Feminize Him

Promotional video for the Feminize Him (FHM) organization, showing the photo shoot for their latest magazine.

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Author cupcake cat ( ago)
ivor dikov is just fake

Author cupcake cat ( ago)
and what is with that "prezinta" at 0:21?

Author cupcake cat ( ago)
fhm is more of a magazine brand than a cult of womanizers

Author Candace Gearheart ( ago)
so hypnotizing

Author dacoda666 ( ago)
Being a girl is wonderful, i wanna become a girl

Author cupcake cat ( ago)
this sux
i hate being feminized
worse its age restricted

Author Stevie Cobb ( ago)
I would do her

Author Maygen Cooper ( ago)
I would so love for FHM 2 do that to me!!!!

Author Maygen Cooper ( ago)
I would so LOVE to be sent to HFM!!

Author Maygen Cooper ( ago)
How I so wish that had been me!!

Author Peichen01 ( ago)
This is complete BS. There is no Cosmonaut Ivor Dikov, the interview was
not in Russian and the shape of the eyes changed.

Author Penelope foxx ( ago)
How can this happen to me?

Author bambi jokes ( ago)
are u serious that's such a horrible punishment

Author Keenan COZENS ( ago)
Please do this to me

Author scorpion3687 ( ago)
please do this to me I want this

Author IAmAvocado : ( ago)
I'm a guy n I like girls but I also like being a girl so in other words I
wanna be trans lesb I guess?

Author Momi Sh ( ago)
I wanna try this feminization

As long is I get to keep my junk the way it is this is by no means A

Author Harvey Dent ( ago)
Chin up boys. The human experience is a totally unique and subjective one.
Alice through the looking glass. A window in time. It can be crushing. So
unjust. We are all like pieces of clay, molded and shaped by the world
around us. A unique product of parents, culture, environment, peers. A
formula of self esteem, ego, self worth, self image, integrity, pride, sex,
emotion, valued by others. Pain/pleasure and victim/victimizer principals.
Truly yin and yang. Clearly there are issues or afflictions that would
frustrate or torture any man. Including social treatment. The victim-hood
can be severe and doesn't see a courtroom. Turn the other cheek. Take
charge. Shake it off. It takes great strength and discipline. Heavy duty
critical thinking and applying yourself. Time is an amazing ingredient, if
you make the right choices and follow the right path. So many ways to
define yourself. Fun stuff to do and experience. True skills to master and
pride yourself on. Music, sports, martial arts, blacksmith, woodcarver,
glassblower, arts, culinary arts, pottery, dance. Dirt-bike, kayak,
skateboard, scuba-dive, mountain bike, paintball, go-karts, hiking,
fishing, travel, wind-surfing. Life as an experience is hugely about
attitude, focus and direction. Tomorrow can be crafted carefully. It takes
guts, grit and determination. Patience and tolerance. Routine is the key.
What you do every day. Read a page in a book. Hit a few balls. Play the
guitar for 20 min. Then you will experience a progression, slowly over

Author Randy Bickle ( ago)
I was trained by my wife?

Author Nicole MiekoCD ( ago)
I think I would become a beautiful milf ... and perhaps as a woman, can do
something better than as a man ...

Author Nicole MiekoCD ( ago)
if they wish, come kidnap me ...

Author Nicole MiekoCD ( ago)
I wish it was true and I was one of the kidnapped for the transformation

Author Alidah Murphy ( ago)
Cool video infact I love being a grel sorry about the spelling.

Author cancerman50 ( ago)
Mark my words I would end up a lesbian.

Author ianhorshamable ( ago)
I so love bening a girl .I just need to get a boob job

Author Dallas Taylor ( ago)
So the cosmonauts last name is Dikov? Any other info on that person?

Author Stephen Cobb (1112 years ago)
I love being a sissy

Author Griffin Strumph ( ago)
1 what about my dick 2 how do I do this

Author Johnny Cell ( ago)
oh yeah sexy nice beautiful I like my shemales sissy maker Oh sexy nice

Author Beautielove06 mo ( ago)
where do I sign up

Author Catherine Legoré (912 years ago)

Author Mike Lopez ( ago)
Ufff! Quedan mejor que el común de las chicas, felicidades, quiera dios que
no me los encuentre podría enaamorarme

Author mean girl Mendez ( ago)
Fake , lies

Author Josh Milton ( ago)
Me me me please me ! Some one help me find help to gender correct me

Author michael “Son Of Jack” Hegstrom ( ago)
Holy Cow!!! To think of all the ladies in FHM I've fantasized over, and I
want a trans-lady instead for sure now...Wowie-Zowie! Thanks for this
Incredible but totally believable story.

Author Madman1 Rug ( ago)
This is a fake!

