front ends ,,i mean where wood chevy be
if us nice ford guys didnt help them out from time to time ..they take our
rears they take our front ends..they even take our cars,,and if that isnt
enuff they take our bail out...i will bet there are more 9 inchers in GM
cars then there are chevy motors in fords

Author FoxBodyMike87 ( ago)
only reason ppl put chevys in fords cuz chevys are cheaper to build

Author SmokeG13 ( ago)
@38decembers ....Ford invented cars ...Chevy made them better
..(considering the bowtie parts)

Author fastzxrbike ( ago)
@takenotes315 but if THE BEST RACE COMPANYS are making the parts they
should be EQUALL!!

Author luis araya ( ago)
I have one also, I like to call it my "Recession Special" I could not
afford to build the same power with a ford, it would have cos 2 times as

Author 5150jafo ( ago)
Didn't Chevrolet go out of business ?

Author jasmin veilleux ( ago)
Big Block chevy =Big HP.......... =no more than small block ford l0l

Author BIGSHUNN ( ago)
This would be a great comment about chevy motors, but they are not stock!
There aftermarket parts. Nothing at the track is from the big three but
there cars. I don't care what motor in it, but u can't find a chevy car
thats better than the Mustang. That's why u got a Mustang! LOL! You're just
trying make yourself feel better! I like your car!

Author FoxBodyMike87 ( ago)
@turney6996 chevys are deffinatly unreliable

Author FoxBodyMike87 ( ago)
the only reason ppl use chevy engines is because they are cheaper to build
because they blow nuts

Author carolina beachin ( ago)
@landoncholly you better watch some less partisan videos, i see fords
getting pwned all the time. ihave had both mustangs and camaros. anyone can
put a huge motor in a gocart sized car and make it fast. and for nascar i
seem to remember that chrysler dominated back in the day, richard petty? i
am getting old though lol.. just never thought one was better over the
other, i always thought it was the mechanic, the driver and bank account
determined who could be the man for a few seconds at a time

Author jeffcougar1968 ( ago)
Built FORD tough With junkyard stuff is my modo lol

Author MegaGuitarification ( ago)
@takenotes315 it doesn't matter lol i was just keeping an argument goin
because i was bored, i don't really care what engine a mustang has as long
as it's american. originally i was just a ford fan, but now i'm just an
american car fan, until you get into supercars that is then i like a lot of
unamerican cars like the mclaren f1 and the lambos and what not. so i
apologize for wasting your time lol :)

Author MegaGuitarification ( ago)
@takenotes315 too bad i didn't say they did...

Author MegaGuitarification ( ago)
@takenotes315 show me the proof of your statement since mine is "wrong".

Author murdamonte ( ago)
@SmokeG13 well said my friend

Author BluekDollaz ( ago)
i call chevystangs hybrids lol

Author whoreible ( ago)
so what times did this car actually run?

Author SmokeG13 ( ago)
ford makes cars ..chevy makes motors

Author Mustang Man ( ago)
FUCK CHEVY!!!! why the fuck would you even do this???? Go get a piece of
shit camaro and put that in it, dont fuck with a mustang by putting shit
parts in it especially chevy parts. GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!

Author MegaGuitarification ( ago)
@SmokeG13 That may be true, maybe..., but the fastest mustangs still have
Ford engines in them.

Author SmokeG13 ( ago)
@MegaGuitarification actually your wrong ...GM blocks are known to be the
fastest ....Ford may have made the first car ...Gm just made um better

Author MegaGuitarification ( ago)
this car is fast but the fastest mustangs, which this isnt, have ford
engines in them. sooo....... what does that say about chevy engines?

Author Kayla Keasler ( ago)
see chevy and ford work well 2gether lol

Author Ho88e5 ( ago)
I approve

Author 1BD79CJ ( ago)
nice job, sounds great and looks great. hybrids r the best, i have a jeep
with chevy and ford parts. whatever works(as long as its american), my next
project is a chevy powered fox too, all these people hating probably just
dont have the know-how or skills to change their oil much less a

Author CrazyTacky ( ago)
@SmokeG13 Heeyy don't put down the light weight body that helps you go
fast... maybe you shoulda put that engine in a G body Malibu then :( Though
I'm not a fan of those swaps.. you have a nice ride there.

Author SANDiVi4N ( ago)
its just cheaper to build a chevy motor everyone knows that....

