Feminize Him

Promotional video for the Feminize Him (FHM) organization, showing the photo shoot for their latest magazine.

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Author Sneha CD (2 months)
Feminize Him

Author Tasha ann (7 days)
I would love it Tasha Ann 

Author tittenjörg (3 months)
some of the women of this planet should be feminized !

Author Jun Aquino (1 month)
Aug 1-31, 2010, Moscow, Russia Feminization Championship was held in the
whole month of August 2010. This occured during Linggo ng Wika, and we were
scared of the moment that made boys into girls. I really didn't like it.

Author Graham Taylor (1 month)
An impressive transformation. But all artificial and false of course. It's
an illusion, an elaborate construct. Remove the makeup from the face, and
you're left with the fact that yes, it actually IS a guy. What a reality
jolt and turn-off !

Author paul tandy (2 months)
I would love to be feminized and turned into a pretty girl and serve my

Author Sarla Batra (2 months)
Feminize Him

Author Francis Tayag [OFFICIAL] (2 months)
Is this real? like the other one for the photo shoot?

Author vitormatias1983 (5 months)

Author oreilly jamesj (3 months)
try me 

Author Mari-Chan (3 months)
This can't be true..

Author Eat Me (11 months)
We must stop moose and squirrel

Author bush1149 (4 months)
wow I would like that done to me

Author oreilly jamesj (5 months)
some hope of me getting this , but i would to try this ,

Author victor espino (6 months)
is this true!!! cuase if it is i would love to be feminized!!!!!!

Author TGGirl (4 months)
I want to be Feminized

Author Monica Flores (8 months)
feminize me

Author Kevin Travis (8 months)
I'm off to Russia for a walk on the wild side!!! Boo-Yah!

Author ultragreenyellow56 (8 months)
btw I hate cold climates even though I am in southern Canada :(

Author ultragreenyellow56 (8 months)
is it true they did that? to him?

Author duminda silva (8 months)
how can i be like him

Author sexxytrophy (5 months)
sissy video. girls girls girls.

Author ssnader a (9 months)
Some people are actually thinking that this is real. U cant go from being a
man to a good looking woman in just six months as this video shows. This is
just Lingerie video of models for the FHM magazine which a magazine for
horny men.

Author Cibel Gómez (9 months)
He could have a surgery to remove his boobs... but he rather stay that

Author MyPincheLoco (5 months)
"Genocide me" or "death to weak non African men"

Author Rob Johns (11 months)
i like the pretty girl in the maids outfit - so pretty and cute ... cld u
do this for me :)

maybe pink knickers and nails

Author MrJayshipley (11 months)
transform me

Author Sofia Castillo (11 months)
I want that

Author Renee Haranda (7 months)

Author thetrolboys (11 months)
Plz sign me up

Author Joe Cooper (1 year)
Very silly.

Author samantha tang (7 months)
these story are indeed true.

Author Rafa Torres (9 months)
you spect us to believe these are girls,what kind of stupids do you think
we are ?.

Author darla jones (9 months)
this is all just for fun

Author samantha tang (7 months)
i can now see the similarity of eye, nose, eyebrow, hair color. other
details too. from male to female.

Author Kait Sith (9 months)
6 months.....

Author Melissa Brown (11 months)
Beautiful, I love it!

Author ryan steele (10 months)
great video

Author MrKibakip (10 months)
What the fuck

Author Interracial lover 1970 (11 months)
So fine!!im in love

Author Rob Johns (11 months)
could you rally do this for me

Author Rob Johns (11 months)
strangely erotic and alluring

Author Charlize Elizabeth Trythall (4 years)
Oh, come on now, you can't mean it!

Author sanguinius62 (4 years)
if only it can be possible, I dream of this

Author MissBeckyBond (2 years)
Ivor Dikov??? LOL

Author carlstevens01 (2 years)
i would love for this to be me

Author 303shinotenshi (3 years)
I want to look like a girl!!!

Author Sanesh Sanker (3 years)

Author Rondaxx (1 year)
dont trust russians !

Author babydongdong (3 years)
wat organization is fhm ?

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