Dr.Clarke - Islamic / Arab Destruction Of Black People Pt1
Dr. John Henrik Clarke Lecture

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Author adeboye olaniran (3 months)

Author Roses Of Time (3 months)
Africans started slavery amongst themselves...tribal wars..the winners took
the healthy men as slave workers and the women as sex slaves...thousands of
years later, the Arabs saw what the Africans did and liked it, so they
joined the slave trade...The slave trade is still vibrant in Islam.

Author Anuzu Studios (4 months)
blood on the leaves!

Author S simba (4 months)
Sorry Islam and Slavery

Author S simba (4 months)
Just see whom were and are slave drivers

Author MelaniteX (7 months)
Islam disgusts me

Author doogeehowser (7 months)
"When the prophet (Muhammad) was born, half of Arabia was an Ethiopian

Author Audrey Boyd (8 months)
Ahkee I am watching

Author dv5247 (8 months)
islam and catholism both change the native population to become like the
arab or European mixing with them just look at latin America they didn't
care about them only make them arab or European changing their names to
European or arab names the Spanish learnered this from the arabs during the
Moorish conquest of spain that's why philipinos have Spanish names or
native americans in south America have them and introduced blacks to europe

Author dv5247 (8 months)
the arabs encited jihads among black African muslims against animist black
Africans so the would capture prisoners of war to sell for cheap to arabs
then sell to Europeans at higher prices most arabs and Europeans could not
enter the interior of Africa malaria whites died arab and europeans

Author dv5247 (8 months)
islam is not the problem is the racist arab founders and culture of the
arabs which is is extemlly racist and white supremist they depict the devil
as black in their myths and demons known as jinns as black that's in the
stories of genies they were black as deviant lairs and tricky just just
some arab fables you will see that was a culture that looked down on black
Africans even if they were muslim

Author Louis Maye (10 months)

Author ZenKaneda (1 year)
Averroes was an exception in Moorish Spain. Again, Islamic law prevented
intelligence from happening. Very few people were allowed to read. Even
fewer to think. Secondly, the Spanish empire happened thanks to the
discovery of America by a hired Italian Sailor. Nothing to do with Islam.
The British Empire was already stronger than Spain's and since Gutenberg
and Secular progressism the entirety of northern Europe was more advanced
than Spain (technology, culture, litteracy, philosophy)

Author TurboTurbulence22 (1 year)
You're in denial of the Arab Slave Trade fool. Wake up from following that
Asiatic doctrine given by force to Africans. Delusion spans along way with

Author MrWARHAMMER68 (1 year)
You are a pure fool . The All-mighty can send his revelation into the world
through whomever he pleases . You should be more concerned with finding the
truth instead of being prejudiced against the adherents. But you are very
stupid and you cannot even spell Africa. You have been spelling it as
"AFRAKA". Maybe you would be proud to go follow some witchcraft known as
voodoo since only blacks do that . What a dumbass .

Author TurboTurbulence22 (1 year)
You aren't making any sense. Both Europeans and Arabs owned slaves and to
this day lie or downplay the centuries or torture and pain. When you
manipulate and turn a family against one another that is how they become
divided. Now crawl back into your desert cave.

Author MrWARHAMMER68 (1 year)
When europe was in it's dark ages it was Moorish Spain which carried the
torch of civilization on that continent. This is the reason that the first
white christian nation to come out as a world power was Spain . The turks
held land in the balkans but history recorded nothing special about that .
The Argument was that blacks had no positive influence in the muslim world
-the Moors prove otherwise. Don't be mad

Author seeker-of-truth (1 year)
Thank you for the support my friend. May the spirit of our Creator and the
ancestors guide you.