Author Jawn Jawnson ( ago)
@lilb4eva18 maybe they would have considered it if you passed fourth grade

Author 390merc65 ( ago)
@02mustangboy ..yeah ,,thats for sure...if i had a choice between a
chevelle or a will be the fairlane...i am surprised chevy
never put ]S,S] emblems on a chevette ..that seems to be the only chevy
never to get those letter's ...and today it seems there are ss chevelle's
then when they were new...i guess emblems are cheap ..and to think chevy
actually made [A 6 CYLINDER] Impala s.s

Author 02mustangboy ( ago)
@390merc65 You nave a point , we (ford people) do have better cars and
parts. So they take weak chevy stuff and build it ford tuff haha. I mean if
i had to choose between a chevette and foxbody notch, i'd have to pick the
mustang !!

Author 390merc65 ( ago)
like i ford guys are nice..we help you chevy guys out with our
cars ...but do we take anything ..or ask anything of you GM guy's?
coarse.not...we ford guys will not use 10 or 12 bolt rears..just cuzz we
are nice guy's...we use all of the same products from our beloved brand guys dont ask anything from GM ..not even money can
thank ford guys for your GM not going tit's up ..even i gave my ford tax
dollars to GM guys..and never once got a thank you ???

Author 390merc65 ( ago)
for as many chevy motors that are in fords..think of all the GM and mopar
guys that take our 9 inch rear's..i will bet there are more 9 incher's in
just about everything from mopar's to imports to chevy's then there are
chevy motors in guy's are the best...we are nice , helpfull
guy's....and we dont ask for much ford guys always seem to help the
chevy guy out..9inch rear's mustang 2 suspension .they take our cars and

Author 390merc65 ( ago)
you ford guys are looking at this all wrong..,,the huge reason why you see
so many chevy motors in fords is cuzz most chevy ppl dont like their own
brand ..look how nice the 32 fords are ..or the 40's//and all of our older
fords with that in your mind..and if you were a chevy
guy..wouldnt you go for the fords as well?...i take it as a compliment
actually ...chevy guys take our cars ,,,and our 9 inch rears ..and they say
they hate fords..yeah ok

Author 02mustangboy ( ago)
I'm in the process of buying every classic chevy i can find,i'm going to
put a ford motor in everyone of those pieces of shit, then invite all my
friends & family over for some demolition derby and BBQ !! Tri-5's, z-28's,
ss chevelles, split window vettes---they are all going to bow-tie hell.

Author 916marchu ( ago)
chevy all the way bitches!

Author pimplord3000 ( ago)
i got to admitt that, thats the best ford ever built!! any car with chevy
parts are!!

Author leinadrolyat ( ago)
@SmokeG13...or you put a Chevy engine/parts in it because they made a
million more Chevy engines then they did ford =]

Author SmokeG13 ( ago)
@lilb4eva18 ...dont be mad cause we found a way to fix a ford ....put chevy
parts on it ....better than brand new

Author Brandon England ( ago)
fuck chevy! .... simple! sum1 should juss pull dis stang round bak an put
it out its misery! da body is allready contaminated wit chevy shit so its
ruined 2!

Author brandon pacillo ( ago)
built ford tough with chevy stuff

Author heavy_ham ( ago)
@SmokeG13 amen to that!

Author JDMxGSRxVTEC ( ago)
built ford tough, with chevy stuff

Author John L ( ago)
Who would put a 350 engine in a Ford?!? THAT'S FUCKED

Author Landon Peterson ( ago)
@MrMurphy1025 the fox chassis is a sweet little number. im actually in the
market for one but im gonna do mean ass all motor 2.3. just to be different
and i already have to motor. its mean!

Author MrMurphy1025 ( ago)
@landoncholly -------- ya ur right........ the brand war will go on forever
im sure. its what keeps the sport of drag racing alive. and yes, im not
into interacial swaps either. but, the fox body mustang chassis i will say,
is the absolute best chassis to use for drag racing period........ i dont
care what anybody says. their size is perfect, not too heavy at all, easy
to work on, and easy to make fast.

Author Landon Peterson ( ago)
@MrMurphy1025 yea i partially agree, but ford parts are getting cheaper all
the time. i read a few build ups on big blocks an they basically just as
expensive as chevy big blocks. popular hotrodding built one for less than
ten grand and made over 750hp i believe. but this argument about chev to
ford, dollar per dollar and hp to hp, will never stop. i just happen to
really like fords alot and think that they are the way to go. and i hate
interatial swaps, at least with the big three anyway.

Author MrMurphy1025 ( ago)
@landoncholly a pontiac 400 is a good motor but, you can make more hp per
dollar with a chevy big block all day long. good pontiac parts are very
exspensive. ford , chevy, dodge......... any of em can break and depending
on how much you wana spend, any of em can go fast......... chevy motors are
about the cheapest way to go.

