Feminize Him

Promotional video for the Feminize Him (FHM) organization, showing the photo shoot for their latest magazine.

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Author Alexa (4 months)
We must stop moose and squirrel

Author Monica Flores (1 month)
feminize me

Author Kevin Travis (1 month)
I'm off to Russia for a walk on the wild side!!! Boo-Yah!

Author ultragreenyellow56 (1 month)
btw I hate cold climates even though I am in southern Canada :(

Author Sofia Castillo (4 months)
I want that

Author Cibel Gómez (2 months)
He could have a surgery to remove his boobs... but he rather stay that

Author ssnader a (2 months)
Some people are actually thinking that this is real. U cant go from being a
man to a good looking woman in just six months as this video shows. This is
just Lingerie video of models for the FHM magazine which a magazine for
horny men.

Author MrJayshipley (4 months)
transform me

Author Joe Cooper (5 months)
Very silly.

Author thetrolboys (4 months)
Plz sign me up

Author Rob Johns (3 months)
i like the pretty girl in the maids outfit - so pretty and cute ... cld u
do this for me :)

maybe pink knickers and nails

Author ultragreenyellow56 (1 month)
is it true they did that? to him?

Author Renee Haranda (23 days)

Author duminda silva (1 month)
how can i be like him

Author Rafa Torres (2 months)
you spect us to believe these are girls,what kind of stupids do you think
we are ?.

Author Melissa Brown (3 months)
Beautiful, I love it!

Author darla jones (2 months)
this is all just for fun

Author MrKibakip (3 months)
What the fuck

Author ryan steele (3 months)
great video

Author Peter Smith (2 months)
6 months.....

Author Rob Johns (3 months)
strangely erotic and alluring

Author Rob Johns (3 months)
could you rally do this for me

Author Charlize Elizabeth Trythall (3 years)
Oh, come on now, you can't mean it!

Author sanguinius62 (3 years)
if only it can be possible, I dream of this

Author MissBeckyBond (1 year)
Ivor Dikov??? LOL

Author carlstevens01 (2 years)
i would love for this to be me

Author 303shinotenshi (3 years)
I want to look like a girl!!!

Author Sanesh Sanker (3 years)

Author Rondaxx (1 year)
dont trust russians !

Author babydongdong (2 years)
wat organization is fhm ?

Author gibbsies (2 years)
FORCED? no thank you

Author Arhum Ahmad (8 months)
I can't find Ivor dikov any where on google

Author Dawg Rule (1 year)
It is actually a real place my job is in Russia and I pass by it everyday

Author Shadowheart1205 (11 months)
omg i would love this but would be a challenge i think

Author scorpion3687 (2 years)
I want this to be me please help me.

Author TorchwoodUK (3 years)
ill never look at FHM in the same way again, that is a good thing

Author jnorton47a (7 months)
I only wish I was cute enough to pull this off. I want to be beautiful.

Author George Fine (1 year)
Well then you should go through the steps required to legally get a sex
change, not comment about it on youtube. If you do get a sex change I wish
you luck with your new life.

Author Ana Valeriev (3 years)
I love...

Author Carla Gomez Castillo (1 year)
I Liked it to much.I would like to be feminized, and had a new life. = ) I
am a man, but, I want be a woman, a beautiful woman.

Author Melanie Ciskowski (3 years)
Wenn das wirklich so sein sollte dann würde ich es sehr gerne machen
lassen. Bleibt bestimmt aber nur ein Traum. Würde es allerdings besser
finden wenn Mann dazu gezwungen wird.

Author KarinH85 (3 years)
Where do I sign up? I'd luv to see one with Ken as a character being

Author jon200547 (1 year)
i agree with you there but for me i cant say sometimes its a lot of the
times more now than in the past

Author homernantais (3 years)
@TGtales Feminize me hi, my english is bad sorry but it's my idea for my
feminization: I'm Claude, a man trapped for sexual harassement. And a woman
judge decide for punish me and i'm totally feminized by
surgeons,beauticians and more..... I'm transformed into "Claudia" and
forced to become a escort girl . Many thanks for your great video ;)

Author Stela Ylli (1 year)
wow owsome, i love it

Author erika cazale (1 year)
los transexuales son los reyes de las cirugias ,en la cara se liman los
huesos, se reconstruyen la nariz, la ceja, los pomulos, la frente, se
rellenan de botox, se quitan la nuez de adan, se ponen implantes de silicon
en pecho y pompis, se reconstruyen los genitales, se realizan como 100
depilaciones laser de cuerpo y cara y todos sus cambios son externos, por
dentro siguen siendo hombres, jamas tendran matriz, ovarios, glandulas
mamarias, ni regla ni menopausia ni podran embarazarse.

Author scorpion3687 (2 years)
I want this to be me tell me how to get a hold of you at please help me I want to very much be the next FHM

Author jon200547 (1 year)
its not real the place would be and the magazines would be but not for
changing men into women that part is false this was for entertainment only

Author TG Tales (3 years)
If you are new to TGtales please read the notes in the Profile box on the
TGtales channel home page before commenting. I'm kind of fed up with "This
is fake!" postings from people who don't get it.

Author lacy235 (3 years)
I wear DD's recently bought G's and have gone airhead blond. I even
Maid~but i do get...the fantasy idea. Sure.... Nice,,,,,ummm FHM is just a
fantasy right? Right? Gotta run black Van,,,,gawd they are

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