Author TurboTurbulence22 (1 year)
I'm not ignorant at all Arab, just remember the Slave Trade and how your
people manipulated Africans by dividing each other and destroying monuments
and libraries. You have no place in Africa, only as an invader you piece of

Author Jermaine Watson (2 years)
I don't see another man as the enemy & I don't judge people off of the
misdeeds of a few. If that's the case then we can say all Catholic priest
rape little boys, all black people are like Joseph Kony, all Arabs are
imperialists, & all German's are like Hitler. This is a silly assumption &
its quite simply elementary & you strike me as a person who is smarter then
that. A Muslim is a person who submits to the will of the One Almighty God
if you not doing that your working your own agenda.

Author NeverAloneForever (1 year)
How the hell were the Egyptians Islamic? His kind. More like your kind.
African/Arab Muslims sold blacks to white men. They (The Sultans) even
corresponded with Leopold's Congo: 'Free State'. Islam has subjugated
Africa for +1300 years. How else do you think they got to Spain?

Author Djeyyel (1 year)
@TheAlivstyson pt. 2 While much has been written about the Trans-Atlantic
slave trade on the African race, surprisingly very little, if any attention
has been given to the Islamic slave trade across the Sahara, the Red Sea
and the Indian Ocean. While the European (whites) involvement in the
Trans-Atlantic slave trade to the Americas lasted for just over 300 years,
the Arab involvement in the slave trade has lasted 1400 years!

Author AFRICA4AFRICANS (2 years)

Author TurboTurbulence22 (1 year)
And any Negroes defending them will catch death just like they will and
their time is running out. Lets kick their asses out of Africa and reclaim
our continent as a whole as we are supposed to.

Author Fortuna Skywalker (1 year)
Typical arab mentality.

Author nory mamacita (2 years)
PEOPLE im sorry... then be rastafari = helais selassie = Ethiopia = BLACK
ARAB mix people :D

Author rooblee (1 year)
Vous êtes un vraie racites tout simplement point final.

Author MrWARHAMMER68 (11 months)
And that my friend is the reason why they cannot rise they will continue to
be a permanent underclass for their white masters.

Author Jermaine Watson (2 years)
History is written & it can't be changed...we can only move forward, but we
can't if every time something goes wrongs for blacks we say..."well the
Arab, Muslims, Europeans, and all other human population & religious groups
stole our entire identity". If that don't make us look & sound dumb I don't
know what does brother/sister. I respect your opinion though. Good day...

Author seeker-of-truth (1 year)
Reread my post, then do some research on what Afraka gave the world. If
you're gonna argue about Afraka's contribution to the world then you're not
worth my time. You obviously are not prepared for an enlightened debate.

Author MrSwoleUp (9 months)
I'm not saying don't educate yourself or not to love yourself, but I think
there is point where you need to look at everything in a whole and call it
a day. Educate your children about our past, but don't go overboard to the
point where you start hating groups of other ethnicities. Don't blame
anyones religion because they don't preach hate and destruction of other
people. Islam is peaceful if practiced correctly and not taken to the
extreme same goes for Christianity/Judaism.

Author mikemike0506 (1 year)
very true,10,000 years ago there were nothing but purple people the
highest form of blackness ,our melanin works aganist us when we deal with
other's ,it's all envy,they know we are the chosen 1s,we were also blessed
with the best piece of land africa all the gold diamonds animals sunshine
we did'nt havf to go around the world stealing we had everything,even today
everyone turns there backs on us reguardless of what we have done for them

Author AFRICA4AFRICANS (2 years)

Author Jermaine Watson (2 years)
No proof was provided on your behalf sir...just a bunch of derogatory
remarks & foolishness because you lack intelligent on all levels
(Religion/his-tory). "allah is bang mohammed in hell" & your "spirituality"
approves of this type of rhetoric right? The above quote from you is
elementary school. Continue getting your study on from youtube videos but
real scholars research, read, & study from "various sources" to gain
knowledge & come to their own conclusions. Good day sir! I'm laughing @ you.

Author ZenKaneda (1 year)
Largest indeed but not greatest Islamic rule by any length. Both the
Ottoman Empire and the Persian empires were more "enlightened". The
Andalusian parenthesis, supposed to be the most enlightened of the Umayad
empire was a very sad system. Only the very elite Islamic scholars were
allowed to think. Very few were allowed to read. The architecture was nice
though, I ll give you that. Also, the Spanish / Mongolian / British and
Russian Empires were bigger. Sorry that might upset racists like you.