Author Landon Peterson ( ago)
@jpcs302 thats what i like to see! 460 block, c6, 9inch...(im
guessing?) the only good looking car chevy ever built.

Author Landon Peterson ( ago)
@MrMurphy1025 if he really wanted to go fast with gm he woulda used a
pontiac 400. it may be a nice car and it is fast but its dumb. i used to
like chevy till i bought a ford and now ill never go back, ive owned one
chev and 4 fords and still have two of em. one was 302 with 250k miles till
it went tits up on me. the chev went out at 75k miles in my back yard at
idle it was 4bolt main 350 through 3 rods out the block. all my 302 did was
melt a piston at 6000rpm.

Author bud385 ( ago)
@MrMurphy1025 so no ford has ever been fast ? I guess chevy wins every race
huh ?

Author MrMurphy1025 ( ago)
looks like it runs pretty damn good.

Author MrMurphy1025 ( ago)
@sickpersona so what is it a big block ford with a turbo? or a 351 with a
turbo that will smoke a 460 big block with a turbo? i can tell you dont
have a clue what you are talkin about...

Author MrMurphy1025 ( ago)
@sickpersona -- he actually wants to go fast. so he puts a chevy motor in
it. lots of mustang guys do it.

Author MrMurphy1025 ( ago)
@bud385 because he wanted ot to go fast, thats why.

Author MrMurphy1025 ( ago)
@landoncholly he wanted it to go fast......... so he put a gm motor in it.

Author MrMurphy1025 ( ago)
@harleysuxass..... but thats what you gotta do to make a ford run good....

Author MrMurphy1025 ( ago)
a bowtie makes everything look better...

Author Leroy Hogwash ( ago)
ford tough with chevy stuff

Author bd351w ( ago)
if you build a ford put a ford motor and the same for every other brand.
but go look up the 68 camaro on popular hot rodding with a 1000hp smal
black ford :)

Author bd351w ( ago)
if you build a ford put a ford motor and the same for every other brand.
but go look up the 68 camaro on popular hot rodding with a 1000hp smal
black ford :)

Author bud385 ( ago)
why would you put a bow tie motor in a mustang? I'd build an 800 HP 460 big
block for that car make it stand on the rear wheels!

Author oohmammaoohmamma ( ago)
@simracr94 then you clearly haven't been to a dragstrip if that's what you

Author simracr94 ( ago)
@oohmammaoohmamma screw the 351, go for the 350. Cheaper to fix if it
breaks. You go to a dragstrip and most of the mustangs that might be there
probably have 350 chevy's in them

Author mrmagigx ( ago)
@SmokeG13 hard to fit in a 1965 ford falcn with out cutting something

Author mustangbub03 ( ago)
i like both brands so its all good. lol

Author Central Florida Street Cars ( ago)
@tyIerz06 people still use those 40 year old th350's and th400's and its
not the trans or gearing or tires that make the car slow. its simply the
damn car. the 70 chevelle ss had 450hp and weighed nearly 5,000lbs. it was
a brick

Author backhalf1 ( ago)
or you could go with a bbc like this guy did.

Author TheMrhoneycutt ( ago)
Horsepower sells cars torque wins races..Carroll Shelby!

Author 1008gt ( ago)
its loud and it sounds good which is cool but it has wheelie bars yet does
not do wheelies... and why? WHY is it that this video is just another one
im going to add to the thousands of others that show someones car going
down the strip but no GOD DAMN times!?!?!?!? are people ashamed or
something? what the hell does this chevy powered fox run???

Author wildmike1000 ( ago)
hay i have 94 s10 with built 302 ford

Author allen locklin ( ago)
ford makes it chevy shakes it

Author dgkallday246 ( ago)
put a fucking 410 sbf stroker in it

Author csjackson97 ( ago)
Chevy ASSHOLE! ruined this car!

Author Les Morris Racing ( ago)
Humm didn't see any times?

Author ihitatree ( ago)
that thing sound so mean!!!

Author blalocks123 ( ago)

Author chris X ( ago)

Author Stickman53fe ( ago)
I'm not a Chevy guy, but I respect people who do things differently. In
1998, I saw an old GTO with a small block Ford in it. People boo'd the guy.
Then it laid down a 9.7 at 140mph. Regardless of the company, as long as
it's American muscle, I'm cool with it. Now maybe I should find a 69
Stingray and drop in a Mopar Hemi or a Ford 429 in it?.... Seriously
though, nice car.

Author NissanTy ( ago)
camaros are sooo ugly even the chevy guys resort to the style of the

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