Author Justin Elward ( ago)
I am a female but I'm built like a linebacker... Sighs 

Author scorpion3687 ( ago)
Please do this to me to be female is what I want 

Author Randall Rugh ( ago)
How can I get someone to turn me female

Author TheOtherSideWonders ( ago)
Men are better than woman

Author stripes zebra ( ago)
as a teen my aunt durring summer stays would tell me to wear pantyhose and
her big cork sandals she loved feminising me all girls in the house to this
day i wear pantyhose & sandals full femm

Author Ben Gilbert ( ago)
I would love to be feminized!!! If it were possible

Author Satin Wallpapers ( ago)

Author leafage2010 ( ago)
This is my dream in my life.
Do someone could please help me to come true.

Author Tasha ann ( ago)
I would love it Tasha Ann 

Author Jun Aquino ( ago)
Aug 1-31, 2010, Moscow, Russia Feminization Championship was held in the
whole month of August 2010. This occured during Linggo ng Wika, and we were
scared of the moment that made boys into girls. I really didn't like it.

Author Graham Taylor ( ago)
An impressive transformation. But all artificial and false of course. It's
an illusion, an elaborate construct. Remove the makeup from the face, and
you're left with the fact that yes, it actually IS a guy. What a reality
jolt and turn-off !

Author paul tandy ( ago)
I would love to be feminized and turned into a pretty girl and serve my

Author oreilly jamesj ( ago)
try me 

Author Mari-Chan ( ago)
This can't be true..

Author TGGirl ( ago)
I want to be Feminized

Author bush1149 ( ago)
wow I would like that done to me

Author sexxytrophy ( ago)
sissy video. girls girls girls.

Author Jose Antonio ( ago)
"Genocide me" or "death to weak non African men"

Author oreilly jamesj ( ago)
some hope of me getting this , but i would to try this ,

Author vitormatias1983 ( ago)

Author victor espino ( ago)
is this true!!! cuase if it is i would love to be feminized!!!!!!

Author samantha tang ( ago)
these story are indeed true.

Author samantha tang ( ago)
i can now see the similarity of eye, nose, eyebrow, hair color. other
details too. from male to female.

Author Renee Haranda ( ago)

Author Monica Flores ( ago)
feminize me

Author Kevin Travis ( ago)
I'm off to Russia for a walk on the wild side!!! Boo-Yah!

Author Ultragreenyellow56 ( ago)
btw I hate cold climates even though I am in southern Canada :(

Author Ultragreenyellow56 ( ago)
is it true they did that? to him?

Author duminda silva ( ago)
how can i be like him

Author darla jones ( ago)
this is all just for fun

Author Kait Sith ( ago)
6 months.....

Author Rafa Torres ( ago)
you spect us to believe these are girls,what kind of stupids do you think
we are ?.

Author ssnader a ( ago)
Some people are actually thinking that this is real. U cant go from being a
man to a good looking woman in just six months as this video shows. This is
just Lingerie video of models for the FHM magazine which a magazine for
horny men.

Author Cibel Gómez ( ago)
He could have a surgery to remove his boobs... but he rather stay that

Author ryan steele ( ago)
great video

Author MrKibakip ( ago)
What the fuck

Author Melissa Brown ( ago)
Beautiful, I love it!

Author MrJayshipley ( ago)
transform me

Author Interracial lover 1970 ( ago)
So fine!!im in love

Author Nathalya Paris T ( ago)
I want that

Author FiaT LuX ( ago)
We must stop moose and squirrel

Author thetrolboys ( ago)
Plz sign me up

Author Joe Cooper ( ago)
Very silly.

Author BlueFlame_Livestreams ( ago)

Author Ome Dolce ( ago)
how do you join this 

Author Schmitz Streams ( ago)
read it said surgery was involved

Author Schmitz Streams ( ago)
feminise him does exist

Author jnorton47a ( ago)
I only wish I was cute enough to pull this off. I want to be beautiful.

Author GoodOldTawm KOTH ( ago)
Exactly, some times Tg tales are entirely made up.:)

Author GoodOldTawm KOTH ( ago)
Hey guys, I'm not 100% sure but, I think that they are all fake. You can
search it on google

Author Arhum Ahmad ( ago)
I can't find Ivor dikov any where on google

Author Latex baddie ( ago)
can you change back?

Author Harry Barnes ( ago)
how to join the contest on maganise

Author Harry Barnes ( ago)
I go rusia in heart beat to look that good to have guys ran after me is a

Author East Dublin ( ago)
Yeah thats a "real bad" punishment 

Author Jacob Lapsley ( ago)

Author Ananda Chan ( ago)
Me. Me. Me sign me up.

Author OscarBravoUSA ( ago)
Feminize ME!

Author Taz Maniac ( ago)

Author Mike Rotch ( ago)
it's ok i'd still fuck him...well her now

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