Author MrWARHAMMER68 (1 year)
The bottom line is that you hate Islam because it has rules . You would
much rather be left alone to enjoy the freedom of being a race of whores,
bastards, and drug abusing, unemployed, excuse making, ignorant bums.

Author nonofyall (1 year)
Projecting much, huh mohammedan?

Author MrWARHAMMER68 (11 months)
Why lie? Are you trying to please white folk . Muhammad once stated that
he dreamed of entering paradise but found that Bilal had beat him to it.
Arabs and Moors were that last people to enslave white folk and there never
was a trans Saharan slave trade white folks still hate muslims and so do
their slaves who worship them.

Author flykicks55 (1 year)
then please go to Africa, in a state like nubia and live there. If you love
your homeland that much, you would but deep inside you know you cant. Still
you enjoy the luxuries of the white man. Be thankful

Author MrWARHAMMER68 (1 year)
Your ancestors were muslim , but your kind has been so thoroughly
indoctrinated your white former slave masters that you have no knowledge
whatsoever of the culture of your ancestors but are in fact prejudiced
against it . White folks gave you the church and you are still in it.
However your kind have never read ALL of the bible and Beyonce , and Lil
-Wayne has more influence on you than any prophet.

Author NeverAloneForever (1 year)
Watch the next clips. There he says that Black Muslims are more spiritual
than Arab Muslims.

Author nory mamacita (2 years)

Author seeker-of-truth (1 year)
I will be happy to go and live anywhere in Afraka as soon as all arabs,
jews, muslims, whites and every other non-indigenous people go back where
they came from and leave Afraka to us Afrakans. Luxuries of the white man?
Do u mean the luxuries they stole from Afraka and others and the free labor
from my ancestors? All I'm doing is taking what's mine. My ancestors laid
the foundation for all other civilizations. Without Afraka, there'll be
nothing and no one. So be grateful.

Author banana aya playa (11 months)
im glad someone sees through it

Author MrSwoleUp (9 months)
In reply to turbo...I have no idea what religion you practice, but a quick
reminder for you. The african people who don't follow those major
religions...guess what? They worship created/mythical gods that can't do a
thing for them.

Author TurboTurbulence22 (1 year)
You Sand Cave mutants continue to show your true colors.

Author nonofyall (1 year)
hahahah, so Im a wannabee european because I have an anglo saxon name? I
happen to not have any slavemasters, and I'd rather carry an anglo name a
billion times over than any arab name in the world. The intense arabic
hatred of the black man is just something you have to deal with.

Author Jermaine Watson (2 years)
No proof was provided sir/ma'am & what about the Joesph Kony's in the world
& what about African's who sold Africans into slavery? You can't explain
that can you? None of us can & I am not racist & I don't place blame on an
entire people when someone does something wrong. Now I bet some of you have
Muslim, African, European, Asian, Christian, "Spiritual", & any other group
of people as friends yet you smile in their faces then talk behind their
backs...hypocrite. Plain & Simple.

Author MrWARHAMMER68 (1 year)
Also , to set the record straight, The greatest single muslim empire in
history were not the Persians or Turks. The largest muslim empire was the
Arab empire under the Umayads who came out of medina in Arabia. Those
people were of mixed heritage with many Ethiopians leading and in the ranks
. They ruled from spain to India. Check your history, who else has done
that? I know that this upsets a racist like you

Author seeker-of-truth (1 year)
Muslims should have built civilizations in their own homeland instead of in
Africa. How could they have built these civilizations while they were so
busy enslaving, pillaging, and slaughtering millions of innocent people all
in the name of Allah. You cannot build and destroy and the same time. So
reserve your ignorance for those of you who don't know any better. You're
nothing but fanatical murderers, liars, and theives of our culture from
first contact with your kind.

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